Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What: About Making Friends
When: Sunday, December 5, 2010
Where: Singapore


Saturday, April 23, 2011


Good Saturday everyone,

Oh my! It's really feel good to have a break, spend as much as time with my Little Kidd, Oman like today. Even he was just did his drama berjujuran air mata wanted to follow his Dadda to on-site work (click click), he's now totally okay since i told him that i'm gonna fried cheese sausages with butter for his breakfast. Oh by the way, that's his current favourite bf menu almost every morning.

Dadda did buy Oman some books a few days ago and Oman explored them while waiting for his 'order'.

C for "Tar" (car)

F for "Fog" (frog)

Oman recognizes those words like 'car', 'frog', from the pictures not the Alphabet. Even he's now abled to sing the ABCs song from beginning to the end, Oman belum lagi kenal how they look like. Like A is A, or H is H. When i start to show him how, he instead asked me to draw cars or aeroplanes or he was the one who showed me how. It's not even look like any of them but i never fail to compliment his effort. He will get more excited and motivated. Xpe Oman, slowly slowly kan? It's about time. :)

OK siap!!!
"emmm.. cedapnye momma", kata Oman

suka beralih tempat pun iye Encik Oman ni. Hepp! nak kawen banyak ye? Siap kamu! :p

Okaylah dearies, nak siap2 gi kenduri ni. Encik Oman pun dah rengek2 ajak main. Dah kenyang!!

Till i write again, Enjoy your weekend! :)

-book Oman, bag vomvom Oman, Air 'tocong' Oman-



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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ao Nang

I received a call from my manager asking if i would like to join him for an early dinner. Of course i wanted since i didn't have anything other than instant noodle (makan dalam flight AA) in my stomach for that day. At first we were decided to just have it at any of the restaurants outside the hotel but we were then discovered that we could actually rent motorbikes and make a self tour in Krabi. The only rule is, boleh bawak motor.

Yes i can . Hey i started riding motorbike (motor abah) since i was 12 tau! But.. after i got married, residing in Shah Alam, i tend to forget the steps. Lama x prektis jadi kekok tau. :P So, when the two bosses asked me if i was confidence to ride and followed them behind, i said No. I opted for public transport to Ao Nang (THB 200) and thank god i made a right decision. The journey from Sheraton to Ao Nang was about 20 minutes and the road was freaking dark at some spots. Fuhhhh.. Seb baik! If not, I think i would give the boys a disaster that they had to wait for me who gonna ride for like 10km/h. Haha.

Right: Punyala malas nak salin baju. Terbalikkan tudung jer. Siap!
Left: Tunggu shuttle to Ao Nang.

When i reached Ao Nang. Wau!!! bercahaya!! memang happening!! jom kita layan gambo la yek.

Ao Nang.
Along right and left side of the main road, you gonna see a lot of restaurants, pub, shops, massage & spa and many more.

I dah confuse nak pegi yang mana satu dulu. :P

Since i was alone, i decided to have my dinner first. There are quite a number of Muslim restaurants in Ao Nang and i chose the one which belonged to a Pakistani couple. They recommended Garlic cheese Nan to be eaten with Tom Yam Siam. Sedap weh! :). I think in 10 minutes, i had already finished my meals and paid my bill. I was then ready to walk around. Well done! :P

Public transportation

Among the food stalls and restaurants in Ao Nang. Sushi pun ada tau!


Kalau sesat, kalau sakit, jangan risau. :)

The souvenir that i would never missed, Fridge Magnet! :)

Maybe i walked too fast that i managed to cover all the shops (i guessed) and still have 1 hour left before the shuttle fetched me back to hotel. Guess what, i went for Pedicure and Manicure!

Hepp! tu bukan kaki i ek!! Cantik sangat tuh!
Tu kaki Minah Saleh kat sebelah i. She had the foot massage.

I felt so great after that session. Rasa macam bersih and bersinar sangat jari jemari ku. Anne, Thara & Nadine, bila kita nak pergi yang Milkadeal tu? I nak buat lagi! :)

That's all for Ao Nang my dear. I think that's only half of the excitement here as they said the beach in Ao Nang was beautiful but unfortunately i wasn't having that opportunity to witness it that time. Perhaps at some other chance. Amin.


Ahah! The building in the picture was the venue for the 3 days meeting. Cozy and comfortable. I just love the the environment where the hotel conceptually arranged the frames, the Huge vases that yielding perfect and beautiful interior.


Nahhh.. i'm not gonna share here the summary of what have been discussed, but as usual, the meeting outfits;

Day 1

Day 2.

Day 3.

Actually i had put some earlier planned for Day 2 meeting outfits. I was to wear the same top and shawl for the welcome dinner which was scheduled later in the same evening. Sonang Achik. The only thing i changed was the skirt. The previous night i went to Ao Nang, i actually found a perfect traditional Thai Gaucho/Aladdin pants which matched the color of my top. Konon sesuaila kan dengan tema tepi laut. :P

Dinner setting.

Gaucho/Aladdin pants

Kindly meet my global colleagues. :)

It had been a very sweet and sensual dinner and we were happy to get to know each other closer esp me because i was among the youngest and newest in the team.

As for the meeting, some items has been agreed and some still in the list of action items and that's bring us to the next meet up session which is scheduled to be at somewhere far far away the other side of the world. Let's see if i 'll be counted in that trip or not. :)

Till then, take care ya! Daa.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Buzzz...Nampaknya post memakai skirt sebelum ini telah menterujakan dan mengelirukan ramai pihak. Pengakuan, saya tidakla sekurus gambar itu yang diambil secara sisi yer kawan-kawan. Cermin tu pun satu, tapi sebab tu saya suka amik gambar kat situ. :P Saya berdoa saya akan sekurus itu satu hari nanti. Amin. hihihi.

Ok ok.. meh kita ke topik yang sepatutnya. :)

The Room
The meeting was hosted in Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort, Nong Thale so i had my 5 days and 4 nights stays there.

In Sheraton Krabi, all rooms are harmoniously spread out in 8 units of three-story buildings intertwined beautifully with the tropical gardens and ponds (sebijik ayat website dia. :p). Oh! dun get fuss when you couldn't see your dedicated unit, let say you stay at block A or B, because it's quite a distance as there's always buggy services to bring you to your unit.

I was staying in block C.

Now, Let me introduce all of you to my room sweet room.

Tuan punya bilik pun sibuk sama. :p

The Hotel
I only managed to 'jelajah' the hotel on the last day of the meeting and also in the morning before i departed to KL (As usual). However, i was grateful that at least I'd that chance dari langsung x kan? :)

So right after Asr, i quickly changed my attire and get myself out of the room.

Those were among the eye-catching spots in Sheraton. Bottom-Left was the place where i took my morning breakfast and Bottom-right is an exclusive boutique where you can find local silks and souvenirs.

Terus berjalan-jalan.

Above is the view of the swimming pool no. 1. It's located on the path to the sea. (Perlukah tiap kali bergambar, u pegang kain macam tu, Nuurill?)

and the swimming no. 2. I think this one is bigger and merrier.

Those are chairs for tourists who love sunbathing.
I nak sunbath cemana kalau dah nak sunset dah waktu tu!.

The beach. Peaceful and harmony.

My plan was to have an early dinner and just spent the night long in the room. I was at the same time so excited to go back home the next day. Suka!! There were few restaurants outside the hotel and i went there to check if i could find something. Of course there was something. How on earth i forgot that Thailand is so famous with Massage!!

Okayla at least ada satu dua, x bolehla nak compare dengan Ao Nang kan!

If you asked me personally, i'd choose Balinese massage than Thai. I thought they are the same! So, i happily let myself being done. Hambik. Sampai kaki, lutut,siku naik atas badan hokeh! Kah Kah. Memang hasilnya our body would feel much better but masa kena tu.. pergh!!! tercampak-sampak semangat i. Tobat xmo dah Thai massage. haha.

Next day which was my last day in Krabi, i started my early morning with packing. After ensuring that every single thing was checked and in order( i ni clumsy :(), i was then made myself ready for breakfast. But before i reached the cafe, I brought myself for another round of hotel visit (the day before ade yang x khatam lagi ghopenyer).

Seriously kawasan hotel ni mmg cantik! :)

Aaaaaa.. they have this club for your kids. They have caretaker services too. Kotla kan nak gi jalan-jalan pegang tangan tepi laut xmo anak kaco. :P

Since x ramai org, i pun mula la kan amik gambo sendiri. :p Many of them were still sleeping i guessed, or, they were already on the boat for island hopping.

Sigh. I should bring my 1 piece swimming suit. haha.

Get the feel. Walaupun hanya lakonan semata. :)

Overall, i loved my stay in Sheraton. Serious cantek, tenang and dapat dengar bunyi cengkerik macam duduk kat kampung! Syukur i'd that chance to stay over there and enjoy the luxurious of keindahan alam. If i' have another chance to come here again, i'd love to come with my family and explore the water activity, naik gajah, Island hopping (phi Phi Island cantik kot!)

Before i said Good Bye to Sheraton

Eh. Eh. It's not yet the end of story for Krabi. I'm gonna write another entry about Ao Nang excitement (tempat famous for honeymoon , shopping and dining) and meeting outfits. Hopefully very soon. ;)

Till Then, Salam and have a good sleep. :)
(I am actually watching MU vs MC FA cup Semi Final now, MU kalah! ciss).

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tarik nafas. hembuss.. tarik nafas....hembus..
I have to make this short.

Seriously I am very occupied with works right now.
At the same time i feel bad because i have let this blog not updated for almost a week. Alaaaaa.
I'll find some other space to update bout Krabi and macam-macam lagi!! (ntah-ntah malam ni)
Xmo promise, but i'll try the hardest kay. :)

Remember i did mention on the outfits that i bought during my last outing before i went to Krabi?

I think it was 4 years ago when i decided to stop wearing skirt to the workplace. I hardly found working skirt that i felt comfortable to fit in it. Haha. And why this time i have guts to wear long skirt again? Sebabkan, masa i tried that skirt in the fitting room kan, ade suara halus cakap i look slimmer. *Slap me please! Perasan!* Terus bayar lepas tu. (look jerla tapi.. hakikatnya??) Ahaks. =p

Here the sneak peek;

(2nd day of meeting)

fine.. fine.. bagi la can!. :P

Okay dearies, got to go now. Till i write again kay! daaaaaa. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011



The actual planned was that only abah (my fil) going to send me to LCCT. Oman would be put under distraction so that he would not aware that i was actually leaving.

But this boy had seen me packing my luggage so he kept repeating this to me, "Oman nak ikut Momma naik aeroplane". Slowly i told him, "Oman xboleh ikut. Momma work. Oman tinggal dengan Nanny, Papa, Dadda, ok?". He didn't care. Owh, before this, he did follow me two times straight. For him, it meant to be, EVERYTIME. Yeah, it's gonna be tough.

As abah helped to carry my luggage to the car, Oman hugged my knee tightly. His nanny tried to seduce him with chocolate but it didn't work. How pity. Then Nanny decided to bring him along.

On the way, i tried to tell him again that this time I'd go alone. He refused to hear that and asked for sweets instead. I told him I'd buy for him when we reached the airport.

Upon reaching, we're holding hands. He didn't want to let it go. Like he knew I was lying to him. The car stopped right in front the International Departure hall, mama quickly went out and opened the back door. She grabbed Oman. "Okay, kita beli gula2 k". I convinced Oman to go and told him I'd be right there when he got back. He chose to believe me.

Mama waved, said bye bye and asked me to take care in a very low voice. Then she brought Oman away. I could still hear Oman asked for me until they disappeared from my eyes.

I said Good bye to abah and brought myself inside the building. I tried to search for my colleagues if they had arrived.

Suddenly, i saw Oman with his Nanny walking towards the place where abah waited for them. In his hands, i saw Milo and Ribena sweets. But his eyes, were looking everywhere as he searched for something. He knew he let me lied.

I hid myself behind the wall.

God it was hard. Really-really hard..........
I cried in the washroom.

I didn't kiss him and say Good Bye.
But i just couldn't to help to see him crying and make my in laws worried if he wouldn't calm down. So i have to.

It works that way. He's doing fine after that until now. Keep asking for me but no cries. He's a good boy.

.............(long pause)

Momma miss you too much.



Monday, April 4, 2011



Salam and Hello to everyone,

Tomorrow i'm gonna leave for a meeting in Krabi. Eh Eh. Macam pelik jer. Xperla. The host (this time is Thailand) decided to let our meeting venue held at a peaceful place whereby we could hear the sound of the waves and birds singing. I really hope that when i entered the hotel room, I would be surprised by fresh rose petals all over my bed. (Ape kamu hengat kamu pegi honeymoon?).

Unlike the previous 2 trips to Singapore and Bandung before, Oman and Armi will not be around this time. As much as i wanted them to be with me, there's a second thought that it's better for my hubby to save his annual leaves for a real family holiday, where I'll not be committed to any meeting schedules. Where we are free to do whatever want. Where i can spend all my times with them. Kan?

So, Armi decided not to follow me KECUALI dia tetiba rasa nak buat surprise kat i. :p Xper kot Kidd. Kidd kan nak buat surprise beli ticket gi Europe for me? Ngeh Ngeh.

It's a tradition that at least a few days before my departure, three of us will allocate a slot for either an outing, or a great Jalan-Jalan-Cari-Makan together. Half of my guilt will blow away if we could accomplished this. Another half will still follow me no matter where i go. Ikut elok-elok tau.

This time, we had a small yet sweet dessert session at Tutti Frutti, One Utama. Yang menikmatinya, the two boys. I'm not really a fan. Sorry TF. :P But i did enjoy myself by taking their photos yang full of expressions tu!. Ahaks.

Since Oman sangat semangat nak main bola, Dadda bought a pair of soccer shoe for Oman from ADIDAS. Oman was so happy (terus pakai). I had a feeling that he's going to force his Dadda to buy one too. Almaklumla, dia kan suka sama. Instead, he asked his Dadda to buy one for Momma. Haha. Selagi Dadda x belikan, selagi tula dia buat bising. Adoyaiii..

Fortunately, Dadda memang ade plan to buy me a pair of Gym's shoe. Mulia sungguh hati kanda. :) I know why.

He must be dah sakit mata everytime he sees me wearing unsuitable shoes to the Gym (Baru tiga kali tapi). But the main reason is, when i got a new pair of shoe, i should be highly motivated to go to the Gym. Xde alasan lagi dah. Yelah kanda, nanti janganla tergezut kalau dinda dah slim macam Jessica Alba tau. Amin :p


Oman was so excited when he saw me put that shoes on. "cantiknya kasut momma!", dia jerit kuat okeh. Haiya, this boy ha. He was then disallowed me to put that shoes off. Yes people, if last Saturday, you did see a lady with quite feminine outfit , but looking down she was actually wearing kasut sukan, chasing around a littke Kid in One Utama, Hi there, It's me. Haha.

Tonight i hope that i could spend as much as time with both of them. I'll be in Krabi for 4 nights. Please pray for my safe journey tomorrow kay.

My catch for that day, (1) Somerset Bay's long skirt and (1) Zara's Plain loose top. I might be wearing them for this coming meeting. May them perfectly fit on me. Amin :)

Relax la der.
Ade orang tu buat muka boring bila kene tunggu Momma masuk washroom.
(Pic taken by Dadda)

Till then, see ya!!



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