Thursday, December 31, 2009


We were cuti on Monday. So we took Oman for a short outing. It was started with we having the breakfast at Killiney Kopitiam, Laman Seri, Shah Alam. Gosh we're so in love with the design of the building and landscape there. They're so concept. Rasa nak bukak je 1 kedai kat situ. :p

Oman @ Laman Seri Business Park. He was so in good mood. Waving here and there.

Then we headed to The Curve. Opposite to Mothercare, there is a small play area and Oman had been given a try.

Oman x seriau langsung :)

Memberi pandangan penuh makna; "Dun worry, momma. I can do it"


His own tactic :)

Oman was all the way excited and untired. Punyalah dia marah when we stopped him. Hehe. Kejap jela tapi. Xlama pas tu dia dah ok balik.

Before we went back, we dropped by The First Few Years. Yeay! We saw The Puzzle Mats!!! I've been looking for this quite some times and tanpa berfikir panjang terus grabbed. Hihi.
Immediately when we reached home, Dadda assembled the puzzles dan Oman pun sibuk menolong. :)

The boys are working :)

Dadda pasang, Oman cabut, Dadda pasang Oman cabut :)

R for Roman :)


Oman with his new Puzzle Mat :)

Lately, i love to blog about the times that three of us had spent together. Those, i appreciate them so much!! 2010 is coming and i foresee it's gonna be a year with full of challenges. I really have to be strong. Huge responsibility to the family, also to my career. May Allah permudahkan segalanya. Aamin.

I heart u and your Dadda :x

Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Dadda still x jumpa apa yang dicari.
So Yesterday, we went to One Utama pulak :p
Masya Allah nak dapat parking memang 8 tahun. I guessed everyone's crazy for Christmas Sales. Pulak tu school holiday kan. We ultimately managed to get a space at Rainforest Zone.

Oman just woke up from his sleep. We brought him to see the fishes. Punyalah suka Little Man tu.

Is fish considered PET?
I were been asked by my teacher during my primary school,
what is your favorite pet? I answered, FISH. Bolehkan?

Oman needed to be refreshened so i took him to Baby's Room. At the same time, Dadda terus ke tempat yang ingin dituju.

By the time we caught him, his mission was nearly accomplished. Lega. As Dadda was still in the M&S Mens Fitting, i took Oman to baby's shoes section. Oman was really in good mood. He was so excited seeing them. Pandai pulak tu pilih. He loves the colorful design. There was another pair, same design but it's all silver, and soooo comel too!!!. Oklah, we took both. :)

As we promised to each other, our stop would only be that 1. Xleh melencong ke boutique lain ye. :)

Before went back, we had the dinner at Kluang Station. Oman is so in love with his new shoes or should i call it toy. Sebab dia bukannyer nak pakai pun, main-main adela. :)

Masa ni, puas kitorang nak amik the shoes from him, semuanya gagal. Obses sungguh! siap buat muka-muka hot lagi. Hahaha. The cutest was, he tried to hide it behind his back yang sungguhla kitorang boleh nampak tu. Hahahaha.

Before we reached the car, again, we took him to see the fishes. Ha, masa ni dia lupa dah pasal kasut tu. Tapi satu kes lagi nak pujuk him balik. He was hek hek xmo tinggalkan the fishes. Siap nangis masa we asked him to TATA his friends tu. Hihi.

Oman muka sedey :)

It's bed time. Xde ciri-ciri nak tidokan Little Man ni?? hehehehe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We had the whole Sunday at home. X larat sungguh nak outing dah.
Mana x nyer, within a week, started with Irma's Engagement, then my trip to Sydney, then my Brother's wedding in Terengganu, kaki-kaki semua dah say NO to anywhere.
Plus, rumah pun dah ala-ala carrousel kat airport.
Whenever u make the round, bags were everywhere screaming, "unpack me!!!" "me first!!!" "i don't want to hug these dirty clothes!!" ..
I managed to resolved some of them.
Shockingly, i had my time cooking lunch and dinner, tidak ketinggalan, goreng cekodok for tea time as well. Wee!! :)

That day after lunch, we spent the afternoon at the hall upstairs. Kidd, my brother and my cousin having their sweet times changed the lighting of the mini office, formatted the PC, downloaded latest songs, etc etc. What was i doing? Hehe.. capturing my son mengemas the DVDs rack. :p

Part of hasil kemasan Oman :)

Hahahaha... rambut serabut sungguh anakku ini :)

That is Oman's abah Chik and Abah Lan

Dadda Khusyuk

Few minutes before he smiled for cekodok pisang :)

Yesterday's afternoon, kaki sudah terasa gatal-gatal mahu outing :P.
So, i e-mailed Kidd, "KLCC logik x??" :) .

Yess. Kidd pun memang nak cari something there.
So after work, we met at home, packed Oman's diaper bag, picked him at Mak Yah's house and KLCC there we were. :)

We spent most of the hours at Kinokuniya. I was looking for these 2 books;

1) Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. It was introduced by my awakku, Anne. :) I always favor her meal recipes to her adorable son, Imran. So, by having this book, i hope i can prepare something more diverse and varied to suit Oman's appetite. Yey!! Thank you awak for the tips and layan saya call awak malam tadi tanya tajuk buku. hahahaha

2) Caitlin Friedman's The Girl's Guide to Being a Working Mom. I bumped into the synopsis of this book in a flight magazine when i was on my way to Sydney recently. Firstly, i fall in love with the book cover. :P I suka gilerr gambar stroller to OK!! :) Haha. Then, the contents "Happy at work, Happy at Home" triggering my heart. I really want to pursue both of them. (Jangan tanya bila buku ni i nak habis baca yer. Yang dulu pun belum khatam lagi :p) . heheheh.

Done with momma's books. I brought Oman to Baby and Toddler's Book Section while waiting for Dadda's to visit the very love Architecture and Design Section on the 1st Floor (Nila tempat kitorang selalu dating since zaman bercinta, sampaila dah kahwin belum ada Oman. Seriously best giler buku-buku kat sini. All about Arts. Tunggulah Oman dah leh jalan sket ke. Xyah heret stroller dah. Oman boleh join :)). Oman was very layan play with the books. Play yer bukan baca. hehe.

Jangan kacau ye. Saya tengah baca sinopsis.. :p


Momma pun nak jugak :P

Tiba-tiba.. i found this book. Ish Ish Ish... Budak-budak zaman sekarang. Kecik-kecik lagi dah diintroduce.

Siap ade credit card tuh. X tahan sungguh! :p

So, dun be shock if by age of 2 years old maybe, your kids dah boleh tanya pasal credit card tau. "Mommy, can i have my own???" ha, tak tebeliak mata?? NO NO No for Oman . :p

Before we called it a day, we had our dinner at Madan Kwan's and Oman had his 1 round riding a car. :)

Guy's talk :)

Eksen sungguh xmo duduk :)

Then we went home and sleeeeeeppppp....ZZZZZZzzzzzz :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


We were in Sungai Long. My lil sis-in-law is now officially engaged to someone :). I am extremely happy for her.

Everything turns out to be so awsome!!! The pelamin, the hantarans, the fresh flowers, the tables, the stairs.. sedap mata memandang. Simply elegance.

And Irma herself... She looked absolutely gorgeous, i couldn't remember how many times i praised her; "kari gila Ima!!" :) The white-turquoise dress fitted he well. Her make up, Her hairdo.. ahhhh Congratulations dear. Alhamdulillah everything went perfect. :)

(I am kindly rushing, photos later k. Lagipun gamba banyak with the 4 photographers. Waiting from them :))

Well, di pagi yang hening ini, i am now packing for Sydney. I plan not to sleep until i am on the flight. Yes, i'll make use of the 7 hours journey. TQ very much for my parents, my brothers and my sisters who all are here now, menemani En. Armi menjaga Oman sepanjang ketiadaanku.

I don't know if i'm gonna cry or not. I must be reaching KLIA at latest 7.30 am. I think, if Oman awakes before i leave the home, if he cries.. YES, kami akan nangis berjemaah. Haha.
But if he doesn't cry, or maybe he is still lena diulit mimpi by that time, i will still cry. :P Tapi dalam hati la kot.

Hmm.. though it is so sad to leave the boys again, there is a space of excitation that i'm gonna meet my former uni mates in Sydney. This lovely couple baik hati sangat. They gonna fetch me at the airport and we gonna have our dinner at the Opera House. Wee!!! Thank you Azah and Basid, i am really looking forward to see both of you tonight. :D

I better continue packing now. Half way to go. Huhu.

Dadda and Oman, momma love both of you so much. Let's rindu-rinduan ok. Muahs!!

Oman wears Turquoise

Momma wears Turquoise.

Dadda merangkap Photographer, testing 1 2 3 :)

Penatnya kenduri...ZzzzZZZ :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Oman is back unwell :(
Fever, Flu and cough.
Yesterday morning, when i sent Oman to his babysitter, his temperature pretty high.
He cried and hugged me tightly when i passed him to Kak Su.
Gosh! i feel so guilty. I ran into my car, drove to office and cried along the way.

I couldn't focus at work.
Towards noon, i made a call to Makcik Yah.
"Badan Oman panas sangat tadi Nuurill, makcik dah bagi PCM dah. Dah ok sikit. Risau Makcik tengok Oman. Makin kurus"
Seperti banjir kilat, i ran to the toilet and cried again.
Agak-agak dah reda, cover sket mata dengan tisu toilet (xsedar) :p
Then i e-mailed Cik Shah that i would like to take Oman to see his paed.
I 'assumed' Cik Shah akan jawab OK. (maknanya sebelum i received his OK i dah cabut :))

Hasilnya, Oman was nebulized due to wheeziness, and 4 medications to be taken.
4???? Orang tua pun liat nak makan ubat, inikan pulak Encik Little Man tu.
Huhu. Ubat demam (PCM), Promethazine, Ventolin and Zinnat.
Kalau x baik jugak, xtaula OMan.. :(

I berdoa sangat-sangat Oman cepat-cepatla sembuh.
Oman baru nak gain weight.

Today i am on urgent leave, jadi nurse kat rumah.
Risau tau dengan pesakit sorang ni. Now makan apa pun xmo. Susu pun minum sikit je. Huhu. Momma sangat risau!!!!!!

Little bit on my Little Man.
Oman is now 9 months and 3 weeks old baby.
A young man with 78cm tall and very slim with 8kg weight.
(Oman sangat ringan for 9 months old baby).

Oman merangkak dah laju bangat, dah pandai naik tangga sket sket, berdiri masih goyang-goyang. :)

He is now able to respond to simple instructions like;

- Bye or tata - He will wave back with his own way
- Gimme 5!! - Hanya akan 5 to familiar faces :)
- Very Good - He will touch our thumb
- No! No! No! - He will stop moving and look back with question mark face. Cuteness! :)
- Kejar dia! Kejar dia! - His leg will cycle like "run for your life!!" :)

Dan ade few lagi. Xleh recall lak. :P

But there is 1 which we totally love to make him doing it;

"Oman, gigi mana?" or "Oman, show me your teeth"

Oman automatically will..............

kakakakakaka... Open his mouth widely. Macamla ade gigi Oman Oii!!!! :)

Finally, Salam Eid-Al Adha semua. Kami raya Klate :)


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