Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Never in my life, i would ever imagine myself would travel to the other side of the world, lived and explored such far far away country named Mexico.

So when i was assigned to work at Guadalajara in year 2006, in fact it could be considered my first time traveling  overseas in my whole life, I felt so excited.. plus syahdu-nanti-rindu-family-and-boyfriend.... haha.
Mix of feelings here and there.

I spent 5 weeks over there with such damn great memories traveling across Amsterdam, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Poerto Vallarta. Mr Camera was my best friend.Those priceless memories i kept it in a hard disk so that i could view them whenever i miss Mexico.

However, last 3 years, I was so shocked when the hard disk that i used to kept all those photo found corrupted.  I tried many ways to recovers all the photos but they never work.

Super duper sad, man.

Until last 2 months, i tried to contact a friend who was traveling with me and asked her if she still kept all our photos in Mexico... she answered YES. awwwwwwww!!!!

But.... she stays in Canada now. Hmmm

After few arrangements, i received this parcel 3 days ago...

 *Star jump!!! Hip Hip Hoorey!!!!!

From left: Hai Ling, Me and Miss X. Found her in a place called Tlaquepaque. :)

I think I'll write few entries about my first overseas trip to Mexico in my next next entry. Can aa? 




  1. Can! Love to hear abt Mexico! Tak dpt pegi pon takpe, tgk gmbr dan dgr cerita Nuuril pon jadilah. Hehehe.

  2. Nasib baik ur friend ada simpan kan. Rezeki u, babe! mmg frust kalau takde back up kn.

    Do share! would love to know more abt Mexico :)

  3. i be waiting to read about mexico and other names yg susah nak sebut tu. hehe.

  4. Hi Miss So-kurus-back-then! ;p

  5. Izu & Nadine:
    TQ love for all the supports! hihi. Insya Allah I will tulis sikit-sikit nanti. Boleh recall balik memori lama. Memang syiok! :)

  6. Ahsuez:
    Wait til i revealed more photos. I couldn't believe it myself!! haha :)

  7. Che' Dee:
    Ahahaha. Memang susah sikit nak sebut nama-nama tempat kat sana. Sebutan pun ada yg bukan ikut huruf such as j jadi h. ll jadi y. Oh mai! :)



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