Saturday, February 2, 2013


Salam and Hello everyone

Alhamdulillah, I turn thirty-two (32) today.
Special thanks to abah and mama.. I am not here in this world if not because of you.

Being alone in Cebu Island, Philippines on this special day, I celebrated the 00:00 hour of 2nd February 2013 with Nescafe 3-in-1.

What have been granted, also what have been taken away from me so far for the last 31 years old in this world...I know I couldn't ask for more.

Syukur sangat-sangat.

but.... I just miss home so much right now.

My son, Oman, has started his Sunday Art Class at Da Vinci Creative Kids  couple of weeks ago and I'm going to miss it this time. Alaaaaa.. 

Backup plan!!...we have made a promise between Dadda, Momma and Oman. Immediately after his class finished, Dadda will snap the photo of his production and immediately send to momma. Momma will reply back "Good Job, Oman" to Dadda, and Dadda will show it to Oman. and Everybody lives happily ever after. Haha. :)

Trial Class Production

1st Class Production :)

Hey, I did tell you that i miss you too, right? Of course so much!!
I know I haven't write quite a while. (Hapdet Instagram je rajin kan? kan? :P ) and I deeply realize that's the feeling its not the same.

Talk to myself slowly... "Don't try to give any reason, Nuurill!!". 
Let me improve this part ok.

The place where I'm staying right now is Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa. Super cantik!! Meeting is always long, but since 6.00 am here is like 8.00 am Malaysia, very bright, I got the opportunity to spend sometime walking at the beach and hotel area.






Breathtaking view aren't they? 

They said if i go for snorkeling , i would have chance to meet Nemo and all his friends, beside witnessing all magnificent corals. Hmmm.. pasai pa lah che' lupa bawok baju renang che'???? T_T

Issokay, I can think of something..... :P

Ada rezeki lebih, this might be the right time to buy a new full swimming suit  to replace the one I've been 8 years loyal at... or if its not my rezeki, then, I can just do something else fun! like buat sand castle , bercanda di pasiran pantai, or swimming on the bed. Haha. 

Alright guy, I need to sleep now. Tomorrow the meeting gonna be held as usual. Till i write again... :)

I wanna be a better person to God, myself, my family, my office, society, and everything mahmudah in this world. 





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