Sunday, June 10, 2012



Yeay! I am so happy that I am finally have this space to write something here after .. emm.. a month!

I have quite a number of stories to share but struggling now to decide which one to start with. :)

Maybe i can start with the latest.

Anybody looking to buy 'preloved' dining table? :) you might want to consider this one;

   (without the table clothing and orchid :))

As you can see in the photo, this table can accommodate 6 persons. It's squarish with a little round at the corners. The table color is black as well as the legs of the chairs. The chair's cushion the color is milo brownish as in the photo above.

Well, I am also calling for the person who's looking for a unique and solid Preused Sofa Set. Some who loves white and black timber more than anything else. :)

No it's not that they're not good anymore, in fact it had been serving us perfectly for the past few years. We were few times in dilemma wether to let them go or not.

Anyway, the main reason is that some spaces in our crib will undergo a little bit of renovation, so there will be some changes of concept in the master plan, including these two.

Interested? First come first served tau.
For further inquiries, drop me or my hubby's e-mails k.

Sounds not like a story ker?? Hahaha.

Okayla, this next one it should be. :)

My parents in law is currently performing umrah. Alhamdulillah. Last Saturday, siblings, uncles, aunties and cousins sent them at the airport.

still want to dukung this 3 years old boy :)

 My mama, abah and BangChik were there too.
Baguih depa ni :)

The cutest Jiba and my abah :)

Ini bukan playground, plis! :)

Nanny (my mil) and her beautiful grandchildren :)

And next to her is her first menantu. Ahem :)

Sessi berdoa. Pray for all the safety & Umrah yang sempurna.

After the emotional session (salam-salam minta ampun dan maaf), abah and mama pun ready to leave us. Mama was the one who first going down the escalator after her passport had been verified.

Nak dijadikan cerita, i think Oman didn't aware that we would only send nanny up to that point only, so he walked quickly passing the Abang polis check passport there, to follow Nanny. I didn't manage to catch him. The officer who realized that thing immediately hold him from the back and carry him back to where we at. I know Oman would be so scared and meronta-meronta cause he never let any stranger to hold him. He cried out loud. Semua orang tengok. If orang tak tau cerita, mesti nampak macam Oman kena tangkap. Sian my Oman nak follow Nanny tak dapat.

Nangis sungguh-sungguh.Shian dia.

During the absence of the parents, we're currently residing in their house. Hubby's taking the role of the ketua rumah and family. We are very good. Abah and mama should not have to worry anything at all. :)

With the God will, they will return back home by this coming Tuesday. Amin.

p/s: Yes mom, Armi still quarrel with Irma, everyday. :p

til the next entry... :)



  1. Wah wah wah..can't wait for the house makeover result...makin indahlah istana dkayangan nih!!
    Btw,the ps is so funny..xblh imagine camne adik2 brade tuh quarrel..mesti jiba tolong redakan...heheh

  2. Yeah.. Can't wait for the renovation too. Nnt boleh buat gathering lagi!! I need your nescafe recipe! haha..

  3. Nurill, kak leen will inform my SIL, she's getting married & moving to new house. Mereka berdua baru keje, so mmg nak cari pre-loved /pre-used home item. To your PIL, semoha selamat pergi & pulang...amin...

  4. sian oman... mesti suasana sangat drama ketika itu...

  5. Awakku Anne:
    saya hanya mampu gelak je tgk diorang quarrel. xleh sokong mana-mana :p

    Renovate sikit je wak rumah tu. Nak tukar the total design x mampu. hihi :)

  6. Shaza dear, i miss being the host too. And my coffee fan :p hihihi. Resepi apanya dear. Cawan + indo cafe + gula + sudu. hihihi

  7. K. Leen: ok Kak Leen. Anything Boleh email saya k :)

    Fidza: Sangat!! nuurill awal2 lg dah sentimental. tgk oman camtu alahaiiiii..

  8. wah wah, makin besar n indahla rumah you yg dah sedia besar n cun tu kan. cant wait to see the outcome. do share! :)

    dah slamat pegi n balik kat ur in laws. my turn to send my in laws pulak in few months time, insyaallah. diaorg akan pegi haji tahun ni, insyaAllah.. :)

  9. Hi,
    Saya tengah cari baju melayu budak preloved...if you decided to let go your boy baju melayu do email me at:

  10. cantiklah set meja makan dan set sofa u.specially set makan..boleh byr bapa kali ? hehehe

    alhamdulillah pray for ur in law happiness n safety while performing umrah :)

  11. bestnye mesti nak deco rumah pasni..i loikee... hehe.

  12. Nadine:
    Rumah we all biasa-biasa je Nadine. Design biasa, besar tak besar sangat. But hopefully after this mini reno, we can cantikkan certain area. Amin. :)

    Owh your in laws going for haj ya? Alhamdulillah. Ikutkan dah x lama dah.

  13. nuruladzura,
    I have replied your e-mail dear. Nanti balik dari bandung, i roger you k :)

    Hihihi.. Bayar boleh banyak kali, tapi the first one is 100%. Boleh ka macam itu? hahahaha.

    Thanks dear.

  14. Ninie:
    The truth is..we all pun berdebar-debar on the outcome nanti. :) hihihi



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