Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Owh I Love Fruits so much!!!

So that's why.. everytime when i see MBG Fruitshop, i got crazy. :P

You can find MBG at many places.
Plaza Alam Central, Mid Valley, Subang Parade, Jaya, 33, Sunway Pyramid, Avenue K, The Curve, Melaka, ...wee!!

Irresistible kan? kan? I mean the fruits :P
(Pictures were grabbed from MBG website)

Most of the time, when i'm in Subang Parade and The Curve, i surely would stuck at MBG. Hehe. Paling koman pun beli apples 10 bijik. For me, the fruits there look very tempting, fresh and a lot of varieties. The prices are reasonable too!!.

Yesterday, i had my fruits dinner at MBG Jaya 33. A full cup of Skeena Sweet Cherries + Seedless Black Grapes (RM 5.00) and another 1 cup of mix fruits consisted of Apples, Pears and Strawberries (RM 5.00) was bought back home for my son and hubby. Yummylicious x hengat!!

I'm excited to share that at MBG they too offered MIX and MATCH FRESH FRUIT JUICE from RM6.50 to RM12.50 per glass. Tell you, there are more than 30 pre-created mix of fruit juices to choose from, complete with it's nutritional information. Owh you can create your own from the fruits available too! Trust me, they are pure juices, no preservatives, no sugar added and no ice.

Yesterday, I gave a try for the juice with the combination of Grapes, Strawberries and Pears. It's good to avoid constipation and alamak x ingat pulak ape lagi. :p (the real reason i chose that combination was because i'm so in love with grapes. Ngeh! Ngeh!) Rasa juice tu, pure and sedap gile hokey!! They are many more choices of juices that goods for eyes, cancer, bad breath, heart, etc, etc... which i am for sure will try them all!! :)

Not to forget, MBG does provide home and office delivery tau. But not on weekend la. For further information, kindly check here.

So, fruits lovers... SELAMAT MENCUBA.. yum! yum! :)

Ni gambar lama. While hunting for fruits at Penang Chow Rasta area.

Hah! Yang ini fruits juga tapi jangan makan selalu.
Mereka telah diawet. Sakit perut nanti. :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This early morning i received a bulletin from babycenter.com on this issue;

"How can I tell if there's a problem with my toddler's vision?"

His Dadda starts to wear glasses since primary school. His Momma is a short-sighted at 2nine years old.

How about Oman?

Let's hear it from babycenter.com!

Your child is too young to know that he could have a vision problem, so you'll want to be vigilant about noticing signs of potential trouble. Contact his doctor if your child:

• needs you to hold books very close when you read to him
Momma: Alhamdulillah, Oman is keeping normal distance when reading his Animal's book.

• squints often
Momma: Nope!

• tilts his head to see better (while looking at a picture, for example)
Momma: Nope!

• rubs his eyes when he's not sleepy
Momma: When Oman rubbed his eyes, Yes..he is sleepy.

• seems to tear excessively
Momma: His tears fall down heavily when crying. I dunno how to judge 'excessively'.

• closes one eye to see better (while looking at a book, for example)
Momma: Nope.

• avoids close, near-vision activity, like scribbling
Momma: Owh he loves to chase the ants closely with his eyes. :)

• avoids distance-vision activities, like watching birds or planes
Momma: So far i think he's very very alert in watching distance objects, such as VOM VOM.. sebatu jauhnya dia dah jerit-jerit excited. Hihi

• seems overly sensitive to light
Momma: Hmm.. a little bit yes at this point. Nah.. but not overly.

• looks cross-eyed, or his eyes don't seem to work in unison
Momma: Nope

• has redness in his eyes that doesn't go away in a few days, sometimes accompanied by pain or sensitivity to light
Momma: Nope

• seems especially clumsy
Momma: Nope

• has a persistent, unusual spot in his eyes in photos taken with a flash (instead of the common red-eye, for example, there's a white spot)
Momma: Nope

• has a droopy eyelid that won't ever fully open
Momma: Nope

• has white, grayish-white, or yellow-colored material in the pupil of his eye
Momma: Checked. Nope!

• has bulging eyes
Momma: Uish! Nope

• has pus or crust in either eye
Momma: Nope

• has any other change in the appearance of his eyes
Momma: Nope... Errr... but sometime mata dia jadi sepet. Napa ntah.

• complains of eye pain or discomfort
Momma: Yang ni Dadda dia selalu. Oman x pandai complaint lagi. Hihi

Your child's doctor can help you determine whether you should be concerned. She may examine your child's eyes, screen his vision, or refer you to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist).
Momma: Extremely agree. Even without signs listed above, if we parents see something unusual with our kids precious eyes, cepat-cepatla mendapatkan nasihat doctor yer. :)


Harapnya Oman tidakla mengikuti jejak langkah Dadda and Momma.
Kot-Kot Oman teringin nak pakai spec.. dun worry. Momma sedia melaksanakannya.
Bisa diatur dong ah! :)

Dah pernah ape.... Ngeeeeee...

p/s: I'll be away to Cherating for 2 days since tomorrow. Sob! Sob! Sedeynyer...... May Dadda and Oman baik-baik aja. Aamin!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Believe it or not, i'm writing on recipe again!!
(Chet! bunyi macam banyak kali je kan, padahal ni baru yang no. 2. HAHA)

It was last last Thursday, i was fasting.
When hubby asked me what i wished for berbuka, I quickly told him, "I'm gonna cook, bebeh!".
Oh Oh, actually I had nothing on my mind.
The raw ingredients such as veges, fish, chicken or meat inside my fridge were all out of stock.
Biasenye kalau macam ni, i buat nasi goreng cina je.
(Sonang yo, ikan bilis ngan tolo ado, semuo eh jalan..:p)

My Finance class finished at 4.30pm.
On the way to get my car, i saw 'Prego' made some promotions at a corner.
I walked myself there to get the idea.
Owh! i always love Prego's Traditional sauce!!
It makes my bolognese meatball Confirm sedap. Hehe.
(almaklumla nak buat sendiri sauce dia x berapa jadi :p)

I drove back home with these in my hands;
1. 300g Prego's Mushroom Sauce (Market Price Rm3.95)
2. 300g Prego's Traditional Sauce (Market Price Rm3.95)
3. 300g Prego's Carbonara Mushroom Sauce (Market Price Rm3.95)
4. 2 x 450g Ideal Gourmet's Spaghetti (Market price unknown)
All for RM10.00. Ok lah kan!!

On the way back, my mind was twisting, which sauce i'd like to try on. Obviously, traditional sauce has been few times, mushroon..hmm..hubby not really into it.. so, my vote went to Carbonara. Plus, carbonara is always hubby's all time favourite (Buat-buat x nampak ade perkataan mushroom kat belakang tu :P)

Persoalannya, beranikah i amik risiko? I never cook this sauce before. Ntah sedap ke tidak. Dah la puasa x bleh nak rasa. Buatnya x sedap. Uish... Maka, jalan terbaik, informed my hubby awal-awal, xde maknenye nak surprise-surprise. hihi.

Me: Kidd, bi nak wat Carbonara. Sila jangan gelak.
Kidd: Wau!! mesti sedap (i boleh bayangkan waktu ni hidung dia kembang kempis. Ciss!)
Me: Haip!!. Kidd, Kalau x sedap, kita makan kat luar ek.
Kidd: Ok dong.
Thank you hubby for being so sporting. :)

Before i reached home, i managed to make a 5 minutes stop at HERO to grab some additional ingredients. (x rawk la kan masak kuah kosong je..eceh)

So, here we go the bahan-bahan to make my SPAGHETTI CARBONARA with spinach;
1. 1 tin of 300g Prego's Carbonara Mushroom Sauce
2. 200g of Spaghetti (Any type pun boleh, boil macam biase, add some butter or myk masak supaya x melekat)
3. Meat (Ikut suka hati nak banyak mana)
4. Some soft spinach leaves (my own add)
5. 2 pcs of cheddar cheesdale (Nak bagi cheesy so that the mushroom taste x kuat sangat)

and my flow goes like this;

The first thing i did next to boil the spaghetti, was roasting the meat and cut it into tiny tiny pieces.

After that, heat the sauce in a pan, then add in the minced beef, cheese and spinach

Using Prego's, no salt's needed. Dia dah cukup masin. :)
Selepas itu, kacau-kacau-kacau.. maka siaplah

Serving for 3, Me, hubby and husband.. ahaks

I managed to finish cooking at 6.30 pm just the right time to fetch Oman at his Day Care. Wee!

Well, after tasted it during bebuka puasa, let me be honest, it will never ever taste like yummy cheesy carbonara at Italianies... but .. i was happy enough when Kidd repeated the meal 3 times. Hihi. (dia tengah lapar kot :p)

p/s: Oman ate a bowl of this by himself. Dia punya comot sebijik macam i bila pakai masque. Nampak mata je. Kekekee :P


Friday, July 2, 2010

WORK FROM HOME la sangat.....

It has been 3 days since Wednesday, my office has completely turned to sauna room. There 's Air-Conditioning Problem due to Main Chilled Water Pipe Leakage. Gosh! we had table/standing fan swinging at speed no.3 right in front of our face, still we couldn't bear the hotness. The air conditions are expected to be back in service by this coming Monday.
(Tetiba teringat zaman sekolah dulu, kalau merungut weather panaske, kipas off ke kan, mesti ade orang tegur, "ala, itu pun nak bersungut, Kat Padang Mahsyar nanti lagi panas". Gulp!!)

As a normal human being, i couldn't help myself to not mumbling around "adoi..panasnyer..adoii panasnyer" too. :(

My body temperature became hotter when yesterday, Nabira broke down. It couldn't be started at all. Looking at the phenomena, it's similar like previous month ago, but we have already equipped Nabira with a new battery. Battery kong again after 4 months???? Ridiculous!!!

So, today, i decided to work from home with the reason, "I want to settle Nabira's problem. Tambahan kat office xde air-cond". :p

Previously, few times when i worked from home, i would still send Oman to his day care.
I didn't think it would work if Oman was with me at home. Confirm i x buat keje nyer sebab kene layan dia, kan. Hihi.

This morning, my hubby was late to work so he asked me if i could handle Oman for a while until he came back at noon. He would miss his 9.00 am meeting if he had to send Oman first to Day Care. So, i challenged myself by saying OK.
"Alah, boleh nyer nak wat keje Opis kalau Oman ada pun".

Kuang kuang kuang... memang boleh, i tell you!!!! x caya tengok bawah ni.. :P

Boleh sangat!! Kalau buat keje kat dapur. :P
Sebab apa?

Sebab Pak cik tu boleh duk diam x kacau i.
He could play.. eh.. mess up the floor actually. :p
Some more, he couldn't reach my lappy's keyboard. Selamat sikit!. Hihi.

I found kitchen table as the perfect place to work after i performed few trials and luck.
On the sofa, a BIG No. Oman would pull my leg, my hands, my hair to attend him playing. On the dining table, still No, cause Oman would try to climb to reach my hip, dengan harapan he could sit on it and work together with me. HAHA.

Kesudahannya kat kitchen la yang terbaek!!!! Serius you all, i could read and reply my inbox peacefully with him playing next to me. Kekekekeek.

Close up sikitla kan.
I x tipu tawwww... i memang wat keje opis kat rumah. :p

So, to those who has to work from home with a child yang x reti duduk diam teman you kan, try la buat keje kat kitchen. Let him play with all the Tupperware. Insya Allah berkesan. HAHAHAHA.

p/s: Nabira dah leh start dah. Bukan Battery yang kong. Tapi, alternator battery tu yang mengong. Huwaaa... Nabira's spare part dah la mahal!!! kalau genuine Rm1000, kalau x genuine rm500. Kopak mak tau.. eh silap.. kopak laki mak tau!! Ngeeeeeeeeeeee.

p/s no. 2: Gambo2 di atas xde Momma dan Oman. Oman masa tu dah sampai London mimpi. :)



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