Thursday, March 25, 2010


Countdown to Irma's wedding, one of the plan is to have 5 flower girls and 5 page boys who come down the aisle ushering the bride and groom to the beautiful dais.

There are so many options for flower girls' ready-made outfit out there. On the other hand, choosing ready-made page boys outfit is not as simple as ABC, indeed, you need to find the boutique that have the complete pieces, so that you less headache. Most importantly, reasonable price!!

I make it short, the task is now on my shoulder. but why not? I love to be part of the backstage committees for my lovely sister in law BIG day :)

So i started with googling around what type of page boys outfit suitable for a Formal Contemporary Wedding Dinner. There are few that attracted me such as;

1. 5 Piece Tuxedo with tails
(Includes: Jacket with tails, pants, cummerbund, shirt and bow tie)

2. 5 Piece Jacket Tuxedo
(Includes: jacket, pants, vest, shirt and bow tie)

3. 4 Piece Waistcoat Suit
(Includes: Waistcoat, pants, shirt and bow tie)

Well, i got the pictures on my mind on how the outfit gonna look like,then i checked with few tailors for the estimated prices. Mind me, (Material +tailoring)x5 , as expected, the price was kebabom!! Say bye-bye to custom made. Somehow, i think it's not really worth it since the boys grow up so fast and they gonna wear it like one time only. Can aa? hihi

I was then browsed few pages that suggesting on where to find Page Boy outfits. Met a forum page that discussing on Boys Tuxedo. Check it here to get some idea. Quoted from the forum,
"You can also buy it at a shop in THE CURVE. 1st Floor... Next to Osh Kosh. Shop name DOMII... They specialize in Boys apparel. They have a big variety of Tux n Suits for boys uptill the age of 14 yrs ols. I also remember seeing bow n ties, n vest, n long sleeve shirts. Price is affordable"

I quickly googled DOMII and i smiled when i saw this ad from that page;

Beside selling, this shop provided rental service too!! Owh, There is Terms & Condition Apply. I really couldn't wait to know more about it. Without hesitation, i called up the boutique. The manager's name is Mr Daniel and he explained these;

1. The price for 1 set of 5 pcs Tux (5 pcs : jacket, pants, vest, shirt and bow tie) is RM 100. Don't get confused like i did. RM100 not the price for 5 sets OK!!! (wakakaka shame me. Bak kata Daniel.. xbley cari makanla adik!!)

2. They have sizes availability for boys aging 4 years old to 13 years old. (Great!!! The smallest page boy to be on Irma's wedding is 4 years old and the eldest is 11 years old)

3. You can visit the boutique during business time to try out the outfit. If the boy couldn't try it physically, just provide them the inches measurement for, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to wrist, waist diameter and waist to heal.
The Booking payment is RM20 per set.

4. On the day you come to collect the set, deposit at RM200 per set is required plus the rental payment at RM100 per set. Therefore, RM300 to be paid to Domii for 1 set of 5 pcs tuxedo on the collection date.

5. Customer have to return back the set within 3 days. When the set has been returned physically, customer will get back the deposit and booking money you have paid immediately. It is RM220. In the end, you only burn RM100 for 1 set of 5 pcs of Tuxedo. :)

6. Late return payment will be calculated by day. RM10 for 1 set for 1 day.

I thought the deals were great so i proposed Domii to my in-laws. :p Not to make any earlier judgment, we went there to see the reality. Yeah we love it! The Tuxedos that are for rental are great in quality. The design is up-to-date and you can find all the accessories there. Perfecto! 5 sets of them have been booked! :)

They page boys rental outfit is something like this. All black (without the polka collar). Varieties of sizes.

You and you kids gonna love the shop loads. The interior is colorful and comel!! hihi.. they also have toys for you kids to play while you're eyeballing the apparels!! :)

How i wish they provide rental tux for 1 year old boy too. :p
Oman's Dadda gonna wear suit for his sister's wedding day, so i think it will be nice and match if i buy 1 for Oman. :p

If you are looking for complete set of boy tuxedos to buy, yes, they have there but not in 5 piece. It's only 3. They have the size from 12 months old. The price for 3 pcs Tuxedo (Jacket/Waistcoat, pants & cummerbund) is around RM170.00 and 3 Pcs Tuxedo with tail (Jacket with tail, pants & cummerbund) is RM229.00. At Domii, you can also find boy's apparel such as jacket, tux shirt, pants, waistcoat, baby suit romper, bow, ties, and many more! Well, flower girl dress are there too! :)

Last Sunday, me and hubby brought Oman to Domii again. Being a member, i got 20% percent discount for the Tux set. Ehem Ehem. Considering that the price is under our budget, we bought 1 set of 3 Pcs Tuxedo with tail for Oman. Yey!!

Aaaaaa...White color Tuxedos are really cute!!!!

but when it think of how my boy will crawl, swimming on the floor, wiping his mouth to the collar.. hihi.. i chose black. Perfect..

Owh, I am super duper excited to see him wearing it on the actual day!!!! :)

Fitting. :)


  1. Owh, I cant wait to see Oman wearing a full set on the actual day jugak! mesti handsome bangat anak teruna you, Mea :)

    During my reception (Fadzil's side) two years back, 3 of my page boys pun get their outfit from Domii. Their mother is a friend of the shop owner :)

  2. Baru nak recommend Domii awak dah pergi.. they're the only shop yg sy rasa really reasonable price.. the shirts yg diorg jual pun not that bad.. comel2 gak..
    Awak beli sampai 3? mak ai.. akad nikah satu, reception irma satu, reception afie satu.. ek?

  3. hehehehe... i hope he likes to wear it. Cause at some time, Oman prefers to wear very simple simple baju only. Takut dia ngamuk suh i bukak je tux tu!! :)
    Owh really? i attended your wedding at Fadzil's but late. Rugi x dapat tgk those cutie boys!! :)


    Awakku.. 3 piece per set wak.. bukan 3 set.. agak2la akad nikah pon Oman nak pakai tux. Kekekeke.. pengsan tukbah dia tgk nanti :)

  4. oh mesti oman handsome nanti. jaga2, jgn smpi kena ngorat ngan flower girls. hehe.

    tak pernah tau pun psl kedai ni. tp menarik gak. harus pege check. hehe.

  5. congrats nurill... berjaya melaksanakan tugas dgn cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang....

    tak sabar nak tengok little man masa wedding your sil nanti...

  6. owh Nadia pun br nak suggest this place..
    selalu ke Mothercare the curve..n singgah here..:)
    cant wait to see Oman in full suit!!
    btw..the page boys dah cukup ke..:)
    ramai ada ni kalau tak cukup corum..Imran,Faaz,Aydein (but cant walk!)..Adam too..:)
    hehe..joke dear!

  7. che dee. oman xjd page boy so flower girls xley ngorat dia. hihi.kedai tu mmg menariks.. formal romper dia pun cute2! cepat pegi che'dee. :)

    tq fidza. sumbangan nuurill x seberapa tp benda2 mcm mmg menyeronokkan nak buat! hihi. cepat je. :)
    p/s: can't wait too!

    awwwww.. saaangat boleh ok.tapi kene tunggu semua pass jalan dulu. ahaks. oman pun x pass, takut tgh2 jalan tu dia patah blk cr momma dia. hihihi. tapi kalau semua dah pass, nak usher sape pulak ek? :)

  8. alala comel je anak teruna u ni nuuril! ini la best anak dah bole jalan kan! baru feeling sket pakai2 outfit segini! :D

    ive never heard of this shop, but good info! will definitely check this shop out kalau ade occasion nanti. one thing though, skarang kan tgh musim panas. tak takut budak2 tu + oman cranky ke kalau bersuit2 semua? ke reception tu at night?

    ps : ive always adored kids in 4 Piece Waistcoat Suit! sgt chomel! :D why dont u get oman to be in one? misti simply dashing! :D

  9. oman!!! cute lah awak ni!!! nant kak neena kawen,kak neena panggil oman jd page boy eh!!! hehehehe kak nuuril,nant kalo oman pakai tux tu, ikat rambut die x? kalo ikat,confirm cam hero dlm my boss my hero!!! =) macho!!! hehehe x sabo nk tgk!!! =)

  10. Thara, sangat yezza!!! when he started to jalan kan.. sonot sangat nak bully dia.. hehehehe :)

    Dear, reception to will be at night. Theme ala-ala garden sket. So, nak memeriahkan majlis, i pun memeriahkan kan la my boy tuh. hehehehehe :)

    ps: me too!!! at first i suggested to Armi yang Oman elok pakai Waistcoat Suit. But Armi wants his son to wear exactly or 90% similar to his. hihihhhihh. :)
    So next la kot..tunggu adik lain kahwin pulak :)

  11. Whoaa Little Man sgt segak in the tux..kene je gayanya, hensem banget! pndi momma dia...mst la Oman nk kene sedondon ngan Dadda dia nti kn..hehehe..xsbr nk tgk gmbr2 during the coming wedding, sure gempaks!:)

    Nway, izu pn first time dgr Domii ni..nice boutique, i like the interior..what a cute n colourful design!! btw, this is another informative n3. good job, Nuurill! :)

  12. Salam charque,

    You have a very handsome little prince! Semoga dia jadi anak yang soleh dan hamba Allah yang bertaqwa..amin

  13. :) pewwwwwiittt!! oman yg encem akan betambah encem laaa pakai tux...aunty la nak pinjam membe kad momma oman...bole less 20%! yehaaaaa!!!

  14. pewwwiiitt! bertambah2 encem laaa lil oman.. :) aunty nk pinjam membe kad momma oman laaa, ley dpt less 20% gak..yeeeahhhh!! :)

  15. owh oman..auntie tina love you..kecik2 dah encem!! =)

  16. waahh.. cant wait to see ur hensem boy all clean up with a suit. baguslah u ni, i dah tak payah nk survey kalau nak sewa for my next baby boy. oopss.. hehee

  17. TE dear. Izu, the boutique mmg sangat-sangat comel tau!! Selain untuk boys, for girls ade jugak gown and dress yang ala-ala princess gitew... So, kalau puteri2 Izu nak jadi flower girls.. bolehla jenguk kat sini jugak. Kalau untuk boys.. memang banyak sangat!!!! :)


    Salam Shamsul. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Aamin. :)


    Zaza, hensem boy ko tu, kalau pakai satu set tux mesti macam anak beckam aku rasa handsomenyer... hehehe.. Aku pun guna orang punya membership ja.. Tapi x pe.. nanti aku tanya.. sebab aku dah bagi bisnes baik.. mana tau aku leh dpt membership free. hehe..

  18. Mommy Icha, Oman love u too. X saba nak tunggu mommy Icha deliver eh.. kawan Oman. :)


    Azie.. wah wah.. next nampak? hihihi.. Tapi kalau ye pun best jugak Azie.. setahun satu.. tahun depan dah sepasang!! Hihi.. Encik Sapet meti ok punya!! :)

  19. OMG OMAN!!! ^_^ mesti handsome ni nnt... u....., upload gmbr oman nnt byk2 ye... melt2 i! *gatal*

  20. OMG gf Oman!!! ^_^ :)
    I pun x saba nak tgk Oman in action nanti nih. Keje i snap gamba dia je lah kot. :p hihi.
    Am, baby girl kan?.. Oman kem salam. hehehehe

  21. neena, akak check blk comment reply akak x kluar pulak.. so, akak tulis semula on behalf of oman. :) bila k.neena nak kawin ni? hihihi. nanti on the actual day, akak maybe tie his hair. omankan my takeshi kanesihro... :

  22. owh,can't wait for the day!..nk tgk oman ensem...bestnya... nuuriil haruslah mengambil gmbr dgn bnyaknya okeih..hihii..

  23. omg.

    i tak pernah penat ckp oman look handsome and comel. cos he is like so freakingly adorable!

    cant wait to see the pictures during weddings. mesti meletups like urs kan?

  24. ok..saya nak book model untuk projek gambar saya nanti.

  25. Auntie Melin, Auntie ni sweet sangat tawww.. nanti balik Kuching, Momma belanja Wong Solo kay!! :)

    Kekekeke.. u kata memetop macam i? entehla u. 3 tahun dulu mungkinla meletop.. hahahaha


    TQ Wani, insya Allah. Kalau x lupa bawak camera lagi. Encik Armi pulak kalau dia yang amik guna his camera, 8 tahun lagi baru dapat copy dia.. Hehehehe


    Encik Buih, dengan Momma dia sekali ke?

  26. whoaaaa best best.. tak sabar nak tgk oman bergaya handsome..

    ttbe teringin pulak dah nak pakaikan budak berdua tu tapi... no upcoming event le pulak.. hehe gatai dah tgn ni.. nuril sewa tu bape lame? (otak sedang ligat cari event ni hahhaa)

  27. zura, memang x sabar sebab those tux cute x hengat!!!!

    tuc tu boleh disewa for 3 days dear. hiihih..xpe,xyah ade event pun xpe.. buat family potrait ke.. wah! mest hensom bangat anak2 bujang ZUra.

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  29. thanks for sharing such a detail info..saya pun tengah cari tux for my boys for their concert.tq again.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. can I know u punya kedai dekat mana ye ?



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