Monday, November 23, 2009


When Oman x berapa sihat. He is double baik. Oman bukan type yang meragam.

We'll know it well when;

- Muka di stone aje. Muka lemah.
- There is no 'perang saudara' when i changed his diaper or pakaikan baju. Oman akan lay on bed baik-baik. Kalau x, sorrylah. :P
- He is less active. Selalu tu, asal boleh je nak berdiri, asal boleh je nak crawl le tour the house. But, when he is sick, he is preferred to be hold. He would not even have attempted to stand.
- He doesn't want formula. Only momma's milk.
- His sleeping frequencies are more than the other days.
- Sleeping on my arm is a MUST

Friday evening, Oman had the temperature up and down.
38.4 degrees Celsius it started. He vomited as well. Kesian sangat.
I gave him PCM. After a deep sleep, his temp downed to 37.6 degrees.

The next day when we were on the way to Sungai Long to meet our parents & relatives,
i could feel the heat from Oman's body. Bahang.
Mr Digital Thermo told us that Oman was at 38.6 degrees. Aiyo naik balik.
Dadda made a stop at the nearest pharmacy right away.
He's back with this;

KOOLFEVER by Kobayashi

We saw a friend put this to her daughter's forehead when she became feverish. We tried it on Oman. Oman redha je benda tu ditepek kat dahi dia. hehe.

Menjelang malam, x banyak perubahan dekat Oman.When i gave him his dinner, he vomited again. Kesian sangat. Few aunties who were the guests that night advised me to do tepid sponge to Oman.

Not only that, Aunty Norm took a small towel, wet it and wrapped Oman's body. My boy was cutely shivering. Seriously, he obeyed jer.

After half an hour, i measured his temp again. Alhamdulillah, it's 37.6 degrees. Oman was looking better. I put him to sleep.

This morning, Oman's still dedar-dedar. My mom and mil told me that maybe Oman nak tumbuh gigi kot. Memang i heard that baby kalau nak tumbuh gigi boleh sampai demam. Yeke kawan-kawan? I check his gusi pagi tadi xde pun lagi. hehehe..

It is just that what's worrying me his appetite now. Makan kurang, susu formula pun xmo, susu momma je mau... huhu.

To Oman, get well soon Little Man. Oman baru je nak naik berat. Dah demam pulak. Huhu.

X lalu la momma...

ZzzzZzzzzz after I gave him PCM

The Little Man of Dadda and Momma :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


December is coming.
School holiday!!!
Lotsa events.
All weekends have been reserved.

We are waiting for the arrival,
of the new family members.
My Bangah will be getting married (18th December), and
my Irma is going to be someone's fiancee (12th December).

Bangah dengan abang iparnya

Irma dengan kakak iparnya

Double yeay!!
Semoga bahagia selamanya. Aamin :)

Uhuk Uhuk. I sangat sipi-sipi couldn't attend both.
Flight to Sydney on 12th, and coming back on 19th.
Nak kene sembelih??????

Alhamdulillah, I've been considered to attend only UWG. Cik Shah baik tau :)
(atas permintaan kawan kesayanganku, UWG tu - Upgrade Working Group :))
and TQ so much to En. Din for replacing me to attend UPG.
(atas permintaan kawan kesayanganku, UPG tu - Upgrade Procurement Group :))

It's gonna be less than 24 hours after Irma's day, i'll depart,
and less than 24 hours before Bangah's day, i'll touch down tanah air,
that i'm not gonna miss the chance to attend their days and meet Orangs Baru in my family. Syukur!! :)

eh eh.. ni ape kes bawah ni???

Sabar jela dengan Little Man ni tau. For both events, 2 baju Melayu Oman telah ditempah at Vincent Tailor. TQ Gpapa. Oman, Oman... Dadda pun 1st time tempah kat tailor mcm ni masa umor 20++ tahun tau!!! Vincent pun terkejut dapat customer paling muda sepanjang almost 30 years in his industry. Ish Ish.

Sekali sekala leh la kan. That baju pun ntah berapa bulan je Oman leh pakai. No no no!.. we're not going to spoil you bebeh. :)

To Bangah and Irma, advance congrats from Kak yung@K.Nuurill, A.ami & Oman Chan. Love you both so much!!! To orangs baru, welcome to our family :)

p/s: yer... memang sedih.. leaving my boys again.. tapi untuk this happy entry.. i'll tunda my sedih entry to the next one. Huhu

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OMG... Sorry peeps!!!!!
i've been very occupied lately. VERY THE!!!!
Konon-konon i would update my blog masa kat penang.. ghopenyer, kat penanglah i jadi org paling busy dalam dunia. Hihi.

Right now, i'm in Cyberjaya performing site survey (senyum). Kenapa senyum?? cause boleh ngelat sikit buat keje. Hihihi.. Upss! Mr H and Melin, sila buat-buat x baca ok . :)

I did mention before that i'm gonna share with you my experience travelling with Oman kan?.
OK, Let's do it now.. bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)

When i knew that we're going for a holiday in Bandung, i was pretty worried.
ok ke Oman travel? ape nak bawak ni? macam -macam...

So, with the help from BabyCenter of course, i made some earliest preparation.
There were first few things that i checked and confirmed.

1) Seat arrangement on the plane.
Most of the airlines, they do provide the bassinet on the plane. So during tickets reservation, you have to mention them that you're carrying an infant with you. You can secure the seat which is opposite the bassinet.
However, some airlines (domestic flight/low cost airlines) x provide. Like I went to Bandung with Air Asia, Oman was sit on my lap. Though Air Asia is operating free sitting basis, we paid extra to buy the seat that we preferred. Pegi dan balik. Main concerned was to breastfeed him, so both of us need the comfortableness of our bonding even 'on air' :)

2) The stay
Where you gonna stay ? Hotel? Condotel? Resort? Motel? Hostel? No matter where it is, it's good to properly plan. Actually, to survey if there, providing stove or not? Yeah.. nak masak untuk anak terunaku. :)
But what happened to me, I wasn't check this out, without asking, i assumed all hotel mmg takkan sediakan stove in their rooms. So, i brought along a small rice cooker. I was wrong. Aston's Condotel furnished their suits with complete kitchenette. Naahhhhhsss.. kan dah rugi space dalam baggage untuk sumbat hasil pershoppingan. :p
(Oh.. to be continued...)

(Hello again. 12 Nov 2009)
3) The Baby Mobility
Few weeks before we went to Bandung, i was browsing here and there, researching about lightweight stroller. Stroller Oman mmg dah ade. Tapi yang tu berat and besar. Airlines confirm x bagi hand-carry. Few friends recommended these;

Triumph by Mclaren

Zapp by Quinny

Memang menggiurkan. But then, due to time constrain, and we still couldn't decide which one, finally we bought XXX (bukan model sebenar ;p) Lightweight Stroller from a friend. It was a gift from his friend and he's not using it. Kami pun grabbed. Hihi, the second day at Bandung, 2 screws were loosen. Luckily Oman wasn't ride it that time. Mujurla ada Pak Apip tolong tightenkan all the screws. Fuuhh (moral of the story, belilah barangan yang diyakini kekukuhannya ye. :P)

Selain stroller, we did bring along Oman's carrier. Hihi.. Oman bukan boleh duduk dalam stroller lama-lama. Lama sikit, dia boring. So, the 'carrier' is the savior. :) But.... bukan sepenuhnya :P, if dengan carrier pun dia sula boring ho, maka dadda dengan gagahnyerla pulak yang carried him.

4) Medication
Yes!!!! PCM, ubat batuk/selsema, vicks, mosquitoes bum. All those. Very important tau.


Ok. Done with those 4s. Yang selebihnya, i prepared & packed mmg last minute!!! Again, i got the help from Babycenter. :). Mommies, check the link out k!! :)


Well, i'm adding below some more tips;


-Pack some of veges, fruits, rice (Takut-takut kat sana susah nak cari)
-Bring warmer bag to keep the food warm
-knife (hotel biasa x provide yer)

- Weather check - raining, cold
- If 1 day trip - bring extra clothes/pants
- Sunny - simple clothing
- long sleeves/pants for night trip
- Bips
- Diapers

Extra Remarks
- Change your baby diaper before boarding
- During Take Off and landing - bfeed your baby, make him sleep. Alternatively, give your baby pacifier or lollipop.
-Baby products such as baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food in liquid, gel or paste form and wet wipes boleh dibawa bersama di atas plane.
-For more information regarding restriction on carriage of liquids on flight, kindly visit here

Not really needed
Baby cot and bath tub - x cukup tangan nak bawak. hihi. During our trip, oman slept between us on the bed. Mandi pulak dalam sink je. He enjoyed it so much! :)


Well, semoga tips2 di atas dapat sedikit sebanyak membantu and membuat preparation travelling with the baby.

Mommies, I'm very sorry if the contents are not comprehensive enough. If anything you feel like asking, i'll give my to answer k, through my experience. hehe.

Ok. Oman dah bangun. Nak play-play with him. Daaaaaaa
(11.21 pm)

Sunday, November 1, 2009



I really want to update my blog, sharing with you my experience traveling with Oman,
But this whole week, i've been very busy with couple of things.

Tonight, i'm flying to Penang. Another 5 days meeting trip. This whole working days after Beijing, i was here and there (dalam officela tapi :p) for the arrangement and preparation.

So, when i got back home, of course i fully utilized my time with my two men. X sampai seminggu, i have to leave them again. Sedih.

Oh. Nanti kat Penang, i update pasal travelling tu ek.

Encik Oman, since i left him to Beijing last week, he's having frequent and watery bowel movements. We did change his formula to Step 2. It could be due to that. To add kerisauanku, Oman dah start batuk-batuk since 2 days ago.

We brought him to see the his paed yesterday. He gained only 200 g since last month. He's now 7.9kg. Tinggi memang tinggi, he's 75cm tall. Oman is underweight to compare with his height. Ok now momma risau!! Diarrhea's one of the reason. Dr. Mardziah's advising us to top-up the frequency of giving him solids. Perhaps he can reach 9kg ideal weight. Uhuk Uhuk. Oh, and Oman got his pneumococcal immunization too.

Mommies, ade resipi2 hebat for 8 months babies?

I don't want to switch his Formula since he's doing well with it. Lagipun Oman is half formula half breastfeed baby. We're going to give him back his Step 1 and slowly introduce Step 2 to him. Or maybe no need Step 2 (since Step 1 and Step 2 from 0 - 12 months).

Okie dokie, game MU pun dah nak habis. 2-0 tu :D. Oman pulak dah lama lena diulit mimpi. Penangan Promethazine gak kot. Encik suami dah mamai-mamai. :P

Little Man with his Caterpillar Piano.

Have a good weekend everyone!!


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