Thursday, April 15, 2010


When Oman was there inside my belly, kicking, i spent most of my latest 3 months' nights reading novels before sleeping. Those i've read were Confession of a Shopaholic, The Undomestic Goddess , Can you keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella and A Girl Thing by Sarah O'Brien. They're amazing!!

It's a HUGE pause that after Oman has been delivered, i was no more looking at any novels until recently i bought Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. To my surprise, i completed reading it within 3 days. What an achievement to myself!!

This regaining spirit was actually charmed by Iza, Anne and Thara, the mommies who are also into reading today, plus a little remaining reading passion left in my blood. I have to thank you, ladies!! ;)

I love Chick lit stories!! I found the message being sent to me in a way that it's light and easy to understand, inspiring, hilarious, naughty, colorful, stylista. Owh how i love most the cover presentation with amusing images, icons and fonts. However, i would one day give myself a try for a more adults stories, more lively.. Sidney Sheldon maybe? :)

To newbies chick lit fans, i found a website titled Chick Lit Books devoted to the chick lit genre. It featured a huge chick lit database, several reviewers, hundreds of reviews and a lot more. Check it out!! From the 5 stars ranked books, i am now hunting for these;

I have yet found them. Perhaps after everything with Oman's health has been in order. Aamin!

Owh! Owh! Shopaholic fan, hands up?????? Have you heard about 'Mini Shopaholic' which to be released out on September? Weewit!! Can't wait to follow the adventurous life of Becky and her new daughter :)

Becky's junior soon in the market!!

Peeps, have you ever tried to buy a book through online? Me no.
A friend of my friend, she is the owner of
Jules Online Bookstore, where you could find ready and pre-order books to bargain with reasonable price!! The books in the collection are not bad at all! Let's try!! :p


  1. nuurill, me also becky follower.. huhuhu... juga sophie kinsella... can u keep a secret N twenties gurl juga sgt fun...

  2. nak pinjammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Yeah Yeah.. it's kind of addciting when it comes to becky's kan? Sophie was formerly known as Madeleine Wickham.. I am so gonna get her previous collections!! :)


    Boleh aja u!!! Ingatkan i 8 hari awal :p

  4. Oh awak... thank you for the suggestion!.. you're giving me more reasons to buy more books!.. which is much better as it can get tax exemption.. hehehe..
    So kena cepat2 habis kan Shopaholic series ni and baca yag lain.. hehehe

  5. babe! ive got another chiclit website that u can check out >

    and ive also heard about the Mini Shopaholic book. just cant wait! so ladies, let's all expedite baca all of kinsella's existing shopaholic series (if u havent already!). :P

  6. ooh nuurill, if i may, sebenarnya, Sophie Kinsella is not formerly known as Madeleine Wickham. she is still the Madeleine Wickham, thats her real name - Sophie Kinsella is just her pen name. kira nama glamor dia lah tu. :P

    Kinsella ada a few books yang dia tulis under the name of Madeleine Wickham. u can check out some of her books here >

    but my sister ckp buku2 Madeleine Wickhams dia tu, tak brapa best. serious, ala2 adult books tu la. so i'll just stick to her Kinsellas lah :P

  7. nuril, hubby kite belikan twenties girl mase dlm pantang, konon mcm concern la wifey dia sangap di rumah kot boring ke ape ke.. BUT memang tak terbace lagi bcz busy with the heroesssss.. huhuh but now am so excited too with upcoming mini shopaholic... so kene abih kan bace twenties girl by now...

  8. Hey, coincidentally, me and Fadzil just started back our reading yesterdaylah (lambat tul kitaorg nie..ish ish :P)

    I guess I'm the only one who haven't started reading the Shopaholic series ni..hihi. Maybe I shuld start venturing into Chick Lit plak pasnih. Sounds like fun! :)

  9. girls..i also used to buy books from jules,it's good n murah...very recommended..and recently i oso sell books..oso sell the used books..try to check this can oso request any title,can look for u..

  10. forgot sumthing...if u like the sophie's range, try madeleine is actually the same author..i have all the series under madeleine, except the tennis party..if u guys intrested to read it, i can lend it to u..u can oso swap books with me..:)

  11. Wah Mini shopaholic?? aah mst baca...;) n rse nk bli jgk la set Sophie Kingsella's..gler dh ketinggalan zaman i.:P

  12. Baabbbeee...jom gi Amcorp. Shopping buku!

  13. suka tgk semua org suka baca lama btol tak pegang buku,I leave to my hubby aje yg suka sgt bace..hehe..
    time preggy mmg banyak baca buku about baby and parenting,skrang tak sempat lah :)

    happy reading dear :)

  14. wah. menariknya. i never knew about chic lit. and yg bestnya fariq boleh pula tahu psl chic lit ni. hehe. when i told him psl shopaholic series ni dia kata "ni chic lit kan". wohooo. terernya. ahaha.

    i was into daniel steel and judith mcnaught before. tp bila dah kawen it seem to heavy for me. maybe i may try chic lit lak. any suggestion for my first chic lit novel?

  15. Awakku, selamat bershopping buku!! Semalam gi Giant Shah Alam ada MPH, saya hampir terembat 1 buku ni. Tgk purse ade 50 hengget je..terpaksa cancel sebab nak kene beli pampers Oman. :p


    Thara, i ada check web yang u bagi tu sblm ni!!.. Suka betol i tgk those ladies dekat header web tu. Hehehe :)

    Oh dear.. yes.. actually i mmg that put that way about Sophie Kinsella and medeline tu. Agaknya ayat sudah bikin confuse!! by the way, bila u kata yg medeline tu so-so je.. x jadilah nak baca.. Hahahahaha

  16. Zura, dah habis dah ke baca twenties girl? :) Habiskan jangan x habiskan?.. i baca gelak sorang-sorang.. heheheheh


    Nadine, Welcome to the club!! :)How do you find the book that you currently reading it? (i know it from your blog).. Kalau best bleh i rembat jugak! :)

  17. Bravo Jemy!!!!!!!!!
    u have your own online book shop now!! How fantastic!! :)
    Bolehla aku tershop dekat kedai ko nanti. :)


    Izu, nope you're not dear. Orang yg dah baca the Series 5 years ago pun, still repeating it lagi tau. So, still belum terlambat dear!!! hehehe.

  18. Wawa, jom! i sebenonye selalu gak drop by Amcorp tu. Dekat level mana ek you?


    Nadia, dah pernah baca shopaholic series ke? kalau belum apa kata find 1 first and try to read it.. hehehehe (nada menghasut :p)


    Che' Dee.. Confession of a Shopaholic is a good book to start on. Else, you can find many more from the web i gave in my entry. Go mommy Hadif!!! :)

  19. hi nuurill, i have the whole series of shopaholics too. and yes, i cant wait to put my hands on mini shopahalic! sept, pls come quick! hehe. and hv u read her stand alone novels (eg: remember me or undomestic goddess)? they are good too.

    anyways,i like reading books by danielle steel. and maybe u can try reading 'things i want my daughters to know' by elizabeth noble. i cried, i laughed and i couldnt put it down!

    hv fun, take care :)

  20. Hi Cica,
    Oh yes!!! September.. come fast! fast! hehehehe

    I haven't yet reading remember me.. but undomestic goddess, yes. I agree with you, they fun and fun!!! :)

    Well, tq for your recommendation, dear. I'm gonna check it out very-very soon! :)



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