Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMAN IS ONE!!! (Part 2)

That chubby lady in the photo above is me, Momma Oman. (Owh! look at my arm!! Penuh!! :() Issokay. Tunggu 2 bulan lagi. Eceh!

It was captured by Miss Diva de Vass, Mel on the day we went to Balloon Buzz Party Center , Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. It's actually a day before (memang last minute) Oman's Birthday Party that i 'forced' her to company me hunting for Oman's party items. (Abg Kaunter 12 pun ade sekali tapi dia semayang Jumaat :)) TQ bebeh!! Love ya!! Seriously, kalau u jadi PA kan, mesti boss u sayang gilerr kat u! hehe :)

Little bit on Balloon Buzz. You could find A-Z party stuffs there. Balloons, mask, hats, goodies, blower, clamper, gifts, macam-macam ada!! Be careful when you started to throw whatever things you like into the basket, You'll end up paying kacing!kacing! like me. Malu betol 2 kali kene cucuk duit ok. :p I must plan and do better listing next time. Ni x, rambang mata!! Ampun to my savings. Hehe.

It's started to be a merry night when my parents & siblings arrived in our house in Shah Alam. Though it was towards midnight when they ting tong ting tong the bell, they were so excited nak terus prepared for tomorrow's event. Thanks to Bangah's wife who was the champion blowing up the balloons. Terharu sangat... my mama kan, she dah awal2 prepare the ingredients for Mee Kari from Perak such as chicken meats, all the veges, siap dengan rencah kari babas lagi di bawaknyer dari jauh. Hehehe.. nak perli la tu ma! :). The whole goodies pack thingy, i was packing them my own. Seronok tau! Cute2 la!

Goodies pack.
Inside: mini clampers, blower, noise maker & mask. Outside:Party hat.

The next day, early morning, me and my hubby went to Pasar at Seksyen 6, Shah Alam. Selalunya, kami pegi Hero, Tesco, xpun Jusco nak beli2 barang basah ni. This time sebab nak cari kerang segar punya pasal, sampai jugak kami ke sini. Best!! Cause the veges, the fishes, meat, fruits, all memang fresh!!

After that we went to Seksyen 8 to pick Oman's Birthday cake. I was excited + plus nervous how it would look like. By the time it reached my hands and i opened the box.. Yes!!!Yes!! We love it!!! Though it's the first time for Ana to design a soccer ball cake, but she did it very very well. Perfect!! TQ Hana. :)

Image grabbed from Ana's blog. Butter vanilla(base)+moist chocolate(ball) football cake.
TQ dear for make it real!!! :)

My hubby was the AJK for party's decoration. Hehe. While the ladies were chopping and cooking in the kitchen, Him and my Bangchik turned the hall simply colorful!! yey! Muahs!

It's good when all of us were busy preparing here and there, the prince was sleeping safe and sound. Sonang Achik. Oman woke up at perfect time. 1/2 an hour before the party started.

Wajah-wajah prince charming bangun tido :)

"Ha! elo! Ha!... mana u all??".. hahahaha

At 4.30 pm, guests started to show up. We invited families, relatives and neighbors next door. Kawan-kawan next kay? :)

13.02.10 - The Little Oman!!

After all expecting guests arrived, the event started with simple speech from dadda Oman. Momma oman mmg fail bab-bab ni. So, i was just standing next to him, holding Oman and smiled. hehehe. My hubby thanked everyone for joining the party. Also expressed our loves & thanks to both his and my families for helping us full hands. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless us, segalanya di bawah Redha Ilahi. The speech ended with my abah, Tukbah Oman, recited the doa memohon keberkatan.

Baju putih Tukbah Oman. Baju Oren Gpapa Oman.

Waktu yang dinanti telah tiba, momma brought down the cake with candles "Awww, cried the audience" (drama sket). Hehe. Oman was clapping together when all of us sang the Happy Birthday Song. Hehe, he didn't know how to blow the candles yet so me helping him. During the cake cutting, Oman was bit moody sebab his niat to cut the ala-ala ninja ditentang momma habis-habisan. Mana x nya, he was aimed to demolish the dome. Haha.

Haip!! jangan siapa berani datang dekat!! Hehe..

Then, it's makan time!!!! Many love my mom homemade Mee/Bihun Kari. Hehe, yess.. it's her signature. I hope one day i akan mendapat bakat itu. Aamin. For kids, mama sempat lagi cook prawn fried rice. Desserts we had doughnuts, cupcakes, fruits, sweets and chocs.

The group photo part was so exciting that everyone of us memang pelik2 when it comes to camera. Haha. Sangat banyak to upload in facebook, lemme share some here;

We would like to express our thanks to parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins & neighbors who join us that day. Oman received banyak hadiah. Thanks to all. Also, to handsome boy Imran, Anne and Ikhwan, who came to our house the other night before ,to drop Oman's present. So sweet of you awak!! :)

Not to forget, a BIG thank you to my brother in law, Amri for being the Official Photographer and to my Bangah&Bangchik for being 2nd & 3rd photomen. :) Kelass gitew!!

Right: Adik Amri, Left: Bangchik&Bangah

The party ended with upacara membuka hadiah. Yang adults excited terlebih sebenonyer. Hehe.

Happy Birthday again, Oman!!

p/s: Dadda Oman.. OOoo.. Dadda Oman... Thank you to you too laling. This would not happened if you're not there with me. Muahs!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Happy Birthday Oman!! :)
He turns to a perfect ONE on 10th February 2010, 1.59 pm.

That evening, we had an abstemious dinner at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, The Curve.
Gpapa, Nanny, Aunt Irma, Uncle Afie and Uncle Adik joined the group too.

Why this place was chosen? Oman is so into waffles now. He had his first taste at Waffle World, One Utama a week before. Bukan Oman je suka, momma and dadda dia pun. Not only the waffle texture sangat soft & moist, the taste was extremely yummy also!! :)

So back to the question, Why Theobroma Chocolate Lounge was chosen was because, momma Oman dah terpikat with the temptation looked of "Belgian waffle with ice cream" there. Hihi. Oman must like it too!

Little Man gave his posed before Theobroma time!! :)

While waiting for Sg long's team, our family photos, in the middle of pepohon buluh tipu sempena CNY di the Curve :)

Above were part of the menus we ordered. Lemme rate them 1 to 5 (5 kira paling deliciousla) based on the feedback from the eater. :)

Chicken Pizza(Kidd,Irma):4, Seafood Spaghetti Olio-Olio(Me,Mama):4, Meatball with Oriental Tomato Sauce(Irma, Afie):4, Thai Curry Chicken Pie(Adik):2, Mini Puy Lentil Yam Croquette(Abah):4, Shepherd's Pie(Kidd:Irma):5.

Argh.. too bad i couldn't remember which and what. But overall, Belgian Choc:5!! :)

Waffle cutting ceremony. Malam tu Oman ade chance makan choc & ice cream too. Hehe

Well, the Belgian waffle... hmmm... i prefer waffle world more! I am not saying the taste of Belgian waffle with ice cream not good.. it's delicious!! it's just that the texture of the waffle was less moist. Oman pun muka kerut2 je masa i suap the waffle into his mouth. End up, Oman makan sikit je, and the waffle dilicinkan oleh the adults. Hehe.

Sorry ye little Darling. Nanti kita pegi Waffle World lagi K. Hmmmm... since my son loves waffle so much, i'm thinking of making my own waffle to serve him always. Yesterday when i looked into the store, guess what i found??? Surprise!!!a waffle maker!! Gosh, it was one of our wedding present (back 2006) which masih elok lagi dalam kotak x berbukak. Ya Allah, punyalah x ingat. I guess it's the time!!
Mommas, care to share? :)

Next entry, i will blog about Oman's birthday bash which was held on 13th February 2010. The party was fun! Thank you for all family members and relatives who cheered the day!!! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


2 days ago, i received a call from Jakarta that made me half paralyzed. Someone informed that me & my boss were requested to attend a meeting at Bandung on 11 to 12 Feb 2010. I should depart on 10th and coming back on 13th. Oh No!!!!

10 FEBRUARY 2010??
It's my Little Man's day!! I 'm supposed to be with him, right? Maybe for some people it doesn't matter. No! it does for me!It's gonna be his 1st. Mothers, u all know how is the feeling!

13 FEBRUARY 2010??
It's the day we plan for a family gathering to celebrate his birthday. Takkanla all the preparations i have to let my hub, my parents, my in-laws to handle alone kan? Takkanla...

I did ask my boss, "do we still need to go?"
"Can i excuse this time?.. it's my son Birthday on 10th!". (yang ni i tanya dalam hati)
My boss told me that it's an important meeting. it's a 'Maybe'.

Yesterday, we had a conference call with the other party. 1 of the agenda was to discuss about that meeting. I was berdoa all the way that nasib menyebelahi i. Even my hubby, an hour before the con.call, he texted me; "Good news or bad news?". Gosh! i know he's also hoping that his wife would be by his side, together celebrating our son birthday.

Due to short notification, i was informed that management are unable to secure our internal approval, thus unable us to attend the meeting. As a way forward, it is proposed that the meeting to continue via tele-conference. Phew!! Berkat doaku, doa Kidd, Berkat doa Melin and mr H! :)

So here am i today. On my son's birthday. I am around. Alhamdulillah!! :)

Dear my son, Roman Anaqhi,
Happy 12 months, Happy 1 year old!!

Momma is so happy that we could celebrate it together-gether.

I promise you,
I'll try hard to be the best momma for you to proud of.
I promise you,
I'll improve myself in every aspect, dunia and akhirah, so that you gonna see in front you, the best example to follow.
I promise you,
I'll love your dadda forever (eh tetibe :p)

If momma fails to be the best,
I want u to know that i'll never stop trying.

and one day, If momma's not around you,
whenever you need me so much, remember,
my pray is always there with you, baby.

Love u too much!!

Today's morning. Playing. :)

Happy 1 year old, Oman Chan! :)

p/s: I know one day i have to face it though. Where i was somewhere, not attending him. His first day at school? his 5th birthday? his graduation? ... i leave it all to the Almighty. He knows best.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bilikku gelap. Hanya cahaya dari washroom (wajib bukak sebab saya penakot :p) menemaniku. Hubbyku tidur awal. Oman juga. Masing-masing menghidapi flu. Shian.

Dalam mataku separuh tertutup, jiwaku hampir ke alam lain, tiba-tiba;
"Happy Birthday, Bebi!!!" Pergh.. terpocotlah daku! Tetiba kot. Hehe. Setelah hubby memberi kiss kiss didahi yang seterusnya menjangkitkan selsemanya kepadaku, dia pun tidur semula. Xpela. Aku rela dijangkiti. :p Aku tersenyum. Dalam masa yang sama kagum sebab Kidd tersedar otomatik xyah pakai alarm pon. Tepat 12:00am. Wau!! :p

A few seconds later, tit tot bunyi message hp ku;
"Nuuril, Abah n Mama wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. To cherish the event, we like to invite for a family dinner tonight at Montes Restaurant, BSC @ 8.30PM. To ALL, we welcome n invite everyone to join the dinner. Extended to: Armi/Irma/Afie/Amri/Oman" (12:00 AM). Alhamdulillah, abah mama mertuaku mahu membelanja kami semua. Hoorey!!

Selang beberapa minit,
"Slmat menyambut hari lahir yg ke 29. Smga ankda d kurniakn kbhgiaan dunia dan akhirat. Love you, my dear son in law n my grand son. Slmat mlm drpd ma n abah" (12:08 AM). Yer, memang byk short forms yang direka sendiri oleh meraka, abah and mamaku tercinta. Haha.

Seronoknya, dapat wishes dari orang-orang yang disayang dan menyayangi. Throughout the days, even the day before, and until today, i still receive it from you. Thank you very much all. May all the prays come back to you a thousand-fold. :)

I went to work as always. During break, me, gadis vouge Melin, and Kak Marina yang berbudi bahasa had our lunch at Delicious Midvalley. Yum Yum! When Kak Marina did her transactions at Maybank, me & Melin eyeballing the shoes at C&K. Then i was accidentally fell in love with a pair of wedge which Melin gave her thumb too. Hmm.. but setakat suka jela. I didn't plan to buy it since shoe x masuk dalam to-buy-list for this month. Tiba-tiba, gadis itu bersuara, "U, take it ok. it's my present for u". Lebih kurangla ayat dia. :p I macam terpegun + x caya +terharu.. Owh she insisted pulak tu. Thank you dear melin for the gift!!!! I masih teringat my reaction masa tu. Sorry kalau u termalu dengan i. Hehe.

Bronze Wedges from Melin. Looking perfect for dinner events. What i need to do is picking a clutch bag to match it with. Yey! :)

To add the excitement, macam tau-tau je. I got another C&K from En. suami.

Travel Purse. 2nd from him. TQ hubby. Muahs!! I'm not telling the 1st. :)

I had my dinner with beloved hubby & son, together with my in-laws. Oh yess.. we love Monte's for it's superbly delicious steak & pasta, diely yummy cheesy cafegot, total garlic bread, and much more. Oh, nasi goreng pun sodap!! :)

Left was mine, right was hubby's. (Nama lupa pulak). Sedap!!

Three of us :)

Blow and cut together-gether.

Encik ni excited pulak nak cut banyak kali.

Love Dadda. Love Oman. :)

Love all!

Sebelom balik ngamuks nak tgk 'pish' :)

We had a total fun that night. TQ sangat kat Abah.

ps: I wish my abah mama & adik2 were there too. Huhu. Apakan daya. They're far. Xpela, nanti Kak Yung balik nanti, kay. :)


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