Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ao Nang

I received a call from my manager asking if i would like to join him for an early dinner. Of course i wanted since i didn't have anything other than instant noodle (makan dalam flight AA) in my stomach for that day. At first we were decided to just have it at any of the restaurants outside the hotel but we were then discovered that we could actually rent motorbikes and make a self tour in Krabi. The only rule is, boleh bawak motor.

Yes i can . Hey i started riding motorbike (motor abah) since i was 12 tau! But.. after i got married, residing in Shah Alam, i tend to forget the steps. Lama x prektis jadi kekok tau. :P So, when the two bosses asked me if i was confidence to ride and followed them behind, i said No. I opted for public transport to Ao Nang (THB 200) and thank god i made a right decision. The journey from Sheraton to Ao Nang was about 20 minutes and the road was freaking dark at some spots. Fuhhhh.. Seb baik! If not, I think i would give the boys a disaster that they had to wait for me who gonna ride for like 10km/h. Haha.

Right: Punyala malas nak salin baju. Terbalikkan tudung jer. Siap!
Left: Tunggu shuttle to Ao Nang.

When i reached Ao Nang. Wau!!! bercahaya!! memang happening!! jom kita layan gambo la yek.

Ao Nang.
Along right and left side of the main road, you gonna see a lot of restaurants, pub, shops, massage & spa and many more.

I dah confuse nak pegi yang mana satu dulu. :P

Since i was alone, i decided to have my dinner first. There are quite a number of Muslim restaurants in Ao Nang and i chose the one which belonged to a Pakistani couple. They recommended Garlic cheese Nan to be eaten with Tom Yam Siam. Sedap weh! :). I think in 10 minutes, i had already finished my meals and paid my bill. I was then ready to walk around. Well done! :P

Public transportation

Among the food stalls and restaurants in Ao Nang. Sushi pun ada tau!


Kalau sesat, kalau sakit, jangan risau. :)

The souvenir that i would never missed, Fridge Magnet! :)

Maybe i walked too fast that i managed to cover all the shops (i guessed) and still have 1 hour left before the shuttle fetched me back to hotel. Guess what, i went for Pedicure and Manicure!

Hepp! tu bukan kaki i ek!! Cantik sangat tuh!
Tu kaki Minah Saleh kat sebelah i. She had the foot massage.

I felt so great after that session. Rasa macam bersih and bersinar sangat jari jemari ku. Anne, Thara & Nadine, bila kita nak pergi yang Milkadeal tu? I nak buat lagi! :)

That's all for Ao Nang my dear. I think that's only half of the excitement here as they said the beach in Ao Nang was beautiful but unfortunately i wasn't having that opportunity to witness it that time. Perhaps at some other chance. Amin.


Ahah! The building in the picture was the venue for the 3 days meeting. Cozy and comfortable. I just love the the environment where the hotel conceptually arranged the frames, the Huge vases that yielding perfect and beautiful interior.


Nahhh.. i'm not gonna share here the summary of what have been discussed, but as usual, the meeting outfits;

Day 1

Day 2.

Day 3.

Actually i had put some earlier planned for Day 2 meeting outfits. I was to wear the same top and shawl for the welcome dinner which was scheduled later in the same evening. Sonang Achik. The only thing i changed was the skirt. The previous night i went to Ao Nang, i actually found a perfect traditional Thai Gaucho/Aladdin pants which matched the color of my top. Konon sesuaila kan dengan tema tepi laut. :P

Dinner setting.

Gaucho/Aladdin pants

Kindly meet my global colleagues. :)

It had been a very sweet and sensual dinner and we were happy to get to know each other closer esp me because i was among the youngest and newest in the team.

As for the meeting, some items has been agreed and some still in the list of action items and that's bring us to the next meet up session which is scheduled to be at somewhere far far away the other side of the world. Let's see if i 'll be counted in that trip or not. :)

Till then, take care ya! Daa.



  1. owh... bestnye berpedi dan mani.... mesti bersinar sinar kuku.... hehehehe...

  2. wah sonoknya...

    p/s:suka la shawl yg dlm pic 1st tu...lawaaaa

  3. nurill muka nampak lain..nampak muda lah...ehhehe

  4. eh, cun la shawl u yang 1st tuh.... isk, berkenan plak

  5. I really like your outfits ! like semua ok!

    (bodek sbb tau u nk g tgk MJ malam ni) !

  6. mcm best kn pi sane.. next month i plan nk ke sana.. x sabar nk p bile dh baca ur entry..

  7. oh cam biase, your outfit mmg cantik! and your shawl pun cantik, yg ade cam kerawang2 kat tepi tu, cantik sangat! nasib baik la akak bukan kat m'sia hehe, klu x sure dah pi carik ngan bersungguh2 nye shawl camni hehe..

  8. Haa, sampai jugak you ke Ao Nang. Banyak shopping kat sana tak?

    My SIL yg br balik dr sana pun cite diaorg naik bike pegi town. Tp waktu balik diaorg sesat mlm tu, pegi ke arah Hat Yai plak. Hahaha..

    Awwwh, you dh buat mani/padi dh. I jugak tak pernah lagi. Kena tunggu our date lah nampaknya. Oh ya, since u've mentioned it, jomla plan cpt2 for the session. Seriously, I dh tak larat dah ni, jln sket dh pancit...dh memboyot! I dah nak masuk 7 months dh babe! :)

  9. Meriahnya kt Ao Nang tu waktu mlm! Mst rambang mata kn? ish, mujur Nuurill tk bwk motor tuh..seram jek terbayang. hehe..

  10. Fidza:
    Memang bersinar-sinar Fidza!!!!! suka lak rasa. Nak buat lagi lah! hihi

    yang ada kerawang2 tu ek? akak beli from AHC :)

    itulah rahsia Garnier..wakaka. Xdelah, maybe cara pakai tudung and lighting kot. :)

  11. aku.mamalia.wanita:
    Shawl tu AHC pernah jual. Tapi dah lama x restock. Kalau berminat boleh tanya Hani. Mana tau dia nak buat semula. Mmg cantik! :)

    MJ hari tu x sempat nak melihat2 barang la you! Tapi xpe. You doakan i dapat pergi US/Europe nanti ek. I Usha baek punya utk you! :)

    whitelily: Oh bila you pergi you? best! best! Enjoy your holiday k! :)

  12. K.Nana:
    Hihihi. Mmg ramai yg berkenan shawl tu. Hani mungkin kene restock balikla rasa. Nanti Nuurill bisik-bisik kat Hani k :)

    Tula!! bila ek!! kesian kat yu annti kalau lambat sangat. Nanti i roger2 dengan yg lain.

    I x shopping banyak you. I beli that Aladdin pants and fridge magnet jer. hihihihi. MMg x target nak bershopping pun. Sebab tengah kering, cuba kalau bari dapat gaji. :P

    Owh, you pil and mil naik motor jugak!! Aww so sweet! I think kalau lelaki is there nothing to worry. Ni kalau perempuan yg ride..hmmm... i'm not one of themla kot. :)

  13. Izu: Betul tu Izu. Nuurill pun x terbayang. Rasanya patah balik kot. hihi. :)

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