Wednesday, September 26, 2012




I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world I'm coming home. Yeay!! :) Insya Allah, by 5.30pm today, i'll be landing KLIA. Tak sabarnya nak jumpa Encik Oman... and his Dadda.. Eh :P

Last night we had video call via facetime. After few common conversations like "Oman buat apa tu?", "Oman makan apa?", "Mama kat mana? (hari-hari soalan sama. haha)" , i was then told him this;

"Oman, momma ada something  tau untuk Oman".

I showed him i bought a van that look like a combi (kan his favourite) with a controller. Punyala dia excited!and this boy couldn't stop to be so sweet to his momma...

"Momma, Oman pun ade sangting (i repeat, 'sangting' ok) untuk momma".

Cute ok dia sebut something jadi sangting. Gaya Ganu pung ado mu nih. hahahaha.

Then he started to look around the room to find any 'sangting' to show to me. Banyak ok. He started with a lego airplane Nenni bought to him few days ago, then he showed his ultraman coloring paper..

and his Dadda couldn't stop to tease him in between. Noti tau! Dadda cover the ipads camera by his finger and then dadda shouted "bye mama". You should hear how Oman scold his dadda that time. hahahaha. mumbling mumbling dengan husky voice dia tuh. Lagi la Dadda suka usik Oman oiii. :)

Tak lama lepas tu, almost all his toys he showed to me.. yang dah takde roda, yang dah broken... ZzzZZZZZzzzzzz.. :P

"momma, Oman tak habis lagi la tunjuk 'sangting' kat momma".

hahahahahah. Haih napa la comel sangat! :)

Siapla Oman i gomol-gomol balik nanti.
Let's pray for everyone's safety. Amin.

Before i  sign-out, just to record some photos of  the past 6 days in Bangkok;

Arriving The Hotel

Klong San market

Deluxe Room in Millennium Hilton Hotel, Bangkok
Chao Praya view from my window
Flow Restaurant at Hilton

Chao Praya River City

Ada jaws :)

 Outfit & working

1'st day
2nd Day
with Nurul (M'sia) and On (Thailand)

Meeting lightings. wow!
3rd Day
Off day

5th Day  (Tudung tu dah berlobang sebenarnya kene iron. Hakak belit kot lain. T_T)

Last day outfit

Last Day Meeting. Both ladies beside me are the admin of the host. Comel!!! :)

 Ok dearies, time to pack. See you in KL.
Insya Allah


Monday, September 24, 2012



Salam and Hello everyone.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had a day off. A few colleagues and I  made a 2 hours trip to Jatujak weekend market and 3 hours in Mega Bangna Shopping mall. No photos of those places at all. Boo me!!

Naaah.. I did bring my camera.... but what did not was the SD card. *wipe tears*. hehe. Clumsy pot pot again!!!

Wau! Jatujak market was really a place for shoppers. I even see people carrying huge luggage bag to store what they purchased. Em Gee!! Just name anything that you want, they are there! Sapa-sapa nak buat bisnes boleh la datang sini. :)

Anyway, it's good to reach this market as early as possible. At noon, this place would be very pack and you have to bear the traffic of the crowd & heat of the weather. By the way, it's now raining season in Bangkok which usually falls in the evening, you better plan your movement early. Don't forget to bring your umbrella. :)

Mega Bangna was next. Located quite near to the International Airport, this shopping mall is special as it is attached to the most popular Swedish home furnishing solutions, IKEA. We had lunch at Mega Bangna food court, The Food Republic. Here where i noticed a couple of super positive routine practiced by most Siamese;

1.  Drink plain water. (Mamat2 hensem pun selamba je bawak botol air k. Cool aje nengokkan)
2. Eat ulam (even with mee/meehoon/steak) - I ordered prawn fried meehoon and they gave me ulam jantung pisang and taugeh as sides. Wah lau wei!  :)

No wonder they have a very good skin. :)

And i immediately promised myself, that  I'm going to exercise this routine (drink a lot of plain water, and eat ulam/vege a lot) not only when I am in Thailand, but also when i got back to Malaysia and no matter where i go. Insya Allah! For better skin and healthy body! :)

Okaylah u ols. Jomla kita hidup secara sihat bersama-sama Jom!

Dengan Ucapan,

Jangan lupa baca Bismillah dulu sebelum tu. :)


Thursday, September 20, 2012



Salam semua,

Dah lama rasanya tak menulis. Lama sangat-sangat. Seriously I feel so bad for abandoning this blog for quite a while. So many pending entries and I just do not know which to restart. Due to increasing number of commitments at both home and office, I hardly find time to write. I did try every night after i put Oman to sleep but a few moments after i started, my laptop turned to look like a pillow. I ended up in lalala land with hugging that ' pillow'. :)

It has been 4 weeks plus since Bibik going back to her hometown for visiting her families. Honestly, bila dah setahun lebih ada bibik then suddenly tak ada, pergh.. very challenging. Especially when piles of dirty clothes to wash and dry, then nak iron lagi. Phew!!! 

Nak susun strategy siapa nak jaga Oman is another thing. Beside Oman being transited in my in laws house, My family from Perak spent their raya in Shah Alam coz i needed to work on the forth raya, hubby took a week off, myself did the same a week after that, there was also a week where Oman stayed in Sitiawan, Perak with my parents and brother. wau! Alhamdulillah. So far so good and i really deeply thank each of every member in my & in laws family for being so supportive and helpful. Ultimately, i take my hat off to my charming husband and son for being so understanding. There were times when I finished cooking dinner at 10pm, also when these boy running out of pants because all of them were still in the laundry basket unattended. Masya Allah!

 But they never complaint....emmm... much...=P

Here is a Little bit update about Encik Oman. 

Makin tinggi tapi masih slim. Slim Melim pun 15 kg lah jugak. :) Masih suka menyanyi and has a very passionate interest in drawing and coloring. Oman still not attending any pre-school this year. Just recently when i took a week leaves and stay at home with him, Oman had excellently pass free diaper trial. Now he still wears diaper but only when he sleeps at night and outing.  Next phase, Insya Allah. Takpelah dia dah tiga tahun lebih pun, what's more important for me is his readiness ( and my readiness too). :) . Until now, Oman still loves egg so much! every morning request telur hancur for breakfast. Pantang nampak telur rebus or telur goreng mesti nakkk punya. "Tapi Oman tak nak kuning, plis". Siap ada condition lagi tau. hihi. 

Oman sangat-sangat suka follow apa yang momma and dadda buat especially house chores. Kita mop dia pun nak mop, kita sapu dia pun nak, Dadda basuh basikal dia pun basuh basikal dia, Dadda lap meja dia pun nak lap. Every little pcs of tools such as penyapu, mop, kain lap, bekas sabun semua kene ada dua sebab dia tak reti nak share and tunggu. hadoiii.. :) Harap-harap rajin Oman sampai ke besar. Amin.

I'm actually on the land of Bangkok right now. Just arrived yesterday and I'll be here for a meeting until next Wednesday. I am staying in Millenium Hilton Hotel beside Chao Praya River. Nice hotel!  

I did pep talking with Oman few days before my departure and he took it very well. I also told him that until Bibik's coming home from her kampung, while my absence, he would stay with Cik Ani (Jiba's bibik) until his Nenni come back from school. "Oman kene jagi good boy tau. Sebab Cik Ani kene jaga Jiba, kene jaga Oman jugak. Oman jangan Noti-noti. Kalau Cik Ani attend Jiba, Oman jangan lari-lari k". It was reported to me by Irma that Cik Ani told her that it's easy to take of Oman. He was very good and delivers full cooperation to Cik Ani. 

Alhamdulillah. Good job, Oman! :)  

Our latest family photo. Taken in Penang. 

 Haha. What a busy backseat passenger! :)

Okay, i should be getting ready for my first day of meeting today, right now. I dun want to be late.

Til i write again, peeps! :)



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