Monday, September 9, 2013



Congratulations Tokyo!!!

 Source: The Star

Full news can be checked HERE.


3 weeks ago, when I had a Welcome Dinner on the 44th Floor of a Building in Tokyo, I could clearly see the lit up of  '2020' lights in the Olympic colours of green, yellow, blue and red, with the shut-off observatory lights representing black to complete the set, on proudly at the Tokyo Tower.

I didn't managed to catch a good photo of Tokyo Tower at night, so I googled. Mr Hiro Nakajima took a very nice photo of it.

When the Japan party's General Manager gave an opening speech, after expressing his appreciation towards participants for attending the dinner, he excitedly mentioned about the hope of Tokyo to host the Olympic Games 2020. He invited all of us to pray for Tokyo. He said , Tokyo hope is actually higher than the tower. Cute! :)

The gentlemen. Toasting hope for Tokyo. 

This morning i heard this very good news from the radio. I feel so happy for them. Personally i believed among the three bidders, Tokyo is the most economically, politically, strongest candidate to be the host for Olympic 2020.

I'm a part of the million persons who pray for Tokyo to win this.  :P

I want to call the General Manager, now. 
He promised me that If Tokyo win,  his company will host the meeting in Tokyo again on 2020, the same date with Olympic, and to treat me ticket to watch Swimming games. 

Oh wait... He didn't even even ask my name..


 Tokyo Tower and I. 


Friday, September 6, 2013



What would happened if Dadda could not make to an event with us?


The night before, Momma would do her psychological speech to me before I sleep.

"Oman, esok Dadda tak dapat ikut kita tau. Oman be good boy ok. Kene dengar cakap Momma. Tokleh noti-noti. Oman takmo Momma report kat Dadda kan?"

Hambooooi.. Hugutan sangat!


Momma: "Okay ni baju Oman pakai esok ok"

"Ala... nape Saya tak boleh pakai baju tido pegi kenduri? Saya nak pakai Baju tido je"
(Yeah. lately I love to adress myself as "Saya" to everyone)

"Mane ade orang pegi kenduri pakai baju tido. Ala pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee la Oman. Nanti Dadda marah nanti. Haaaaaaaaaa hayok... " (Hugutan lagi).

"OK boleh. Saya setuju. Tapi esok saya ada request"

Apa dia?

"Esok saya bagi tau"

Kerlasss kan? :)
Momma surrendered.
But at least I had  agreed to NOT wear pajamas to the wedding. :P


Momma would set a very Sound-so-nice-and-smooth-plan and presented in to Dadda.

"Kidd dun worry ok. I can handle this. I'll make sure everything will be in place. I would moved early to fill in the petrol and reload my smart tag. For sure lah latest by 1.00 pm we would already be there"

What happened always was;
The plan delayed by 2 hours and she did all marathon running in the house.  *Peace sign

In the car;

Me: Momma ini request saya. (I made air spellings to her)

Momma: I can't get it. Just tell me la. No need to eja-eja like that. I have to focus my driving.

Me: Watch this.. (I still made air spellings to her. This time more fast. Just to tease her)

Momma: Okla.. since you don't want to just tell me, I assume you are not serious with it. Nak ke tak? (Hugutan lagi)

Me: Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Mesti la Saya nak.. (Then i spelled them loudly).
"M T P R K N D Y"

Momma: ha? What's that.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhhhhh.... Toys r us la...

Momma laughed. Dunno what so funny about it. Ish.

Usually i won and got what I want.
But before that, Momma would do another long speech like;

"To buy something, must have money, then to have money, we need to work. Belajar rajin-rajin and have good job. But We can't expect every time we need to be rewarded"

"OK momma".

Everytime..... like that.

At one wedding, I had made Momma agreed to let me wear socks to the wedding. Wear socks on hands. Cool right? Everybody told Momma that I looked so cute. See mom, i made us famous. :P

 She never got herself ready on time. Haih. 

By looking at her expressions, I think she texted Dadda to let him how 'successful' her plan was. Hahahah.

Saya ;D


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