Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Never in my life, i would ever imagine myself would travel to the other side of the world, lived and explored such far far away country named Mexico.

So when i was assigned to work at Guadalajara in year 2006, in fact it could be considered my first time traveling  overseas in my whole life, I felt so excited.. plus syahdu-nanti-rindu-family-and-boyfriend.... haha.
Mix of feelings here and there.

I spent 5 weeks over there with such damn great memories traveling across Amsterdam, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Poerto Vallarta. Mr Camera was my best friend.Those priceless memories i kept it in a hard disk so that i could view them whenever i miss Mexico.

However, last 3 years, I was so shocked when the hard disk that i used to kept all those photo found corrupted.  I tried many ways to recovers all the photos but they never work.

Super duper sad, man.

Until last 2 months, i tried to contact a friend who was traveling with me and asked her if she still kept all our photos in Mexico... she answered YES. awwwwwwww!!!!

But.... she stays in Canada now. Hmmm

After few arrangements, i received this parcel 3 days ago...

 *Star jump!!! Hip Hip Hoorey!!!!!

From left: Hai Ling, Me and Miss X. Found her in a place called Tlaquepaque. :)

I think I'll write few entries about my first overseas trip to Mexico in my next next entry. Can aa? 



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Since Oman was born, we love to dress him up. 
Not all the time, but at least for every outing or function we go, we want him to look smart and matched. 
Nahhhh... i think most parents do the same too. :)

Oman was never complaint or demand anything on his tops/pants to wear until he could pronounce 'jin'. 
Omaigash. We called it 'Jin season'.

He wanted only jeans to be worn day and night. Even during sleeping.
Further to that, he wanted only long jeans.
That time, i saw all his shorts jeans  and other pants including his pajamas looking very sad. (just imagine, please! :P)
I never feel comfortable sleeping in jeans but this boy.. gosh.. even if he was in a very deep sleep in jeans, he would then opened his eyes when i tired to change his jeans to his sleepwear. 

This 'Jin season' last for about 2 months. 

Then when his age about approaching 2 years old, we adventured another season with our little boy. We called it 'Hosh season'. 

'Hosh' refers to lambang horse for RL.  We started to slowly collect RL kids shirt/t-shirt for Oman since he still a baby. We found them very charm. But adorable not means you've got to wear it everyday, right? haha. Pengsanlah momma and dadda. I tried to tell Oman that those Baju Hosh are dedicated for special events or outing. That little boy just don't care, siang malam nak pakai Baju Hosh jugak. Ayayayaiiiiiiiiiii...... 

Anyway, slowly two months after that, he was no longer continued that insistence. Phew :). 

Those Jeans and Baju Hosh seasons really gave a balance of headache and big smile to us as the parents. :) On Oman 2nd Birthday dinner with my hubby's family, we decided that the theme to be Hosh and jeans, to cherish the second year of Oman. 

Na Aa Aa. It wouldn't stop there.The third season was 'Red and Green', but it's just for few days.
I still remember Oman requested to wear Manchester United jersey with his seluar tido.. sebab that seluar tido is green in color. Miaahahaha. That week, every time i came back to work mesti tergezut sebab memang kalau tak baju merah, seluar hijau...... then baju hijau, seluar merah. :p Meriah u ols! :)

About a month ago, after we spent a weekend in Hard Rock Cafe in Penang, Oman had developed the forth season which was "Baju Horok Season". Asyik-asyik Baju tu jer. 
I laughed out loud when Bibik told me; "Belum sempat kering lagi buk, ya Oman udah mau pakei. Kadang itu, Oman nya diri terus di tepi mesin nunggu bajunya siap di basuh". 
Hahaha. I told bibik, I'd talk to Oman but at the same time she didn't have to worry because it's only seasonal. Yang penting Bibik kene rajin basuh baju :p

True enough. Those seasons are only seasonal. I am not very sure what's next but i am just ready to experience it. :)

Every year of our kids development, there must be at least one thing that will make us remember, tickling our heart, put a big smile on our face, .......just definitely like what I feel and do while looking at these photos of Oman for his past 3 years;

That shoes perfect for him :p

Collar T-Shirt, Seluar tido and socks. Noice! :)

My seksi Ustaz :)
T-shirt, Seluar Baju Melayu & look at his Crocs!!! haha :)

Pakai kopiah TukBah
Dun take my jeans from me .......
Kene tutup Aurat ye.. :)

Anyway, kids are always adorable right? no matter what they wear, what they do, they are always the cutest human being on earth.

I love you, son.


Sunday, June 10, 2012



Yeay! I am so happy that I am finally have this space to write something here after .. emm.. a month!

I have quite a number of stories to share but struggling now to decide which one to start with. :)

Maybe i can start with the latest.

Anybody looking to buy 'preloved' dining table? :) you might want to consider this one;

   (without the table clothing and orchid :))

As you can see in the photo, this table can accommodate 6 persons. It's squarish with a little round at the corners. The table color is black as well as the legs of the chairs. The chair's cushion the color is milo brownish as in the photo above.

Well, I am also calling for the person who's looking for a unique and solid Preused Sofa Set. Some who loves white and black timber more than anything else. :)

No it's not that they're not good anymore, in fact it had been serving us perfectly for the past few years. We were few times in dilemma wether to let them go or not.

Anyway, the main reason is that some spaces in our crib will undergo a little bit of renovation, so there will be some changes of concept in the master plan, including these two.

Interested? First come first served tau.
For further inquiries, drop me or my hubby's e-mails k.

Sounds not like a story ker?? Hahaha.

Okayla, this next one it should be. :)

My parents in law is currently performing umrah. Alhamdulillah. Last Saturday, siblings, uncles, aunties and cousins sent them at the airport.

still want to dukung this 3 years old boy :)

 My mama, abah and BangChik were there too.
Baguih depa ni :)

The cutest Jiba and my abah :)

Ini bukan playground, plis! :)

Nanny (my mil) and her beautiful grandchildren :)

And next to her is her first menantu. Ahem :)

Sessi berdoa. Pray for all the safety & Umrah yang sempurna.

After the emotional session (salam-salam minta ampun dan maaf), abah and mama pun ready to leave us. Mama was the one who first going down the escalator after her passport had been verified.

Nak dijadikan cerita, i think Oman didn't aware that we would only send nanny up to that point only, so he walked quickly passing the Abang polis check passport there, to follow Nanny. I didn't manage to catch him. The officer who realized that thing immediately hold him from the back and carry him back to where we at. I know Oman would be so scared and meronta-meronta cause he never let any stranger to hold him. He cried out loud. Semua orang tengok. If orang tak tau cerita, mesti nampak macam Oman kena tangkap. Sian my Oman nak follow Nanny tak dapat.

Nangis sungguh-sungguh.Shian dia.

During the absence of the parents, we're currently residing in their house. Hubby's taking the role of the ketua rumah and family. We are very good. Abah and mama should not have to worry anything at all. :)

With the God will, they will return back home by this coming Tuesday. Amin.

p/s: Yes mom, Armi still quarrel with Irma, everyday. :p

til the next entry... :)



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