Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Esok cuti yeah!! esok cuti yeah!!!

(I'm so happy.. even though I was probably the last person in KL got to know that tomorrow is Hari Wilayah (I baru tau semalam)) :p

Oh by the way, Mr Google have told me that the weather forecast in Tokyo, Japan for the end of Feb and early march is to be at average of 4 degrees to 8 degrees. Nice!! That's where and when my next overseas assignment will be at and on. (Nice there means 'wohoo-sejuk-kot!!!')

I'm singing "I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo".. again :)

For some of you, it's maybe nothing, but for me, the coldest weather I've ever experienced was 14 degrees. It was 3 years ago in Amsterdam. Itu pun hakak dah x tahan, apetah lagi when below 10. What about below zero?? :P

Therefore.. I think, I should start planning for coat, muffler and boots. Kann?


On top of my list....

(Bila verangan dah tentu model nya adalah celebs kegemaran hakak)

Jessica Alba. The plaid coat.
Omg I'm so in love with the color of her boots!!!

Rachel Bilson.
A simple coat to match with an outstanding muffler.
Beautifully Effortless!

Gisele Bundchen. The men-style coat by Esprit.
She match it with sport shoes.
Terasa diri cool yo!

Miranda Kerr.
Look at the collar of her coat. Aww! Where to get like this huh?
and her boots so gorgeous!

I couldn't resist to put her photo here because she's too beautiful!.
Wonder if her type of princess coat available for adults or not. Hehe


the most i Verangan to have and kalau-jumpa-mungkin-beli is...

Rosie Huntington.
Her long wine color coat is so amazing!! and orange lining of the coat is so chic!
I really like this one!!

(The photos are grabbed from Google Image)

Of course, all of them up there, with the height and features, pakailah apa pun, or tak pakai apa pun, confirm cantik.

Ok now let's get back to reality.. hahaha

Firstly, I should berdoa harder, for my winter clothing allowance to be approved... Amin. :)

and In the mean time, i should do some window shopping.
ZARA sounds logic. I've viewed the collections here and have one or two to try on. (I will buy only 1, i promise)

Where else ya?
Your suggestion is highly welcomed and appreciated!!!!

Til then, take care



Thursday, January 26, 2012




Owh it's been a couple of week since i last updated my blog.

Few things happen recently with ups and downs, but Alhamdulillah, everything's under control and smoothly manageable at times.

Arriving from Colombo, the next day, my beloved hubby had to be admitted to the hospital tdue to some injuries. We stayed in for 5 days. Hey! patient's food in DSH are not bad at all (yes me and Oman sibuk nak rasa makanan Dadda :p). I even can recommend to you some of the delicious food from the canteen like Nasi goreng kampung, Mee mamak, ayam goreng kunyit and Yong Tau Fu.

This morning my hubby uploaded a photo in FB.
Our son, Oman, wrote his 1st list of ABC by himself. yey!!

Can you recognized the alphabets?? hihi.

There are A, B, H, T, J, D, N, P, something like lollipop, and something like 'pencakar rumput'. Alahai cuteness!!

God knows how happy am I when i saw this!!!!
They are not the perfect A to Z but his attempts to write this makes me feel so proud of him.

Konsep sungguh tulisan anak bujang ku! :)

Peeps, apology for just a short entry here, as I've already promised myself to only take 5 (Yeah, after more than one week not coming to office, I'm now in the middle of replying some mails, housekeeping my inbox which is now having a hundred and thirty four unread items. Nice! :D)

But..I'm expecting more entries to come after this (Ya Allah ade yang kene tembak petir ni kang. hihi) as i really would like to share with all of you a little bit more of my stories in Colombo, also Ho Chi Minh City (went there during Chinese New Year. Best!) and of course my si jantung hati, Encik Oman. :) He will turn THREE next month!

Till then, take care and see ya!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012



When a friend asked me if i would like to tag him along to visit one of the nearest Buddhist Temple in Colombo, i replied "why not".

There is no wrong for a Muslim to visit such other religion's place e.g church or temple, so does if a non-Muslim would like to see the mosque.

It is actually depends or our intention and purpose of the visit; as attending a funeral or a wedding, or maybe just to add the knowledge of other religion's activity. Unless we Muslim enter those places for the purpose of worship or receiving blessings or confessing our sins or beseeching favors from other than Allah, then we are wrong. You may want to read here and here.

I was told that to visit the temple, proper outfits are required. This requirement is almost the same if ones to visit the mosque. Shorts, skirts or swimming suits for sure not allowed. Oh yes, we must take out our shoes too when we entered the premises.

The name of the temple is Gangaramaya. This temple is not far from the famous Beira Lake, and was built more than 120 years ago. Other than this place is where the Buddhist perform their prayer, it is also functioning to serve the hall for monks, a museum, a library, a residential hall, educational halls and an alms hall.

So yesterday after the meeting ended, Chau Tong, Rania and I made our way to The Gangaramaya. Let's check some photos ok.

The view along the way
It's The Beira Lake

This is Rania from Egypt

This is me from Malaysia. Haha.

This is Chau Tong from Singapore

The Gangaramaya Temple

He is Podihamuduruwo. He's the one who lead and run the temple affairs. The moment he saw me, he said, "young lady, in Sri Lanka, we have many religions, we have Muslim, we have Buddhist, We have Hindu, We also have Christian. But all of us stay in one country, we are one. If you don't mind, here is my respect to you". Humble and friendly man he is.

It makes me remind of my beloved county. Malaysia do have many religions too and as a Muslim, to show my respect to other religions is one of the duties a Muslim must perform.

I agree with Imamreza.net, It is not good to put down other religions, but instead we should convince others to understand Islam. Remember, we should never insult other religions, since they then might turn around and insult us.

I have been to visit few Church in Mexico and this temple in Sri Lanka. All i can say that these people even from other religions, they really welcomed me very well. I feel safe and little bit help me to understand other culture and believe. To all my non-Muslim friends and even my Muslim friends, i plan to proudly share one day an entry on the mosque, the place for Muslim activities, perhaps i can start with the mosque in my own country, Malaysia. Been there many times but i didn't take any photos. I will, Insya Allah.

Till the next cycle on Colombo, Sri Lanka. Take care!! :)


Sunday, January 8, 2012


.In about 4 hours, I'll be departing to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Hey I was cool..

until just now, when Oman fell asleep and i sat beside him looking at this calm, pure face of my son;

My tears drop heavily... T_T

May everything goes well here and there.

Lindungilah dan panjangkanlah umur kami, Ya Tuhan.

Insya Allah. Amin.

You guys take care too k!

(time ni la TV nak tunjuk vid lagu Ombak Rindu...)


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Friday, January 6, 2012


Salam and Hello Peeps! :)

Just a quick one here. I'm on leave today and in the middle of doing an exercise with Encik Oman. (Take 15 sebab Encik Oman nak makan Olo :P)

Initially i planned to go to the gym but right after 'bye-bye'd my hubby off to work, my Oman pun woke up from his sleep. Confirm gagal! :P

Therefore, tektik terpaksa ditukarkan. I invited Oman to join me to do some Aerobics just at home. When Oman saw me wearing the T-shirt-yang-ramai-abang-tengteneng-tu, he wanted to wear exactly the same, cause he knows we have two pieces in the closet. "Ala momma, nanti kita tunjukla gambar kat Dadda".

Kemain lagi pujuk tau!

Tapi, baju tu besar kot!! Terpaksala momma customized kan guna baby pin. Hihi.

Cakap je nak hantar gambar kat Dadda.
Lepas 34 kali snaps baru dapat gamba dia. Hish! :p

Ok now, i would like to share something with all of you. I found a video of interesting moves from Youtube called Zumba.

Check this out;

Memang peluh-peluh sungguh. Memang sakit tangan! haha. Paling best bila tengok Oman pun beria-ria right and left, counting 1 to 10, pastu kan dumbbells dia are the kotak CD of 'The Fellowship of The Ring'. Ahaks!

Oman and I xdela boleh buat sehebat those peeps in the video. Kejap kang silap steps, kejap kang Oman salah count.. one, two, seven.. hahahah.. Kejap kang i berlaga dengan Oman. Bibik boleh menjadi saksi betapa lawak nyer we all ikut video ni. =D

Ok peeps, we would like to proceed the second round now. Goyang-goyang for another 15 minutes!! !! =D

Note 1:
I take leave coz Sunday dah nak fly. Should spend full day with Encik Oman today. Yey!

Note 2:
'T-shirt-yang-ramai-abang-tengteneng-tu' is the Man U customize T-shirt. 'Tengteneng' tu sebab Oman ajuk lagu Man U. Haha

Note 3:
Dapat perut macam girls dalam video ni.. jadilah.. =P

Till then, take care tau!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012



On 1.1.2012

The first day of Twenty 12 was well spent in Sitiawan, my hometown. This time, we went bowling at ARL Powerbowl Lumut. The contestants were abah and mama, Armi, Oman and I, Kak Lang, BangChik and Adik.

Masing-masing dengan gaya sepuloh tersendiri. :P



En. suami





and the attention surely goes too..

Encik Oman :)

Tak padan dengan jari jemari dia yang kecil, and bola yang berat tu, Sibuk jugak dia nak main sama. I let Oman to throw the first bowl and me second. Sesuailah Oman dengan momma sepasukan sebab dua-dua asyik masuk longkang. =P

Both of them fought for the highest score.

Both of them won the forth place out of 6.
Hey not bad!! :p

Both of them.. sorang terror, sorang ke laut. :P

Nothing else much was done on the New Year but to be with our loved ones, that matter most! :)

During Maghrib prayer, I got the chance to snap some photos (I was ahem ahem, excuse me) of Oman performing Salat together with our other family members.

It's hilarious to see this Little Man, dalam dia elok ikut bersolat kejap ke depan, kejap pusinglah, kejap tried to follow his TukBah recited Al-Fatihah, kejap dia nyanyi lagu Harimau Malaya siap goyang-goyang ponggong :P,

but then at the same time i realize..

..the path that Oman will follow, will take as example, is the path that he sees and observes everyday in front of his eyes. It's his parents. Until the time when Oman can already make his own decision, knows what's best for life, even after that, the responsibility to teach, to educate, to support, to motivate, to persuade, to convince, to show love, are for the most part falls on his Dadda and Momma, My husband and I.

and that's the parents we should be and keep it be, Insya Allah. Amin. :)


Eh! Eh! perasan tak yang blog ni dah berubah wajah? Actually i memang saaayang sangat-sangat my old template, but then I think somehow at somewhere i should try a new one. So i choose this dengan harapan this blog will look smarter, more organize and pleasant like i what i want myself to be. You guys are most welcome to comment about this new look!! :)

Apart from that, i would like to start a healthy life. Food and exercise. Almaklumla badan dah makin tua, kena jaga kan? I'm glad that my husband is being so supportive. Actually since last 2 weeks ago, we have started the exercise routine at 6am in the morning. I do aerobic lead by ms Youtube and he 's doing some cardio & abs (sambil menjeling-jeling tengok i Aerobic. haip! :p)

Cikgu Aerobic saya. Hari-hari tukar cikgu. :)

Apa lagi ek? Oh yess!!! the thing that i really need to work on, financial. To be honest, i didn't do a lot of saving past years. With the current income - expenses - commitment, i need to find ways to grow my savings. Side income sounds good rite? Any suggestion? :)

Last but not least, my career. Loving my job and i really need to put my best of it WITHOUT leaving my responsibility as a wife and mother, behind. Semoga diri ini diberikan kekuatan especially bila i have to be far from my family. Amin. Tak lama dah tau. I'm going to start my first overseas assignment for 2012 very the soon.

and this time for Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Okaylah, that's all for this time. I'll try to write here more frequent kay.

Till then, Happy New year 2012.
May all your azam becomes true termasuk mine.



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