Saturday, May 14, 2011


During my first pregnancy, one of the tips that i applied happily was to always interact with my baby via music. I did this in many ways.

1) After prayers, I recited either Surah Maryam, Surah Luqman, Surah Yusof or Surah Muhammad by rotation. Reading Quran is a form of music too. Indah!!

2) During working hours, i kept listening to music using my headphone. The most frequent song i played was from Project Pop - Bukan Superstar. Astaghfirullah. Nak tergelak pun ada. Dangdut pop weh. I didn't get it why. Haha!!! But i really could feel that oman moved a lot inside there synced the melody. (Ntah2 dia ngamuk x suka :p) Thank God Oman is now into rancak song like Bad Romance or I'm a Bee rather that 100% cintaku, Kalau bulan bisa ngomong ke kan? x ke haru????

I was at the 26th week of my pregnancy.

We + 3 more AJK semendut-mendut karoukeing from S.Alam to Penang and Penang to SA. I know! I know! xkuase sungguh!

but wait..

Look at his "abang layan dangdut dong ah!" face.
*shaking head*.

Armi was really being sporting although it was actually a force from me. Ngeeeeeee! :)

3) That man in the picture loved to sing to my belly like a lot!. Very famous song. The one and only Glory Glory Man United :p He also played that song every night before sleep and did his starjump whenever he saw left and right bonjolan appeared at my belly.

"Uish confirm kiri kanan tendang bola ni Bi". Very ambitious father.

While we put our hands together for the Doa after prayers, i could hear he added on the last part about the baby growing up going to MU academy, football star and so on. Sempat!!!! Amin! :)

Hmmm.. Lemme think for a second. Did i tell Armi that my laptop screen saver throughout my pregnancy was Kaka instead of CR? (that time CR was still kebanggaan MU) Ngeh! Ngeh!

After Oman was born, we still loves to interact with him via music. Siap lagi I composed one song for him. Semangat!

Every night before i put him to bed, it is the best time for me to educate Oman with some Doa Harian and also songs. Like Doa makan, Doa tidur (Baca Doa dengan berlagu kan music jugak) and currently i keep repeating al-Fatihah and Kalimah Syahadah to him. Oman would listen and love when i leave blank some parts of every sentence to him. Suka hati dia lah nak sebut apa and if it's wrong, i akan betulkan. Sometimes he purposely make it wrong to see my reaction. Noti tau. It's fun. Insya Allah anakku, slowly kay! :)

Doa makan with Oman

There are few Kanak2 song that Oman has almost mastered them so far. Itula favorite yang di ulang- ulang nya tiap malam. :)


Anak Nabi Kita

'Dadda'ku Pulang dari Kota

Air Pasang Dalam

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The ABCs

Whether he correctly completed the Doa/songs or not, i would still give him the best compliment and we clap our hands together.

But be careful. When he's too motivated then he doesn't want to stop and sleep. He keep wanting me to sing so i started to make my singing sounds like pretty ugly way, Out of tune. He get fed up and say, "momma nyanyi esokla k". :p

Well, I am sure every parents have their own good ways to educate their children. Music is one of it. Music is good for kids' brain development. At the same time, you and your kids gonna have fun together.

After all, no matter what, anak-anaklah our SUPERSTAR kan? :)

My Superstar dengan tahi lalat Pua Chu Kang nyer. =D


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


May 7th, 2011: 11.27pm

"Sayang Momma. Momma la besh. Happy Momma's Day! - Manja, Oman",
posted by Oman's Dadda on fb.

May 8th, 2011: 12.16am

"one, two, three, Happy Murders Day, Mommaaaaa!!!",
long and loud by Oman. :P

May 8th, 2011: 3.19am

"oh mama! i love you so much each and everyday. You mean a lot to me. Today is the most special, because you receive loves from not only your kids, but the rest of the world too. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY, mama and mama!!! =)"
posted on FB and smses to both of them by me at 3 am in the morning cause i accidentally sleeping after my son wished me. Too Happy.


Until 9am in the morning, i didn't received any reply from both of my mama. I was too worried if those messages were failed to be delivered. I asked my mama, "mama, dapat tak message K.Yung?". She went like, "Oh! dapat!! TQ! TQ! sorryla x reply. mama busy" :) hahahha. Yelah ramai btol yg wish yer!!! :P

May 8, 2011: 09.37

"Thanks, sori mama lambat jawab. Mama bersyukur dapat anak-anak dan menantu yang sayang mama. Mama love u all so much!", received from my mama in law. She's so sweet.

May 8th, 2011: 11.53am

I posted this on FB, "Happy Mothers' Day, Mak, Mama, momma, ummi, ibu, bonda, ummi, amma, mamai, sekalian :)"

May 8th, 2011: 08.36pm

As a sweet daughter (cough), I put my mama's tudung bawal on me that evening. She's so proud and went like, "Cantik betul tudung mama, terus kamu jadi cantik". Chess. :p


Not only all that above, i received a lot of wishes from FB and sms too. Thank you everyone. Sayang ibu hari-hari tawwww! HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY again!!. :)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Jangan xtau i just look-up for B R O O C H definition in WorbWeb. It means; A decorative pin worn by women. Dalam Bahasa, brooch means Keronsang.

There are many types of brooches from different sizes, designs, materials and colors. We could find the cheapest brooch on earth and also the jaw dropping expensive ones.

contohnya,Cartier Panther: USD 1.1 million. Hambik!!
(source: Google)

Brooch can be worn in many ways such;

On your beret/cap/hairband

On your muffler/pashmina

Close to your shoulder.

On your wedding shoes, purse, ribbon

On your wedding dress.
(I miss my wedding dress :))

(All photos except the last above are grabbed from Google)

Don't you know that The First Lady of US, Michelle Obama loves brooches so much? I am agreed with MillionLooks that she was the one who made brooches extremely popular again. She has it on at almost of her outfits!

As a person who wears hijab, I found brooch and i will never be separated. To me, it's like a compulsory accessories to be worn at least a piece on.

Of all, i am currently so deeply in love with our Malay Traditional Brooches. Oh my! Their design are so delicate and their beauty are timeless. Our great great grandmothers were so brilliant to initiate this pieces as their outfit accessories. :)

Yes i have few of them in my collection and i am totally excited to have them more. Lemme share them here;

My first collection.
Sangat cantik kalau dipakai dengan baju kurung & kebaya.

The second. Yang ini size dia 10cm x 10cm. Cantik jugak!

The third. Wau Shape. Nice.

They are undoubtedly beautiful to be worn with plain Baju Kurung or Kebaya aren't they? And for those who wear Hijab, pin them on your hijab near to your shoulder will definitely make a great effect.

Well, you could also make some difference. Inspired by few celebs on red carpet with their hair brooches on, I dared to adopt this style on my hijab.

Top: Hillary Swank & Catherine Hegl
Bottom: Erin Cole & Dian Kruger

That's me.

(Oman tengah mengamuk masa ni. Alahai)

I just did it right there. Hihi.

Above brooch is my latest collection.
Let's see if i dare to wear the same as the model did, of course on my hijab.

My next target is this one. It's wau shape brooch and it's already out of stock. I'm waiting for your come back, wau brooch. :)

That's all from my collection. Baru ada empat jer. Lerrrrr. :P i bought them all from Asylla collections and design. (Photos of the brooches are also grabbed from Asylla website)

p/s: An informer told me that Traditional Brooch could be found a lot at Semua House and few kedai at Jalan TAR. Sape nak ikut i?? :)

OKlah. It's 5.30 pm already and i'm ready to go home. Will be having groceries shopping with the boys this evening. Suka!! :)

Till then, see ya!!!



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