Friday, March 6, 2009


What was happening on 10th FEB 2009??

- I was alarmed at 4.00 and 5.00 am. Thought they were just normal loo-call or worst case, diarrhea.

- At 6.00 am, it was harder and my hubby dah worried. I told him,"Xpe Kidd, let's see how it is after solat Subuh"

- After Subuh pun still sakit lg. Sakit mcm nak Poo-poo. Tapi x boleh pun. Kidd ajak i pegi check. Manalah tau. Walaupun the actual date should be 18th Feb. I told him, "x logikla. Xperla Kidd. Kita pegi keje dulu. Apa-apa By call Kidd". (Ade hati lagitu nak keje..betuah!!). Cadangan itu ditentang serta merta oleh my hubby. "Xde masa!! Nanti Kidd keje kat Cyber tu jauh. Kot-kot jadi ape-ape, x sempat kang"

- From Shah Alam to DSH, it should take around 15 - 20 mintes only by NKVE. Unfortunately, it was a massive trafic jam that day and took us 1 hour 30 minutes to reach there. Masa ni, the pain come and go mcm biskut chipsmore tau. Segala breathing techniques dipraktikkan. It helped bits!!

- Sampai je DSH, terus direct ke Maternity Ward. Beginilah rupa saya. Hubby sempat snapped my pic ni guna his hp. It was in the lift and i was trying to give my best smile :)

- Sampai di maternity ward, i was immediate asked by midwife to lay on bed. They checked if it was a true contraction by CTG.
- My O&G Dr Maziah came and checked. "This is not false alarm my dear. There are contractions. Lemme check your cervix". Ok, masa tu my cervix dah 1.5 cm dilated ropernyer. Terus Dr Maziah asked midwives to prepare labour room while she broke my water bag. PlusssH!!! Rasa panas dan banyak air keluar di situ. Huhu. "Ok, confirm you're going to deliver today. I estimate another 8 hours to wait for your cervix to fully dilate", Dr Maziah told me. Ayoyo! 8 hours?? lamanya...

- I was entering a cosy labour room (1 katil, sofa and toilet) at 10.00am with my cervix masa tu open by 2 cm dah. Hubby teman. Dah mcm doctor dah Encik Armi masa tu. Hihi. He was wearing formal office uniform. (Yerla, Kot-kot false alarmker tadi, leh gi keje kan lepas tu..hihi).

- Uish! sakit sungguh ni. Takkan baru 2 cm dah sakit mcm ni. I kept going to toilet cause everytime it came, i felt like wanna poo-poo. Huhu. Midwife checked me frequently. My contraction still being monitored by the CTG. "Uish, very fast contraction ek awak ni, continuous pulak tu". Huwaaa..memanglerr!! x nampak ke yang i dah buat segala gaya bebas dah ha untuk tahan the pain. Tonggengla, tidola, dudukla, jalan2la.

- At 11.30 am, my cervix was checked again. "Eh, dah bukak 5cm, nampak gaya mcm cepat awak ni". Huhu. Patutlerr sakit bangat.

- At 1.30 pm, midwife came again and checked. Terus dia tergezut! "Eh, dah nampak rambutla! Kejap yer, nak panggil doctor. Jangan push dulu ok" Punyala x disangka begitu pantas sekali i dah 10cm dilated. Doctor Maziah masa tu pulak tengah bersalinkan the other patient next door. My hubby yg sungguh loyal itu dah ready by my side. Smiling. Hold my hands and never stop motivate me to chill.

- The real battle was really happened!! Doc Maziah, 2 midwives, Doc Armi :) dah ready. My hubby nak tgk kepala baby. "By, dah nampak dah by" . Hihi. Excitednyer dia. So, Doc Maziah told me, to tarik nafas and push.. Kidd pun x putus-putus bagi semangat. TQ Kidd :)

- Alhamdulillah, after 3 pushes, lahirlah Little Man sharp at 1.59pm. Momma and Dadda so proud of you honey. The first contact when doc put him on my belly, i cried. Menangis gembira. X sangka. The midwife letak dia kejap dekat warmer, cuci2 sket.

- Another syahdu moment was when Kidd azan Little Man. I can hear Kidd's voice bergetar. Masa tu x tau..but hari tu i asked him, he told me that masa tu he cried happily also.

- 2 hours was spent after that in labour room for three of us to get to know each other closer. :)
I breastfed Little Man. We touched him, talk to him, hug him...argh..we are Dadda and Momma now!!

- After that, we were transferred to Single room ward. Something was waiting for me there. Sungguh terharu. From Kidd. Tq laling!!

- Maka kemudiannyer, berduyun-duyunla tetamu hadir memeriahkan hari itu. Nanny, GrandPapa, Opah, TukBah, Aunties, Uncles..dan ramai lagi :)

So, that's what happened on that day. Direngkaskanlah versionnyer. Nak tulis lagi panjang xberjaya rasanya. Little man will awake from his sleep anytime soon. Hihi.

And here is some pics of LITTLE MAN taken by dadda on that day.


  1. Darling... Ur lil man's name is Roman Anaqhi??? Uniknya! :D heee!~ I owe him a pressie!!! :D

  2. hi..
    salam pkenalan..
    tahniah..enjoy ur motherhooood!

  3. Darling Am!!

    Yes, her name is Roman Anaqhi. Aunty Am can call him Oman kay :)
    Pressie?...awwwww nanti Oman kiss Aunty Am ek. Hihi

  4. Alhamdulillah..:)
    Bby Oman dh sht? nuurill kt perak ke kt kl now ni?

    Tk care eh..

  5. Salam Izzue,
    Alhamdulillah, Oman dah x nampak kuningnyer dah. Hopefully, next check up on 12th March, Oman sihat sepenuhnya. Aamin.

    Nuurill skrg kat kajang til 17th March. Lepas tu balik ke Sitiawan semula sambai habis confinement.

    Izzue and girls sihat? kiss to Zahin and Iris :)

  6. seronok kan babe?..did kidd record the moment?
    whenever i tgk blk my video i was like tak percaya plus terharu plus seronok mcm mcm la

  7. Kidd x record video.. Dia amik gambar banyak tapi :)



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