Saturday, April 3, 2010


The rashes on Oman's skin has gone. He's now back to his normal routine. No more cranky like previous few days. He's having a very good sleep yesterday's night. Alhamdulillah. I feel so relief.

When we met Dr. Mardziah on Wednesday, she told us that those rashes were not measles. It's a kind of viral infection that could occurred to any babies/tod due to many reasons. Most certainly, Oman's experiencing it due to high fever and sore throat he had few days ago. Calamine lotion was greatly effective that there is no more show up of any reddish dots on Oman's body overall.

Oman is now weighing 9.2 kg, 79cm tall at 13th month plus. His weight has no change like 1 and 1/2 month ago. Slim betul anak bujang i nih!. Before this, he had gained bits but he might loss some grams during previous days sickness. As long as his appetite is now returned big and he's keeping active, i shouldn't be worry too much. :)

Owh my... i would like to share about Oman latest interest which always make me almost faint. Nowadays, he loves to pick any tiny little thing he meet and quickly insert it to his mouth. Sabo jekla tau. The latest, he found my brooch on the floor (my fault!!) and i think he thought it was a kind of sweet or what, he simply swallowed it. When he saw us sikit lagi nak kene heart attack running after him, he threw it out right away. Fuhhh!!!

So now, all of us must put all eyes to him anytime, everywhere. We must be extravaganza careful, keep away, move high, all possible creatures that he could 'makan'. Including his ABC puzzle mats. Itupun dia suka nak masuk mulut tau. Oman..Oman. As for me, i'll be more focus, fight hard for my clumsiness mainly for my son's safety. Good for me also kan. Asyik clumsy pot pot je. Huhu...


A little update on Irma's wedding preparation. Since Oman's condition's convincingly positive, we went to One Utama meeting my mil on Wednesday night for the little flower girl's dress hunting. The 4 flower 'ladies' have earlier been provided with laces and lining by Irma (Serious Laces murah bangat dekat Bandung ok!!), it's only the little flower girl outfit left, and we had limited time remained.

Firstly we went to 'Flower Girl' outlet. There were many designs and colors, the prices were also very reasonable, but we couldn't get the one we looking for. So we moved next to Lovely Lace. Still we couldn't get a dress that met the eyes but we fall in love with the fg hair accessories (veil with tiara). we let it hold there until we found a perfect dress.

Next, we moved to Parkson. At girl's section, there was Room 8 Couture. Oh My!! The dresses sangat gojas-gojas. It's an Australian brand with the price ranges from RM49 to RM299. The detailed the dress, the higher the price. We were getting tired, kaki pun dah lengoh, so mama decided us to finalize the dress there. Kalau ikutkan banyak je tempat lain boleh pergi survey else than OU, it's just the matter of time.

After a while, I proposed a dress to mama, she smiled and agreed. So did my hubby, he said if he was to choose, he would pick the same. I MMSed the picas to Irma for her comment as the ultimate approval was to received from the bride herself, Irma. :)

A sweet dress for the little flower girl. Size (5-6 years). Moga-moga it fits Aleesya.

The lace flower paste details won out heart

Yey!! The bride's happy with it and gave her YES!! :)

Lat but not least, we ran back to Lovely Lace to grab the hair accessories and socks.

Nampaknya, pencarian for page boys and flower girls outfits sudah pun tamat. They must be looking ultimately charming and beautiful on that day. Aamin :)

The guys lepaking at Timber's area waiting for the girls.

Dah bosan la tu.. hihihi


  1. rs oman kena the same as imran last time..igt tak sy ada blogged pasal rashes yg nampak cam started as sore throat gak,pastu high fever then rashes..yg lg kelalakr wak,imran kena like 2 weeks before wedding abg sy..oman pun nampaknya on the same timing...hahah..

    Oh well,nasib tak meassles kan..kalau tak,sure bertompok2 dlm gambar..heheheeh..

  2. Syukur dear, its not a measles!
    jrg baby kena after get MMR,as my paed said la..
    betol,Adam pun the same case,everything kutip masuk extra careful ait..
    neway the flower girl's dress tu gojes..sweet sgt!!
    tk sabar nak tgk pic Oman during wedd nanti..share pic with us k!

  3. Alhamdulillah its not measles, and Oman is recoverin fast. :)

    BTW, sweet dress tu. Pandai Mea pilih. Mesti MIL u tambah2 sayang kat u sbb berjaya handle the page boy/flower girl task dgn jayanya ;)

  4. betullah wak! saya igt entry awak. mmg sama mcm imran hari tu. hihi. bikin suspen tau diorang nih. tompok2 dalam gamba tu 1 wak, pastu takut time event nanti dia duk cranky bagai. kene pakai pampers je. baju semua xmo.hihi. mujur dah elok wak dia. saya mula2 tu dah mmg igt campak dah sebab 'doctor2' kat rumahkan ramai. hahaha.

  5. Nadia, paed Oman pun ckp macam tu. Biasanya jarang baby who has taken MMR kene measles. Ape-ape pun Nuurill sangat2 bersyukur Oman dah sembuh. Sekarang ni selera dia tengah meluap-luap.. asyik "nak" 'mamam" je.. hehehehe.

    Hopefully masa wedding Ima nanti Nuurill mmg akan ada masa la nak snap snap ni.. almaklumla jadi PA pengantin :P kuang kuang kuang..

  6. Nadine, Oman dah sembuh dengan jayanya. Alhamdulillah. :) Faaz jarang kan demam? Baguih anak bujang awak ni. Hihi.

    My MIL mmg dah x cukup tangan dah, so she leave it happily to me. kekekeke. After few years knowing my in laws.. banyak pulak persamman taste kitorang. So, mudahlah kelija. hihi.

  7. hehehe..wani dh ckp dah mesti oman 'makan' puzzle mat tu nanti sebab damia pon 'makan' jugak.. ;p
    even skrg pon damia suka kunyah2 small pieces of mat tu klu dia jumpa...adoii..buat cam chewing gum plak...

    nuuriil, dress itu sungguh cantik..pandai nuuriil pilih...xlama dh kan majlisnya?

  8. Tulah Wani.. Memang dia suka betul nak makan puzzle mat tuh. Lagi kita kata No.. lagi dia happy bawak lari benda tuh. Hihihi

    Majlis Irma gonna be this Saturday Wani. Hmm.. sangat nervous.. eh, Nuurill pulak yg nervous ni ha. Haha

  9. comelnya Oman n momma dia..;)

    Nway, alhamdulillah Oman xkene measles! klu tk sure kesiankn..

    Ek eh cantik bju flower girl tu..simple but yet elegant!:)

  10. TQ Izu yang sweet sangat! :)

    Alhamdulillah. Rasa lepas ni nak bagi Oman chicken pox vaccination lah pulak. Kalau dia x kene langsung chicken pox lagi baik!! :)

    dress girls memang cantik-cantikan Izu. Cemanal Izu menahan kesabaran beli baju anak2 dara Izu kan?..hihihih



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