Monday, March 29, 2010


I am currently residing in Legend Resort Cherating.. cant't stop thinking bout him.

Oman demam panas since Friday. It was 39 degrees. I took urgent leave immediately. Tukar job jadi doctor pulak. I was hoping that he would recover very fast.

Yesterday's morning, when we woke up in the morning, muka oman mcm bengkak-bengkak tapi it was not that obvious. Oman meragam-ragam, buat itu ini semua x kena. Kalau makan, he would only welcome liquid into his mouth, yang solid bagai, semua sekian terima kasih. Siap buat-buat muka lagi. Punyala momma buat special presentation carrot bentuk stars tau letak atas porridge. Dia buat dek je.

Towards noon, Oman's fever dah mild but we noticed the appearance of red dots on his body, face, and back of his ears. Oman mmg x selesa with that condition. He kept rubbing his skin. He would cry whenever i dissapearred from his eyes. Menyusu jangan cakaplah, memang he totally refused bottle. The pattern of that redish pinkish rashes nampak macam 'campak' so we went to visit a doctor at TTDI. Owh how i wished yesterday was not sunday so that i could bring him se his paed. His 2nd doctor's clinic pun close on Sunday. huhu

We have been told that it's still early to tell if Oman kene measles or not. Sometimes, high fever and medication reaction could cause rashes too. Doc gave Oman calamine cream. He advised me to keep monitor Oman for few days.

Last night, Oman sangat resah. I attended him all night long til this morning. When he fall asleep, i slowly packed for my working trip where i am now. Oman woke up every half and hour and cried. It's killing me deeply. How i feel so damn guity. At his condition that he needs her mother to be with him so much, i have to leave.. He kept hugging me tight until he slept with his head on my shoulder.

Maafkan momma, Oman..

When i left him this morning, his rashes dah makin menebal. Memang sahlah measles. Pity my baby. Owh! I really can't wait for tomorrow. Nak balik. Mujurlah this trip 2 days 1 night only. Oman bertahan yer sayang...

Me and hubby dah plan nak cuti on Wed, nak bawa Oman jumpa Doc Maziah. Paling penting, can be with him 24 hours!!!! Pesakit kami paling special :)

A testimonial to the most special person,
How on earth i'm so lucky that i have somene who is always being so supportive to me. He deals positively and sportingly with my mobility. He is my hubby, who also my best buddy on earth, my everything. Everytime i told him about my next trip, dia x pernah merungut. Cuma dia join club 'Suami2 selalu ditinggal isteri' je dengan kawan-kawan yang senasib dengan dia. Ade tau club tu. ;p

Several times, i asked him about his true feeling towards my working obligation, He keeps telling me to focus and praying that everything will be fine and smooth. Thank you so much, Kidd for having such the greatest heart.

"Ya Tuhan, sekiranya memang inilah yang telah ditentukan padaku. Maka dekatkanlah ia dengan hatiku. Permudahkanlah segalanya. Tapi sekiranya tidak, jauhkanlah ia... berikanlah petunjuk. Agak ku dapat mencari sesuatu yang lebih baik.. yang telah Engkau tentukan.. Aamin."

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Countdown to Irma's wedding, one of the plan is to have 5 flower girls and 5 page boys who come down the aisle ushering the bride and groom to the beautiful dais.

There are so many options for flower girls' ready-made outfit out there. On the other hand, choosing ready-made page boys outfit is not as simple as ABC, indeed, you need to find the boutique that have the complete pieces, so that you less headache. Most importantly, reasonable price!!

I make it short, the task is now on my shoulder. but why not? I love to be part of the backstage committees for my lovely sister in law BIG day :)

So i started with googling around what type of page boys outfit suitable for a Formal Contemporary Wedding Dinner. There are few that attracted me such as;

1. 5 Piece Tuxedo with tails
(Includes: Jacket with tails, pants, cummerbund, shirt and bow tie)

2. 5 Piece Jacket Tuxedo
(Includes: jacket, pants, vest, shirt and bow tie)

3. 4 Piece Waistcoat Suit
(Includes: Waistcoat, pants, shirt and bow tie)

Well, i got the pictures on my mind on how the outfit gonna look like,then i checked with few tailors for the estimated prices. Mind me, (Material +tailoring)x5 , as expected, the price was kebabom!! Say bye-bye to custom made. Somehow, i think it's not really worth it since the boys grow up so fast and they gonna wear it like one time only. Can aa? hihi

I was then browsed few pages that suggesting on where to find Page Boy outfits. Met a forum page that discussing on Boys Tuxedo. Check it here to get some idea. Quoted from the forum,
"You can also buy it at a shop in THE CURVE. 1st Floor... Next to Osh Kosh. Shop name DOMII... They specialize in Boys apparel. They have a big variety of Tux n Suits for boys uptill the age of 14 yrs ols. I also remember seeing bow n ties, n vest, n long sleeve shirts. Price is affordable"

I quickly googled DOMII and i smiled when i saw this ad from that page;

Beside selling, this shop provided rental service too!! Owh, There is Terms & Condition Apply. I really couldn't wait to know more about it. Without hesitation, i called up the boutique. The manager's name is Mr Daniel and he explained these;

1. The price for 1 set of 5 pcs Tux (5 pcs : jacket, pants, vest, shirt and bow tie) is RM 100. Don't get confused like i did. RM100 not the price for 5 sets OK!!! (wakakaka shame me. Bak kata Daniel.. xbley cari makanla adik!!)

2. They have sizes availability for boys aging 4 years old to 13 years old. (Great!!! The smallest page boy to be on Irma's wedding is 4 years old and the eldest is 11 years old)

3. You can visit the boutique during business time to try out the outfit. If the boy couldn't try it physically, just provide them the inches measurement for, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to wrist, waist diameter and waist to heal.
The Booking payment is RM20 per set.

4. On the day you come to collect the set, deposit at RM200 per set is required plus the rental payment at RM100 per set. Therefore, RM300 to be paid to Domii for 1 set of 5 pcs tuxedo on the collection date.

5. Customer have to return back the set within 3 days. When the set has been returned physically, customer will get back the deposit and booking money you have paid immediately. It is RM220. In the end, you only burn RM100 for 1 set of 5 pcs of Tuxedo. :)

6. Late return payment will be calculated by day. RM10 for 1 set for 1 day.

I thought the deals were great so i proposed Domii to my in-laws. :p Not to make any earlier judgment, we went there to see the reality. Yeah we love it! The Tuxedos that are for rental are great in quality. The design is up-to-date and you can find all the accessories there. Perfecto! 5 sets of them have been booked! :)

They page boys rental outfit is something like this. All black (without the polka collar). Varieties of sizes.

You and you kids gonna love the shop loads. The interior is colorful and comel!! hihi.. they also have toys for you kids to play while you're eyeballing the apparels!! :)

How i wish they provide rental tux for 1 year old boy too. :p
Oman's Dadda gonna wear suit for his sister's wedding day, so i think it will be nice and match if i buy 1 for Oman. :p

If you are looking for complete set of boy tuxedos to buy, yes, they have there but not in 5 piece. It's only 3. They have the size from 12 months old. The price for 3 pcs Tuxedo (Jacket/Waistcoat, pants & cummerbund) is around RM170.00 and 3 Pcs Tuxedo with tail (Jacket with tail, pants & cummerbund) is RM229.00. At Domii, you can also find boy's apparel such as jacket, tux shirt, pants, waistcoat, baby suit romper, bow, ties, and many more! Well, flower girl dress are there too! :)

Last Sunday, me and hubby brought Oman to Domii again. Being a member, i got 20% percent discount for the Tux set. Ehem Ehem. Considering that the price is under our budget, we bought 1 set of 3 Pcs Tuxedo with tail for Oman. Yey!!

Aaaaaa...White color Tuxedos are really cute!!!!

but when it think of how my boy will crawl, swimming on the floor, wiping his mouth to the collar.. hihi.. i chose black. Perfect..

Owh, I am super duper excited to see him wearing it on the actual day!!!! :)

Fitting. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Animal Train

On last Saturday evening, we went to The Mines Shopping Centre meeting up Sungai Long's family. Abah was planning to purchase something from SenQ (Sen Heng). As usual, when abah had something on his mind related to new model, high definition, nouveau technology thingy, he always loves to hear his children' opinions before he made his decision. Kena gaya, boleh dapat 1 untuk masing-masing wo!! Hehe :)

The boys were so busied with abah, mama pulak menjadi pemerhati yang setia, Irma and I sudah semestinya entertaining Encik Little man. Opposite to SenQ, there was a small toys shop and next to it was animal train station. Since Oman's now dah dapat kaki kan, he quickly walked to this area and cried for a ride.

"Kak, naikla kak. Bawak anak tu. Kesian dia. Mak pun boleh naik tau. Jangan risau muat kak. Lagipun 3 ringgit aje!"; Pujuk mamat India, the driver of the animal train.

Chet!! i taula muat (bisik hatiku).. hehe..

Well, Oman really couldn't wait for me to say yes. He cried louder when i tried to take him away from that area. Nak tak nak..Okla, Okla.. i stepped inside the seat. That Little man you know,laugh out loud!! suka betol hati dia tau. Aunty Irma dia pon sama ketawakan i.

"Ha, Ima jangan nak ngelat ok. Cepat. Ini adalah paksaan!".. hehehehe..

The animal train. (Tapi yang ni dekat One Utama)

So, three of us, for the first time, riding animal train!! Dahla, masa nak bertolak tu, mamat driver tu bunyikan horn punyala kuat, i think 1 Mines tu tgk kitorang. kekekekeke. Encik Hubby geleng kepala je dari dalam SenQ tu. :P

Well actually, it was not bad ok. We got the chance touring the whole floor. Lalalalalalalala.. The people around who smiled or stared at us that time, mesti jelouskan. Hihi.

p/s: To ride this animal train, it is RM3 per head. If mother would like to have fun also, you have to add another RM3. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I would like to apologize to any of you, who before, did tag me to do something like, i have to answer few questions and then need to tag 5 more people to do the same. Yeah something like that. It's really a fun exercise to some people, but me, huhu, i'm not a person who will be hard at it. So, i bypassed them all.

But not today. I've been tag by someone. Who used her 'veto power' tagged me in her entry "photo ke 8 dalam folder ke 8" :)
Fidza, sebab Fidza tag Nuurill as the person no. 1 la, Nuurill rasa terharu bangat, dengan itu Nuurill telah merajinkan tangan ini tau. Ahaks!

The rules of this tag are;

1. Go to your photo files... select the 8th photo folder
OK done. It's "NEW 2"

2. Select the 8th photo in that folder
The lucky photo is..... jeng jeng jeng...

3. Post that photo along with the story behind it

This photo was taken on 16 Dec 2009 when i was in Sydney Airport waiting for my flight back to KL. Gosh the flight was 6 hours delayed. MAS awarded AUS20.00 meal coupons to each stranded passengers. I was looking around for something that could fill my empty stomach. There were lines of cafes and all i could see were Meat, beef, chicken, sausage, burgers, Pizza until i saw "
PASTA AL PESTO" on Rossini's Wall Menu. It's the Pasta cooked in a home made Pesto sauce ( Pine Nuts, Basil, Parmigiano Cheese Topped with Smoked Salmon) for AUS17.00. The remaining AUS 3.00 was for mini Coca-Cola. Owh i love to gulp Coca-coca to moisture my throat whenever i feel it super duper dries out. (bad bad habit). Well, the pasta was OK, I didn't manage to finish it all anyway. :) Tekak saya tekak Oriental. :p

So, that's the story behind the photo. :)

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same
Peeps, you choose yourself la ek. Sapa-sapa rajin. Hihi.

Well.. Well.. after 4 months hibernating dengan jayanya tanpa ke mana-mana, it's time for me to be miles apart again. I'll be a week in Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China somewhere in early April.

The invitation letter has arrived, flight ticket is on it's way, Shangri-La's room has been reserved, everything official is now prepared,

The graphic illusion of the hotel sent to me together with the invitation letter

I just need to...make myself physically, mentally, emotionally well-prepared.. that we are going to miss each other too much.. too much! ...

Life at that time of course will not be easy at all ,but i always pray that my beloved hubby, prince Oman and me myself, each of us boleh bertahan, have the ultimate patience and sentiasa di bawah lindunganNya. Aamin. Doakan kami ye. (No tears, Nuurill!!!!)

Sampainya hatimu, membiarkanku rindu !!.. (sila nyanyi ikut lagu Spring)

X sampaila darling!! Sampai hati u tuduh i cenggini tau..

Dah..dah.. stop the drama. Lebih baik kita semua berdoa. Insya Allah, Allah bagi kita semua kekuatan.

Baik Ustaz Oman. Muahs!! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Percutian kami ke Pulau Pinang bermula pada 26 Februari 2010. Seramai 11 orang dari 4 keluarga menaiki 2 kereta yang dipandu cermat oleh Pak Supir Armi dan Pak Supir Sya. :)

Disebabkan ke dua-dua kenderaan memulakan perjalanan dari arah yang berlainan, maka kami telah bersetuju untuk berjumpa di R&R Rawang pada pukul 10 pagi. Bolehlah kami mengisi perut sebelum sampai ke destinasi yang sebenar. Sesampainya kami di sana, kelihatan sungguh ramai manusia membuatkan kami terpaksa beratur dan menuggu lama untuk duduk. Mujurlah ada taman permainan mini berdekatan, maka, anak-anak pun apa lagi?? :)

Anak-anak kami: Oman, Awish dan...


Perjalanan kami mengambil masa lebih kurang 4 jam untuk sampai ke Pulau Pinang dari Rawang. Tempat pertama kami tujui ialah Nasi Kandar Garisan Jelas (Line Clear lah ni) memandangkan perut kami semua sudah pun berkeroncong. Seperti yang dijangkakan, dari jauh sudah kelihatan ramai sungguh manusia beratur kelaparan di sana. Kaum suami menyatakan kesanggupan untuk beratur lama dan kaum isteri membawa anak-anak mencari ruang untuk duduk dan makan.

Nasi kandar berlaukkan ayam goreng, sotong gulai, sayur bendi dan kuah campur sungguh enak sehinggakan En.Fatasya yang pemakan kecil (small eater) seperti yang diberitahu isterinya, May, pun menambah nasi sebanyak 2 kali. Apetah lagi En. Prima, En. Armi dan En.Azmi. :p Ditambah pula dengan keenakan cendol lemak dan sejuk, panas terik matahari tidaklah terasa sangat. :)

Setelah kekenyangan, kami semua sempat singgah di butik sutera yang saya sangat gemari setiap kali ke Pulau Pinang, dah saya telah berjaya memujuk semua para isteri kecuali Puan Shu untuk membeli selendang 2 helai seorang. (Shu belum bersedia memakai selendang). Hihi.

Seterusnya, kami pun bertolak ke tempat penginapan kami di Batu Ferringhi, iaitu Seri Sayang. Kami telah menempah awal 2 bilik yang setiapnya dilengkapi dengan kemudahan 2 bilik tidur, 2 bilik air, tv, penghawa dingin, katil bayi, dapur untuk memudahkan kami yang mempunyai anak-anak kecil ini.

Jam menunjukkan pukul 5.30 petang. Para bapa sudah tidak sabar ingin merendamkan anak-anak lelaki mereka di dalam kolam renang. Para ibu juga tidak mahu ketinggalan walaupun Puan Farihan akhirnya tertinggal juga disebabkan tertidur keletihan. hehe.

Gelagat Oman dan Uzair. Awish tiada pula di dalam gambar.

Lelaki kecil saya, Oman, sungguh teruja mandi di dalam kolam renang. Tidak menggigil pulak tu. Ish Ish. Nak pujuk Oman supaya keluar dari kolam punyalah susah. Sampai ke bilik dia masih mengamuk mahu ke kolam renang semula. Ish Ish.

Selepas Maghrib, semua para ibu dan anak-anak kepengsanan. Para bapa masih bertenaga. Masing-masing berkumpul dan bercerita kisah-kisah lama. Agak-agak sudah sejam lebih berehat, kami semua bertolak ke Pasar Malam Batu Ferringhi. Manalah tahu ada yang menarik. Kami sempat juga menikmati sotong goreng tepung dari gerai penjaja di situ. Sedap sekali.

Destinasi makan malam diteruskan dengan menikmati nasi kandar beratur di Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. Setelah En. Armi membawa kami pusing jalan yang sama beberapa kali (sesat :p) ia membuatkan kami kelaparan, di tambah dengan kepenatan yang masih terasa, maka sessi makan tengah malam menjadi senyap sunyi. Yang kedengaran hanyalah bunyi sendawa kenyang. Hehe. Setelah itu, kami semua pulang ke tempat penginapan dan terus tidur.

27 Februari 2010. Aktiviti makan teruskan dengan bersarapan di Jalan Pertukaran (Transfer Road). Kami menikmati roti canai sedap, kuah kari daging, kari ayam, dan yang menarik di sini ialah telur separuh masak yang diletakkan di atas roti bakar. Kami makan puas-puas. Hehe.

Kami. Encik Armi sedang mengambil gambar.

Destinasi seterusnya ialah lawatan ke Kota Cornwallis. Ia adalah sebuah kota lama berbentuk bintang 5 bucu yang terletak ditimur laut Pulau Pinang. Ia didirikan pada tahun 1786, dan dinamakan sempena Gabenor Jeneral India masa itu - Charles Cornwallis. Ia dibina di Padang Kota Lama, Georgetown,Pulau Pinang oleh Kapten Francis Light (sebijik ayat wiki). Aktiviti kami di sini ialah mengambil gambar bermacam-macam gaya dan aksi .

Kami bergambar dengan Francis Light. Dari kiri: Saya dan Oman, En.Fatasya dan Awish, Puan May, En.Prima, Puan Farihan, Puan Shu dan Uzair. Tiada di dalam gambar: En.Armi & En.Azmi. Mereka ialah jurufoto kami. :)

Keluarga No. 1: En.Prima & Puan Farihan. Mereka masih berdua. Berbulan madu. Peewit! :)

Keluarga No.2: En.Fatasya, Puan May dan anak mereka, Mohd Farrel Dazeman atau Awish. :)

Keluarga No.3: Puan Shu dan anak beliau, Aisy Nur Uzair. Bapa Uzair iaitu EnAzmi sibuk mengambil gambar sehingga tiada gambar beliau.

Keluarga No.4: Keluarga saya. Saya dan lelaki kecil, Roman Anaqhi. Bapa Oman juga tiada di dalam gambar kerana sibuk dengan kameranya.

Aksi-aksi kami.

Kami semua.

Di sebelah petangnya, saya, suami & anak, May, Sya & Awish dan Prima menikmati suasa di tepi laut yang terletak betul-betul di tepi Hotel Rasa Sayang. Puan Farihan sekali lagi gagal menghadirkan diri kerana tidur :p, En. Azmi dan Puan Syu juga tidak dapat bersama-sama kerana putera mereka, Uzair, juga tidur.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, Seri Sayang memang berhadapan dengan Hotel Rasa Sayang. Setibanya kami di sana, Kelihatan ramai manusia sedang bergembira. Ada yang mandi-manda, ada yang menaiki kuda, ada yang bermain 'para-sail' (ape ek dalam bahasa?), yang tidak buat apa-apa pun ada.

Lelaki kecil, Oman pada mulanya takut dengan deruan Ombak menghempas pantai. Tetapi setelah beberapa ketika, keberaniannya mengalahkan ibu dan bapanya. Malah Oman memanggil-manggil ombak lagi supaya datang kepadanya. Ish Ish. Awish pula masih takut dengan ombak laut. Awish menangis sedih tatkala ibu dan bapanya cuba menjejakkan kakinya ke pepasir lautan.

Awish berasa takut dan sedih. Tetap comel! :)

Saya dan Oman bermain-main air.

Hep Hep Hore!

Pada malam itu, kami kembali ke Batu Ferringi untuk menikmati makanan laut dan ikan bakar. Alamak! tiada pula gambar untuk tatapan semua. Jurufoto kepenatan agaknya kerana asyik mengambil gambar kami.

Selepas kekenyangan, kami ke Batu Keras Kafe (Hard Rock Cafe) untuk meninjau-ninjau apa yang menarik di sana. Saya dan Puan Syu tidak dapat melakukan aktiviti ini kerana Oman dan Uzair telah pun tidur sewaktu dalam perjalanan. Maka kami hanya duduk di dalam kereta mendengar radio. Sekembali mereka tidak lama kemudian tidak dengan tangan kosong. Tak disangka En.Armi membelikan saya dan Oman sehelai T-shirt. Saya sangat gembira.

Hari sudah larut malam. Para ibu dan anak-anak semuanya sudah masuk ke bilik masing-masing tetapi tidak diikuti para bapa. Mereka bermain 'cho-tai-ti' sehingga 5 pagi. Tidak mengapalag asalkan bahagia. Hihi. Akan tetapi, kesian suami saya kerana jari telunjuknya digigit tebuat sesat sewaktu bermain permainan itu. Mujurlah tidak apa-apa.

28 Februari 2010. Hari terakhir kami di Pulau Pinang. Kami bersarapan pagi di kedai roti canai Jalan Argyll. Dahulunya, kedai ini cuma di bawah pokok. Sekarang sudah maju, kedai ini sudah pun berpindah di kawasan rumah kedai tidak jauh dari tempat lama. Roti canai di sini memang sedap sangat di makan dengan kari ayam, daging dan kambing. Para suami makan 4 keping seorang :p

Selepas itu kami pulang ke hotel untuk berkemas-kemas untuk pulang. Kami sempat singgah ke pasar Chow Rasta untuk membeli buah tangan kepada keluarga dan sesiapa yang mengirim pesanan. Kami bertolak keluar dari pulau dengan menaiki Feri. Seronok tau.

Sebagai penutup aktiviti makan-makan kami, kami sempat singgah untuk makan tengahari di Restoran Mee Udang Sungai Dua untuk menikmati mee udang dan nasi goreng udang. Makanan di sini sangat sedap. Hihi. Percutian kami kali ini memang tujuannya untuk makan.

Dengan ini, sekian sahaja karangan dari saya. Saya berharap akan dapat berkunjung ke Pulau Pinang di masa akan datang.

(Kesemua gambar-gambar adalah ehsan dari jurufoto En. Armi dan En. Azmi. Sekalung perhargaan untuk anda berdua) :)

En. Azmi dan isterinya.

En. Armi dan isterinya

(1,215 patah perkataan)

p/s: Jenuh tau buat karangan Bahasa ni. Teringat zaman SPM dulu. :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

TELL ME (Part 2)

I walked into the outlet with my heart beating fast. Dup dap dup dap.
I saw few ladies inside there at the handbag area.
Dalam hati "mintak-mintakla xde org beli lagi"

I smiled. It was still there. Smiling at me. Talking to me. Owh! Hatiku berbunga-bunga!!
I gave a love wink to my hubby. He laughed. I saw him took out some cash from his wallet.

I didn't grab it right away. My eyes were distracted by few more raspberry color handbags. There were at the other side which i didn't see them the other day.
"Eh, mcm-mcm design lagi la Kidd".
But it turned out that non of them won my heart. Hubby agreed too. He said the previous one that i die die like it, absolutely perfecto and meant for me.

The moment i turned back, mulutku terlopong, mataku buntang, it's not there anymore!!! i made 360 degrees turning and i saw.. it was hold by a Chinese lady in front of the cashier counter. Dia tengah belek-belek that bag with his son. I came nearer;

Chinese Lady: Should i take it? leng oh!!
Chinese lady's son: "Just take it mom!! You couldn't find it in any other outlet in Malaysia"
Me: No!!!!!! itu i punya la Aunty. U find something else, plis!!! (i jerit dalam hati)
Chinese Lady: OK. I take it. (She smiled to the cashier girl)

I cried right away!!!! loudly!!! and Oman was crying too!!!

La, napa Oman nangis gak nih?? Owh! rupanya i termimpi. Ciss!!! :) Suspen sungguh. So, i fed him and we slept back.

Kekekekekekeke... i told everything about my dream to Kidd.
"Biasanya mimpi terbalik Bi. So, bag tu mesti ada lagi. Just call and ask them to reserve it for you. Tonight we pick it".
I x ikut cakap my hubby pon. Konon-kononnya, if the bag still there, itu tandanya i kena beli that bag. If it's not, maknanya i xde rezeki.

So yesterday, after work, we went to the outlet. Malas nak berdrama dah. The bag was no more there. daku pasrah!! buat muka rileks stepped out from that outlet.

Hubby: Bi ok?? Tula, org suruh book xmau.
Me: Ok je. Xpe. Ala, nanti mesti keluar design2 lagi best.

10 minutes later,

Hubby: Bi ok?? Diam je.
Me: XX!! nyesal giler!!!!!
Hubby: Dah agak dah.. hehehehe

Migraine attacked me the whole last night. Sebab xpat beli handbag itu kah? :P

Oman: Momma momma sekalian, ni moral of the story, kalau dah nak beli sangat sampai termimpi2 tu, beli je. Nanti jangan menyesal mcm momma Oman!! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Have u ever felt the desire.. diely.. :p so wanting to buy a thing.. you've been wowed by the price and you wished you can just simply close your eyes??

I am!!! Help me...
I fell in love now. I just can't stop thinking about it. Macam first time jatuh cinta ngan Kidd plak rasa.. (Kidd, dun believe me. I lied. Hehehe)

But.. when i think about the RM to be spent, i started to feel guilty. Like committed sin pulak rasa. "Duit tu boleh beli benda lain yang lebih penting"
"Ala, boleh je beli yang lebih cheaper"
"Yang ada pun elok lagi" or " Pakai je lah apa yang ada"
Haih.. There are spinning on my head.

Bila dah ada Oman ni, lagila momma ni jadi serba salah nak spend her own money utk something like this. Plus, I have kinda weird principle which, if i shop for myself, then, my hubby and my son should get themselves something too. If not, i would feel like i'm being selfish & cruel.

Not to show off anything here, I just wanna seek rational input from you. You're very welcome to share if you ever have the same dilemma like me and how u solve it? :)

Oman.. little update about my Little Man. Active bangat, x reti dudok diam, adorable still! hehe.

Oman is now able to walk gripping our hands no more. He is now learning how to adjust his speed. Sometimes he walks too fast and fell. When he's tired, he will stop & sit for a while x kesahla kat mana pun sesuka hati dia. haha.

The video below was recorded 2 days ago before we went back to Dadda's kampung, Sungai Long. :)

Mamam Ikan Merah Soup with potato and carrot. Sambil bersenam ke sana ke mari :)

Please ignore the bags menghiasi the video. Also, sorry sebab video vertical pulak. :p

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trolley boy!

Oman was never prefer to 'duduk diam' in his stroller. He would cried out his lung and struggling himself to be buckled-free. When he was a baby, he all the time preferred to be hold and when he achieved toddler, dukung pun tanak dah.. dah dapat kaki lah katakan.. :)

There were the times, mostly, momma and dadda willing to take turn holding him for hours whenever we went for shopping or outing. Contohnya, when we went to the zoo last month, i was holding him for 4 hours non-stop. cayok! But there were also sometime, we hoped that Oman would be like the other babies we saw around us, ontok je dalam stroller, siap tido nyenyak-nyenyak lagi. hehe.

Oman? Walau senyenyak mana pun he was sleeping in my arms, by the time we transferred him to the stroller, he would automatically awake, maka bermulalah sessi drama swasta. Lots of Oman picas were smiling, sleeping soundly in the stroller, which we called it 'lucky time!'. Reality, 20% percent je. :) hehehe..

Oman first stroller was a Graco Travel System which consist of Cleo Infant Stroller (Truffle in color) and Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat. (For infants and children up to 4 years old & less than 40 lbs). The specs are;
  • Stroller weight: 8.4 kg (Height: 41.7", Width: 19.7")
  • Car seat weight: 3.3 kg
  • 3-Dimensional, space-saving fold
  • Two parent cupholders
  • Multiple-position, reclining seat for child’s comfort
  • Accessible storage basket
  • Combination 3 or 5 point harness
  • Removable child’s tray with two cupholders
  • Protective canopy with window flap and parent storage pocket
  • Ergonomic handles rotate to your desired position
  • One touch cable brakes
  • Automatic storage latch
  • High performance suspension gives baby a smooth ride
  • Accepts Graco® SnugRide® and Infant SafeSeat™ car seats
  • Maintenance: Removable seat pad may be washed in cold water on delicate cycle and drip-dried. No bleach. To clean stroller frame, use only household soap and warm water

Graco Travel System

I am agreed that it's so comfortable for Mom and baby, with it's sleek, stylized frame, tailored premium fabrics, anodized aluminum tubing, and soft- grip adjustable handles. We were first fall in love with the color and the look. Macho! ahaks!

Cuma... considering that our families love to travel a lot, 8.4 kg doesn't seem suitable for hand-carry. huhu..

Jangan terpedaya dengan kemanjaan penuh makna Oman duduk in stroller in this photo.
5 minutes after that dia mengamok nak dukung. Hehehehe

When the first time we traveled with Oman to Bandung, we desperately bought another stroller, by local manufacturer, My Dear.

My Dear Baby Buggy

This buggy is light and easy for traveling. But still Oman never like to chill in it. hehe.

kejap je bolehla :)

Dadda: Bebi, stroller cemana lah yang Oman suka ek?
Momma: Apa-apa pun dia x suka Kidd. Belilah yang tip top cemana pun. hehe.
Dadda: I know a thing, kalau kita beli mesti Oman suka.
Momma: Ha? apa? apa Kidd? (teruja gila nak tau)
Dadda: Trolley. Kakakakaaka. Kita tanya Jusco nak berapa dia jual.

Ikea: Nov 2009

Jusco Sunway Pyramid: February 2010

Momma: (angguk)
Dadda: Ok, let's buy a trolley, we fit the bedding (mattress, comforter & bumper).

It is so true, peeps!!! Oman akan saangat bekerjasama!! :) reti pulak dia nak duduk diam kalau dalam trolley tau :)

hehehe.. Tapi takkanla dadda and momma sampai hati to make it real. Tolak anak bujang tu dalam trolley. kekekek. It's not the correct way.

Rule of thumb: Keep practice him. Oh yess.. he would cry, he would crank, but to achieved it we have to tahanla sketkan dengar dia rengek-rengek tu. We think it's still not too late to restart right?

So, for his birthday, dadda and momma bought a new stroller for him. :P Semangat baru!!
We bought it from Baby Cottage, Sungei Way Outlet. It is Trip by Inglesina, the lightest Inglesina Stroller.

Red or black xde stock. Only this color available during our visit. Dadda suka jugak this one, so, we think it's cool! :)

Dirasmikan during our Penang trip last week.

We love to be unique, lain dr yang lain (konon).. Mclaren, Graco, dah selalu dengar, so, we decided to be one of Italian product fan. hehe.

What makes us choose Trip;

The ultra light stroller for holidays and quick journeys, extremely handy and with a captivating character.
• Practical umbrella folding system and compact for easy use and storage.
• Ergonomic soft touch handles.
• Backrest reclining in 4 positions.
• Soft insert in quilted fabric.
• Adjustable safety belts with 5 anchoring points and with soft padded shoulder braces.
• Adjustable footrest.
• Standard canopy totally waterproof and removable, adjustable with practical open/close compasses and equipped with a rear pocket for storage.
• Window made of krystal on the hood.
• Equipped with a safety hook to avoid accidental opening of the stroller once it is stored.
• Capacious storage basket, approved up to 3 Kg of weight, with refractive inserts.
• Raincover as standard.
• Cup holder as standard.

Technical characteristics:
- Closing type: umbrella
- Size when open: height 109,5 cm, depth 76,5 cm, width 49,5 cm
- Size when closed: height 105 cm, depth 37 cm, width 28 cm
- Weight: Kg. 6.6 including canopy
- Materials of the structure: aluminum
- Materials of the internal and external lining: polyester

Accessories Optional :
Coordinated bag with changing pad
Stroller bag
Winter muff for stroller (kot-kotla nak gi winter country kan :P)

So, banyak lah stroller Oman skrg!! Xperlu kot banyak-banyak!!. That's why we plan to sell his first Graco Travel System, a complete set (stroller & car seat). Anyone interested? :)

The second stroller, It can be spared in our 2nd car. Cause we kejap2 outing with the 1st car, kejap2 with the 2nd car. But if anyone interested with My Dear Baby, it is considerable. Hihi.

Oman has been 'friend' with Trip about a week. So far, he x banyak ragam la pulak. Tido kemain nyenyak lagi. Maybe it's new, maybe he's changed, a lot of maybe. But we gonna make him love this stroller by hook or by crook. Aamin! :D

p/s: Next plan, a new car seat for Oman. Any suggestion, parents? :)


Today, 3rd March 2010, is my Abah 60th Birthday. Abahlah segalanya. May abah dikurniakan segala yang baik di dunia and akhirat. Aamin.

My abah with my sisters and my Oman :)


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