Thursday, July 30, 2009


In less than 2 weeks time, Oman is going to experience his first taste of solid food. Owh! This is so exciting!!!! I'm anxiously waiting to see how he reacts and planning to record it for kenang-kenangan (amboih..semangat sungguh momma Oman nih!! )
Oleh itu Encik Shah, please approve my leave!! :p.

Just want to share some info i received from BabyCenter today;


From the time you introduce your baby to his first taste of solid food, he — and you — will benefit from baby-friendly feeding supplies.

You'll want a sturdy, stable, comfy place for him to sit, at a convenient height for you. To start out, that might be a bouncy seat or even a car seat. Once he can sit up by himself, though, a highchair at the table is your best bet. Your baby will be able to participate in family meals, and you'll be able to eat your own meal and feed him at the same time. It'll also be easier to clean up after he chows down (and spits up).

Beyond seating arrangements, you'll want to check out what's available in utensils, bibs, mats, bowls and cups, food mills, warmers, and coolers.

What to look for when buying

Small spoons: You can use a demitasse or iced-tea spoon to feed your baby, but a plastic-coated spoon is easier on his tender gums. Temperature-safe spoons that change color when food is too hot to serve your baby can also be helpful. Disposable infant spoons made of PVC-free plastic are handy when you're in transit and don't want to lose (or keep track of) a regular baby spoon. You'll see ergonomically designed baby utensils too, but you can pass on those at first — they're really designed to help babies who can feed themselves rather than being spoon-fed by you.

"Ho yeah!!! kebetulan i dah beli Temperature-safe spoons yang leh tukar kaler bila food is too hot tu"

Eas-on, easy-off, easy-clean bibs: You'll probably be tempted to get one or two adorable designer bibs, to match a certain outfit or for special occasions. For the most part, though, opt for function over fashion. Think big, washable, stain-resistant, and simple to put on and take off (choose velcro or snaps over cute ribbon ties). For meals at home, you may find large plastic bibs with drip-catching pockets very practical — they can be wiped down or rinsed after each meal and resist stains. If you don't mind the additional laundry, large terry cover-ups are nice. You'll also want to stow a bib in your diaper bag, although a burp cloth or napkin will work in a pinch.

"I bought Bip yang disposable jugak from Mothercare. Preparation kalau malas basuh kain. Kui Kui Kui"

Mats: Splat-mats are aptly named pieces of plastic sheeting you put under the highchair to protect the floor or carpet from food and juice. You can find splat-mats in bright patterns, and just the right size to accommodate the typical highchair. If you're looking for an inexpensive substitute, old sheets, tablecloths, or beach towels work fine. If you want something a little less conspicuous, you can use a transparent shower curtain or wide vinyl runner (available at most hardware stores). You can also buy placemats to put on your baby's highchair, a picnic table, or anywhere you want a clean, fun surface for your baby's place setting. Some can easily be wiped clean, and others are disposable. (The disposable mats work as an on-the-go, disposable changing pad, too.)

"Pass. No need to buy a new. Gunakan apa yang ada di rumah" :)

Plastic bowls: Once your baby starts feeding himself, you'll want plastic bowls that he can call his own and pitch across the kitchen. The ideal bowl is microwave-safe (so you can reheat stored leftovers) and easy for parents to hold, and has a cover for storing food on outings. Some parents swear by bowls with suction cups that attach the bowls to the highchair tray — but others say babies quickly outgrow the need for (and effectiveness of) this feature. You'll also find bowl-utensil sets in bright colors and fun shapes.


Sippy cups: When your baby is ready to try drinking from a cup, usually somewhere between 6 months and a year, no-spill sippy cups are a lifesaver. Most use a valve device that keeps the liquid contained even after your baby flings the cup against a wall. Unfortunately, the valve is often so effective that your baby has to work hard to get the drink out. Many parents have to patiently experiment with different types of sippy cups — often over a period of weeks — before their baby gets the hang of it. You can ease your baby's transition from bottle to sippy cup by getting a cup with a soft, pliable, nipple-like spout.

"Reti ke nanti Oman guna ni nih? Hehe"

Food mills, grinders, and processors: A low-tech hand-turned mill can be tucked into your diaper bag, and some even come with a handy carrying case. Wherever you go, you can make food for your baby by simply removing the metal turning mechanism, putting a bit of food into the grinder, replacing the mechanism, and turning it. Just a few twists and you've got baby food. If you're making all your own baby food, it might be worth the extra investment to buy an electric grinder or processor that purees food at the touch of a button. One innovative device is a little mesh bag — called a fresh food feeder — that works like a strainer. You open the bag, put fresh food inside, and snap it shut. Your baby chews the tiny pieces of food that are strained through the bag, leaving potential choking hazards like peels and seeds inside the bag.

Bi: " Kiddd.. yang ni xde lagi". Kidd: "Ala x yah Bi, guna Blender je. Buat siap-siap kat rumah. Nak outing panaskan aje" Bi: (Dah agak dah :p)

Baby food warmers: These handy electric gadgets heat baby bottles and jars of food quickly and without overheating them. They have thermostatic control and are small enough to take along on trips. You can also buy coolers especially made to keep baby food safe during travel. Any coolers will do, but these are appropriately sized for baby food jars and bottles.

"Next shopping" :)

Age-by-age guide to feeding your baby



Yang ni bukan excitement... :(

Then again, Momma needs to say Tata to Dadda and Oman. Uhuk Uhuk. Tomorrow, I'll be having TM Global Team Building at Puteri Resort Air Keroh, Malacca. Naseb baik sampai Ahad je. Oman stays dengan Dadda, Tukbah ngan Opah baik-baik k. Muahs!!!

2 budak buchuk yang nak kene tinggal lagi weekend ni..huhu


  1. haloo there,
    just view and read all ur posting..very interested and really want to share with u a link about the parenting hood.

  2. Hello Anonymous,
    TQ very much for the link. I found that it very interesting and informative too. It so nice of you. I have bookmarked it. :)

  3. siannya busyuk Oman...kena tinggal lagi. Kalau I mcm ni dah banjir dah ni..ekeke.

    Emh..masa Ananna 1st makan solid food sgt berlagak budak itu. Tak mo org suap..dia nak suap sendiri. Faham2 je lah kalau dia yg suap..habis satu bdn pon ikut makan..ekeke.

    To U..good luck..hehehe.

  4. I dah Tsunami dah ni u.. Berat sangat rasa.. It's gonna be many more 'Tata' in the near future and Only Allah knows how i'm gonna face them. Uhuk Uhuk..

    I Rasa Oman pun macam tu la..
    Sebab sekarang pun if i feed him guna bottle, ada hati nak pegang sendiri..pastu puting masuk kot idung..wakakaka

    TQ u.. i memang x sabar!!! :)

  5. excited ek nk start solid food? mmg best the feeling, and enjoy habislah tgk their reaction...hihihi.

    don't worry bout the slippy cups tu, sure oman tere gak nanti. Faaz masa 1st time I bg dia blur. masuk hari kedua dh laju dh dia one thing la, Faaz ni kurang suka plain water. i still tgh cari solution...takut dia consticipate plak.

  6. Let's countdown 2gether!hihi..izu pon xsbr nk bg iris mamam..cian tgk nye!:D

    nway, nuurill nk turun mlk eh. hmm mmg better la xbwk Oman. kt cni H1n1 cases keep increasing day 2 day. the latest 1girl had passed away n Utem's student pon dh diarahkn utk bcuti abt a week. tp staff kn keje...huhu.

    we also have self-constraint fr outing starting early of this week.:(

  7. i rasa u dah sgt patut bukak 1 consultant company.

    i cm nak print jek all ur posts...


  8. Nadine: Oman masa confinement time dulu..dia laju je minum plain water.. Now, still minum tapi x sehebat dulu.. Tapi kalau i add the water with halwa kundur syrup, hamboi hamboi.. laju je dia.. sejuk kot badan dia..:)

    Yeke Izu?? wah takotnyerrrrrr... kenela lebih berhati-hati kan? Mintak-mintak kita semua dijuhi dari penyakit tu. Aamin

    wah..wah wah melin..u nak print tampal kat mana? hihi..



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