Monday, April 12, 2010


Alhamdulillah. My Irma is now officially a wife to Afie. The events were totally lovely and she was undoubtedly gorgeous on that days. I rest first the beautiful stories of the events.

It all happened when we least expected that Irma's fall sick a day before her solemnization. Blood test confirmed that she's having dengue fever. All of us were so worried about her. Though her fever below dangerous stage, she's so weak and dehydrated.

She became strong when she thought of making her days lively. She fought her pain and hid it behind her sweetest smiles. Many didn't know that after her solemnization on Friday morning, she was admitted few hours in emergency room, being dripped due to dehydration. On Friday night, it was her malam berinai. She gave the best of her during karaoke & photoshoot session, until after all guest went back, she was then totally exhausted and ill. The next morning, she still attended the rehearsal and she hang in there until the actual reception succeed. I 'm so proud of you, sister. You made it!!

On the rehearsal day, one by one of the family member fall sick after Irma. My father in law, brother in law and Oman. They got temperatures. But the event at night must go on so they pretended like they were okay. Oman on the other hand, cranky all the way. He didn't want anybody else including his grandparents, aunts and uncles, except me. He would cried out loud when someone's trying to take him from me. So that day, during the event, i was holding him most of the time. They said, "he knows her momma gonna leave him tomorrow morning". I thought so.

Early Sunday morning, It's so sad to leave him when he's not feeling well. :( But i felt relief when my momma texted me that he's fever had went down yesterday. I felt much happier when i knew that he's being so charmed towards his aunt and uncles. The happiest news was when my hubby reported to me that it's so easy to put him to sleep that night. I felt heaven.

Until this morning, when i received a call from my hubby that Oman's fever risen very high, it turned to be a blackout to me. More to note that the whole family of my in laws are down with fever. To add the sadness, Afie, Irma's husband is confirmed having dengue similar as her wife while the rest are being put under close monitoring.

Back to Oman, as 2 of his family members are now positive dengue, my hubby decided to bring Oman to DSH for further checking. I was so sad and guilty when he told me that he's going to handle things there alone since everyone is flatten with sickness. There were my family to help but hubby told me that they're on their way back to Perak sending my brother & sister back to the unis. Surprisingly, my family members are down with fever too. Oh my!!!

I kept telling myself to stay calm facing these huge tests, to be very strong, not to cry, but when i knew that Oman's directly being admitted as he's suspected to have Dengue/ H1N1, i was burst into tears like the heavy rains. Appeared in front my eyes, very sad face of my son searching for his momma. I imagined how hard my hubby handled the situation. I could hear his voice calling me, i could hear he's crying when the doctor took his blood for test. I feel so so bad to both of them. :(

I 'm going back to be with them tomorrow morning!! Me and my hubby are the only health bodies alive. Oman needs a lot of attention especially from me. I know he's refusing any meals that he wants his momma to bf him for comfortableness. Syukur, I am so grateful that my superiors understand with my hard situation. They allow me to discontinue my involvement at this meeting in Guilin. Yes, i'm gonna miss the opportunity to learn new good things bout my work. But what's more important is to be with my my hubby and son during this hard time, right? (TQ to Mel, K.Marina & Sal too much! They helped me a lot with arranging the ticket. Love ya all!! Muahs!!)

I feel very so sorry for my families both sides. Semoga everything's not getting worse. Cepat-cepat baik-baik semua mcm selalu.

Kidd and Oman, i can't wait to see both of you tomorrow. Ya Tuhan, lindungilah perjalananku, Aamin.

ps: Latest update about my Little Man, he is now admitted at DSH (dadda stays with him), still on high fever, having flu and cough, he's tested negative dengue (Alhamdulillah!!), he doesn't wanna eat and drink (if this continue, he's gonna be dripped tonight), H1N1 test result will be heard tomorrow. I pray hard it will be negative too!!! Aamin.

Pic mmsed by Dadda.
Dun be afraid, darling. Momma is gonna there be with you... soon.


  1. ya ALLAH, sedihnya nuurill... nuurill, kita doa banyak banyak... insyaALLAH, oman cepat cepat baik... nuurill, tabahkan hati... remember pesan my farther? ALLAH adalah penjaga yang terbaik... semoga semua ujian ni cepat berlalu...

  2. Ya Allah siannya Oman..sob2...Syafakillah! U hang in there Lil Man, momma will be home real soon..

    Nuurill, Izu doakan Oman negative to H1N1 n a fast recovery to all the members of ur family. Amin..

    Sbr ye dear, u tk care...n have a safe journey all the way back.

  3. Kesian Oman & the whole family. Nurill pun have to be strong ok! Anw- let's pray for their speedy recovery. Aminn.

  4. Ya Allah,pity to ur sis, but proud she would managed to go thru her big day!
    Feel so sorry to Oman,u make a right decision,dear! he must looking for u at this moment!

    Hopefully everything goes well,prayed to ur lil one and whole of ur family ..

    take care and have a safe journey..

  5. such a huge test for u and ur families.

    i hope oman will recover soon as he sees u as well as ur families too. and insya allah the result of h1n1 will be negative too. amin.

    u hang in there momma. have a safe journey back home.

  6. Get well soon lil boy.. Safe journey and take care ya!!

  7. TQ ladies for your prayers, Really appreciate it. Hopefully semuanya cepat sembuh. Sekarang tgh mode sedih.

    Nuurill skrg dekat Baiyun Airport. Ade 4 jam lagi nak tunggu flight balik KL. X saba sungguh!!

    Doakan my safety arrival k.

  8. nuurill...sian kt oman..hopefully result h1n1 tu negative...harap2 ianya hanya viral fever. semoga oman cepat sembuh.

  9. Wani, Nuurill pun harap2 macam tu. Tadi babru called Armi tanya update. Oman tgh tidur. He still got the temperature. Pity my boy!! :(

  10. Dear kak nuuril, bykKN bersabar n berdoa eh.semoga semuanya pulih dgn segera.Allah itu Maha Pengasih.I know you`re strong!!! good momma!!! semoga oman n ur family cepat sembuh...Amin....semoga kak nuuril sampai m`sia dgn selamat.Amin...

  11. Aamin. TQ Neena. Akak harap sangat akak akan sampai selamat kat KL. Mcm2 perasaan skrg. Takut + sedih..but still happy dapat balik tgk Oman!!

  12. Nuurill,
    Be strong! Semoga xde benda serius kat oman n semua kembali seperti sediakala.

  13. Ya Allah.. maha hebat dugaan you Nurill, i'll pray for Oman speed recovery, insyaallah xde apa2 tu..jangan risau ek

  14. k.Nuurill,
    kuatkan semangat & sabar ye.. Ima doakan semoga Oman dan family cepat sembuh..

  15. be strong nuril. i've been here in this situation too... i know how miserable is your heart right now, seeing our little baby lying weakly in hospital bed... =( but insyaAllah everything will be fine soon...

    its ok masuk drip nanti cepat baik.. jgn risau ok.. ;)

    yes they both need you... zura doakan nuril selamat smpi kepangkuan your man and little man.. amin...

  16. Babe..i doakan family and Oman selamat..I tunjuk gambar Oman kat Ananna dia pon ikut sedih babe..siap kata "siannya adik" strong k.

  17. oh no thats terrible! :(

    be strong, momma, im sure this test will end soon. banyak2kan bersabar, and remember that we're all behind u and praying for your all your family's speedy recovery. :) take care nuurill!

    ps : why is oman's hand all wrapped up?

  18. Tq again, everyone. Now nuurill rasa sangat sedap hati sebab Oman dah ada depan mata.

    Due to his body temp fluctuating, Oman xboleh discharge lagi. Ni tengah 38.5. Huhu, Shian dia.

    Thara, if i'm not mistaken, mmg kalau babies bila kene dripp or bagi ubat through injection, doctor akan wrapped tangan dia takut diorang cabut pulak. Diorang mana suka. :)

  19. Nuurill,
    glad u selamat sampai and dah disamping Oman :)
    hows the rest?

    Kalau Adam tak sihat, I dah tak kisah kalau doctor nak cucuk ke ape ke,as long I know they are doing the best for my lil one!

    so u take care and be strong, Nuurill!

  20. Nuurill,hope lil' Oman is getting better by now..Pity him..Huhuhu..
    Sedih baca story Nuurill..Huhu..Be strong ok supermomma...Such a huge test for u n hubby,but InsyaAllah sumtin rili good will happen after this,Amin..
    Nway,may Oman n all of ur family members will get well soon..

  21. Nadia, TQ. Alhamdulillah everyone is recovering now. Oman masih kat hospital tapi he's getting better. Dah nak masuk 5 hari dia kat sini tapi i x kesah sebab mmg perhatian 24 hours to him.

    TQ Farah. Things are much better now. Alhamdulillah.



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