Sunday, June 21, 2009


First of all, me and my hubby would like to wish HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to our abah, Hj Filus & Encik Akib :) May both of you always in good health and everlasting happiness. Love ya!!

Well, my hubby is now a father too. So, today,very early in the morning, while he was still sleeping x hengat,me and Oman prepared something :p;

Something for his Dadda. Sungguh bersungguh-sungguh kami di pagi buta.. :)

Yeah.. inilah hasilnya. Oman was really enjoying "g o o d m o".. Hehe..Look at 'o' there, tiba-tiba ade line ke bawah. That was because tiba-tiba aje Oman pooped masa tu.. hahaha.. sambil meneran sambil melukis.. hahaha...we managed to finish it in less than 30 minutes. Hihi

I know our drawing xla best mana pun..but..we really love it!!!.

I love it when Oman was so patient that his fingers being hold by me all the way. I love it when Oman gave me his sweetest smile when we finished it. Cayalah Oman!! :)

After that, i made my hubby woke up. "Kidd...cuba tengok ni kejap".

Taraa!!! :)

Hihi.. My hubby loves it too!. He kissed kissed Oman. "TQ Oman, TQ momma".

After that, we composed messages to wish Hj Filus and Encik Akib :)


On the afternoon, we're having a Majlis Doa Selamat at Uncle Lalong & Aunty Nora's house. There were Armi's parent & Adik, Uncle Najib & family and Aunty Normah and Family. We had a small celebration for all the fathers with presenting them cupcakes.

TQ very much to Anne and Amrina for letting me know about wondermilk. They have on-the go cupcakes to grab. They're yum yum yum!!!

Happy Father's Day


  1. awwwh, sho shweeet! :)
    the cuppies are vewy tempting..nyum.

  2. Wahhh what an effort, Oman!
    Cantik..not bad tulisan Oman!;p
    Siap ter'poop' la plak tgh2 wat tu yer...hihihi gelihati tgk ada ekor kt situ...hehehe...

  3. bijak sungguh Oman...tapi macam musykil, Omannye yang excited ke momma dia yang excited/..hihi

  4. Nadine: TQ :)Yup yup yup..the cuppies yum yum x hengat..mak budak pun suka..haha

    Izu: Hihi.. mmg lawak ekor tu. Expression muka Oman masa teran tu sangatlah kelakar. X sempat captured pulak..

    Hana: Hahaha.. i tolong luahkan ke-excitedan Oman :P

  5. asal oman tak tukar2 baju?

  6. wakakaka..Perasan aje uncle peah ni. Baju tu 2nd baju ditukar that night. Baju 1st tu dah musyuk kene tutut dia :)

  7. i pun tau pasal wondermilk tuh..(nak jugak)..hahahaha

    sgt sronok tgk u all~ so sweet!

  8. Melin,
    Nanti i drop kat situ bila-bila (entah bilala..:)) i beli for you ok.
    TQ.. one day, i kenalkan my boys to you k. Hihi



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