Wednesday, April 29, 2009


*****Visual kurang jelas. Harap Maaf*****

It was happened this morning. After 1 hour napped, Oman's started to play with all his friends. As usual he used his leg to kick and kick them. Hehe..Tiba-tiba..Encik Giraffe telah jatuh on him.

Hehe.. mata oman sungguhla terbeliaknya sebaik sahaja Mr G jatuh on him. Memang nak tegelak sangat tgk muka dia masa tu. Nampak sungguh takotnya dia. Dia x pandang langsung Mr G tu. Tapi yang pasti, he tried so hard to move Mr G away from him.

Akan tetapi usahanya gagal. Momma teruk sungguh x tolong Oman. Dan akhirnya... Oman pun...

Momma dah x sampai hati dah lepas tu :)
Oman, Oman, punyalah CUTE Mr G tu... takot pulak dia..hehehe

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The first time I listened to this song, i was in Guadalajara, Mexico back in 2007. I really love it.
I should dedicate this to a person, who is perfect as 'YOU' as in the lyrics. To dadda Oman, this song is for you.

Tetiba rasa nak meLEMBIK la pulak kali ni..kekekeke

WITH YOU by Deep9

Just as bright as daylight
Watch your face smile when we said hello
Like a blanket so comfortable
Conversation just flow

When you open my heart
Share with you the things i would never tell
You discovered a little girl in me
And you made me believe myself

With you all is possible
With you love is so natural
With you i can breathe
And its easy to be when you are near

Its not easy to explain
I am sure that love end in lifetimes
Were connected so deeply and so rare
Dont denying souls are entwined

With you all is possible
With you love is so natural
With you i can breathe
Its easy to be when you are free

Loving you gives me the strength
To handle anything
I see being with you is my destiny

With you all is possible
With you love is so natural
With you now i can breathe
Its easy to be if you are near

Saturday, April 25, 2009

UP, UP, and AWAY

I am in the middle of my 2 boyfriends now :D.
On my left, BIG man's sleeping soundly and on my right, Little man's just got back to sleep again in his cot after milk-milk time. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Love them!!

I am not yet sleepy. Siang nanti kalau mengantuk padan muke i. :p
We are actually in my in laws house. Everyone's here. Mama, abah, irma, adik and us.

But soon, at 4.30 am, my hubby and his bro, adik will make a move to Batu Pahat. Photography jobs for solemnization and reception events to catch there. Congrats to Zen and his soon wife-to-be, Nur Ilyana (aik, sama namala pulak :)). And to Kidd and adik, have a safe journey pegi & balik, and shot fantastic pics ok. 7.00am pulak, my MIL who is a teacher has to go to school. Not sure what's ocassion the school organised on Saturday. Then my FIL will checkout for his weekend routine, golfing. Irma also will not be at home as she works on Saturday.
SIGH..... me and Oman will jadi penunggu rumah until late evening when everyone's back. :)

So, i'm thinking of what's new activity to introduce to Oman. He is now 2 months old, week 3. He is getting more and more excited to learn about the world now. Thanks to my fav consultant, BabyCenter for the idea. Me and Oman are going to play Up, Up and Away.

"As your baby gains control over his body, he loves games that involve "flying" through the air. Guide him through new maneuvers (and give yourself a workout) with this dynamic ground-crew exercise.

Skills developed: gross motor
What you'll need: no equipment necessary

Start by sitting up with your knees bent, positioning your baby with his tummy against your shins. Then, holding him steady, lie back on the floor, simultaneously raising your legs slightly into the air. Your shins, with your baby lying comfortably atop them, should be parallel to the floor. If you can spare the breath, say, "Airplane up, up, and away" as your little one rises into the air. Depending on your level of fitness, you can zoom him around by moving your legs forward and back and side to side before bringing him in for a landing."

I still remember that I used to play this with my abah when i was kid. Budak-budak memang suka. Oman baru 2 bulan...xtaula dia suka ke idak..hehehehe. Hopefully he will enjoy the fun.
Jangan momma dia yang syok sendiri sudah. :D

Friday, April 24, 2009


Fuhhhhh... after spending 2 hours surveying about nursing cover from various page, i finally found 2 pages that caught my heart. Still pening nak pilih yang mana.

But lemme first clarify why i need this.
Well, I am not really expert nursing in public. I only have few nursing tops which i wear them at every outing. If i dun wear them, I don't want end up with ada yang mata terbeliak sebab nampak my 'tuuutttt'!!!. Sungguh x malunyer i!! Even x pernah terjadi so far, but eloklah ianya diresolve sebelum it really happens. :).

Until today, top2 kesayanganku (yg xde button kat depan) masih elok tergantung di wardrobe x berpakai because of this. I miss them so much. Ditambah pula, sometimes, bila angin datang, Little Man refuses to drink my milk from bottle. Nak yang itu jugak. At this moment, my eyes will melilau-lilau cari suitable port/mother room, but kadang-kadang belasah je kat mana-mana sebab si Little Man dah menangis-nangis kuat x sabar-sabar. So, maybe nursing cover can help me to cover ape yang patut ;P

I've gone through few pages and the main criteria that i was looking for -> the design and pattern. It must be cantik di mataku & hubby. Mata orang lain xkisah. :) So kedua-dua calon adalah;

Owh it has several corak yang memang menawan hati!! This brand is the most widely worn nursing covers in US. It's from US online. I tried to search if any Malaysian online sells this brand but failed. Anybody who knows, trigger me ya. If this is chosen i'd go for Yoko Print.

This one also not bad. It could be blanket, nursing cover and bag. Few patterns are available and I fall in love with Rory.

Monday, April 20, 2009


A Mother Like I Want to Be

Each year I’m extra happy on your birthday
Your day reminds me of God’s gift to me
A mom who gave her all to raise me right
A mother like the one I want to be

By Joanna Fuchs

Yesterday, 19th April, was my mama's birthday. I haven't have yet in my hands what to dedicate to her. I'll get it sooner. She told me not to worry about it at all. As she's happy enough when all her kids and my abah wished her yesterday. Oman pun wished his Opah yesterday. "Doakan mama panjang umur and happy with abah, all my anak menantu and cucu, dah cukup dah bagi mama". Itula yang kami anak-anak selalu doakan untuk mama. I pray that Allah will give her longer life, bless her always, and give her all the happiness that she deserves to have it. I pray that i can be such a good momma like what she is to me. Aamin.

We MMSed this pic to her when we wished her 'Happy 53rd Birthday!!!' yesterday :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today's morning, Oman had his first kicking lesson. Dengan bantuan coach terkemuka = Dadda :p, Oman did it well. Tahniah!

and...Welcome to BabyCenter Malaysia! I am so excited!!! :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On Sunday Morning, dadda, momma, Oman, opah and TukBah went to Subang Parade, Subang Jaya. We planned to get another rattle to Oman. :) Why we chose Subang Parade? Because it's near, fav salon ada kat sini, and shoppers x pack compared to other biggie malls.

While dadda had his hair cut, the rest jalan-jalan in Parkson. My mum awal-awal dah widhraw her money sambil berkata "hari ni mama nak shopping kasuts". My abah macam biasa sengih ngan angkat kening, the coolest man on earth. Hihi. Me helped mama chose her shoes, my abah pulak, sembang-sembang dengan Oman. Dalam Parkson tu, shoes corner is side by side to cosmetics. So, akibatnya ialah, i telah terbought beberapa benda...they were good deals, so, tokleh blame diri sendiri jugak..bluek!! :P.

When hubby's done with his hair, he catched us in Parkson, joined my abah entertained Oman. Bagus sungguh suami-suami kami. :) Punya lama dok pilih-pilih, my mama bought only a pair of sandal. Oh bukan setakat di situ, rupanya she dah aimed to say hi to Primavera shop which located xjauh from Parkson inner entrance Gfloor tuh. Si Oman dah macam nak memulakan hek-hek. Me and hubby decided to let my mama and abah having their own quality time there. We three, meneruskan perjalanan ke Mothercare and bought Oman his pacifiers and cot rattle.
Then i fed Oman at Mother Room, 1 level above Mothercare, next to Celebrity Fitness. Boleh tahanla that room...cosy and ceria. Oman sampai tetido la :).

After that, we met my parents again. Mama telah berjaya menambah 2 pasang lagi from Primavera. Boleh tahan gak mama nih. :) We then had our lunch at Secret Recipe and before balik, me and my mama sempat dropped by at Cold Storage beli lauk basah sket. Sekali lagi suami-suami bertindak cemerlang menjaga Oman. And as reward, me belanja world class choc (Baskin Robin) kat my hubby (abahku x suka aiskrim :)).

Toys kami yang dibeli pada hari itu :p

Me and my hubby had a wedding dinner to attend at Dewa Perdana Felda that nite. Owh! For the first time, we both left Oman at home. Luckily my parents were there to look after Oman. Ikut hati mmg we wanted to bring Oman along. But baby's not really suitable to bring to formal event, right? Nanti Oman meragam, satu dewan dengar, xmolah kaco majlis gilang gemilang tu. So, I called my mama every 15 minutes to check on him. Kekeke..naik bosan ibuku. Everything ended around 11pm. It was such a nice wedding. Congratulations to Gel and Eza! Both of you're so match and beautiful. Semoga berbahagia sentiasa. Aamin

Dadda and Momma Oman. Gambar pengantin x sempat amik. :(

The next nite, we had makan sedap at Yuen's Steamboat Restaurant, Sunway. Pengantin baru were joining also. This time we brought Oman along. Little Man itu dok zzzzz dari awal sampaila dadda momma dia habis makan. Malu-malu lagi kot nak sembang-sembang dengan uncle2 and aunties TOTAL. :)

I noticed that my Little man now is so in love with his feet. hehe. Kadang-kadang tu dia dok stares kaki dia for minutes. Lepas tu, dok cuba angkat-angkat kaki dia. Came to my mind to buy for Oman socks/booties yang ada character and colorful so that it would me more interesting for him. I placed an order at on Monday and this morning they reached here. They are Lamaze: Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Set , Baby Bright Music CD, and My Dear: Mosquito Stand

Playing with them while listening to the CD. Musquito stand masih dalam kotak. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Roman Anaqhi turned 2 months old yesterday (100409). Yippie!! :)

Day & Night

Up-to-the-minute Biodata:

Weight: 5.4 kg
Height: 61 cm
Hair: Dah tumbuh sket-sket
Supercilium: Lebat (bakal ikut Tukbah dan Tuk Xoul)
Dimple ?: Appeared on his right cheek sometimes...charming!!
Hobby: Sembang-sembang whenever chill time, Crying whenever sleep time..hehe
Ambition: Xsabar-sabar nak berdiri :)
Fav Food & Drink: Of couse momma's milk!
Fav TV shows: Tom & Jerry, MU game ;P

This was taken few days ago, just right before momma performed her Zuhr solat. Momma found that this is working in order to make him 'leka' with Oman youtubing Tom & Jerry cartoon show.

Fav Artist: Momma and Dadda. (Buat masa ni, kamilah penyanyi yg Oman minat..kakaka)
Fav Song Masa nak tido: Roman Picisan (DEWA) versi lalalalalalala
Fav Song Masa chill-out time: ABCDEFG HIJKLMN OPQRSTU VWXYZ

Fav English Club: MU FOREVER!!!!! ;P
TU je lah kot..

While i'm writing this, Oman is sleeping in his cot, safe and sound. Just before sleeping, we had to dose Oman with Paracetamol Syrup since his body temperature has reached 37.5 degree celcius. Oh why? this is expected as Oman got his Triple Antigen 1st Dose pagi tadi. Kali ni dia x nangis. Cool je siap leh sembang-sembang lagi dengan paed dia :)

Oman buat muka pelik + funny lepas syrup tu masuk mulut dia.

Hopefully Oman's getting better tomorrow. Shian Little Man momma & dadda.

Cau Sin Chi!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last Tuesday at 3.00pm, while Oman was sleeping and momma took that chance to online, dadda nudged momma through msn.

Dadda: By, ape tektik malam ni?
Momma: Nothing, masak macam biase la kot

Dadda: Jom aa gi OU. Sian By dah lama x jalan OU

Momma: (Senyum x hengat) Jom! Jom! By mmg have that in mind for soo long.

So that night, with the hope that Oman x meragam teruk, we brought him to One Utama!! Yezzzaaa...:D Reached there at 8.45pm, Oman was still chill. Hihi. Mata dia melilau-lilau and dia asyik senyum jer. The first shop we checked was Momma and dadda grabbed masing-masing punya fav mags. GLAM and Digital Camera. Sonotnyerrrrr :) . After that we went to Ground Floor but we were so blurred what's next. Both of us plan to shop nothing since malam pun dah lewat and we both still takut-takut Oman would hek hek anytime je..kekeke.

Located at the center space in front of Nine West, held there FASHION FIESTA KUALA LUMPUR 2009. We saw few known names, Zahnita (Dah jadi mak orang pun super slim lagi), Dina (Winner of Malaysia's Most Beautiful), few others... Yang paling best sekali is Zalia. Zalia ni dulu-dulu active gak modelling. She's married and i think dah ade sorang anak. But gosh she still damn gorgeous like what she was, mcm anak dara je lagi, paling x tahan, bibir dia (eh, cam laki pulak i ni..kiki). Kebetulan, me and hubby, both of us adore her so much!! i remember back 2 years ago, we bumped into her at ZARA entrance, MidValley. She baru je nak masuk, kami pulak br lepas shopping kat situ....patah balik tau!...punyalah nak tgk dr dekat..peminatla katakan..:) She's so pretty in nature with no make up at all! We planned to take picture of her kissing Oman, but at time time Oman dah start hek hek..hihi, so xjadila. Tgk dr jauh jer. :D

Kot-kotla ade yg x kenal..inilah Zalia

Next, dadda run pegi MPH kejap looking for pens. Momma and Oman waited him outside. Perut dah bunyi-bunyi masa ni. Initially we planned to have our dinner at Teppanyaki (i suka gilerrr ) but sampai-sampai closed ady. So, xjadi, momma terus singgah Cold Storage jap beli few things, then kitorang balik and makan kat Gelang Kopitiam, TTDI Shah Alam.

Hmmm...i noticed that (my huby pun), i am now dah a bit out of focus to certain things. It became so obvious sebab after i paid for things that i bought at the Cold Storage, then i just walked away without taking those plastic bags with me. Cashier tu dok jerit-jerit panggil. Malu jek...lepas tu, yesterday after dinner, tengah-tengah basuh gelas, letak je dekat drying station tu, pang!!! jatuh berderai..pecah!..ntah cemana, that gelas boleh jatuh. Hmmmm....clumsy pot-pot x hengat betol!.. my hubby said that i might too thinking about Oman until my clumsiness makin menjadi-jadi, which i know i have to back on track... Yeah, agree..that semenjak ada Oman, everything is him and not to forget my beloved hubby. I am so worried to left him even a while, takut dia terjaga dr tido, takut dia nangis meragam when he woke up and nobody around him. Takut tengah-tengah tinggal dia kejap tu, ada nyamuk bites him...terlampau melampau risau the same time, i am trying my best to layan my hubby sebaik mungkin. huhuhuhu....i hope this will get better..kalau x lagi banyakla pinggan pecah kat umah ni nanti, xpon beli bayar ratusan, pastu tinggal jek x hambik..heh :D

Monday, April 6, 2009


We spent the weekend at Sungai Long. Nanny and Gpa Oman dah x sabar sungguh nak jumpa cucu dia :)

On Saturday Nite, all of us (Nenek, Abah, Mama, Irma, adik, me, hubby and Oman) had our family dinner at a seafood reastaurant (super delicious!!) near The Mines. Since we left Oman's pram at Shah Alam, momma's cuddling Oman sambil berdinner. Dekat 1 jam lebih gakla. Bravo Momma!! Encik Little Man tu ape lagi, tido dengan jayanya. :D

Little bit about Little Man, he's now sangat pemurah dengan senyuman (bila good moodla). Paling Oman suka is when we called his full name "ROMAN ANAQHI"...and he will smileeeeeeee sampai dia penat. Rajin sembang pulak tu... Keekeke..and the best thing is, Oman hasn't sleep in his swing dah 3 days. Yey! Eventhough momma and dadda has to cuddle him, rock him, sampai lenguh :), it's ok.....kempen SAY NO TO SWING mesti diteruskan !!!

Owh i miss pegi shopping so much!! ..kekeke... The right time hasn't come yet. Sabar ye momma.
Walaucemanapun, Oman still got few pressies. 30% less offered for member..should grab them :). TQ nanny!!

This morning, after tata dadda nak pegi keje, while Oman's still sleeping, i took the opportunity to use that slot to housekeep my NO 1, MOST FAVOURITE MAGAZINE ---> GLAM. Being crazily addicted to it since September 2007, never miss out even 1 edition. Akan tetapi, kesibukan sebagai momma (poyo jer ;P) telah membuatkan i miss out March 2009 edition.....Sedih bangat!! and now is already April. I bet there's no more in market.... :(

Sesape yang ade beli this mag (March punyer) tapi x collect.?..beli sesaje ke.?..saya sanggup membelinya dari anda. Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!
Haru sungguh..hmm.. i must quickly grab this month nyer keluaran...cannot miss out another one anymore!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am so happy that my wish to retrain Oman to forget his swing before it's too late, telah mendapat banyak sokongan dan semangat, baik from this blog, also from my status in facebook. Thank you everyone!

As i am really looking forward to see this happens, today's morning, as the first day trial, after Oman's bath, i let him laid in his cot after he burped lepas milk milk time. Masa tu his eyes dah half-opened. Dalam mata separu terbuka tu, as immediate i letak je dia dalam cot dia, dia dah hek-hek. So, i pun tepok-tepok bonts dia sambil singing shh shh shh shh shh shh. 5 minutes after that, mata dia dah wide opened balik. Hek-Hek Oman became louder. Tu tanda dia x puas hati la tu. ISh Oman ni, dah elok-elok ngantuk tadi...

Before bath..good mood lagi masa ni :D

Masa ni semangat masih kuat. Sebab first day, momma bagi canla sket. I help him up, cuddled and rocked him. Uish, meradang betul dia. Kuat pulak tu badan Oman ni. Meronta-ronta sambil nangis. Masa tu mulut dia dah mencari-cari sesuatu. Lerrr..Lapar lagi kot Oman ni. (Kekadang confuse sebab Oman ni, bila ngantuk dia akan cari 'tu'..nak ngopek) So, i fed him. Masa tgh fed tu, mata dia dah full-closed dah. I waited until he released my nipple and pok-pok his butt. Okay he slept. Dah 5 minutes macam tu, i pun pelan-pelan put him in his cot. Oman ni kuat mengeliat and terkejut-terkejut, so bila dia ngeliat, dah dia jaga balik. Adooooiiii...

Oman in his cot

So, sekali lagi i ulang held him up, fed (kalau x bagi'tu' dia akan nangis giler-giler) and pok-pok....bila dah tengok dia lenadah..again, i tried to put him in his cot. Paling lama bertahan pu 10 minutes la, bila dia ngeliat..dah buka mata balik and cried...

Kesudahannya, 5 TIMES benda yang sama diulang-ulang. Bila dia mengeliat aje..dia akan jaga balik. Last-last i decided to swaddle him. Tapi Oman ni, siang-siang buka nak dibedung. Menjeritlah dia. Determine punya pasal. Momma terpaksa x kesian kat Oman. Huhu..Momma bedung je dia kuat-kuat..bagi 'tu'..terus diam.. bila dia dah lelap..momma put him in his cot..and nahhhhhhh..kali ni berjaya. Ingatkan dapatla dia tido 2 jam ke.... Tapi, after an hour dah bangun :(. Seb baik momma sempat mandi and kemas-kemas bilik sket.

When he woke up tu, masa tu pukul 1.00 pm dah. Momma xmakan lagi. Nak kene masak dulu. Huhu..Enegy pulak dah kurang...Dadda called pesan jangan makan lambat..nanti masuk angin, awak tu bf Oman...tul gak, masa ni lah i sedih..sebab terpaksa let Oman tido jugak dalam swing sementara momma nak masak and makan. Dalam hati, kali ni je dia akan masuk buai. Sebab kalau tidak..alamatnyer..i'd skip my lunch la..huhu

Mmg nyenyak bila Oman tido dalam buai. He slept til 4 pm. Momma sempat masak, makan and bukak jobstreet..keke :).

After dia dah bangun dah..i promised myself, ape pun terjadi, xmo put Oman in his swing lagi bila dia nak tido dah lepas ni. Ya Tuhan, kuatkanlah semangatku ini. Penat pun penat lah..yang penting Oman have to learn sleeping wihout that SWING.

Kesian tgk Oman. Memang dia x leh tido. Tido pun lepas tu kejap-kejap (macam process di atas)...Lepas Oman mandi and him laid on bed sambil i bf dia. Oman tido..momma pun tetido..(Oman still kat 'situ'). I tersedar masa Dadda balik.

So dadda offered himself to tidokan Oman while momma nak mandi, masak for dinner pulak. Keluar je bilik air, dadda tgh dodoikan Oman. Mmg dia hek-hek sket. Tapi Dadda pun kuat semangat.

After momma finished cooking, momma jenguk dadda & Oman kat bilik..waaa...Oman tgh tido dgn nyenyaknyer in his cot. Berbedungla tapi. Xperla. Janji bukan dalam swing. Dadda cakap 2 kali try gak tadi. Mula-mula dah letak, tapi dadda tetiba terbersin, Oman terkejut lalu terbuka matanya. Kekeke.. Oman..Oman..sian anak momma ni.

So, itulah kesahnyer for this first trial. Sekarang, Oman's still sleeping safe and sound. Dah 3 hours plus he's sleeping. Kejap lagi he'll wake up for milk-milk..hopefully, after that dia boleh tido balik dalam cot dia..bukan dalam SWING.. :P

Perjuangan akan diteruskan esok...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We brought him to SACC Mall, Shah Alam yesterday. Momma and Dadda had to shop some groceries. Since about 44 days the house was nobody resided, so, fridge kat rumah sangatlah empty. Now, perlu diisi apa yang patut. Plus, we wanna buy toys for Oman. SACC ada Anakku..bolehla ;P

Truthfully, me and my hubby was so unsure if Oman's ready for this outing or not. That's why we decided to shop at SACC, closest to home. Kalau dia meragam, xla jauh sangat nak balik rumah. That was his first time riding his stroller. Would he like it?

Oman was chill at the earliest. He was quiet in his stroller yang ditolak Dadda.

First stop was at Secret Recipe. Momma and Dadda not yet took our lunch. Dah pukul 4 ok masa tu. Oman's chilling in his stroller masa kitorang makan.

Towards the end of our lunch, Oman started to hek hek. Momma cepat-cepat comfort him. Yeah, it's his sleeping time.

One thing about Oman if he's sleepy, he needs swing. Asal usul why he needs that adalah kerana, dia dah terbiasa bila nak tidur, Dadda or Momma have to cuddled him and henjut dia until he's sleeping. Pulak tu, bila letak je kat bed or his cot, he will terjaga balik. Oman bukan baby yang bila ngantuk will sleep by himself. So, Tukbah and Opah dia kat Perak tu kesian tgk Momma and Dadda dah kurus asyik nak kene henjut Oman bila nak tido (;P), so, depa hadiahkanla swing. Bila dah terbiasa, xde swing Oman xleh tido. Nak tido atas katil pun 3,4 kali attempt, inikan pula baru first time duduk dalam stroller.

Alamak, ...mana nak cari swing kan kat tengah2 SACC tu. So, i pun tepuk-tepukla dia dengan harapan dia boleh tidur dalam his stroller tu. Tapi Oman x reti. So, he started crying loudly. Merajuk kot. Mujurla SACC tu x ramai orang sgt. We lepak at a bench dekat level 3. Oman nangis x berhenti dah. Kesian dia. Momma and Dadda gilir-gilir cuddled and try to comfortkan Oman.

Groceries x beli lagi. Hmm..last-last we decided that, i stayed kat bench tu with Oman. Dadda pulak run beli the groceries.

Huh! Sungguh mencabar. Oman 3 kali terlelap in my hands..tapi bila letak jer dalam his stroller, he cried again. Bukan cry-cry biasa tu. So pity my son. Mesti dia penat menangis macam tu.
Isk Isk.

When Dadda finished with the groceries thingy, kitorang cepat-cepat balik. Xde dah Anakku semua tu. Cancelled!!

Oman, still menangis until we reached home, he chilled back. But he looked so tired. Kesiannyer. His eyes merah-merah. Momma cepat-cepat bersihkan Oman, and masukkan dalam his swing. Memang betul Oman letih..Masuk je boyan, terus ZZZZ. Pastu, Kali ni we transfered him from the swing to his cot sekali try je. Oman tido terus sampai pagi. Bangun pun 2 kali jer for milk-milk. Itupun with his eyes closed.

Hmm...maybe Oman belum ready. So, Momma and Dadda decided not to bring Oman jalan-jalan until him ready. But persoalannya, bila? If like this, Momma and Dadda worry nak bring him out if ada event ke, kenduri ker, gi shopping ke, tgk dadda dia bersukanke (Adoi..dahla kami ni kaki jalan..;P)

Readers, who has experienced;
Is there anything can be done so that i can retrain Oman to sleep by himself? So that he doesn't need the swing?
Any tips to make the baby sits in his stroller longer and comfort?
When is actually the suitable time for baby's first outing? 2 months old? 6 months old?

Appreciate advice.....


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