Monday, September 9, 2013



Congratulations Tokyo!!!

 Source: The Star

Full news can be checked HERE.


3 weeks ago, when I had a Welcome Dinner on the 44th Floor of a Building in Tokyo, I could clearly see the lit up of  '2020' lights in the Olympic colours of green, yellow, blue and red, with the shut-off observatory lights representing black to complete the set, on proudly at the Tokyo Tower.

I didn't managed to catch a good photo of Tokyo Tower at night, so I googled. Mr Hiro Nakajima took a very nice photo of it.

When the Japan party's General Manager gave an opening speech, after expressing his appreciation towards participants for attending the dinner, he excitedly mentioned about the hope of Tokyo to host the Olympic Games 2020. He invited all of us to pray for Tokyo. He said , Tokyo hope is actually higher than the tower. Cute! :)

The gentlemen. Toasting hope for Tokyo. 

This morning i heard this very good news from the radio. I feel so happy for them. Personally i believed among the three bidders, Tokyo is the most economically, politically, strongest candidate to be the host for Olympic 2020.

I'm a part of the million persons who pray for Tokyo to win this.  :P

I want to call the General Manager, now. 
He promised me that If Tokyo win,  his company will host the meeting in Tokyo again on 2020, the same date with Olympic, and to treat me ticket to watch Swimming games. 

Oh wait... He didn't even even ask my name..


 Tokyo Tower and I. 


Friday, September 6, 2013



What would happened if Dadda could not make to an event with us?


The night before, Momma would do her psychological speech to me before I sleep.

"Oman, esok Dadda tak dapat ikut kita tau. Oman be good boy ok. Kene dengar cakap Momma. Tokleh noti-noti. Oman takmo Momma report kat Dadda kan?"

Hambooooi.. Hugutan sangat!


Momma: "Okay ni baju Oman pakai esok ok"

"Ala... nape Saya tak boleh pakai baju tido pegi kenduri? Saya nak pakai Baju tido je"
(Yeah. lately I love to adress myself as "Saya" to everyone)

"Mane ade orang pegi kenduri pakai baju tido. Ala pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee la Oman. Nanti Dadda marah nanti. Haaaaaaaaaa hayok... " (Hugutan lagi).

"OK boleh. Saya setuju. Tapi esok saya ada request"

Apa dia?

"Esok saya bagi tau"

Kerlasss kan? :)
Momma surrendered.
But at least I had  agreed to NOT wear pajamas to the wedding. :P


Momma would set a very Sound-so-nice-and-smooth-plan and presented in to Dadda.

"Kidd dun worry ok. I can handle this. I'll make sure everything will be in place. I would moved early to fill in the petrol and reload my smart tag. For sure lah latest by 1.00 pm we would already be there"

What happened always was;
The plan delayed by 2 hours and she did all marathon running in the house.  *Peace sign

In the car;

Me: Momma ini request saya. (I made air spellings to her)

Momma: I can't get it. Just tell me la. No need to eja-eja like that. I have to focus my driving.

Me: Watch this.. (I still made air spellings to her. This time more fast. Just to tease her)

Momma: Okla.. since you don't want to just tell me, I assume you are not serious with it. Nak ke tak? (Hugutan lagi)

Me: Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Mesti la Saya nak.. (Then i spelled them loudly).
"M T P R K N D Y"

Momma: ha? What's that.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhhhhh.... Toys r us la...

Momma laughed. Dunno what so funny about it. Ish.

Usually i won and got what I want.
But before that, Momma would do another long speech like;

"To buy something, must have money, then to have money, we need to work. Belajar rajin-rajin and have good job. But We can't expect every time we need to be rewarded"

"OK momma".

Everytime..... like that.

At one wedding, I had made Momma agreed to let me wear socks to the wedding. Wear socks on hands. Cool right? Everybody told Momma that I looked so cute. See mom, i made us famous. :P

 She never got herself ready on time. Haih. 

By looking at her expressions, I think she texted Dadda to let him how 'successful' her plan was. Hahahah.

Saya ;D

Saturday, August 24, 2013



I need more tops!!
walaupun lemari tu sebenarnya ada je baju!! :P

This is really a serious issue with me nowadays.

"Ala.. All the blouse I have right now, i need to wear them with inner. So leceh. I need something that i can easily wear. No need inner inner bagai"

"Ala.. I need more blouses , that looking nice for me to wear when I'm outing with you. Like chiffon ke kan. Those I have I worn them many many times already"


Furthermore, someone sitting in front of me in the office (u know who you are. hahaha) is very very efficient in informing me the latest or beautiful outfits available at online.

Very hard to resist..

Similarly to shawls.

I realized I kept becoming a grumpy lady whenever I wanted to hang the shawls. But i did not realize that I still kept buying them online.

Another serious issue is, whenever i felt like to filter those who are unused anymore to give to somebody else or to throw if its broken, i failed. 

"Owh, this one I can wear with this baju. Very the matching"

I keep them back and then i forget.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Salam and hello to all.

Yes I am in Tokyo now. Konichiwa! :)

This is my third trip to Tokyo and the same excitement i feel as the first one. Tokyo has always been among my favorite place to visit. The culture, the people, the foods, the streets and many more.

I'll be in Tokyo until this Sunday and then will take the Shinkansen to further north, to Sendai, Miyagi. My duty in Sendai is until next Tuesday, I will then take the Sinkansen again to Tokyo to fly back to Kuala Lumpur.

See you soon Kidd and Oman! :)

Well I just got back from a quite a long walk hunting for dinner. Quite starving because my last meal was Yesterday evening when i had early dinner with my husband at home before departed to Tokyo.

It's currently summer in Tokyo and they said July/August would be the hottest month in here. But i think the heat is still bearable. Let's wait for few more days. 

Some selected snapshots I took with my iphone just now.

I wish to snap more photos of Tokyo in coming days. Meeting starts tomorrow by the way, so I better not to put my hope up high... but I can focus to at least take vain photos. Boo.. hahaha.

Before I type-off, I want to show-off  share (:P) the new family members of my blouses who i bought them in Kuala Lumpur that I think is so much inspired by this Tokyo trip. Seriously i fell in love with the design and colors.

Til i write again k. Please Take care, everyone. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm not going to write about the car Opel.

It's a fabric.

It's hardly seen nowadays. I didn't see anybody wearing Opel material for  Aidilfitri this year. Chiffon, cotton, lace, crepe, batik are those on top of the list.

It was a different situation six to seven years ago. (at least to me. not sure about others)
I even had Opel for my wedding hantaran and it became my first Eid dress after becoming a wife.

 (Eid 2007. Amboi kurus nampak!! pffttfffppt)

Even my mom really loved Opel earlier than that years. I still remember she bought for myself, herself and my two sisters the same design of Opel fabric but in different colors.

She told me that; "Glemer kain ni Yong. Ada satu kedai je kat Bahau ni ha jual. Puas mama cari". Hahaahahaha. Yeah we did feel the glamorous. 

But mama forgot to tell that this type of material cannot be washed  using the washing machine. Her eldest daughter was super hardworking washed all the bajus after raya in it.  It's too late already. Mama was pissed off and she told me, "Pegi open house besok, kamu dengan adik-adik pakai je la baju ni balik. Tak kira. Takde la mama nak buat baju baru de".

So when the office of my dad host the Open House that year,  we went with an enhancement of Opel material we called it 'Opel Berbulu'. 


I still have now an Opel dress 'Kebarung' in my collection and today I'm wearing it to the office. It really triggers the nostalgia of celebrating Eid few years ago when i was still not married, and during my first year as a wife.

 Today :)

Who still has an Opel today in their dress collection? hands up please.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Yesterday Oman has reached another milestone. After 4 years and a half, he is now volunteer to sit at the back passenger seat in the car.  Before that no matter how not comfortable it was, like his feet so long to fit in, he would still wanna sit on my lap.

He said, "I am a big boy now momma"

I didn't realize, i feel sad more than i feel happy. Hihi

Actually I miss him sitting on my lap (padahal baru sehari) :P

I know he miss me too....

Last night he was so tired and sleepy but he just sit straight refused to lay. I invited him to sit in front, few second after that... he's already in la la land... :)

I looked at his face..


Would you please don't grow up so fast?

Suddenly tengah feeling-feeling..  (this last paragraph is not being mentioned in instagram)


Yeah.. momma rela Oman.
Just now you ate 5pcs of boiled white eggs...
Definitely you passed the most beautiful aroma of the gas..

Yeah momma tetap rela..

Oman ni!!!!! potongla !!!!

:)  :D
p/s: Tau. Tau.. dah lama tak update blog. I just have no reason.. haih.. *lari tutup muka....

Friday, March 29, 2013



We've already received the result of Oman's cyst tissue analysis from the Hospital on 15th March 2013.

Doc: It's Popliteal cyst. It's confirmed that its a NON-CANCER cyst.

اَلحَمْدُ لِله

We kissed Oman forehead.

Syukur Ya Allah. 
That's a very very good news.

Flashing back the whole thing, never in my previous life imagined that my son would go through all this at such a young age.

But then again, i realized, it's a test from God to our family. We're chosen.

Oh I deeply in love with this Du'a:

“Rabbi Yassir wa la tu'assir. Rabbi tamim bil khair.”
(O Allah! Make it easy, and do not make it difficult. O Allah! Make it end well.) 

Alhamdulillah Allah has answered our prayer.

I was actually had prepared myself, If Allah answered it OPPOSITELY (Nauzubillahi min zalik), I should not grieved.
Wallahi I do not know if I could, but now, I have the answer already.
Allah is fair, He knows that I couldn't take it , so,  He answered my prayer accordingly. Alahmdulillah.

Dearies, when a a test being given to us, or our loved ones, or anybody else, sometimes we begin to wonder, why this happened to us? Is it a punishment?

Quoted from A Soul's Burden by from,

Tribulations are a part of life but that doesn’t make them easy. We still grieve — but how could we not? We are, after all, a very emotional creation. So how does one cope with adversity? There are many ayat in the Qur’an that talk about different mechanisms of coping such as patience, faith, prayer and acceptance. But what I find the most profound and the most comforting is what Allah says in Surat Al-Baqarah:

لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا
“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286).

 Masya Allah it's really a Beautiful article!

Another important thing that i realize is the HIKMAH behind all what had happened.
Last week was the right time for me to be on leave to take care of Oman's recovery. Bibikless lagi gittew.

I spent every hours with my son
I took care of every of his anger, his manja, his kekwat, his cuteness,
I washed all the dirty clothes, hang, folded and ironed them (ok tipu, I tak iron sebab i paling tak suka iron baju.. :P)
I cook for my son and my husband,  I cleaned the dishes
I cleaned the house

It's really tiring but I felt such great satisfaction.

This kind of opportunity i would not easily had due to work commitment.

It brings such closer feelings, It makes me being more appreciative  and...
i really respect and salute a HOUSEWIFE!!!!!


Not so easy u know jaga Orang sakit. Masa dia jaga, ku turutkan aja segala kemahuan dan kekekwatan, masa dia tidur, ku pukul pukul montot dia... hahaha :)

Roman Anaqhi, Dadda and Momma love you so much!!!


Friday, March 22, 2013



Last week Friday, many were surprised when I posted a photo of Oman lying on the hospital bed with this caption;

"Alhamdulillah. After operation this morning. He's fine now. Oman strong boy. Saaaaaaaaayang Oman".

I started to receive a lot of comments from Facebook, Instagram and personal messages asking what happened to Oman, and wishing him for a speedy recovery. On behalf of my family, I would like to express our deepest thanks for all the concerns, prayers and thoughtful  wishes.

Frankly, this still a big surprise to myself and my husband. Especially when I was the first person who saw an abnormal swollen area behind Oman's left knee... and  i was really hoping it's just due to mosquito bite. Hep!! Biasa tau nyamuk ni! *sambil cekak penggang.

Me: What do you think?

Husband: Hmmmm...

Me: I know you gonna say it looks like mosquito bite, kan?

Husband: No its not......  It looks like a misplace bone.

Me: What!! that's so scary okeh!! We are so going to the clinic.. now! 

We brought Oman to see a doctor. 

The moment she saw it, performed some physical checking, she was then immediately recommending for Oman to be referred to an Orthopedic specialist.

(It sounds like Oman has no issue seeing doctor, right? Wrong! Kene bribe bagai okeh. I made story that after checking, the doc  would give him some sweets. :P Eh rupanya betul, she gave him 2 packets of ribena-gummy bear. Phew!) 

Just to share about Oman's condition, he's perfectly fine except that swollen thing behind his knee. He walked , run, jumped, sat like normal. He didn't feel any pain. He also made joke about his leg.

One day he woke up, ran to me and.. "momma, i found another "bengkak" (swollen).. so big and hard ", and he showed his KNEE to me. T_T, and he ran away, laughing... haih la Oman. ;P

The next day, husband and I took leave to bring Oman to see Dr Abang Askandar Kamell Bassrull. He's one of a known Orthopedic surgeon from KPJ Shah Alam Specialist Hospital. With a small battling in the beginning to get Encik Oman cooperation, Dr Askandar diagnosed Oman to have Ganglion Cyst, where this type of cyst commonly occurs between bone joints. 

According to Dr, this cyst would be getting bigger and bigger in time. Since it's grown just right in between Oman's knee bones, it will cause discomfort to  his movement sooner or later. To remove this cyst was a better choice as after the operation, Dr would perform analysis to the tissues to confirm whether its cancerous or not......... paused..... (its the scariest part of all).

15 March 2013, was the day Oman undergone the operation. 


We reached the hospital at 7.30am. Oman was very quite.... I think he knew whats gonna happen. We did pep-talking to him few times about today, and he didn't like it. We did not know what to expect...

We were assigned a ward room. We used half an hour waiting time to make Oman felt comfortable and easy. Hmmm.. not that easy..

 Counseling Session with Doctor Momma. 
Together in this session was Doctor Dadda and Doctor G.Papa.

When the real doctor came, Doc Askandar, elok pulak Oman bagi kerjasama .. ????.. 

Hihi. I think Oman loved the way Dr Askandar called his name and used drawing to approach him.  He told Oman to let him see the swollen area again and he would draw a straight line there.  (Actually doc would like to draw the line where he would perform the cut). 

"Only 1 parent  is allowed to accompany the child in the operation theater until General anesthesia (GA) is performed", explained the doc. 

I wanted to do it. 
My husband allowed me so. 
He and my father in law sent us down up to the waiting area. 

Dadda kissed Oman's forehead... he didn't kiss me ... :P... but giving me a big pat on my shoulder. 

In the OT hall, when only himself and his mom surrounded by strangers who worn all blue (i had to wear their uniform and shoes too), Oman's becoming more uncomfortable. Like he knew it, he looked at my eyes, 

Oman: I don't want this..
Momma: Ok Oman. I don't want this too. Let's go back and eat KFC..

Dush! Dush! only crazy momma would say like that. 

I held his hand firmly. Told him not to worry cause I'd be there with him all the time.  I'd not release his hand. 

Note: Patience or patience's guardian need to be aware of the repetition of questions and answers, agreement, signatures .. with different kind of doctors before you were pushed to the OT room.

Oman nearly jumped out of the bed when they started pushing it. His body was shaking. Pity my boy. He pulled my body very closed to him. 

In the OT room, not only Oman, I myself also felt nervous with the room condition.. The apparatus, the lights..
(even I had experienced appendix surgery in the same room 5 years ago). 

It's time for the GA Procedures. 
Oman started to cry when the anesthetist asked him to lie down. The nurses tried to pujuk him to play with the balloon connected to the GA Machine. 

The more he cried! 

Oman hates balloon.... 

After a while, Oman still didn't wanna lay down.. one of the nurse whispered this  to me;

"Puan, usually for the case like this, we have to 'force' the kid by holding his head, hand, body and leg. We cannot wait", softly.

"I think so. He hates balloon.... We didn't have anything else interested to him. I agree."

Calmly. I told Oman. "Oman tidur k. Momma jaga Oman"..

After that..I nodded to the nurses.. 

That moment still fresh in my mind.
 Oman's crying helplessly. momma!..momma!... out loud. I could see his tears... and slowly.. he closed his eyes...

My time was up. I couldn't stay there. I was then sent by the OT staff to the waiting area to join my Husband and father in law. Before i left the OT room, the doctor told me to just be calm. Insya Allah everything will be alright.

(eh tak.. tak.. mana ada I nangis) :)

Dengan machonya, I opened the waiting room's door with a big smile. 

Husband: Eh Done already? So soon!

Me: No lah. Oman is  now in a deep sleep. The operation just started. and to be ended in 1 hour time.

Husband: How was Oman just now?

Me: ...................

Husband: Did he cried?


Husband: Are you crying?

Me: (sambil tekup muka)..

(Yes.. Yes.. I cried) Sebak wo sebenarnya. Tapi kejap je. :)

After 45 minutes, we came back to the waiting area. The nurse approached us. She told that the operation had finished. (Tuhan je tau betapa tak sabarnya nak tunggu Oman)

Husband: I go first ok?

Me: OK sure. Jangan lama-lama k.. :P (Padahal tadi punyalah i yang lama kat dalam tu)

8 minutes is like 8 hours ok!!!..

Husband came out and told me that Oman still unconscious, his eyes still closed but he's crying. When i heard that, i ran inside to get him. 

Yes he's crying.. he sounded so sad.  I call his name few times and he opened his eyes. I did not know where came all the energy, but this boy was so strong. He saw me and he immediately sat wanting me to hug him. The nurse advised him to lay back on the bed. They afraid Oman would fall or vomit.

It took a while for me to calm him. But he still didn't want to lay on the bed. Akibatnya...

Baru Oman nak baring.

Syukur the cyst had been removed. I think we've made the right decision. 

Doc told us he's shocked to find out that  that the size of the cyst was triple to what was visible from the outside. Its like 3 pcs of black grapes and they were grown deep between the two bones. Insya Allah, all the cyst and roots were removed and not to recur again. Amin.

Doc also informed us that Oman might feel a little bit more painful because the cut is quite long and deep.Nevertheless, kids healing process usually faster than adult. 

Looking at the sample tissue of the cyst before it was sent to the lab for further analysis.

Closer view. 1/3 of the actual size.
Its round in shape with liquid inside. 
Doc had taken the jelly out.

Watching Disney Cartoon while having his first 'meal' after more than 12 hours fasting.

One thing that makes me amazed, Oman has skipped the painkiller for few days (masya Allah dia ni susah sangat nak makan ubat), but Subhanallah he can handle the pain. No shows of painful expression at all until today. 

I have been on leave since Monday to take care of my son. Bibikless.
(Bibik balik kampung sambut cucu sulung dia. She's a grandmother now. Tahniah bibik! :)). Alhamdulillah, Oman can now stand and walk pace by pace. I feel half relief..

We gonna meet Dr Askandar again today, for him to open the plaster of Oman's leg, and to let us know the result of the tissues' analysis. I pray day and night It will be alright, nothing more serious than just a normal cyst. Ya Tuhan.. kabulkanlah.. 

Please pray for Oman too, dearies..

To Hospital again........ Hmmmm... not so favorable to Oman. Will there be any drama  between him and the doctor? We hope not!  :)

Til then.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Eh Eh.. lapan tahun tak hapdet blog, ade hati nak post entry soal jawab. :P

Soalan :
Kenapa dah lapan tahun tak hapdet blog? Retis pun sempat hapdet blog tau!!

Masa tak mengizinkan.

Eleh Jawapan standard. Jawapan tak standard?

Ni semua salah Instagram. :P Rasa ada gambar best je, leh terus post sekali dengan caption. Cepat dan pantas dan terus ade orang LIKE.  Eh u tak follow i ker?

Jangan nak perasan ek!. and I jer yang boleh tanya soalan.  So, apa perkembangan terbaru?

Fizikal Makin kembang. ;P  Anak masih sorang. Doakanlah I pregnant lagi tau!

Amin. Oman ok?

Oman ok. Manja. Intan Payung. Dia kirim salam.

Waalikumussalam. Cecepatla bagi dia adik. Dah Empat tahun kan dia?

Kalau time nak beli toys,  dia ngaku la dia empat tahun. Tapi karang, kalau dia rasa nak join Dadda dia main futsal dengan geng-geng dewasa, tetiba je dia kata dia dah Sepuluh tahun. :P
Bab bagi adik kat Oman, Kalau nak aje dah boleh terus dapat, mesti dah 3 adik Oman sekarang tau.

Eh! rajin pulak you update blog hari ni. Masa mengizinkan....... kerrrrr?

Amboi perli.
Sebenarnya, hari ni agak free. And ter trigger pulak nak update blog.

Soalan: Selalu-selalu la update. Jangan pompang aje lebey.. Boleh?

Jawapan: I cuba k.



Saturday, February 2, 2013


Salam and Hello everyone

Alhamdulillah, I turn thirty-two (32) today.
Special thanks to abah and mama.. I am not here in this world if not because of you.

Being alone in Cebu Island, Philippines on this special day, I celebrated the 00:00 hour of 2nd February 2013 with Nescafe 3-in-1.

What have been granted, also what have been taken away from me so far for the last 31 years old in this world...I know I couldn't ask for more.

Syukur sangat-sangat.

but.... I just miss home so much right now.

My son, Oman, has started his Sunday Art Class at Da Vinci Creative Kids  couple of weeks ago and I'm going to miss it this time. Alaaaaa.. 

Backup plan!!...we have made a promise between Dadda, Momma and Oman. Immediately after his class finished, Dadda will snap the photo of his production and immediately send to momma. Momma will reply back "Good Job, Oman" to Dadda, and Dadda will show it to Oman. and Everybody lives happily ever after. Haha. :)

Trial Class Production

1st Class Production :)

Hey, I did tell you that i miss you too, right? Of course so much!!
I know I haven't write quite a while. (Hapdet Instagram je rajin kan? kan? :P ) and I deeply realize that's the feeling its not the same.

Talk to myself slowly... "Don't try to give any reason, Nuurill!!". 
Let me improve this part ok.

The place where I'm staying right now is Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa. Super cantik!! Meeting is always long, but since 6.00 am here is like 8.00 am Malaysia, very bright, I got the opportunity to spend sometime walking at the beach and hotel area.






Breathtaking view aren't they? 

They said if i go for snorkeling , i would have chance to meet Nemo and all his friends, beside witnessing all magnificent corals. Hmmm.. pasai pa lah che' lupa bawok baju renang che'???? T_T

Issokay, I can think of something..... :P

Ada rezeki lebih, this might be the right time to buy a new full swimming suit  to replace the one I've been 8 years loyal at... or if its not my rezeki, then, I can just do something else fun! like buat sand castle , bercanda di pasiran pantai, or swimming on the bed. Haha. 

Alright guy, I need to sleep now. Tomorrow the meeting gonna be held as usual. Till i write again... :)

I wanna be a better person to God, myself, my family, my office, society, and everything mahmudah in this world. 





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