Saturday, June 13, 2009


10th June 09, Oman turned 4 months. Momma was the first wishing him 'Happy 4 months old, Oman" at 4am in the morning. He woke up so early, very cheerful, laughing and performing his own Stand-up comedy loudly.

Haih!! That 'budak musyuk' itu memang nak kena ciom ok. :) I told him; "Okay Oman, momma nak tido keeejaap ye" he laughed. Then my hubby took over jadi listener. When i woke up back after like 15 minutes, he told me that Oman was pulling my baju and hold that piece firmly sepanjang i tido. "Hehehe.. Oman takot sangat momma dia hilang", kata Dadda. Owh My Little Man... How am i going to leave you end of this month...(Ok this gonna be another entry. Sad entry. Very very sad. I dun want to tell anything about it now)

Both of us balik keje awal on that day. 5.30pm tepat dah gerak pulang from workplace masing-masing. Sesampai je rumah, we both terus sambung main ngan Oman. I got the chance to record this from that evening;

Edited by Dadda

We haven't check Oman's height and weight yet. But he is, yes, longer and makin berat.. kalau tgk kaki and tangan dia, macam nak gigit je rasa :)

Hari-hari sekarang rajin sungguh duk Little Man buat lontaran suara. Rajin sungguh ketawa. Macam recorded above, Dadda gelak, Oman pun excited bangat. Last-last dua-dua kepenatan..Hahahaha..Love both of them so much!!.

Now I realized that Oman memang suka stares at drawings, colors, and fabrics. There's time when i cuddled him, tebeliak-beliak mata dia belek my scarf.. Kadang-kadang tu siap bercakap-cakap lagi sambil tgk. Ntah apela comment dia :)

Also, his fingers now dah grab and hold things firmer. Malah semakin maju sebab dia dah start masukkan everything ke dalam mulut dia. Hehehe.. Oh yes, i do not swaddle him anymore. Oman dah x terkejut-kejut sangat time tido. For me this is good since recently the weather's damn hot ok. Plus Oman kuat berpeluh. So, kalau diswaddlekan, kesian dia.

Starting this coming Monday, Nenek Rosiah is gonna babysit Little Man. After filtering few options, so far we think she is the best for Oman at the moment. Hopefully everything's going smoothly. Ya Tuhan, lindungilah anankku. Aamin


  1. dia pegang ur baju nuurill? sweet oman :)

    amin. alhamdulillah, selesai satu perkara. hopefully oman serasi la ngan babysitter tu kn.

    so peaceful tgk oman tido. sama cam Faaz, tido tangan "surrender" position. cute.

  2. Yeah. I am touched. Tapi Little Man tu mmg ape saja dia pegang sekarang :)

    Hahaha..surrender position. Kaki dia xpernah lurus tido :P Mmg cute kan.. I'm trying to put him sleeping meniarap sekarang. Masih belum berjaya.

    Aamin. I hope pun macam tu. He's doing well with Opah dia. I hope dia boleh ngan dengan Nenek Rosiah like he suits my mom.

  3. First of all, hepi 4 months to Oman...wahhh pagi2 dh bgn yek. hihi..awalnya alarm clock momma n dadda ni.:)so sweet him trk2 bju momma cmtu...mmg klu izu pon tharu ok..hihi..

    Eeee bestnyer dh dpt bbysitter 4 oman! izu blom dpt lg...:( esk br nk start cr...pray me k!



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