Thursday, July 30, 2009


In less than 2 weeks time, Oman is going to experience his first taste of solid food. Owh! This is so exciting!!!! I'm anxiously waiting to see how he reacts and planning to record it for kenang-kenangan (amboih..semangat sungguh momma Oman nih!! )
Oleh itu Encik Shah, please approve my leave!! :p.

Just want to share some info i received from BabyCenter today;


From the time you introduce your baby to his first taste of solid food, he — and you — will benefit from baby-friendly feeding supplies.

You'll want a sturdy, stable, comfy place for him to sit, at a convenient height for you. To start out, that might be a bouncy seat or even a car seat. Once he can sit up by himself, though, a highchair at the table is your best bet. Your baby will be able to participate in family meals, and you'll be able to eat your own meal and feed him at the same time. It'll also be easier to clean up after he chows down (and spits up).

Beyond seating arrangements, you'll want to check out what's available in utensils, bibs, mats, bowls and cups, food mills, warmers, and coolers.

What to look for when buying

Small spoons: You can use a demitasse or iced-tea spoon to feed your baby, but a plastic-coated spoon is easier on his tender gums. Temperature-safe spoons that change color when food is too hot to serve your baby can also be helpful. Disposable infant spoons made of PVC-free plastic are handy when you're in transit and don't want to lose (or keep track of) a regular baby spoon. You'll see ergonomically designed baby utensils too, but you can pass on those at first — they're really designed to help babies who can feed themselves rather than being spoon-fed by you.

"Ho yeah!!! kebetulan i dah beli Temperature-safe spoons yang leh tukar kaler bila food is too hot tu"

Eas-on, easy-off, easy-clean bibs: You'll probably be tempted to get one or two adorable designer bibs, to match a certain outfit or for special occasions. For the most part, though, opt for function over fashion. Think big, washable, stain-resistant, and simple to put on and take off (choose velcro or snaps over cute ribbon ties). For meals at home, you may find large plastic bibs with drip-catching pockets very practical — they can be wiped down or rinsed after each meal and resist stains. If you don't mind the additional laundry, large terry cover-ups are nice. You'll also want to stow a bib in your diaper bag, although a burp cloth or napkin will work in a pinch.

"I bought Bip yang disposable jugak from Mothercare. Preparation kalau malas basuh kain. Kui Kui Kui"

Mats: Splat-mats are aptly named pieces of plastic sheeting you put under the highchair to protect the floor or carpet from food and juice. You can find splat-mats in bright patterns, and just the right size to accommodate the typical highchair. If you're looking for an inexpensive substitute, old sheets, tablecloths, or beach towels work fine. If you want something a little less conspicuous, you can use a transparent shower curtain or wide vinyl runner (available at most hardware stores). You can also buy placemats to put on your baby's highchair, a picnic table, or anywhere you want a clean, fun surface for your baby's place setting. Some can easily be wiped clean, and others are disposable. (The disposable mats work as an on-the-go, disposable changing pad, too.)

"Pass. No need to buy a new. Gunakan apa yang ada di rumah" :)

Plastic bowls: Once your baby starts feeding himself, you'll want plastic bowls that he can call his own and pitch across the kitchen. The ideal bowl is microwave-safe (so you can reheat stored leftovers) and easy for parents to hold, and has a cover for storing food on outings. Some parents swear by bowls with suction cups that attach the bowls to the highchair tray — but others say babies quickly outgrow the need for (and effectiveness of) this feature. You'll also find bowl-utensil sets in bright colors and fun shapes.


Sippy cups: When your baby is ready to try drinking from a cup, usually somewhere between 6 months and a year, no-spill sippy cups are a lifesaver. Most use a valve device that keeps the liquid contained even after your baby flings the cup against a wall. Unfortunately, the valve is often so effective that your baby has to work hard to get the drink out. Many parents have to patiently experiment with different types of sippy cups — often over a period of weeks — before their baby gets the hang of it. You can ease your baby's transition from bottle to sippy cup by getting a cup with a soft, pliable, nipple-like spout.

"Reti ke nanti Oman guna ni nih? Hehe"

Food mills, grinders, and processors: A low-tech hand-turned mill can be tucked into your diaper bag, and some even come with a handy carrying case. Wherever you go, you can make food for your baby by simply removing the metal turning mechanism, putting a bit of food into the grinder, replacing the mechanism, and turning it. Just a few twists and you've got baby food. If you're making all your own baby food, it might be worth the extra investment to buy an electric grinder or processor that purees food at the touch of a button. One innovative device is a little mesh bag — called a fresh food feeder — that works like a strainer. You open the bag, put fresh food inside, and snap it shut. Your baby chews the tiny pieces of food that are strained through the bag, leaving potential choking hazards like peels and seeds inside the bag.

Bi: " Kiddd.. yang ni xde lagi". Kidd: "Ala x yah Bi, guna Blender je. Buat siap-siap kat rumah. Nak outing panaskan aje" Bi: (Dah agak dah :p)

Baby food warmers: These handy electric gadgets heat baby bottles and jars of food quickly and without overheating them. They have thermostatic control and are small enough to take along on trips. You can also buy coolers especially made to keep baby food safe during travel. Any coolers will do, but these are appropriately sized for baby food jars and bottles.

"Next shopping" :)

Age-by-age guide to feeding your baby



Yang ni bukan excitement... :(

Then again, Momma needs to say Tata to Dadda and Oman. Uhuk Uhuk. Tomorrow, I'll be having TM Global Team Building at Puteri Resort Air Keroh, Malacca. Naseb baik sampai Ahad je. Oman stays dengan Dadda, Tukbah ngan Opah baik-baik k. Muahs!!!

2 budak buchuk yang nak kene tinggal lagi weekend ni..huhu

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Dadda brought us to The Curve yesterday.
There're 2 'NEW's heppened there;

NEW No. 1

I was withdrawing some cash at the ATM CIMB. On my left, there was a guy who performed transaction also. On my right, ade 2 lelaki, tengah cucuk duit gak. Yang ini macam familiar sangat. Hehe, Oman and Daddala.

So, Macam biaselakan. Tekan-tekan and waiting for the money. Suddenly;

Momma: Oh No!!! Duit negara mana ni???!! Bi kena tipu Kidd!! (sambil memandang hubby di sebelah kanan)
Dadda: Is Bi ni!! Duit baru la tu. Kakakakakakaakak (Si Oman pun sengih)

Momma: Oh ye ke. Mana Bi tau.. (Sambil menjeling the guy on my left. Dia pun tengah senyum kambing kat i)

Malu seh!!!! Sejak bila la pulak duit RM50 dah baru nih?? Moral of the story, sila jangan memalukan diri sendiri di khalayak ramai sebab orang lain termasuk suami dan anak anda akan tidak putus-putus ketawakan anda (dalam case ni Dadda dia keep geletek Oman supaya turut mentertawakan mommanya). Chait!!

NEW No. 2

I told hubby i nak masuk Mothercare nak window-window je. Hubby said ok and waited for me dekat depan Baby Room sambil main-main ngan Oman.

Dadda: Hamboi! Windowla sangat! Ish Ish Ish
Momma: Hihihihi. Ala sket je.

Yey! Oman dapat NEW daily bodysuits and feeding set. Punyala i was promising myself and dadda and Oman tanak beli apa-apa this time. Tapi, GAGAL!! Xperla, i'll retry for the next outing. Hihi. :p

p/s: lagi 2 weeks Oman will start his 1st solid food. I am very very excited. Dah siap apply cuti that on that day. Dun want to miss it. Mintak-mintakla Cik Shah approve!! Aamin :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The place that i visited four times sewaktu Oman di dalam perut dahulu. :)
First, when he was just at the 4th week. Masa ni belum tau ade Little Man dalam perutku.
Secondly was on Syawal 2008, Oman dah 5 bulan. Sudah pandai tendang menendang.
Next, a month after that bersama-sama geng Total. Lepas tu, when my pregnancy was 8th months old. Heheh.

Why? hehe.. because kitorang (me & my hubby) suka jadi lanun memborong DVD2 at ferringhi Nite Market, and of course to enjoy Nasi Beratur at 2am in the morning, having superb Roti Canai kuah sambal ayam and roti bakar telur separuh masak di atasnya at Jalan Argyll. Macam-macam ada!! :p

So, last weekend, we went there again!! Kali ni with Oman di luar perut. Hihi. Armi's parent invited us to join them for a short break. Bertolak on Friday evening and balik S.Alam semula on Sunday. Yeah, it was a total fun!!! TQ abah!! :)

For Oman, he was greatly excited along the trip esp part swimming dalam bathtub. Why x swimming kat swimming pool? Due to H1N1 season, we thought that it's safer for him not to swim dekat sp. Takut ade virus berenang-berenang juga di situ. Sorry laling, nanti bila situation dah ok, momma and dadda bagi chance Oman try swimming pool pulak k. :)

We did snap many pics and going to upload them in fb. Maleh nak upload banyak kali. Hihi. Here are some of them;

It's 100% satisfaction and that i could spend full time with Oman and Dadda like this..
after 1 week we were being apart. :)


Due to back to back travel and lack of rest, I guessed, my head buat tunjuk perasaan. Macam ade elephant hempap kepala je rasa. I was having very poor sleep the whole Sunday night and menjelang subuh, Encik Migrain has already resided in my head :( .

I smsed Encik Shah mentioned to him that i'd be MC and he replied OK. Bolehla berehat-rehat sket at home with Oman. Menjelang tengahari, i felt better, kene pegi clinic untuk get the MC. Ade few things nak disettlekan juga (bills, banks, some shopping). At first i felt berat sangat nak send Oman to his BabySitter, but memikirkan i had to go to few places which might make him discomfort, so, kenala hantar jugak. Huhu..

I got everything done as per planned. Hmmmm...akan tetapi... Pening kembali menyerang. Setelah sejumlah wang dikeluarkan untuk mereka-mereka di bawah ini... gheeeeeeeee.. :p

When my hubby saw them, agak terbeliakla jugak mata dia. :p "Bi, kalau macam ni kui 5.30am dah kene bangun.. nak bersiap je sejam". Bangun jangan x bangun Nuurill..padan muka!!!! :p

Disebabkan pening telah kembali, i jadi malas masak dinner.. wakaka (alasan) :p . Dadda dengan hati yang baik offer dinner dekat luar.. yey!!! So, we went to One Utama and had a fine dining at Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe, One Utama. Thanks Dadda for the treat. Muahs! Muahs!

Yang bestnyer, my hubby happened to see a romantic moment where this 1 chinese guy proposed his gf to marry him in front of all yang tengah makan. Ala macam kat dalam tv tu, the guy melutut and keluarkan cincin. "Will you marry me?" The girl dengan terharunya; "YESSS!!!" Lepas tu semua orang bangun tepuk. Wah!!
(Kalau my hubby tipu, means i pun tipu u all la ek.. hahaha)

Tapi i xpat tengok scene itu... kenapa?... hahahahaha.. sebab.. masa tu i pegi basuh poo-poo Oman. Ish Ish Ish :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I feel lonely..
Missing Mohd Armi and Roman Anaqhi so much!
X sabar sangat nak balik..

Owh, right now i'm occupying my time with reading this book;

Poyo? Xkesahla.. mana ada..

But somehow some stories inside this book motivate myself..
bak kata cover belakang buku ni;

"It's convey the courage, compassion and creativity that women use to enrich workplaces and homes everywhere, everyday"

"These stories will nourish your spirit, encourage your dreams and teach you how to empower yourself and those around you"

oklah.. lum Isya' lagi ni.. daaa


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm going to Cherating, Kuantan.
I'll be away for training until Friday.
This gonna be the 2nd time I'm leaving my boys.
Uhuk! Uhuk!

Cepat-cepatlah 5 hari berlalu.
Seriously, I need ketahanan mental right now.
Be strong momma.. be strong..

Xpe.. kalau x tahan rindu.. balik je Shah Alam.
Sanggup ku berulang-alik :p


Encik Oman is a boy yang dari lahir dulu mmg suka sangat mandi.
Saaaangat enjoy.
Tambahan dia dah ade a new friend teman dia mandi,
Puan Duck, yang i bawa balik from Hilton Beijing,
lagila mamat tu macam nak tinggal dalam tub tu forever. :P

Puan Duck :)

So, tiap kali i angkat him lepas mandi..dia mesti mengamuk-ngamuk.
Umpan Mr G pun dia x layan.

Friday, July 10, 2009


"Oman duk elok-elok ek.. momma wanna wee-wee jap", I left him on his play gym for a while to go to toilet. Dah x tahan dah. Hihi.

Leaving him even to wee-wee, dah cukup buat hati x tenang. Almaklumla, within a second je anything can happen eit? Tambahan Oman's now more active, and anything reaches his hand will end up going to his mouth. Lasak!! :D

On my way to get back to him, i heard him hek hek.. want to know what was happening??

Oman telah berjaya demolished his play gym :p

Rasa nak tergelak pun ade, kesian pun ade, risau pun ade. Why?

Rasa nak tergelak because mamat kecik ni suka buat lawak tau. I asked him. "Ha, sapa suruh Oman robohkan??", He looked at me and smiled ngada-ngada. Aaaa... memanglah mencuit hati momma.

Rasa kesian because he was struggling try to escape himself. "Naaaahhh.. you're hero rite??" he looked at me and buat mata macam
"Puss in Boots" dalam citer shrek tu., and then he hek hek back. Little Man memang nak kene ciom!!

Puss in Boots .. so cute!!!!

Rasa risau.. memang risau. Imagine if he played alone and something like this happened again without anyone noticing it. What if he lemas? What if he pull and push that thing here and there and tercekik.. argh!!!! Semoga benda-benda macam ni takkan happen to my baby. Aamin. So, momma and dadda kena lebih alert, babysitter Oman pun, grandparents Oman pun, uncles and aunties Oman pun. Semua orang pun. Leh x? :p

It's ok. Oman is melalui zaman lasaknyer sekarang. I browsed back some pictures masa tengah preggy dulu. Teringat when Oman was there in my belly. Lasak jugak :) Kept somersaulting inside. Haha.
Owh! How the times move so fast..Oman is now 69 cm tall and 7.2 kg weight. He is 5 months old today. Happy 5 motnhs old, Little Man. Momma and Dadda caaaaayang cangat kat Oman. :)

Me at 7th month pregnancy :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sunday Night, me, hubby and Oman watched Wimbledon Finals at our friends' condo, Acad & Sophie. I think everybody knows who won it. Congrats Encik Roger Federer! And thanks to Puan Sophie for the Nasi goreng sedap, Nuggets, Sausage and kepok lekor. Owh, today is Acad and Sophie 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Congrats ya!!!! :)

While his momma and dadda busied eating & watching the game, Oman was entertained by his sweet Aunty Rini. Terkekek-kekek he laughed. So, i gave my eyes a quick checked apelah yang dia seronok sangat tu. Rupa-rupanya he played with a huge purple hippo doll or 'badak cinta' that belonged to the tuan rumah. Wah! I terus teringat dekat Mr Giraffe yang elok x berusik kat rumah tu. Hmmmm.. adakah Oman sudah tidak takut lagi??

Just a little flash about Mr Giraffe, he is a huge babyblue giraffe doll. We bought him at IKEA just couple of weeks before Encik Little Man delivered to the world. Though Mr Giraffe has the looks yang sangat comel plus funny, Oman x rasa macam tu. For him, Mr G was a scary monster who wanted to eat him. Hehe. Click here for previous entry of Oman and Mr Giraffe.

Mr Giraffe

So yesterday, i planned for re-suaikenal between Oman and Mr Giraffe. Those moments translated into karangan bergambar as below. :)


"Oman, do you still remember Mr Giraffe??", i slowly put Mr Giraffe on him. To my surprise, Oman was not scared at all! He instead hugged Mr Giraffe with confident. Claps!! :D

I let him bermesra-mesraan with his 'new' buddy and both of them were doing very good.

So i decided to just let Oman playing with Mr Giraffe a little bit longer and started to notice that..........................

Hey buddy, suddenly i think you look so damn yummy...

Muhahahaah... Oman Oman.. he finally decided to eat his new buddy. Like his momma x nampak la kan ape dia buat.. hahahaha


Hehehehe.. sebelum Oman terus telan Mr Giraffe, i had to stop kemesraan mereka. Hihi. It's ok Man. Mr Giraffe and momma will still love no matter what. Hahaha

Sunday, July 5, 2009


A delay announcement is made. I looked at my watch, aiseh... kene tunggu another 1 and half hour pulak to depart!!!! Sabo je la...

ZzzzZZZ kejap kat airport. Tension sungguh flight delay.


My heart terus-menerus went up and down starting the plane departed from Beijing til touched down at KLIA. Encik Pilot asyik-asyik buat announcement that weather condition x berapa elok so everyone dinasihatkan duduk ditempat masing-masing and pakai seat belt for keselamatan.

For me, segala Ayat Lazim, Ayat Kursi, Istighfar, Subhanallah... habis dibaca berulang-ulang. Sangat kecut perut. Ntah napa.. i was berdoa like this..
"Ya Allah, sekiranya hari inilah hari terakhirku di dunia , janganlah Engkau tarik nyawaku sekarang. Berilah aku peluang berjumpa dengan mereka yang sedang menugguku di Malaysia. terutamanya Oman dan Kidd. Selepas itu, Kau ambillah nyawaku. Aamin"

I think, perasaan terlampau rindu made me doa' like that. I was really x senang duduk. I kept looking at other pessengers faces, some of them reacted like me, some of them were very cool. Bagaimanapun i puji and respect semua steward and stewardesss dalam flight tu, masih melemparkan senyuman and masih excellent menjalankan tugas walaupun dalam keadaan plane terhuyung-hayang. Mungkin diorang dah ditrained as well as dah biasa kot.

Alhamdulillah. After 6 hours dalam ketakutan, the flight safely touched down. I was running to get my luggage and terus mendapatkan Encik suami yang sudah sedia menuggu. Upps.. xleh bersentuhan. :p

Sampai rumah, the first thing i did was meeting my son..but not touching him at all. I preferred to mandi bersih-bersih. Lepas tu we both bermanja-manjaan. Oman peluk and sandarkan his head at my chest warmly. Seronok sangat. Oman still remember me. "Mendela Bi ni. Mestila Oman ingat momma dia. He will never forget you. Since day 1 you left him, his eyes are always searching for you" Kata suami yang dicintai. :)

Owh.. i've been adviced by Oman's pead not to direct bf Oman until 3 days.. Actually inilah yang paling both of us tunggu-tunggu...tapi apa kan daya..Though this is very hard, but demi kesihatan anak tersayang, i obey. Oman pun alhamdulillah, walau dia mencari-cari kat situ, pandai pujuk dia minum botol, dia ok.

Ni part paling best.. i'll be working from home until Tuesday. Yey!!! Bleh spend time ngan Oman and bleh dating ngan Kidd. :) Yahoo!!

Budak musyuk yg tido lasak :),
momma akan tido ngan Oman minggu ni kay.
Before next trip pulak..uhuk uhuk

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My hubby uploaded this pic in his facebook album with the caption; "waiting for you". The moment i saw it, i cried like heavy rains and kissed my laptop screen few times. How i miss him so much!!!!!!

and i miss the man yang tengah tido x hengat tu jugak... Hihi.. Oman yang jaga Dadda yer??? :p

So, To Encik Mohd Armi and Encik Roman Anaqhi, Puan Nuur Illyana will come back in 2 days time to "muah!! muah!!" both of you. Bersiap sedia!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Few minutes before 28.06.09

Bebi: Kidd... Kidd... bangun jap.. need your help kat bawahla
Kidd: (Dengan mata tertutup.. badan yang sangat letih) Hah? Buat apa?
Bebi: Ala jomla.. please..

Kidd: (Suara dah mula menampakkan kemarahan :p) Xlaratla Bi. Cakapla nak buat apa?

Bebi: Just come down.. turun k. Bi tunggu. Please.. nak minta tolong sketla.

Gedebak-gedebuk i ran down the stairs. Muka hubby kat atas tu dah sungguh tension. Mana taknya, tengah sedap tido, kene kejut. Awal-awal tadi tanak mintak tolong pun..kekekeke

Me, Bangah, B.Cik & Lan: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! (Pukul 12.05 am)

Muka Kidd terus senyum menjadi hensom. Walaupun mata mmg x larat nak bukak langsung. Hihi

Kidd: Laa.. susah-susah aje korang ni. huhu. Thanks a lot guys. (Tiup lilin nan sebatang, potong Kek and Makan ramai-ramai)

Makan cake. Mata yang tidak boleh dibuka.

Bebi: This is for you. (Passing a paperbag to him) Hope you like it.
Kidd: TQ Bi (sambik jenguk ke dalam paperback. Mata masih separuh terbuka)

Seperti ada kuasa.. matanya terus segar bugar sambil tersenyum lebar. Tidak meyangka apa yang dilihatnya. :p

I knew you like it. You wanted it so much. I could sense it when we were dating at KLCC weeks ago. You were asking about it to the salesboy but he said it's new item, x reached the store yet that time. Last week, i made a call to the store, and reserved. So Friday, during lunch hour, i drove to KLCC and got it in my hands :)

I was happy and sad on the same day. Happy for your hari jadi but sad have to leave you and Oman that night.


Oh ye, Encik Little Man pun dapat hadiah on that day tau. He loves it.

A new playgym for him. :D


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