Thursday, August 26, 2010


On the first weekend of Ramadhan month this year, three of us went back to my parents' crib in Sitiawan. Berpuasa dan berbuka bersama-sama abah, mama and adik-adikku. Happy!!

The day before, which was Friday, we had our Iftar with Armi's family. Nenek prepared nasi lemak for us. Tell you sambal ikan bilis nenek memang total!! :)

We made the moved from Sungai Long on Saturday not early morning. :P

My anak bujang was getting ready to meet his Tukbah, Opah, mamaLang, mamaChu, & AbahChik

and then playing with the mini football while waiting for his parents to get ready

Little man was so sleepy right after Dadda started the engine of the car. He was cranky with his eyes half-closed. Owh he's really a big boy now that he refused to sleep on my lap anymore. Kalau tidur, Oman x suka sempit-sempit. Dahla badan dia panjangkan, lasak pulak tu, suka pusing sana pusing sini, so, sleeping on me is not really comfortable to him. Sigh... should i get him a baby seat? I saw many kids look very comfortable sleeping in baby seat especially when traveling at long distance.

Nice! He managed to get his soundly sleep after i placed his comforter and pillow at Nabira's 2nd row seat. Maka bermaharajalelalah Oman tido di situ :P
(but of course, we prayed a lot for his safety during his sleep. Everytime Dadda pressed the break, i'd hold his leg. Takut jugakkan kalau teremergency break. Nauzubillah)

Kui Kui Kui.. siap ade air liur basi lagi, you. Oman jangan marah momma ok. Kenangan nih! hihi.

The next hour, Oman woke up from his sleep and sat silently at the back. It took seconds for him to realize that he was actually sitting alone there. Apelagi, terus melompat nak duduk depan with momma.

Gambar besar itu adalah muka suci Oman selepas bangun dari tidur. Sumpah muka stone. :p

Along the way, Oman kept singing and counting 1,2 3 with us. Owh he's now very very talkative. Alhamdulillah, Oman easily captured new vocab we thought him especially from songs. Ulang banyak kali, and ask him to fill in the blank (last sukukata in every row), Insya Allah, he could remember the sukukata walaupun pelat. Cute!

Tara!!!! Oman pokok kelapak's now back!! :)

You could enjoy to watch this too. "When Oman Count".

We reached our destination at 3.00pm like that. As expected, Tukbah and Opah dah panjang leher waited for their beloved mushuk mushuk grandson. Oman was excited too. Mulut munggil dia tu x abih-abih panggil "Tukbaaak".

To spend quality times with my precious family, i was totally looking for it. Kalau dah sebulan x jumpa them, mulala Armi perli; "Homesick la tu". :P because my level of sensitivity akan naik satu anak tangga lagi. Hehe.

Even two days were actually not enough, but i really appreciate every single second being with them. Of course paling best dapat makan masakan mama. We had special Iftar dish such as ayam masak lemak cili api, sambal udang petai, deep fried Senangin and kuih cuk keria (kueh gelang) on Saturday, and on Sunday, mama prepared cempedak goreng, Sup ikan tanda, sambal sotong (Mama Lang Oman yang masak.. hebat kamu lang:)) and masak tempoyak cuk ubi. Not to be left, my hubby's favorite, Ikan masin bulu ayam. (Ntah betul ntah tidak nama ni).

Jangan x tau, Armi sangat suka this ikan masin and sambal belacan tau. Punyala dulu masa zaman mula-mula couple, i thought he like the very city boy who eat only western food, mengong betul i.. haha. To my surprise, he passed the test that my mom set to him on the first time he visited my family back in Aidilfitri 8 years ago. My mama saje jer letak ulam pegaga as one of the dish on that day. Saje nak tengok he would touch it or not. Armi ate them like "sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja".. hahahaha.. then after that my mom terus fall in love with him. Boley x? saspek sungguh! :)

Ok Ok.. back to Oman. Encik kecik tu punyala seronok cause ramai yang layan kan. Kejap kang mamalang layan, kejap kang abah chik, pastu mama chu.. Opah and Tukbah mmg toksah cakapla.. hihi. there were 4 things we noticed Oman really obsessed at;

i. Bicycle (dia belai-belai beskal ni tau)
ii. Mini air pancut Opah (Uish ikut hati dia, dia nak mandi dalam tu)
iii. Vom VOm tuk Bah (berani tengok je, naik takut. Haha)
iii. Aabat. (Pantang tengok sapa-sapa Aabat, dia pun nak join sekali. Hambek!)

Sekali sekala balik kampung halaman, i absolutely love to intro Oman to kampung nature, which is very hard to do it in the city. What he seen on TV is not going to be the same with what he sees with his own eyes. Kan?

So, on the Sunday morning, i brought Oman to visit his TukBah who was gardening at the back of the house. See that tree in front of my abah?.. taux tu pokok ape? pokok APPLE you!! i was like asking my dad 3 times sebab x caya. Boleh ke hidup epal kat panas terik.. so my abah explained that the chances are there and what he was working on was to build a sort of shelter to reduce sun exposure. Kalaulah menjadi, wah bangga anakmu, bah. Insya Allah :)

OK, where was Dadda? hihi.. Dadda had to excuse all the activities because he was concentrating on editing photos that we took during MMU convo weeks before. Go dadda go!

Since my siblings and i were kids, it has been a routine that everytime we goes back to our hometown, we must also visit our uncle's house which is located only 500m away. Our families are so attached together. Tok Ude and Opah de Oman ni mempunyai anak-anak lelaki gagah yang sangat hebat dalam arena penternakan binatang. Ternak kat belakang rumah pulak tu.

Seronok kalau intro kat Oman nih.

MUka Oman tengah kagum and patiently waiting to meet..

....this little kambing. Oman called her, "jot" (goat).

Tell you, Jot is a very active baby goat tau! Dia siap performed stunt lagi depan Oman. Encik Oman tu pulak berani-berani takut. When Jot got closer to him, he immediately ran away. So funny!

Oh by the way, Jot is not alone there. Since she was just born few weeks before, he's being separated with her mother in that little barn from other goats which living in another barn that bigger in size. Bukan apa, nanti Jot kene buli ke ngoratke dengan abang-abang dewasa ke kan, so, kene bagi dia akil baligh dulu. Lagipun her mother still breastfeed her. :)

Here where the other goats are living. There are 6 of them if i calculated correctly.

Other than Jot and her family members, there are birds and chicken too. Oman was so excited that he could see the 'bik' and 'titen' very very close. There's one time he ambushed anak-anak ayam yang tengah kusyuk makan dedak. Eeee seriau ok.. sebab ibu ayam ni kan macam garang sikit, very protective to her kids.. buatnya di kejarnyer and patuk Oman. Adoi.. mentang-mentangla kamu x puase ye Oman, semput momma taww.

This visit was one of our happiest moment di kampung. This time we're sweating so much and sun burnt a little :P

Xperla kene gigit nyamuk sikit kan Oman.. (dalam hati: siap kau nyamuk!!! kau gigit anak aku yer!! Nanti aku sembur sedara mara kau kat KL dengan Ridsect tau. Biase dia!!)

We're moving back to KL after Iftar on Sunday. Puas hati sungguh dapat balik berbuka my family tawwwww... :)

Captured on Sunday morning kat umah Tukbah. See! See!.. lasak sungguh! :)

Nila Mamalang, Opah and Tukbah Oman. Si comel sorang lagi tu is Syu's son. Photo was taken during our balik kampung time in last February.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Only The Little Man named Oman knows the language and meaning :P

The lyrics are very simple.

"Ta di Ta di Ta di da"
"Ta di Ta di Ta di da"
Ulang sampai habes (hahahahahha)

Oman's turned 18th month yesterday. Happy 18th month old darling!!!!! Dadda and Momma love you so much! :)

Favorite Oman. Kalau x reti letak, jawab nyer campak je. Senang citer :P


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dulu kan, sebelum ada Oman kan, our parents kan, selalu mumbling-mumbling macam ni kat kitorang;
"you all ni ada rumah untuk tido je kan?? x reti duduk diam tau!"

Now...For Encik suami, not much change. He still have his own sweet time to join badminton and Futsal on Thursday and Friday night every week since Oman day 1. I don't mind that at all cause i used to be an active person too. I know he would fall sick if he didn't play them :P Mulalah kaki lenguhla, badan x sedapla.. Hehe.

Encik suami is now moving forward with his side business, fotofanartic which make his days busier than ever. Every Tuesday night is a WAJIB day for him to have fanartican meeting. So, 3 malam dalam seminggu dah confirm-confirm Momma ngan Oman full time kat rumah berdua je. I try my best to be Oman's Dadda and Momma during that time.

What about me?... Hihi
Actually dari awal-awal masa Oman dulu, my hubby memang very supportive, very understanding, very encouraging if i would like to have my activities back. But me being a new momma, i x sampai hati nak tinggal Oman berdua je ngan Dadda dia tau malam-malam. Dahla sometimes i fly abroad sampai seminggu tinggal diorang because of work kan. So, i choose to put that low.. walau pun dalam hati meronta-ronta ok!! :)

Lately, I started to feel that my lifestyle before having Oman is now back.

Cuba tengok je this week;

Last Saturday to Monday.
I was fully occupied being an Art Director (sendiri bagi nama jawatan :p) under FotoFanartic team opening a photography studio booth at MMU 11'th Convocation, Cyberjaya. Tell you, letih x hengat!!! but it were very very very interesting experiences and moments we had. Alhamdulillah, syukur di atas Rezeki dilimpahkanNya, for first timer, the responses we received were unexpectedly overwhelming. Awesome!!
To hubby, thank you for employing me. Awak ni boss yang baikla! :)

Welcome to A-01 Booth.

Kerja saya sebenarnya adalah betul2kan tudung pelanggan, betul-betulkan rambut, betul2kan robe, tunjuk cara pegang sijil yg betul, betul2kan topi diorang, dan paling Art sekali, bila time white studio, bagi cadangan cemana diorang nak buat gaya depan camera. Best tau!!

"adik beradik? suami isteri? teman rapat? couple? mereka adalah semuanya..."
I really love that caption which is wrote by Azmi in his facebook.
Yes we are!! hehe
Azmi is orang kuat marketing kami. He's also our back-stage photographer. I kidnap gambar2 ni from his fb. :)

Pergh.. Gaya 10 la bang!!. :P
Ni la Encik suami atau Kidd atau Dadda Oman merangkap main photographer. The handsome guy pakai baju puith tu adik ipar saya, Amri.

Fanartican Team. Totally rocks!! :)

Hihi.. dulu masa kecik takut gilerrrr dengan A&W bear tu tau.
Ni baru ada can i nak peluk!! :)

Penat but happy after work. Now nak gi jumpa boyfriend no. 2. :P
(Mel, TQ for this scarft. Sorang student MMU minat giler kat scarft ni..:))

Where's Oman?? Oman's under Nanny's keeping during Saturday and Sunday. Gosh, it took a lot of emotionality strength to not to be with him on weekend tau. Huhu. Asyek teringat kat dia je. Tapi Alhamdulillah, Oman was totally fine. Makan banyak, main banyak, bully Nanny and Aunty dia. When i heard the good progress of him there, senangla sikit hati nak beraktiviti kan :) Bila sampai rumah at night, ape lagi, dia bully momma and dadda pulak!! Yeah, he missed us so much. Awwwww....

Tuesday and Wednesday.
I got ping-pong tournament on both days after working hour. Sumpah x terror tapi disebabkan xde wakil kaum wanita from my department yg boleh main for our unit, i made myself available. Encik suami pun okay je. Dia siap ajar training lagi kat Clubhouse.. tapi, i tetap kalah. HAHAHAHA. eh, he, but yesterday i won tau main double mix. First time dalam sejarah. Kalau ade diary ni dah lama tulis besar-besar kaler merah menyala. :) Game finished at 8.00pm like that. I reached home pun dah about 9.00 pm macam tu. Dadda dah siap bagi Oman makan. Good job, dadda. Owh owh.. yesterday, i sempat belikan CD Barney 1,2,3 for my Little Man tau. Nadia, Oman pun dah mula suka Barney. Hihi. Tapi dia asyik sebut Bebi.. je. Hahaha.
So, after i refresh my self, three of us layanla CD Barney tu. Sonok tengok Oman joget joget :)

Thursday/ Tonight
Dadda is going to have his Fanartican Follow-up Meeting tonight at his Studio. Momma pulak ade Netball dengan Aunty Nadia and Aunty Hana. I do not know whether i'm gonna have chance to really play netball or not cause Dadda xde nak layan Oman.. Most possibly Oman musti nak i entertain him nanti. tapi xpe. Semangat nak pegi jugak tengok netball tetap membara. Akan ku bawa anak bujang ku itu bersama-sama. Hehehehe. Adam ngan Oman please jangan malu-malu nak main sama-sama kay. Mommies wanna get sweat tonite!! :)

Alamak, ade ping-pong lagi after work. Huhu... Hopefully game will be the fastest. Dadda kene attend Oman sorang-sorang lagi. Seb baik ping-pong will be ended this week. Next week, xdela hari-hari balik lambat. :)

Coming Saturday/Sunday
Yeyeyeey!!!!! Hari duduk rumah sedunia. My mil dengan sportingnya bagi pinjam her maid to help me cleaning our house. Nak buat whole floors nyer spring cleaning. I plan to wash all the curtains too. Senang puasa nanti xyah dah nak pikir. :)
Xlupa juga, I have to look after Oman most of the time cause dadda wanna concentrate to his editing of convo's picas. We promised our customer 2-3 weeks delivery time. GO Dadda!!! :)

Fuhhhhhhhhh... next, i'm going to comit to aerobic and gymnasium. Moga-moga i mampula nak handle my activities without terkurang walau sedikit pun perhatian to my hubby and son. Oman boleh join momma bersenam kay. :)

Encik Little Man yang kejap-kejap slim kejap-kejap tembam :P

with Botol air baru kesayangannya

Ok peeps, Ramadhan is just around the corner. Me, hubby and Oman would like to wish every Muslim in the world a very blessed Ramadhan. Moga amalan dan Ibadah kita semua dipertingkatkan dan dirahmati selalu. Aamin. Selamat berpuasa semua!!

p/s: Yeyeyeyeye.. 1st weekend Ramadhan balik Sitiawan. Oman and dadda (momma lagila) dah rindu sangat-sangat nak jumpa Tukbah and Opah. Nak berbuka bersama-sama. Moga dipanjangkan usia kami untuk menimatinya. Aamin! :)


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