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This is a very backdated entry. (Berzaman nyer lah Nuurill oiiiiiii)

Remember my 2010 entry about visiting Penang? this time, with the same group but smaller no. of families, we went to visit Kuching.

Oman and Iman

We departed via AirAsia on 4th November 2011 afternoon. There was a little bit of drama at the airport. When the final call announcement were made, we were still in the looong queue to check-in our baggage. Pitam sekejap. After security checking, we sprinted to the gate and luckily the flight still there waiting for a few more last passengers. Phew! :)

Oman and Iman were the most excited two! Both of them were keened to be on the airplane but they were also the first two who dozed off after the flight took off. Penat berlari kot. hihi.

In 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.... ZzzzzZzzz

It was raining cats and dogs when we reached Ariva gateway. Since the day had turned dark, we decided to quickly refresh and walk out for the first glance of Kuching. Just a few steps from our hotel, there's a new shopping mall, Hills, attached to The Pullman. Not so long after that, we walked further down to Jalan Padungan and had the dinner at Planet sambal, a very nice setting restaurant.

Top 2 photos: Oman merajuk and Iman pulak stress.

This two boys kekadang mcm bf gf pulak tau! kejap baik kejap gaduh. Haha.

The next day, we spent it by visiting few interesting places in Kuching. Right after breakfast, En. Sarip, our taxi man, drove us to see Orang Utan at Semenggoh Wild Life Center.

Bebudak ni: Ha?? Orang Utan?? Orang ape tu?? :P

On the way
(I'm personally loving too much this photo. moment.)

Semenggoh Wild Life Center open as early as 8.00 am. We reached there at 8.45 am as we did not want to miss to see the first Orang Utan feeding session of the day, at 9.00am.

Ramai tau pelancong!

Here are a few instructions by the park's warden to us;

. Do not Litter
. Do not smoking. Kalau Orang Utan terjumpa puntung rokok kat mana-mana, dia akan kutip and smoking. Bahaya!
. Keep quite in the jungle. Orang Utan pernah baling kayu dekat sorang pelancong yang kecoh gila. Hamik ko!

Looking at other tourists that day, Dr.May and I laughed at our own-selves attire. Mana taknya, orang lain elok dengan baju for outdoor activity, kitorang??? Macam nak gi.. KAY ELL Si Si yo! :p

Anugerah pelancong paling malatop di dalam hutan ialah... :P

We thought, the distance from the center to the feeding place idokle jauh bebenor. Tertipu ghupeynyer. Mujurler teman idok makey wedges. Maunya putuih teman ghase. Hehe.

Ni la 'orang' tu. :)

There were actually 3 of them eating bananas. The husband, the wife and the kid (i actually checked this sentence twice supaya tak tersilap type the last word to 'Kidd'. Ngeh2!)

We dispersed after half an hour watching the Orang Utans.

Babai Orang Utan!

Bukti yang kami telah sampai ke sini. :)

From Orang Utan, Pak Sarip brought us to see the Crocodile. Located on the same main street, there's a place named Jong's Crocodile Farm.

'Bujang Senang', katanya. Ye ke?

All the buaya here can do acrobatic skill. They really do!!
Wait i'll show you later. :)

From outside, Jong's looking like a small farm but once we got in.. Mak datuk!!! dari telur buaya sampai moyang buaya ada, you know. It's really worth to pay a visit here. With RM16(adult) and RM8(child) entrance fees, what can be seen here truly a satisfaction. Not only we met with buaya, but we also met with some monkeys, squirrels, peacock, arapaima fish and beruang :)


Nama buaya ni, Bujang Sudin. Comel! :)

At 11 am, we quickly brought ourselves to the place where the "Jumping Crocodile Feeding Show" to be presented.

Oman and Iman nak tengok buaya makan.

Para penonton.

Oman baru lepas nangis berebut sticker dengan Iman. Haha.

Not so long after that...

It's feeding time!!!

and the show was about to begin

See!! That one jumped so high to get his lunch.

waaa!!! more Jumping Crocodiles!!

The show went like half an hour and all of us enjoyed it so much. 30 minutes tu jugaklah i kene dukung Oman sebab dia xmo berdiri sendiri. Tahniah! :)

After the Crocodile Feeding show, we saw all other visitors assembled at a pond, to watch Arapaima feeding activity. By the time we joined them, the show have finished, i think. Why were we late? because my anak bujang sibuk nak main baling-baling ranting kat dalam kolam lain. haha.

Nice view!

Ikan pun dah kenyang

Momma berlakon frust :P

Dadda.... lapar.

Next, the plan was to visit The Sarawak Culture Village but before that we requested Pak Sarip to bring us to any restaurant that he knows have many choices of food for lunch. we had Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawak. :)

Darlings, Part 1 until this point k.

Sooner, I will continue the Part 2 with more story at Sarawak Cultural Village, The best seafood in Kuching and our activity on the last day in Kuching. Kami naik bot yo!!


Teaser for Part 2....

All photos are taken from the combination of their cameras:

- Gambar2 yang cantik and malatop tu taken by Armi Akib & Fatasya.
- Gambar2 yang ala-ala biase jer tu taken by me. Ahah! :p

see ya!! :)



  1. mcm kenal la.rasanya penah terjumpa dlm lif or dlm surau :)

  2. wawaaahhh... bestnyeee..... kat situ, boleh tak pegang n peluk orang utan tu???

  3. waa bestnye...

    err bujang sudin tu comel la, tade ekor, hahah

  4. Ainul: Salam Ainul. Yeke? hihihih.. kerja TM jugak yer? kalau yer mmg rasanya pernah la kot kita bertembung. :)

    Fidza: Boleh. Tapi kalau kene baling dengan dahan pokok tanggung sendiri. heheheh :)

    Liyana: Kan?? hihihhi.. comei bangat.

  5. eh baju kurung kita sama kaler! fuchsia gitu... next time i nak pakai sekali dengan you and amik gambar.

    loving your kuching entry!! :D

  6. Suria:
    Ok set!!! Bila? Bila? =D

    wawa: Hamikko.. dalam sehari i put up 3 entry.. muahahahaha :)



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