Wednesday, April 28, 2010


During my first 4 months of pregnancy, i didn't experience any form of morning sickness at all, however, i lost all my appetites except for vegetables and fruits. I easily lost 4 kg that time. (Now? Hehehe.. 1 kg pun payah :p)

Actually i am a vege and fruit lover since i was a kid. My set meals wouldn't be complete if vege's not one of the course (Tapi kalau abroad sebulan, makan salad je tiap2 hari, x lalu jugak :p).
My most fav is to have steamed or stir fried. I boleh je had a lunch that i'd only order 'steamed kailan with oyster sauce'. Pelik je org kiri kanan tgk i makan. Hehe. And then Fruitssss!!! I ensure that i always have them in my fridge. Any kind of fruits. The latest, i'm crazy with strawberries. Can't wait to climb Tanah Tinggi next weekend!! :)

The other day, after i fetched Oman from Mak Yah's house, we went to Tesco Extra that located just a few miles from my house to shop some groceries. Since it'd be only two of us having dinner together that night (Dadda ade job), so i just tapaued chicken rice timun lebih for me, and rushed back home to cook mushroom soup for Oman.

At home, while having dinner, i noticed that Oman kept staring at me crunching on the cucumber slice. "nak" "nak".. alahai.. i was afraid to offered him tapi kesian. Yela dia kan x cukup gigi lagi nak kunyah. Takut chocking pulak. Huhu. He insisted, siap berjujuran airmata lagi, so i chopped2 the cucumber into very small pieces tapi dia xmo. He wanted to have it exactly like mcm kita org tua-tua ni tawww.. ayoyo eksen sungguh! xperla, i let him tried... hambik!! he finished them all pieces. Hehehehe.

Since then, raw cucumber becomes his fav munch-munch. I'm ok with it since Oman pun relax je. Xde pulak dia gassy-gassy. Some info on cucumber for babies can be read here.

Let me share with you those veges and fruits that Oman most love to have them to date.

Raw cucumber

Cucumbers are good sources of Vitamin C and A. Untuk babies and tood buang kulit tau! Kalau untuk adults xpe banyak fiber.

fried/steamed long bean
Beans (green) is a calcium booster. The many nutrients in green beans can help you prevent a number of different conditions, including Alzheimer's, atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, colon cancer, asthma, arthritis, acne, ear infections, and maybe even colds and flu’s. To get some recipes for your kids, click here. I discovered he first to like it masa makan dekat nearby restaurant. Dia hisap the beans sampai lembik. Pastu baru kunyah. hehe.

fried/steamed kailan
Love by many Chinese. Ni my favorite!!! Geram kot tgk momma dia makan. Hehe. The same tektik like the beans he applied. Yum yum

It's a great food to absorb iron selain it's rich with vitamin C. Tomatoes are actually fruits and they contain a high level of acidity that MAY prove harsh on a tiny tummy. Oooo.. oooo.. not giving it raw to your kids may reduce the acidity and be more gentle on a tiny tummy. Check here. This is his latest. I was preparing the ingredients to cook the primavera sause for dinner sambil tu i dok makan the tomato slices. (Kalau the grape tomatoes lagilah i crazy, satu pack tu i boleh ratah sorang2.. hehe) My loyal little helper kat dapur tu pun nak cuba jugak. Hihi. Terus he likes it and he can eat 2 whole tomatoes a day. So far his tummy is just fine. Wee!!

Limau Mandarin
I think he loves the sweetness of the juice. Tapi kot nasib dapat yang masam tu, kerot-kerot muka. hahahah

Red Apples
Vitamins: A, C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium.
For recipes on apples to your kids, click here.
Ni Paling selalu ada dalam our fridge. He likes it when i bit little pieces for him.
Selalu lumba-lumba dengan dadda sapa dapat dulu from me. :)

Grapes contain flavonoids that may be responsible for heart health and protecting against "bad" cholesterol. They are my no. 1 favorite fruits. Happened to be his too!!! I loike! :) For kids recipes, click here.

One of the most important nutritional components of Bananas is that they contain potassium and fiber. Bananas are also high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2. Oman kalau yg raw dia kureng sikit. Tapi kalau i buat cekodok, laju je dia. Boleh? hehe. For kids recipes, click here.

Moga-moga, his likey towards veges and fruits ni berkekalanlah sampai dia dah besar panjang nanti. Aamin. :)

TQ google for all the picas above. :)

His another favorite.. makan straw. Ish! :) - Pic by Ayong

Hmmm.. wondering. Do you know if dried fruits good for babies? Cause Oman sangat suka seedless raisins such by Ligo and Sunflower tu. Xpe ke ek?

Oh by the way, today is the birthday of my pretty SIL, Irma. Happy Birthday darling!!!!! Muah..Muahs!! Moga jadi isteri mithali mcm K.Nuurill. Ahaks!!! hahahaha

- Pic by OP

p/s: Some of the pics during her wedding are in my hands oledi. Nanti i blog bout them k. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Immediately after i touched down at KLIA, i was sent by Airport Limo to DSH. When i reached there, the was a man smiling at me; "Kak, ni hospital yer, bukan hotel"... Arghh.. It must be my huge luggage. He thought that i was at false destination. :p

Oman's discharged from DSH on 16 April 2010, after 5 days being treated closely due to temperature fluctuation and viral infection. He was boring to the max on the last day, he didn't want to stay in the ward at all, he pulled my hand to visit the whole hospital, he climbed on me and played 'kuda-kuda', he ran and shouted at me if i wasn't chase him. At the same time, I was suffering with diarrhea and he didn't want anybody else nursing him especially the medical officers. Want it or not, every toilet time he was in there with me. Elok pulak dia diam dalam tu main botol syampu dia!!!! Cobaan betul!! ;P Though i was totally exhausted, dehydrated, but looking at how he appealed in cute face and move, i melted. Biarlah dia active macam tu dari dia terlantar sakit kan?. Huhu.

There's one thing surprised me as Oman gained 0.4 grams even he's sick. Hehe. His weight is now 9.6kg at 79cm tall. Berkhasiat sungguh bubur hospital. :)

My families from perak visited us on last weekend. Dengan harapan they could lend their hands nursing Oman while giving me and my hubby some quality time to rest. Harapan tinggal harapan. :p

I must be visible to Oman's eyes 24 hours. After 5 minutes, his cute mouth would call up 'momma'. If no answer, his tears dropped. He would ran to the kitchen, toilet, store looked up for me. Tersedu sedan. If i silently ran to the toilet, he could sensed it, mulala macam nak pecah pintu toilet tu he hammered it with his cute hands. Immediately when he got me hugging kissing him, terus lebar mcm padang bola smiles dia tau!

My mom told me he might be afraid that i would leave him again. (I was in China a day before he admitted, remember?). Huhu. My mom then siap sempat buat lawak lagi;
"Agaknya, kamu bawak dia bobok sekali masa kat spital hari tu (bobok tu bahasa kami replacing ber_k), dia dah terkenan dengan bau kamu. Tu yang nak melekat je tu" Ahaks!. Sabo jekla.

On Monday, he is no more having fever, a little flu but recovering. I called up Mak Yah to check on Oman. I've been told that Oman kept crying. Yesterday still the same but improved. Today's morning, my hubby told me that Oman's still crying when he passed him to Mak Yah. Ala kesiannya. Memang Cobaan!!!!

Now, i can't wait to fetch him from Mak Yah's house. Nak pelok ciom dia. Cepatlah 5.30 pm. Ngeeeeeeeeee :D

p/s: Dear hubby, i just want to express, how i am so proud of you, you gently handled the first 2 days you and Oman in the hospital. Alone. Want a 'PLEASANT present' ?. Ehem ehem. :P

On the final day at DSH. He was not on the bed. It was on the floor. We were having picnic at kaki lima. Budak kicik ini xmo masuk bilik! :P

Thursday, April 15, 2010


When Oman was there inside my belly, kicking, i spent most of my latest 3 months' nights reading novels before sleeping. Those i've read were Confession of a Shopaholic, The Undomestic Goddess , Can you keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella and A Girl Thing by Sarah O'Brien. They're amazing!!

It's a HUGE pause that after Oman has been delivered, i was no more looking at any novels until recently i bought Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. To my surprise, i completed reading it within 3 days. What an achievement to myself!!

This regaining spirit was actually charmed by Iza, Anne and Thara, the mommies who are also into reading today, plus a little remaining reading passion left in my blood. I have to thank you, ladies!! ;)

I love Chick lit stories!! I found the message being sent to me in a way that it's light and easy to understand, inspiring, hilarious, naughty, colorful, stylista. Owh how i love most the cover presentation with amusing images, icons and fonts. However, i would one day give myself a try for a more adults stories, more lively.. Sidney Sheldon maybe? :)

To newbies chick lit fans, i found a website titled Chick Lit Books devoted to the chick lit genre. It featured a huge chick lit database, several reviewers, hundreds of reviews and a lot more. Check it out!! From the 5 stars ranked books, i am now hunting for these;

I have yet found them. Perhaps after everything with Oman's health has been in order. Aamin!

Owh! Owh! Shopaholic fan, hands up?????? Have you heard about 'Mini Shopaholic' which to be released out on September? Weewit!! Can't wait to follow the adventurous life of Becky and her new daughter :)

Becky's junior soon in the market!!

Peeps, have you ever tried to buy a book through online? Me no.
A friend of my friend, she is the owner of
Jules Online Bookstore, where you could find ready and pre-order books to bargain with reasonable price!! The books in the collection are not bad at all! Let's try!! :p

Monday, April 12, 2010


Alhamdulillah. My Irma is now officially a wife to Afie. The events were totally lovely and she was undoubtedly gorgeous on that days. I rest first the beautiful stories of the events.

It all happened when we least expected that Irma's fall sick a day before her solemnization. Blood test confirmed that she's having dengue fever. All of us were so worried about her. Though her fever below dangerous stage, she's so weak and dehydrated.

She became strong when she thought of making her days lively. She fought her pain and hid it behind her sweetest smiles. Many didn't know that after her solemnization on Friday morning, she was admitted few hours in emergency room, being dripped due to dehydration. On Friday night, it was her malam berinai. She gave the best of her during karaoke & photoshoot session, until after all guest went back, she was then totally exhausted and ill. The next morning, she still attended the rehearsal and she hang in there until the actual reception succeed. I 'm so proud of you, sister. You made it!!

On the rehearsal day, one by one of the family member fall sick after Irma. My father in law, brother in law and Oman. They got temperatures. But the event at night must go on so they pretended like they were okay. Oman on the other hand, cranky all the way. He didn't want anybody else including his grandparents, aunts and uncles, except me. He would cried out loud when someone's trying to take him from me. So that day, during the event, i was holding him most of the time. They said, "he knows her momma gonna leave him tomorrow morning". I thought so.

Early Sunday morning, It's so sad to leave him when he's not feeling well. :( But i felt relief when my momma texted me that he's fever had went down yesterday. I felt much happier when i knew that he's being so charmed towards his aunt and uncles. The happiest news was when my hubby reported to me that it's so easy to put him to sleep that night. I felt heaven.

Until this morning, when i received a call from my hubby that Oman's fever risen very high, it turned to be a blackout to me. More to note that the whole family of my in laws are down with fever. To add the sadness, Afie, Irma's husband is confirmed having dengue similar as her wife while the rest are being put under close monitoring.

Back to Oman, as 2 of his family members are now positive dengue, my hubby decided to bring Oman to DSH for further checking. I was so sad and guilty when he told me that he's going to handle things there alone since everyone is flatten with sickness. There were my family to help but hubby told me that they're on their way back to Perak sending my brother & sister back to the unis. Surprisingly, my family members are down with fever too. Oh my!!!

I kept telling myself to stay calm facing these huge tests, to be very strong, not to cry, but when i knew that Oman's directly being admitted as he's suspected to have Dengue/ H1N1, i was burst into tears like the heavy rains. Appeared in front my eyes, very sad face of my son searching for his momma. I imagined how hard my hubby handled the situation. I could hear his voice calling me, i could hear he's crying when the doctor took his blood for test. I feel so so bad to both of them. :(

I 'm going back to be with them tomorrow morning!! Me and my hubby are the only health bodies alive. Oman needs a lot of attention especially from me. I know he's refusing any meals that he wants his momma to bf him for comfortableness. Syukur, I am so grateful that my superiors understand with my hard situation. They allow me to discontinue my involvement at this meeting in Guilin. Yes, i'm gonna miss the opportunity to learn new good things bout my work. But what's more important is to be with my my hubby and son during this hard time, right? (TQ to Mel, K.Marina & Sal too much! They helped me a lot with arranging the ticket. Love ya all!! Muahs!!)

I feel very so sorry for my families both sides. Semoga everything's not getting worse. Cepat-cepat baik-baik semua mcm selalu.

Kidd and Oman, i can't wait to see both of you tomorrow. Ya Tuhan, lindungilah perjalananku, Aamin.

ps: Latest update about my Little Man, he is now admitted at DSH (dadda stays with him), still on high fever, having flu and cough, he's tested negative dengue (Alhamdulillah!!), he doesn't wanna eat and drink (if this continue, he's gonna be dripped tonight), H1N1 test result will be heard tomorrow. I pray hard it will be negative too!!! Aamin.

Pic mmsed by Dadda.
Dun be afraid, darling. Momma is gonna there be with you... soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you know that almost all Brazilian, brush their teeth after every meal everyday?
It is so true!!!

When i was a month in Brazil back in 2008. I saw it everyday.
It's kind of tradition.
Kids, adults and oldish generation, all of them practicing it. :)

I was working in Flextronics Sorocaba whereby the very first day, i saw a group of ladies brushing their teeth in the loo after we took our breakfast. When i went out, i bumped into a group of gentlemen with the toothbrush in their hands. Dahla handsome-handsome... cair ok!!! keke :) The same scenario seen after lunch and tea time. I was working with my machines in the line, when i visited the nearest toilet, it was occupied with lady operators brushing their teeth happily.

Yes, i did bring my toothbrush to work too, but not every after meal i brushed my teeth. 3 times a day compared to 6/7 times a day like brazilian??? So, me and my team, we decided to follow the routine. To feel it. ;)

On my last day in Brazil, i spent a night in Sao Paulo before flied back to Malaysia. I took the chance to visit Plaza Morumbi, a great shopping mall in Sao Paulo city. I had my seafood dinner in one of the restaurant.. argh.. cannot recall the name. But what's interesting was, when i went to the loo after that, there were people from all kind of age, brushing their teeth! Owh!! They brush their teeth in shopping mall's loo too!!!

It 's adoring you know, to see the small kids with cutie mutie toothbrush brushing their teeth at the little tiny sink, in the loo, of the biggest shopping mall :)
They have been practicing it since babies, so the culture of brushing their teeth will be ongoing forever. "Melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya"


X-Deena Team from X-company i worked before. You guys rocked!!!! :)

Brazil's colleague, Fernando Nagai

Brazil's colleague, Robson Pezzotta

Cantekkan gigi diorang? :)

My family in Brazil. I miss you, Pamela!!!!

Owh, writing about brushing teeth reminds me of my Little Man. I think he is now ready to explore this. At 14 months, he's now having 2 and 1/2 teeth. :P I cannot wait longer for his next tooth to show up. Berzaman!!

Xde gigi ke, ade 2 batang jeke, Oman tetap Pojaan hatiku!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yesterday evening, before my hubby went out to meet his friends in Sunway Pyramid....

Kidd: Bi, are you sure you dun want to follow me?
Bi: Xper kot Kidd. Oman looks very sleepy. Nanti dia x comfortable lama-lama while you guys having conversation. (Kalau dulu, mesti nak ikut punya. Dah jadi momma ni, kenela consider Encik Little Man ok ke x dulu. :))
Kidd: Bi nak pesan ape-ape?
Bi: Nak!! Rasa cam nak makan donut. Kidd belikan Bi 'Jakel' kay.
Kidd: ???? Jakel ???? Nak makan Donut ke kain?
Bi: Eh! Jco!! silap!!!
Kidd: Geleng kepala..... :p

Nampaknya nyanyuk i sudah makin menjadi-jadi. X boleh jadik nih!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The rashes on Oman's skin has gone. He's now back to his normal routine. No more cranky like previous few days. He's having a very good sleep yesterday's night. Alhamdulillah. I feel so relief.

When we met Dr. Mardziah on Wednesday, she told us that those rashes were not measles. It's a kind of viral infection that could occurred to any babies/tod due to many reasons. Most certainly, Oman's experiencing it due to high fever and sore throat he had few days ago. Calamine lotion was greatly effective that there is no more show up of any reddish dots on Oman's body overall.

Oman is now weighing 9.2 kg, 79cm tall at 13th month plus. His weight has no change like 1 and 1/2 month ago. Slim betul anak bujang i nih!. Before this, he had gained bits but he might loss some grams during previous days sickness. As long as his appetite is now returned big and he's keeping active, i shouldn't be worry too much. :)

Owh my... i would like to share about Oman latest interest which always make me almost faint. Nowadays, he loves to pick any tiny little thing he meet and quickly insert it to his mouth. Sabo jekla tau. The latest, he found my brooch on the floor (my fault!!) and i think he thought it was a kind of sweet or what, he simply swallowed it. When he saw us sikit lagi nak kene heart attack running after him, he threw it out right away. Fuhhh!!!

So now, all of us must put all eyes to him anytime, everywhere. We must be extravaganza careful, keep away, move high, all possible creatures that he could 'makan'. Including his ABC puzzle mats. Itupun dia suka nak masuk mulut tau. Oman..Oman. As for me, i'll be more focus, fight hard for my clumsiness mainly for my son's safety. Good for me also kan. Asyik clumsy pot pot je. Huhu...


A little update on Irma's wedding preparation. Since Oman's condition's convincingly positive, we went to One Utama meeting my mil on Wednesday night for the little flower girl's dress hunting. The 4 flower 'ladies' have earlier been provided with laces and lining by Irma (Serious Laces murah bangat dekat Bandung ok!!), it's only the little flower girl outfit left, and we had limited time remained.

Firstly we went to 'Flower Girl' outlet. There were many designs and colors, the prices were also very reasonable, but we couldn't get the one we looking for. So we moved next to Lovely Lace. Still we couldn't get a dress that met the eyes but we fall in love with the fg hair accessories (veil with tiara). we let it hold there until we found a perfect dress.

Next, we moved to Parkson. At girl's section, there was Room 8 Couture. Oh My!! The dresses sangat gojas-gojas. It's an Australian brand with the price ranges from RM49 to RM299. The detailed the dress, the higher the price. We were getting tired, kaki pun dah lengoh, so mama decided us to finalize the dress there. Kalau ikutkan banyak je tempat lain boleh pergi survey else than OU, it's just the matter of time.

After a while, I proposed a dress to mama, she smiled and agreed. So did my hubby, he said if he was to choose, he would pick the same. I MMSed the picas to Irma for her comment as the ultimate approval was to received from the bride herself, Irma. :)

A sweet dress for the little flower girl. Size (5-6 years). Moga-moga it fits Aleesya.

The lace flower paste details won out heart

Yey!! The bride's happy with it and gave her YES!! :)

Lat but not least, we ran back to Lovely Lace to grab the hair accessories and socks.

Nampaknya, pencarian for page boys and flower girls outfits sudah pun tamat. They must be looking ultimately charming and beautiful on that day. Aamin :)

The guys lepaking at Timber's area waiting for the girls.

Dah bosan la tu.. hihihi


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