Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear beloved readers esp to all shopaholic shoeholic.
 I am very pleased to share with all of you this good news from the owner of  Nelissa Hilman Shoes;

Nelissa Hilman will participating at INTRADE Malaysia 2012 trade fair fron 27 to 29 November 2012 at MATRADE Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

We will be showcasing pieces from our Holiday 2012 collection. Come get your feet measured for your very own made-to-order Nelissa Hilman shoes.

Join us for our one day sample sale on Thursday, 29 November 2012 with discounts up to 20% to 40% off regular prices.
We are happy to schedule an appointment for you during the event. Just give us a call at +6012 675 7957 or email to

Details of INTRADE 2012 are as follows:

Booth: #5057
Date: 27 to 29 November 2012
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: MATRADE Hall, Level 3, Menara Matrade, off Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur

Admission is FREE.

We are anxious to help you find your dream shoe and look forward to seeing you soon!

Nelissa Hilman
Creative Director


For those who missed my previous entry about this young shoemaker, you my refer here;


 Nelissa Hilman's 'LDV' and 'Peggy' of mine. 
Loving them so much!!

So dearies, go go check her shoes out!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#sketch #byRomanAnaqhi

My 3 years and 9 months old Little Kidd, Oman, is currently having an ultimate passion in sketching/drawing.

We bought a rim of A4 paper for the printer at home but end up Oman took it all to draw. :)

What's cute abut this Little Kidd, is that we think that he have BALANCE talent from his Dadda and Momma. Of course the drawing part he got from his Dadda, and what he got from his Momma is the "pot-pot" (read: clumsiness) . =D Every time he wanted to draw, he would forget where did he last keep the pencil/pen he  used before that. He would then chase each and everyone at home to look for his stuff, especially to momma, until it is being delivered to his hand. 

Dah la Cari sendiri tak mau. Kekwat sangat!!   (kekwat tak tau ikut sapa :P)

What ever he draws is precious to us, even he draws a worm :p thus, we do keep each and every of his artwork. I plan to frame some of them, and bound the rest to be his milestone booklet. To those who follow me on Instagram (@mommaholicSuri) you might know that I do captured and uploaded some of his latest drawing, hashtag #sketch #byRomanAnaqhi. 

When i got back from Muscat, Oman excitedly showed me some of his artwork during my one week absence. Wow!

His version of human. The most left is jumping high :)

Front View of either a lorry or a bus

Never forget to draw Volkswagon Combi. Front View. His most favorite of all time :)

Another Combi :)

A bus.
A Milo Van :)
Hard Rock Guitar.
More and more front view of a Combi
How he visualised a Coconut Three. (Among my favourite :))
Front View of Pn. Nabira (Plat No. ikut suka hati. haha)
Front view of Suzuki Swift

Our house :)

And as a trade to the Oman Air mini-Aircraft i bought for him as a present, Oman quickly get a paper, a pen and draw this;

Good Job, dear. Can you see his drawing?
Let me re-post it;

Tadaaa.. :)

Since that Oman has came out with few more Aeroplane drawings. 

I think he imagined how the plane looks like before departure with stairs and all :)

Macam Jet pejuang pun ada. hihi

EEFFGGGH Aeroplane. :)

He drew this after he learned how to spell ABU. :P

My husband and I are not able to predict until when Oman will pursue this passion but DEFINITELY we will keep encouraging and supporting him :)
We love art too! 

Saaaaaayang, Oman! :)

Till then, daaaaaaaa. :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Al-Bustan. That was the place we had our dinner last Sunday's evening.

Super breathtaking! :)
Photo Courtesy of Google

We reached there quite dark so i didn't manage to capture all those life magnificent view of Al-Bustan with my camera..  :p.

The most not-blur photo captured that night out of others. Imagine the rest. haha.

I am definitely would love to come to Muscat again, and witness those beautiful beach and mountain  and definitely get my own focused photo. :)

If there is next time in Muscat, I would really love to explore more of its famous market, The Muttrah Souq.
Muttrah Souq
Omani at Souq
Because of tight schedule, we only manage to visit this market for half an hour slot. Jangan tidak ye dok?

Souvenirs, silvers, textiles (those that i had discovered and I believe many more could be found there) that represent Omani culture. Kindly prepare some Omani Riyal and bargaining skill. :)

The same evening,  our amazing host brought us to visit Al-Alam Palace too.

They told me that these 2 palaces, Al-Alam and Al-Bustan are where official ceremonies like the Coronation of  The Sultan is held.

Syukur. We had a great dinner that evening, we also covered 3 must visit places in Muscat,  courtesy of the host. Thank you so much!

Well. I'm gonna get to pack my luggage now. Yes, I'm coming home ..coming home.. tell the world I'm coming... home :)

So, its a farewell to Muscat, Oman. A beautiful, clean, organize, developing country. The citizens here are nice too. Thank you to the host for your kind hospitality. :)

Till then, i see youall later k.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Salam and a very good Good Morning.

It's 7.30 am now  (4 hours behind Malaysia) and my third day here on my son's land, Oman =D  for another working assignment. Just whatsapp the boys in Malaysia and they're having a good Sunday breakfast. Aww! :)

Look at that!! Subhanallah. I snap this just before the aircraft arrived Seeb International Airport
Merasa jugak Momma naik kapal terbang kamu, nak. :)

Part of Seeb Airport

Owh what a nice blue sky

Community advice. :)

In Oman, Saturday and Sunday are not weekend. Weekend falls on Thursday and Friday. Thus, momma gonna have to work today, bebeh. :)

It is foreseen that I'll not be having much time to visit this country. Remember i was sent here for working? That's the main responsibility right. :) (Today's Subh prayer, I prayed that Mr Chairman will end one of the meeting day at 5.30pm sharp, so that we can go to the Souq. hihi).

Anyway, there's a hypermarket nearby the hotel known as Lulu where Kak Marina and I had spent a visit on the first day here. Tempat ni ala-ala giant / tesco kat Malaysia. A friend of mine who lives in Dubai (Hi Ana Zainuddin!! :) ) , told me that Lulu is a place for Asian. No wonder i saw so many Filipinos, Indian, Indonesian shop the groceries in there. And No wonder i saw Indo Mee and Ayam Brand Sardin!. :).

Apple Fuji , about ~RM4.50 per kilogram

My traveling partner. Kak Marina Comel!! :)

Mineral Water, Plums and Cadbury Roses

Add caption

Tentatively, there will be Welcome Dinner tonight but it all depends on the progress of the meeting. If time permits we gonna have it at a very beautiful & special place in Muscat!!! I can't tell you now until it happens.

alalala banjerrr :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012




I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world I'm coming home. Yeay!! :) Insya Allah, by 5.30pm today, i'll be landing KLIA. Tak sabarnya nak jumpa Encik Oman... and his Dadda.. Eh :P

Last night we had video call via facetime. After few common conversations like "Oman buat apa tu?", "Oman makan apa?", "Mama kat mana? (hari-hari soalan sama. haha)" , i was then told him this;

"Oman, momma ada something  tau untuk Oman".

I showed him i bought a van that look like a combi (kan his favourite) with a controller. Punyala dia excited!and this boy couldn't stop to be so sweet to his momma...

"Momma, Oman pun ade sangting (i repeat, 'sangting' ok) untuk momma".

Cute ok dia sebut something jadi sangting. Gaya Ganu pung ado mu nih. hahahaha.

Then he started to look around the room to find any 'sangting' to show to me. Banyak ok. He started with a lego airplane Nenni bought to him few days ago, then he showed his ultraman coloring paper..

and his Dadda couldn't stop to tease him in between. Noti tau! Dadda cover the ipads camera by his finger and then dadda shouted "bye mama". You should hear how Oman scold his dadda that time. hahahaha. mumbling mumbling dengan husky voice dia tuh. Lagi la Dadda suka usik Oman oiii. :)

Tak lama lepas tu, almost all his toys he showed to me.. yang dah takde roda, yang dah broken... ZzzZZZZZzzzzzz.. :P

"momma, Oman tak habis lagi la tunjuk 'sangting' kat momma".

hahahahahah. Haih napa la comel sangat! :)

Siapla Oman i gomol-gomol balik nanti.
Let's pray for everyone's safety. Amin.

Before i  sign-out, just to record some photos of  the past 6 days in Bangkok;

Arriving The Hotel

Klong San market

Deluxe Room in Millennium Hilton Hotel, Bangkok
Chao Praya view from my window
Flow Restaurant at Hilton

Chao Praya River City

Ada jaws :)

 Outfit & working

1'st day
2nd Day
with Nurul (M'sia) and On (Thailand)

Meeting lightings. wow!
3rd Day
Off day

5th Day  (Tudung tu dah berlobang sebenarnya kene iron. Hakak belit kot lain. T_T)

Last day outfit

Last Day Meeting. Both ladies beside me are the admin of the host. Comel!!! :)

 Ok dearies, time to pack. See you in KL.
Insya Allah



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