Thursday, May 3, 2012



Nelissa Hilman.

She resigned from her former professional Job and headed to Florence, Italy, in March 2011, all by herself with very high expectations.... to pursue what she really wants to do in her life.

To become a shoe maker.

After a few months playing with raw cow skin, cutter,  nails... She came back to Malaysia few months after and surprised me with an invitation to her first NELISSA HILMAN collection runway in Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW), November 2011. (you can read my previous post about it HERE and HERE)

Following , I knew something big about to come out when she posted in February 2012, a little preview about her 'work-in progress' :)

Quoted from her web: You reason color more than you reason drawing. Color has a logic as severe as form. - Pierre Bonnard -

..and Just recently, Nelissa Hilman has reached a higher milestone where she officially  launched her Spring / Summer 2012 Flats Collection... Tadaaaa..!!!

Big claps to my friend, Nelissa Hilman, for her new born. =D

For further information, you can check them at ;

or may check her website:

So proud of you, Nell!!!!
Save one US size 7.5 for me k!! 



  1. yay to nell! i'm planning to get one too. insya Allah ingatkan besok nak gi tgk her shoe collection kat her office. :D

  2. that day u masuk upload instgram, I mmg nak tny u.jatuh hati cinta semua lah..agak2 mampu beli tak??
    Nak satu!!!!

  3. btw babe, jual online ke butik??

  4. Fidza, mmg cantek!!! :)

    Nadia: Kan??? memang design dia sangat2 cantik. If you masuk fb Nelissa Hilman Shoes you boleh order from there. Harga pun ada kat situ :)

  5. Cun!

    and admire how she quit her job to pursue what she loves to do! it took a lot of courage to do that. *thumbs up*

    bestnya ada kawan designer shoes... :)

  6. Wow, another good example of a Malaysian dreamer to doer! I wish I could realize my dreams too!

    Will check out her collections too :)

  7. Nadine:
    Yes.. She's truly an inspiration!! :) Not all people having all the courage like her. and i am proud to say that this new designer is my friend! Hello Nell! hehe :)

    I wish i could realize my dream three!! :) But i have too many dreams. haha.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you that she's one of the idol for us to catch our own dreams! :) Do check her fb k... they're gorgeous!! :)

  8. am going todayyyyyyyy!!! to get my pair of LDF :D

  9. This outfit looks really comfy.
    I Love this outfit!

  10. Thank you ladies for your support! :)

    The official website is still in progress and in the meantime, I'll be working through Facebook (facebook page Nelissa Hilman Shoes) until the site is up. Do drop me a line at nelissahilmanshoes at gmail dot com and I'll be more than happy to share the look book with you!

    Please feel free to come and swing by the studio to view the collection. I'm located at Suite B09.28 at Empire Gallery Subang. Do let me know if you have any queries, anything, anytime.

    Have a fantastic weekend ladies! X

  11. Suria:
    I haven't made my decision yet on which one. Help!! hehehehe.

    Aliaa Bindal:
    Thanks a lot. She's my friend. Do visit her web k. :)

    Gimme some time to finalized the booking k. hahaha. Too many pretty shoes you made them. Naaaahhhhhh!!! :)

  12. cantiknya..yg gambar kasut you dlm ur instagram tu mesti one of this shoe kan?hehe.... nnt i nak tengok2 lah..hehe cuci mata je. :)

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