Sunday, June 28, 2009


While i'm writing this, i am actually in MAS Golden Lounge.
I'll be departing to Beijing in 30 minutes time.
Nothing else in my head..except my son.
I feel like wanna cry so much but i couldn't... dah kering kot.

Oman wasn't send me to the airport just now.
He's at home, with nanny and Gpapa.
Why? Oman's body temperature reached 38.4 today.
He better stayed at home rather than terdedah dengan banyak virus kat KLIA nih.

Bayangkan, hari yang i have to leave him... Oman x sehat macam tu.
I was crying too much!
I kissed and hugged him like crazy tadi!
I kept saying "I'm so sorry, sayang!!"
and cried back..
coz he looked at me weakly and smiled...
ahhhhhhhhhhh..gugur jantungku..

Nasib baik sempat bawa him jumpa doctor.
Hopefully by tomorrow Oman dah ok.
Ya Tuhan, aku mohon.

Kidd, update Bi pasal Oman selalu k. Love u.

i better stop..cause i start to cry again now.. and migrain...

Snapped this sebelum ke airport. Cepat baik yer sayang.

I bring this along... pengubat rindu..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I love it, that my new job is so interesting
I love it, that there are so much new things to learn
I love it, that it's not only technical, i am into commercial
I love it, that it will take me to travel all over the world
I love it, that I'll develop more cabling and networking
I love it, that Beijing will be the locomotive..


I am sad, that it's going to start soon... when my son is only 4 months old
I am sad, that it's gonna be frequent... even 1 trip is less than 10 days. It's too long for me!!!
I am sad, that I feel so much guilt to Kidd and Oman... even they're really supportive to me
I am sad, that Dadda has to be Mr Momma... even he's ok with that. I'm sorry Kidd..:(
I am sad, that i love it and feel sad at the same time... you know what i mean?????


I pray, Oman is going to be ok without her momma... Please baby, please..
I pray, Dadda is going to be ok without her wife... TQ for being such an amazing husband & dadda
I pray, I'll be strong and patient menghadapinya... xkiralah mata bengkak-bengkak nangis hari-hari kat sana pun kan..

I pray, we are always gonna be fine, and i promise that, even i have to go, i'll always coming back to serve them the best.....
I pray, i'll be among the ladies, who excel in both. Family and Career. Dunia and Akhirat.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


First of all, me and my hubby would like to wish HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to our abah, Hj Filus & Encik Akib :) May both of you always in good health and everlasting happiness. Love ya!!

Well, my hubby is now a father too. So, today,very early in the morning, while he was still sleeping x hengat,me and Oman prepared something :p;

Something for his Dadda. Sungguh bersungguh-sungguh kami di pagi buta.. :)

Yeah.. inilah hasilnya. Oman was really enjoying "g o o d m o".. Hehe..Look at 'o' there, tiba-tiba ade line ke bawah. That was because tiba-tiba aje Oman pooped masa tu.. hahaha.. sambil meneran sambil melukis.. hahaha...we managed to finish it in less than 30 minutes. Hihi

I know our drawing xla best mana pun..but..we really love it!!!.

I love it when Oman was so patient that his fingers being hold by me all the way. I love it when Oman gave me his sweetest smile when we finished it. Cayalah Oman!! :)

After that, i made my hubby woke up. "Kidd...cuba tengok ni kejap".

Taraa!!! :)

Hihi.. My hubby loves it too!. He kissed kissed Oman. "TQ Oman, TQ momma".

After that, we composed messages to wish Hj Filus and Encik Akib :)


On the afternoon, we're having a Majlis Doa Selamat at Uncle Lalong & Aunty Nora's house. There were Armi's parent & Adik, Uncle Najib & family and Aunty Normah and Family. We had a small celebration for all the fathers with presenting them cupcakes.

TQ very much to Anne and Amrina for letting me know about wondermilk. They have on-the go cupcakes to grab. They're yum yum yum!!!

Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Monday. 6 am in the morning.
I opened my eyes lazily. I checked my babies. Yang little sedang nyenyak..yang x little apetah lagi. I laid my body next to Oman. I kissed his cheek. Sayu..

That day was the day, the first day we sent him to a babysitter. A 52 years old lady who is babysitting since 1994. She's staying in TTDI Jaya SA with her sister and 3 helpers. Makcik Rosiah is a single mother. So does her sister.

A day before, me and my hubby visited her house. Ramai betol budak-budak. Rupa-rupanya some of them ada yang dah masuk kindergarten, some in primary school, but still bila ada masa esp school hiday kan, they will come to spend time with their Nenek Rosiah. I see that as a point. Kids love her. Entering her clean house, each kids are having their own cot, while the babies are located in different room. Baby ade 3 je termasuk Oman. That's another point. According to Makcik Rosiah, Oman will be the youngest, and the last baby she'd agree to take care. Cumulating all those positive points, then we both agree, this place is the best for Oman at this moment. We pray hard that we're not making wrong decision..

So, i was supposed to work on that day. Tapi naluri keibuan dah suruh i joined my hubby cuti walaupun i just 2 weeks started my new job. Urgent Leave.. i texted my superior and he replied OK. Meloncat kegembiraanla momma Oman.

That morning, my parents went back to Perak after 2 weeks staying with us taking care of Oman. Owh, TukBah and Opah Oman mmg sungguh berat hati masa nak balik pagi tu, but nak buat cemana kan, they have their work responsibilities too. To abah and mama and adik2, Kyung nak ucapkan thanks sangat2 for all the concerns, helps and all. Tak taula macamana KakYung nak balas semua ni. Huhu. Love u all.

Tot..Tet..Tot..Tet.. we were ready to send Oman at 10.30 am. Nasib baik x cancel. I pujuk my hubby xyah send Oman on that day cause we were not working. "Lerrrr... kalau x hantar, how we gonna know that Oman is ok or not. Elokla we both cuti, then if anything like Oman meragam ke, non-stop cryingke, we both have time to speed there". Hmm, sungguh bernas hujahan suami. Daku pasrah.

Macam nak pegi asrama pulak barang Oman

Ready Oman?... Momma yang x ready...

Well, reaching Makcik Rosiah's house, Oman was so relax. Me?..i could still control myself. Even at the moment i passed him to them. Saw them cuddling Oman. Then i didn't want to stay there longer. I don't want i end up taking back Oman and bring home. So, i cium-cium him, hugged him, and beredar. No tears. Machokan??? Before that, Mackik Rosiah pesan, if rindu, call aje her home. Wah..Sungguh memahami Makcik itu..

Just right after few minutes, i felt like i really lost something. I felt like i didn't kiss and hug him enough. I felt like i hear him crying... I told Kidd. "Jom amik Oman nak??". Kidd was laughing.."Bi, 30 minit pun x sampai lagi ok. Jom gi amik baju dryclean kat Subang". OK, i better calm down. I kept silent.

Yes, i was keeping myself looking calm, but inside, macam ade gempa bumi. By the time we reached Subang, What's inside could't be kept anymore.....

My hubby was not surprised to see me crying. That was expected. I think all mothers melaluinya would also burst into tears kan? Different with fathers, very rare fathers crying. They handled it in different ways. But if we talked hati ke hati, the mutual is there. "Confirm sedih and miss him so much Bi. Pukul 1 nanti kita call Makcik tanya dia cemana". Wah.. memang x sabardah!!!!

So, at 1.00 pm, i called Makcik. Sangat lega when she told me that Oman's doing well. He's sleeping. Makcik kata, Oman adela nangis-nangis sikit bila nak tido. That's mmg Oman. Nak tido mesti dia berlagu. According to Makcik, Oman dah start kenal orang. Masa first time makcik susukan Oman, he scanned her lama sangat, no smile and rengek2 sikit.but lama-lama ok..
So, bila dah call, i felt so much released. And couldn't wait for 5.30pm. :).
Alhamdulillah. It's been 4 days and so far he's doing well there. Every lunch hour i'll give Makcik a call to check if Oman is Ok. Makcik Rosiah cakap Oman baby yang senang dijaga. Tipula baby x nangis kan.. Oman akan nangis when he hungry, wet, sleepy and tired. So, when dia kenyang, comfortable & cukup tido, he's a happy little man. Moment paling best when kita jemput dia after keja. Dahla wangi budak tu..cium2 dia sampai merah2..hehe

Oh...I'm waiting for 5.30 pm now. X saba bangat!! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


10 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only 9 frogs sitting in a row

9 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only 8 frogs sitting in a row

8 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only 7 frogs sitting in a row

7 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only6 frogs sitting in a row

6 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only5 frogs sitting in a row

5 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only4 frogs sitting in a row

4 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only3 frogs sitting in a row

3 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only2 frogs sitting in a row

2 little frogs, sitting on a well
1 leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now only1 frog sitting in a row

1 little frog, sitting on a well
He leaned over and down he fell
Frogs leap high and frogs leap low
And now there is no frog sitting in a row

I kept repeating that song until he closed his eyes. Yes, besides ABC (all time fav song), Oman loves this one.

Oman meragam sikit hari ni especially masa nak tidur. Usually he sleeps after feeding. But just now, he refused to be fed though he's hungry and cried continuously. I let him sucked the pacifier, he cried even louder. Siap keluar air mata lagi. Sayu sangat tengok.

So, i cuddled him firmly, brought him to the washroom, washed his face and head sambil selawat 3 kali. He stopped. Still cuddling him, i took him to our bed. His left fingers were holding my collar. Then i started singing that song slowly. I let our body moved following the melody. He just listened to me quietly. After few minutes, i could see he closed his eyes. Very peaceful. Alhamdulillah. Slowly, i put him in his cot.

I went outside seeing my mama. Told her what happened. My mom kata maybe Oman nak manja-manja sket dengan momma dia cause tomorrow he'll be sent to his babysitter.. i'm crying.

2 weeks old of Little Man

Saturday, June 13, 2009


10th June 09, Oman turned 4 months. Momma was the first wishing him 'Happy 4 months old, Oman" at 4am in the morning. He woke up so early, very cheerful, laughing and performing his own Stand-up comedy loudly.

Haih!! That 'budak musyuk' itu memang nak kena ciom ok. :) I told him; "Okay Oman, momma nak tido keeejaap ye" he laughed. Then my hubby took over jadi listener. When i woke up back after like 15 minutes, he told me that Oman was pulling my baju and hold that piece firmly sepanjang i tido. "Hehehe.. Oman takot sangat momma dia hilang", kata Dadda. Owh My Little Man... How am i going to leave you end of this month...(Ok this gonna be another entry. Sad entry. Very very sad. I dun want to tell anything about it now)

Both of us balik keje awal on that day. 5.30pm tepat dah gerak pulang from workplace masing-masing. Sesampai je rumah, we both terus sambung main ngan Oman. I got the chance to record this from that evening;

Edited by Dadda

We haven't check Oman's height and weight yet. But he is, yes, longer and makin berat.. kalau tgk kaki and tangan dia, macam nak gigit je rasa :)

Hari-hari sekarang rajin sungguh duk Little Man buat lontaran suara. Rajin sungguh ketawa. Macam recorded above, Dadda gelak, Oman pun excited bangat. Last-last dua-dua kepenatan..Hahahaha..Love both of them so much!!.

Now I realized that Oman memang suka stares at drawings, colors, and fabrics. There's time when i cuddled him, tebeliak-beliak mata dia belek my scarf.. Kadang-kadang tu siap bercakap-cakap lagi sambil tgk. Ntah apela comment dia :)

Also, his fingers now dah grab and hold things firmer. Malah semakin maju sebab dia dah start masukkan everything ke dalam mulut dia. Hehehe.. Oh yes, i do not swaddle him anymore. Oman dah x terkejut-kejut sangat time tido. For me this is good since recently the weather's damn hot ok. Plus Oman kuat berpeluh. So, kalau diswaddlekan, kesian dia.

Starting this coming Monday, Nenek Rosiah is gonna babysit Little Man. After filtering few options, so far we think she is the best for Oman at the moment. Hopefully everything's going smoothly. Ya Tuhan, lindungilah anankku. Aamin

Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Aku terima nikah Nuur IlLyana Binti Mohd Filus
dengan mas kahwin RM 501 tunai" :)

It has been 3 years. Alhamdulillah. So happy by his side.
Rasa macam nak kahwin lagi. Eh salah ayat!! :p

Rasa macam nak kahwin semula. Baru betol.
Dengan orang yang sama la. Why??
Sebab those events were fantastic. Rasa seperti prince and princess.
Best ooo kahwin!! :p


Monday, June 1, 2009


Make it short. Let the pictures tell the stories;

Oman dah pandai meniarap sikit-sikit. Trying hard to lift up his head :)

Picture was taken on last Saturday. We had our breakfast at FAM, KJ.
Masa ni momma tengah dalam mode sedih memikirkan dia akan bekerja semula.
She is going to miss this little man so much.
Sewaktu breakfast, kami makan di sebelah mereka ini;

Oman amik berkat nak jadi footballer. Yang baju putih (actually dunno which 1) tu amik berkat nak jadi ayah :)

Sunday. momma telah deicide utk prakticekan dirinya cuba pegi jalan-jalan without Oman. Untuk persiapan hari Isnin. Supaya dia tidak terkejut dgn perasaan meninggalkan Little Man di rumah untuk bekerja. Momma and Dadda telah ke KLCC. 2 jam je. Kiki. X mencabar langsung

Sebelum balik; "Lama x lepak starbucks kan?"..."Jom!!" :)

Sungguhpun begitu, momma sempatla jugak grabbed fews sbg 'pencuci purse'.
Oman dapat 3 sleepwear (I am a HUGE fan of baby sleepwear) from M&S.
La Senza utk momma. And Stationaries momma and dadda beli (azam baru nak keje kuat :p)

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