Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If Twitter allows us to say anything, then Formspring allows us to ask, and be asked, anything.

You see, when i decided to feature Formspring in my blog, i am very much ready to be asked with any question by my reader. As long as the question not jeopardizing and exhibiting disrespectful, to any life's pride, I feel glad to answer it. By the way, sharing is caring right? :)

Before i departed to Paris, i received one lovely comment and a question at my Formspring, from a person named anonymous. He/she compliments about my life and the beautiful family i have (Amin). He/She also asked, "how my name is becoming Nuurill Mea??"

While i was composing the answer, i'm not sure what happened that suddenly that comment and question went all missing from my inbox. I tried to dig them out, but they weren't there anymore. Terdeletekah? owh! I'm so sorry to the sender.

With respect, i will response to the question he/she asked here, in this entry. Wah!

But before that, i really would like to thank he/she for the compliments she made towards myself. He/She had mentioned the word 'perfect'.

Oh dear, I am not. But I couldn't be thankful enough with what have been granted to me; a moderate and healthy life, family and career. May Allah keep blessing us . Amin.

Now, Back to the question.

"Nuurill Mea"

During my primary school, almost everyone including the headmaster called me "Kak Yung". Kak Yung tu nama manja kat rumah sampai terbawak-bawak pulak ke sekolah. When i entered secondary school, some seniors called me Lily, but most of my schoolmates addressed me as 'Charque'. Sebab i takut cicak. Fine. :)

It's been created on the first day i registered myself to matriculation, back in 1999. It's NUUR plus ILL from Nuur Illyana :) The best nickname i could ever think of that time. haha. Bila nak intro myself to the class kan senang. If i addressed myself as Charque, complicated pulak nak explain ha. Until today, nama ni dah sebati wimme.

Tang ni agak malu sikit nak cerita. The person who created this name was a guy who i named him, "Oscar" in my phone. It was during the earliest stage we got to know each other. Coincidently, he did the same. I was "Mea' in his phone. When i asked him why mea?, he simply says because i and Mia looked alike. So he addressed me as 'Mea'. Tukar I dengan E jer.

Nak tau Mia yang mana?
She's the one who plays Mia Toretto in The Fast and the Furious. Jordana Brewster.Ish Ish Ish. Bukan i yang kata yer. Oscar yang kata. :p

Oscar sungguh rajin pakaikan Jordana Brewster tudung, printed and sent the photo to me, to prove it.

Mia Toretto

Mia yang dah ditudungkan. Sama ke? :)

Haha. Those memories!! :)

Since i am now married with this "Oscar", and some of our friends still call me Mea, i decided to keep this name as my second nickname. It means a lot to me, enough said :)

That's the whole story of a NICK NAME...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Oman really loves to copy whatever his momma's or dadda's doing esp house chores.

The more we say "No" or "Issokay dear, Oman kecik lagi", the more he insists it.

One of it, MELIPAT BAJU (lah sangat).

There's one time when i was housekeeping the wardrobe in one of the room, i saw Oman who was initially staring at what my hands' doing, quietly walking into our master bedroom. Then I heard the sound of someone's pulling out the drawer. Alright, i know what's he gonna do. :)

I asked Oman what's he doing.
He simply replied, "Oman sibuktan?"

He then continued laying the whole clothes in that drawer onto the floor, sampai dah bosan, dia tinggal macam tu jer.

"Ala, momma la cucun, Oman tecik lagi"

Eh bolehla pulak kan? Grrrrr.. :)

Just recently, the same thing almost happened when he saw me opening that first drawer to sort out some clothes. Immediately he asked, "Oman nak buat tan?". I said No. He insisted. I quickly closed the drawer, he angrily wanted to open it. Haha.

Memikirkan yang bibik dah elok-elok iron semua t-shirt, kemeja and seluar Oman, serta jenuhnya nak kene iron and susn balik semua tu, i must think of any other way to rescue those clothes. (Dalam masa yang sama, tangan i masih tahan kuat drawer tu supaya Oman x boleh bukak) :P

Pikir punya pikir, yes, i managed to think of this rescuers;

My Inner!!!

TQ so much, Puan Puan inner sekalian.
You saved our (me, bibik, baju-baju) lives. Haha.

p/s: At least inner xdela susah nak lipat & semula. tutup mata pun boleh lipat :P

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Salam and Hello everyone.

Hari Ahad yang indah, what's the plan for today?
Oman tengah susun mainan dia, Armi pulak pagi-pagi lagi dah ke office. Maknanya kalau nak buat plan, memang only me with Oman. What can i think at this time is to find a place yang boleh bawak Oman jalan-jalan sambil tu hantar Puan Nabira mandi and syampoo. Kesian Puan Nabira, dari hitam menawan dah jadi kelabu dah ha. haha.

Baru-baru ni someones asking me if i dah x kerja abroad lagi ke sekarang? Aahkan, the last time, was to Krabi in April. Lama dah tu. Kalau domestic, last 2 weeks i was in Melaka for a training. So, bila lagi lepas ni? since ada yang dah bertanya, mari kita lihat my calendar.


Yes darlings, i'm going to Paris this coming Saturday. Ticket and accommodation have been confirmed.

No, Armi dengan Oman x ikut. :(
Kalau diorang ikut, memang manyak syiok wo! It was initially in the plan but bila dah tambah tolak campur bahagi semua (Kalau duit simpanan banyak, ku bawak aje) and few other aspects putting into account, Armi decided not to follow. If one day we were to bring Oman to visit Paris, we'll be going together without any working commitment, so everyone could enjoy Paris the most. Amin.

1st Ramadhan will be on 1st August kan? Alhamdulillah. Sempatla i 1st day bersahur dengan Armi and Oman. Insya Allah. Tapi... Ramadhan tahun ni might be the saddest Ramadhan setakat ni. I might not be celebrating the whole month with both of them. Half of it, i will not be in town.


Meeting will be in Manila. Even though invitation letter x dapat lagi but 90% mmg dah confirm. Cemanala berpuasa dekat Manila ek? so far, i don't have any experience traveling on fasting month. Yang pasti i memang kene bawak travel pot this time. *Kelip-kelip mata kat Kak Marina*. Sambal ikan bilis wajibbul ghunnah.

Balik jer from Manila, there will be another equipment training scheduled in Melaka Station. Seb bahek Saturday and Sunday off, so, after one day, i boleh lari balik rumah berpuasa on the weekend with the boys before continue the training for another one week. Owh kasihan. Apa pun, i bersyukur, at least training tu kat Melaka kan, kalau dekat France??? (the Training will be conducted by the supplier from France).

Training habis jer maka cuti Raya pun bermula.
Insya Allah untuk raya tahun ni, kami akan balik Sitiawan dulu, sebelum flying for a short holiday in HK. Finally, momma, dadda and Oman akan bercuti dalam erti kata cuti yang sebenar. :) Will be telling more about this later later kay. Ramadhan pun x lagi ha.


Kalau boleh xmo jadi macam last year, raya ke 3 jer i dah kena berangkat to Tokyo. Entry dia kat sini (Ampun!! kata nak buat cycle 2 tapi x buat-buat!!). So, immediately when i know that in early September there will be another meeting to be held, cepat-cepat i suggest to my boss, supaya TM pulak volunteer untuk jadi host. We decided nak buat kat KL. Yeeha! xperlula i picit-picit kepala nak tinggalkan the boys lagi. However, penghujung September, mmg kene travel lagi. The venue is subject to be advised but definitely will not be in Malaysia again. Inhale...exhale..

Kadang-kadang memang ada question like, "Your hubby x kesah ke?", "U x risau ke tinggal hubby dengan anak lama-lama?" and even statements like this, "tinggal suami lama, lama-lama suami cari tukang masak lainla", "U jangan, lama-lama dia boring baru tau", "tengoklah nanti, Oman dah x kenal momma dia". Definitely not coming from my family but pemerhati-pemerhati bebas.

I don't feel insulted, berkecil hati atau angry with them all. Cuma ade sedikit kecewa, like, bukankah kita sepatutnya doakan everyone's goodness instead off menjatuhkan?

Percayalah, i will not do this if tiada restu from my hubby. He's my back bone. He always told me to accept apa yang dah ditentukan seadanya. He need me to believe and sincere in everything that i do. Melainkan I'm actually forcing myself and feeling not happy at all, then i should be knowing what to do.

Same goes to him. He's a busy guy. But so far he's happy and able to manage his family, work & part-time work dengan baik.

On my part, i kenalah pandai top up balik masa yang i missed with both of them bila perlu. Itu dah semestinya. Of course my family is my priority. If i couldn't afford quantity, then i focus on quality. Haruslah melayan Encik Armi dengan Encik Oman macam raja. :)

I am so thankful that i have the most understanding and cool partner in my life. He is a very respectful guy, so I respect him more. I pray that Oman will grow up having ciri-ciri Dadda dia.

Oklah, that tengah hari dah ni. Oman pun dah ngamuk-ngamuk. Hihi. Kene bawak dia jalan-jalan kejap.

I sempat snap apa Oman buat tadi:

Kiri: Train Momma
Kanan: Train Oman

Oman: Momma, train momma pergi mana?
Momma: Train momma pergi Paris. Oman?
Oman: Train Oman pegi On Cong (Hong Kong). Tapi Momma ikut sekali tau!
Momma: OK.



p/s: Just received an update that Equipment Training in August is carried forward to 3rd - 11 August 2011. Berderet-deretlah jawabnyer... :'(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have to pull back my latest entry on THE WISHLIST sebab i am not happy with the theme and set up. Ketidakpuasan itu telah menyebabkan saya tak lalu makan, x senang duduk bagai :p
Nanti when everything dah back in order, i'll repost k. :)

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello everyone.
How are you guys keeping?
Rindu tau!

I am currently residing in a tiny little room, on a beach side of Pengkalan Balak, Melaka.
I have spent 2 nights here and been badly missing my boys. :(
Since 150km is not that far, I possibly return back to KL after the class today, and come back again tomorrow morning.

From my room here, i could hear the loud and beautiful sound of waves.
It makes me remind to a picnic we had last 2 weekend in Teluk Batik, Perak.

Teluk Batik is located just 10km away from my parents' crib in Sitiawan. Me and my hubby reminded each other to get ourselves ready very early in the morning so that we could enjoy good weather at the beach before noon. Kononnya takut kulit hitamla.

Yes, i woke up very early. But not as early as my mom who was so excited to have a picnic with his beloved cucu. I found her in the kitchen preparing the breakfast and packing some food in the basket. All for Oman. Kemahin lagi.

After an hour, Oman didn't show any signal of waking up. It's passed 9 am and definitely in an hour or two, it's gonna be hot outside. So, i made some noise very close to Oman ears. To be exact, i sang some soprano song. Seb baik Oman tak hot. But he insisted to take a bath first before we moved. I told him that he's going to see a huge kolam and he could bath as much as he wants. Xde maknenyer, kalau nak tu.. naklah jugak. He took his own sweet time bathing in the bathroom, i had to chase him to dress him, for another an hour. We finally ready to move at 10.00 am. How early!! *Wink*Wink*

On the way to TB, everyone was so excited telling Oman about the beach. I asked him if he still remember the first time he went to the beach in Penang. X ingat pon! :P

Oman was cool but seemed lil bit uncomfortable when we reached the car park. Being a helpful boy, he offered himself to carry some items to the beach side. I handed to him the lightest item among all which he claimed, "aduh beratnyer!!", sambil senget-senget bahu. Drama ler tu. :)

That's the very helpful boy with Opah.
100m in front of them is Dadda who carries the heaviest item that day... his camera. :P

Oman walks very slowly on the sand.
He's very concerned why the sand must come in into his shoes.

Approaching the beach, Oman gave his deep look to the happy crowds along the beach side.

Some of the were swimming, chasing each other on the sand, some just sitting on the bench, there were some kids playing with kites, and a lot more activities.

After located a good spot to start the picnic, me and my mom put and arranged all the stuff on the mat while Armi and Oman walked together to the beach. Oman was still looking down to his feet. He was so annoyed with the sand. He was really a cute boy when mumbling around.

Armi brought Oman into the water and Oman started to cry. He was so scared of everything. He cried louder when the waves beating both of them. He hugged his Dadda tightly and begged his Dadda to bring him out of the water.

That was really out of our expectation that Oman's now scared to the beach. If last year he was so brave and enjoy, he was even calling the waves to come to him,but this time it's totally a reversal.

Oman reached me with a very uncomfortable face. He pulled my hands and asked to bring him to his Dadda's car. "Oman nak balik. Jomla momma."

Aik???? That was just 5 minutes okeh. Hihi. I lifted and carried Oman fastly into the water. I told him that he should give himself a second trial to play in the beach, or at least playing with the sand. You should look and hear how's Oman reacted at that time. Melentik-lentik sambil nangis kuat-kuat. In the water, Oman hugged me so tight and cried "tanak...tanak!!".

Pity my boy.

Oman was not only getting a lot of sympathy look from the people around us, he was also causing few more babies who initially enjoyed the beach to follow him crying. Kah kah. =D

After a few failed persuasion and trial, i put Oman down onto the sand, he quickly ran and left me behind without turning back.

Babai Momma.

Oman nak balik, pleaseeeeeeeeee.

Momma: Mandi laut kan best?? Jomla..
Oman: Kita mandi rumah Tuk Bah la. Rumah Tuk Bah best.

Betapa takutnya Oman, when my mom asked him to finish up the cekodok if he didn't want to go into the beach, he nodded and without any question coming out from his cute little mouth, he ate them all!. Omai, he's really freaking out.

It was just 20 minutes picnic but we had to call it a day. My mom takut cucu dia demam. Ala shian. We will definitely bring Oman again to the beach so that Oman could counter his fear.

Momma: Ok, say babai to the beach.
Oman: Babai laut. Oman tanak datang lagi kan?

Boleh x soalan dia? :P

2 hours preparation with only less than 30 minutes picnic. Dadda x sempat amik satu gambar pun dengan camera dia yang berat tuh. :P

Oman.. Oman :)



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