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When a friend asked me if i would like to tag him along to visit one of the nearest Buddhist Temple in Colombo, i replied "why not".

There is no wrong for a Muslim to visit such other religion's place e.g church or temple, so does if a non-Muslim would like to see the mosque.

It is actually depends or our intention and purpose of the visit; as attending a funeral or a wedding, or maybe just to add the knowledge of other religion's activity. Unless we Muslim enter those places for the purpose of worship or receiving blessings or confessing our sins or beseeching favors from other than Allah, then we are wrong. You may want to read here and here.

I was told that to visit the temple, proper outfits are required. This requirement is almost the same if ones to visit the mosque. Shorts, skirts or swimming suits for sure not allowed. Oh yes, we must take out our shoes too when we entered the premises.

The name of the temple is Gangaramaya. This temple is not far from the famous Beira Lake, and was built more than 120 years ago. Other than this place is where the Buddhist perform their prayer, it is also functioning to serve the hall for monks, a museum, a library, a residential hall, educational halls and an alms hall.

So yesterday after the meeting ended, Chau Tong, Rania and I made our way to The Gangaramaya. Let's check some photos ok.

The view along the way
It's The Beira Lake

This is Rania from Egypt

This is me from Malaysia. Haha.

This is Chau Tong from Singapore

The Gangaramaya Temple

He is Podihamuduruwo. He's the one who lead and run the temple affairs. The moment he saw me, he said, "young lady, in Sri Lanka, we have many religions, we have Muslim, we have Buddhist, We have Hindu, We also have Christian. But all of us stay in one country, we are one. If you don't mind, here is my respect to you". Humble and friendly man he is.

It makes me remind of my beloved county. Malaysia do have many religions too and as a Muslim, to show my respect to other religions is one of the duties a Muslim must perform.

I agree with, It is not good to put down other religions, but instead we should convince others to understand Islam. Remember, we should never insult other religions, since they then might turn around and insult us.

I have been to visit few Church in Mexico and this temple in Sri Lanka. All i can say that these people even from other religions, they really welcomed me very well. I feel safe and little bit help me to understand other culture and believe. To all my non-Muslim friends and even my Muslim friends, i plan to proudly share one day an entry on the mosque, the place for Muslim activities, perhaps i can start with the mosque in my own country, Malaysia. Been there many times but i didn't take any photos. I will, Insya Allah.

Till the next cycle on Colombo, Sri Lanka. Take care!! :)



  1. patut la u tak reply whats up i...
    u sedang bersuka ria yer kat sana..

    cycle 2 mesti u cite pasal port shopping kan..? KAN ????

    p/s : knp blog u ada byk misai? mesti terharu Mr.H. I slalu baca dlm google reader jer...tak perasan layout baru u...hehe

  2. owh dear..untungnye you dapat experienced all of this..

    take care;)

  3. Bestnyerrrr.....!!

    p/s: Mel, suka hati Nuurill la nak buat lay-out camner. U jgn jelly laaaaa.
    (p/s lebih penting yer Puan !)

  4. seronok tgk gambar kamu gi jejalan ke situ..banyak shopping ker?

    wah lepas ni nak gi vietnam ek? memang plan nak gi sana tapi tak tau bila?

  5. bestnyeee tgk gmbr nuril jenjalan... tp kan zura takot tau tgk patung-patung itewwwwww... huhuh... debar smcm je rase... tgk nuril relekssss je enjoy hehehe...;)

  6. Darling,i bersuka ria dalam bilik meeting je. Haha. Tak sempatla nak shopping babe. Tapi Fridge magnet tetap tak ku lupa. Ingatkan i!! :)

    Nadia: Alhamdulillah! I'll take this opportunity as a bonus, and i love to share it with all of you. :)

  7. Mr H:
    Sumpah i baru perasan yang menda alah tu seakan-akan misai. muahahaha. So, Mr H, take it as compliment k. I kalau usik-usik M you tu, maknanya i puji!! :)

    Che' Dee:
    Alhamdulillah!! sekali sekala dapat tengok neara orang, Nuurill bersyukur. :)

  8. Kak Ina:
    Shopping x banyak pun kak Ina. Sightseeing je sikit-sikit. :)Insya Allah, kalau xde aral, memang Nuurill nak pergi Vietnam pulak for a family holiday. yey!

  9. wah..berwajah baru...nice:)...sweet



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