Saturday, January 30, 2010


27 January 2009.
It was 2 weeks before i delivered a sweetheart, Little Man.
I was dreaming of having my own humble piece of writing channel.
Inspired by reading bookmarked blogs (Awakku, u're one of them! :)), and fullest support by Mr Hubby, I made the move (eceh! mcm nak propose pulak..x kuase! :P).

I love to read back my very first entries. This and that.
Owh how a momma and dadda-to-be were extremely excited for the arrival of Encik Little Man. New born apparels were cute! cute! cute!. Hehe

Hmmm .. how did us, parents-to-be, looked like during the whole pregnancy months ek? Lemme reveal some here. :)

@ 6th week of pregnancy

@ 13th week

@ 15th week

@ 22nd week

@ 25th week

60 days before the arrival of Little Man

41 days before his arrival

30 days before his arrival

sehari sebelum!!!! ;)

Roman Anaqhi was born on 10 February 2009.
When i read back the entry about his arrival, i smile widely.
Those memories will never ever forgotten by me & hubby.
Indah! :)

The day i become a momma! -pic by Naniy&Amy-

Oman and newly dadda :)

27 January 2010
Mommaholicseries has been a year. I am very pleased that it's growing up.
There is no restriction. No limit.
I blog about everything i feel to share with.
Myself. Oman. Dadda Oman. Families. Babies. Friends. Wedding. World. Sports. Outing. Shopping. Emotion. Travel. Fashion. Career. All!! :)

Oh not to forget, i got the chance of meeting you wonderful people!!
How cool this planet, huh? Hehe

Oman is now approaching his first year.
Dah ada 2 batang gigi dah. :)
Buah hati dadda and momma.
Everything the best, is for him. Insya Allah.


A courtesy by dadda. :)

xo xo, mommaholicsuri.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


2 days ago, Oman was having high fever.
39.9 Degrees!! Momma and dadda were so worried.
I took 2 days urgent leave to be with him.
Tepid sponging, frequent shower, medications..
Alhamdulillah, Oman's fever went down.

Wrapped baby :)

Today, i come to the office with incomplete feeling.
You know, after 2 days spending full time with him, i managed to 100% breastfed (yey!!), we ate, played, fought, laughed together.
Urgh.. Sabar.. sabar...

To add my imperfectness feel, i am going to Melaka next week for 5 days.
Pengkalan Balak, here i come (nada sekata. xde tone excitation)

Luckily, I managed to find a nearby resort to stay with internet. Horey!!!!!!!!
Boleh je nak duduk hotel best sikit dekat Bandar Melaka.. tapi i have off peak hour job to attend at SKDL from 00:00 to 04:00. I am the only lady, driving alone.. uish... seram achik nak drive kui 4 pagi tu balik hotel.

Terenggggg... Actually, i have this on my mind. I would like to drive balik hari everyday. Boleh?? It's 300 km return journey. I think i can.

OK fine! Many said to me it's x logik. It's gonna be tiring for me. Unless selang-selang. So, my plan, i'll only stay there on Monday night and Wednesday night. Go momma!!

p/s: Shhh...Lemme tell you something. i still have the feeling that i can afford to make it day trip. (Spirit of being a mother..kan?) Everyday.. Lalalalalalalaalala. we'll see.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I went through all the images of the disaster that happened to Haiti.
The earthquake. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

surah albaqarah ayat 56 (iaitu) orang2 yang apabila mereka ditimpa musibah (malapetaka), mereka berkata: inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. (bahawa sesungguhnya kita kepunyaan Allah dan kita akan kembali kepadaNya).

Landslide: Many poorly constructed homes were simply swept away by the magnitude of the quake

How many of them are still surviving underneath??

I saw them crying. They lost the families. They lost almost everything. Sekelip mata. Ucapan takziah dari hati yang sayu.

Then i started to imagine, if i were in their shoes.... and if only 1 of us survives.

Let's together we pray for our safety and harmony in life. Appreciate and syukur with everything that been given to us and jaga amanah-amanah itu semua sebaik-baiknya. Aamin.

Since born, i've been surrounded by wonderful people. Alhamdulillah. I have these people who always gimme the spirit of life. No hypocrisy. We have faith, trust, treasure and enjoy the spices of life together. All of you are precious!! Abah and mama, adik-adik, in-laws, sedara-mara, friends, teachers.. and both of you, these 2 boys;


En Big Man and En Little Man.
Who we need each other badly. :)

Big man attending Little Man.

They watch and ride together

They shop together

Big man always intro new things to Little Man

Big man menidurkan Little Man

Walaupun selalunya Big Man yang tidur dulu :p

Semoga Tuhan melindungi kita semua dari segala musibah dan bala bencana. Semoga ikatan kita semua diberkati. Semoga kita semua bersama golongan orang yang beriman. Aamin.

Dadda and Oman,
I don't know much
But i know i love you
and That may be
All i need to know...
(eceh ceh! :))

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Masih dalam mood color. :p

A week before my Bangah got married to his wife, there was my sister in law, Irma, getting engaged on 12.12.2009.
The ceremony theme was beige and turquoise. Everything was perfectly beautiful.
Lovely color too!

Dadda and Oman chose the same material for their Baju Melayu.
OK, momma xtau nama material tu ape. Rasanya Linen.

My Baju Kurung lain sikit material from both of them. Darker and it's silk.

Hehehe... seronok jugak amik gamba atas pelamin nih. hehehehe. Teringat zaman dolu-dolu :P

Well, Irma dearie, this is the 134th time K.Nuurill wish Ima Congrats and you looked sangat jelita, cun, kari gilerrr that day. :)

We are really looking forward for the actual day, dear. Tick Tock Tick Tock!! Again, all hearts are going to melt on that day... :)


p/s: Ladies, anak tudung tu i buat sendiri jugak. My first trial. Ok x? Hihihi

Thursday, January 7, 2010


He was born 2 years after me and I was automatically upgraded to 'Kak Yung' in the family. We are so close since babies. I love him so much. We played together, we cried together, kene rotan together... hehehe..

I still remember one day, after rain, we knocked the door, it's opened,
and mama was screaming like Hitler bila nampak both of us, habis dari rambut sampai kaki berlumpur, except for the eyes. We would never forget that mama was chasing us after that with rotan keliling rumah. We were hiding in the bushes. Laughed. Mama couldn't find us and started to worry. Then mama cried, "Okayla mama x rotan, keluar sekarang!!". We ended up kene piuh dua-dua telinga. Adoi. :D

Sorry mama, Kak Yung yang ajak Bangah mandi parit dengan friends yang lain. He was so innocent that ikut je cakap kakak dia ni ha. :p (Umah Perak now dah ada Streamyx, mama mungkin baca :))

Sekarang, he is my big brother oledi. A Husband to someone. Kanda Dinda lagi u. Awww!!!

Congratulations! Abang Ami, Kak Yung and Oman Chan pray that Bangah and Ima will live happily ever after, dan dilindungiNya selalu. Aamin. Cepat-cepat buat cousin untuk Oman kay. :p

Selepas sah menjadi husband and wife. Kiri them is the pengapit, Lan. Kanan them is my little bro, BangChik.

Majlis Resepsi di Terengganu. Green :)

Majlis di kediaman kami, Perak. Purple :)

Sebak. I am so happy for him.

Oman turut mengambil berkat :P

Saya minat Encik Photographer la :p

Dadda, Momma and Oman in Purple. Simple mini pelamin i decorated for them. (100% apa yang ada dari rumah :))

Momma and Oman


26.12.2009. 2 families become 1. :)

Akhir kata, to Bangah, Semoga menjadi a good husband and to Ima, welcome to the family. Kak Yung loves both of you!!! :)

XOXO, muuahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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