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Previous entry on Oman and Iman di Sarawak;
Part 1.
Part 2.

Eh eh eh.. Punyalah banyak entry untuk Kuching ni rupanya! I promise this gonna the final part :p

TOP SPOT. The famous seafood food court in Kuching that should not be missed. Sudahla terbaek food dia, consider murah pulak tu!!!!

That evening, these were what we had for dinner;

Lobster masak garam.

Ketam Black-pepper

Buttered prawn with Cheese

Sotong BBQ Grill

Kerapu Tiga Rasa


Kesedapannya terasa sampai hari ini!! :)

Did you know that we celebrated Eid Al-Adha in Kuching?? Beraya di perantauan kot! hihi. Planned earlier by Dr. May, we were all in Fuchsia Raya outfit. The color sangat menyerlah bikin orang-orang Kuching tercengang tengok we all. :p

We had some small photoshoot sessions;

A Complete two family in Kuching :)

May, Sya and Iman

Armi, Mea (ahem!) and Oman

Ucapan Raya untuk ahli keluarga di Semenanjung :)

We walked to the Waterfront. Dekat je dengan hotel.

Sungguh meriah kami! :)

Back to the hotel after sessi melaram, the parents fulfilled the children dreams to visit the swimming pool.

Bila dah mandi langsung tanak keluar. Pulak dah!!

We checked out the hotel at 1.00pm. Since our flight back to KL departed later in the evening, so, we decided to kill the time by having lunch at Khatulistiwa Restaurant just next to Sungai Sarawak, and then to cross the waterfront for Kek Lapis Sarawak hunting.

At the end of our lunch, suddenly the rain dropped heavily. At that time, it's impossible for us to take the boat to cross the river as per planned. Nak sangat rasa naik boat, So we decided to wait for a while hoping for a better weather.

After almost two hours waiting, hujan dah tak berapa nak lebat tapi tak jugak berhenti. Last last we all gamble je nak redah the hujan. It was quite a tough decision to make cause there were kids involved. Demam jugak Oman and Iman nanti.

Sungai Sarawak

We tried to think the best way to cover the children from the rain. Umbrella?? Kebetulan there's 7 Eleven next to Khatulistiwa and we found in there a better solution; Baju hujan plastic.

Comei sungguh Oman pakai plastic ni. hihi.

Tiba masa nak naik boat, i suddenly have a little panic attack.

Dengan dukung Oman lagi, dengan nak melangkah between the jeti ke dalam boat, dengan hujan and angin tiup agak kuat, dengan boat goyang-goyang, dengan i risau tengok Pakcik bawak boat tu macam kurus jer... :P

Paling i risau.. dengan takde safety jacket...

Frankly.. i takut!! Macam-macam ayat i baca.

Tapi, Oman excited kot masa naik boat tu. Dia relax je. So, Momma kenala up kan kemachoan sikit. :P

May pun cool aje.
Kalau tengok muka i, Memang muka tengah nervous. :P

Alhamdulillah, the return journey on boat accross the Sg Sarawak went well. Pakcik- Pakcik yang bawak boat tu semuanya gagah perkasa lagi pro. (but i still think it's better if all penumpang dibekalkan safety jacket. Tul tak?). We managed to grab some Kek Lapis to bring back home from Mira Cake House. Maybe because Raya Haji, banyak kedai lain tutup. But that's good enough. :)

Masa pilih-pilih kek lapis, Oman dah letih to the max langsung ZzzzZZzzzz. :)

Overall, we had a splendid short vacation in Kuching. We found a great taxi driver (highly recommended), we visited interesting places, a nice stay at Ariva and yummy seafood!!

Most importantly, these two boys, Oman and Iman, have developed a great friendship in Kuching macam their parents.

We still are :)

Yes, if there's a chance, we would love to come back to Kuching for another getaway. One day. Amin.

Official photographers: Armi Akib and Fatasya
Backup photographer (sendiri lantik): Saya

Senang je nak identify, my photos kebanyakannya kalau x berapa clear, gelap. :P haha.




This is the continuation of Part 1.

We reached Sarawak Cultural Village at about 3 in the afternoon with Mee kolok and laksa Sarawak selamat in the tummy. :p

The moment we entered this place, oh wow, it's so amazing! The place beautifully occupied with green landscape. Tempat ni betul-betul terletak di kaki Gunung Santubung.

"Puteri Santubung, Puteri Sejinjang, menjaga gunung Negeri Sarawak..."
remember this song? :)

In SCV, you'll be given a passport at the entrance and this passport is for you to get all the seven stamps from the seven House sebagai kenang-kenangan.

Let's walk with me :)

First, we visited the Chinese Farm House.


Second, The Malay House.


Third, The Melanau Tall House
(my most favorite house among all here)


Forth, The Orang Ulu House

(fyi, Only the daddies checked in here. Mommies felt the stairs too stiff to be climbed by the kids)


Fifth, The Penan Hut.


Sixth, The Iban Longhouse.


Seventh, The Bidayuh Longhouse


We managed to visit all the seven houses just right before the Cultural show started at 4.00pm. Readers, If you come here to SCV, please do not skip this cultural show of Sarawak's ethnic groups and their cultures. It was all awesome!! :)

Spending the whole afternoon in Sarawak Cultural Village gave us so much sweet memories and joy.

Before i forget, here a little bit info about the entrance fee;

RM 60.00 / USD 20.00 (Adult)
RM 30.00 / USD 10.00 (Child : 6-12 years old)
Free for Children aged under 6

Good bye, SCV!! :)

I think this entry has been loaded with banyak giler gambar! I'll continue the last entry in Part 3 k!



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