Friday, January 21, 2011

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I just received this in my FB inbox;


Please don't send this back to the person you recieved it from.

Dear Facebook Members,

Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated. There have been many members complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow. Records show that the reason is that there are many active Facebook members and, on the other side, many new Facebook

We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. If you are active please send to at least 15 other users using Copy+ Paste to show that you are still active. *Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks will be deleted without hesitation to create more space.*

Send this message to all your friends and to show me that your still active and you will not be deleted.

Founder of Facebook,

Mark Zuckenberg .


Did you guys received it too? Is this for real?

"Nak send ke tak?.. Nak send ke tak?.."

"Huh?? Biar Betol!!!"



Monday, January 17, 2011



SOMETIMES, i just go blank on what to wear for work or meeting. Especially when i found only one or two pieces hanging in the wardrobe. (kes malas nak gosok) .

There you go a perfect and sweet blouse but then the matching pants is hiding somewhere out of place. Demm!! (kes xsempat susun baju di tempat yang sepatutnya)

When these scenarios keep happen, i always make myself think of the easiest way out which is buying a new one. HAHA (Amboih amboih.. banyak chantek!!!)

Ok fine, buy a new one but then it will happen again and again, right? (Padan muka).

Don't be that girl above. Lazy bump!! (which was me).

2 months ago, I faced exactly the same case. I was to have a meeting in Kuala Lumpur and proceeded to be the host for the grand dinner that night. I didn't have much time to get ready(Like always. But hey It was 2010 :p). There was only a wearable blouse left in my wardrobe. At least! But then i was searching around, digging here and there, i just couldn't see any commercial pants to match it. Sigh.

The blouse was there the but not the pants.

Oh i lied. I actually found them. All of them were resting peacefully in the laundry basket. *picit dahi*.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
To take back any of the pants in the basket (eeeeeuuu!!) and sprayed a bottle of perfume to it, or
to not wear any. (hoi!) hihiihi.. I tried not to look at all my jeans because they were really not supposed to be any of the options.

The clock was ticking. I just gave myself another trial and hey i found something else that might works with the blouse. Why on earth i never think of skirt/dress!! (I actually totally forget that i have it)

Pic from Google

Well it wasn't actually a skirt. It's a long inner which to be wore with Jubah or long dress. Of all, i think that was the last good choice to comply with the meeting attire requirement.

Some people said, the last SOMETIMES the best.

Really? I wasn't sure if it's the best or not but that all day long, i kept receiving the same compliment from other delegates that i dressed pleasantly, like a Persian girl. :P

Persian..... la sangat!! :)
(pssst: Since ade yang bertanya through e-mail about my inner, i was actually wearing neck inner from Al-HumairaContemporary) :)

Moral of the story is;

* Jangan malas basuh baju dan seluar especially bila ianya limited. haha

* Jangan asyik nak beli baru je. Berjimat cermat amalan mulia

In style and fashion, you have to be creative ladies, SOMETIMES you really have to look and think more than 5 times and.. (petik jari) you will turn out to be better than you expected. (STILL SOMETIMES..)



Friday, January 14, 2011


At one time, the entire world went wholly crazy when these two handsome creatures, the Vampire and the Wolf, have been deeply in love, they breath for nothing but to win Bella's heart... both of them then, they sacrificed their alter ego, they combined the power of universe, just to save Bella's life.

Uuuuuuuu... teenagers, especially girls, were crazily dreaming;

"I wish i was Bella, Edward and Jacob her have the most delicious face and body, she is too lucky!!!",

hihihi.. they voted thousand times on the net for Edward's or Jacob's Team. Were you one of them?
Upsssssii... I am NOT.

Because I fall for this man :p

He's Charlie, Bella's father. Isn't he a HOT dad???

Am i a weirdo? Wait, please reserve your comment first because more are coming here. :D

Nahhhhh... These upper east side's boys, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass, who doesn't know them? Each of them has their own strong character and features in the Gossip Girl. Many boys out there have been influenced by their dressing and lifestyle. Girls, any of them to pick?

Hihi. I have picked mine, but he is none of these three boys. He is..... terengggggggg...

Dan and Jenny's father.
Owh Rufus , i know why Lily van der Woodsen can't never get her mind out of you. :P

See the pattern now? My pick is always fall for the father. :P

Except for them below; I pick both son and father.

Seth and Sandy Cohen :)

I was once very attracted to this The Orang County (O.C) series. Masa tu Oman takde lagi, but i had imagined that Armi is gonna be such a cool dad like Sandy to my future kids (minus how sporting he is to let Summer joined Seth is his room. :p)

Dah! Dah! Jangan harap momma nak percaya korang just baca komik kat bilik.
Drama kan i?? hahahaha.
(Tapi Summer@Rachel Bilson mmg sangat cantik!!! :))

I have seen the most beautiful relationship of father and son in this Cohen's family. He is a very supportive father, rational, open and knows the beauty tricks to tackle Seth and Ryan, his adopted son 's problem. And Seth, anak yang baik dan taat, sedikit lurus, dan manja :)

*cairrrrrrr......... :P

*tengah imagine Oman and Dadda watching their favorite games together

*Dadda masak? yang ini xleh imagine lagi. Hahahaha.

Walaubagaimana pun, mereka ini semua tidak real di alam nyata, kalau ayah yang kihut and real, macam ni;

Moga Dadda and Oman menjadi ayah dan anak yang baik. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.


Eh, Nigel Barker pun ayah yang i like lah! :p

note: all pictures without .mommaholicSuri. watermark are courtesy by google.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OMAN at 23rd MONTH

Momma: Ni kaler green
Oman: 'ijo' la momma
Momma: Green
Oman: 'ijo'
Momma: Okayla.. Okayla..
Oman: Okayla 'jin'.
Momma: *rolled eyes*
Oman: (Lari!!!)

Alhamdulillah, Oman has achieved his 23rd month yesterday. What a cheeky and talkative boy he is now. He 's able to repeat what we said to him minus 1 or 2 words and please excuse his pronunciation of K-to-T-in-the-front/middle such makan to 'matan', bukan to 'butan', cat to 'tat', and the most i love to hear everyday is 'bobok teras' eventhough his poo-poo xdela keras mana pon. kekekeke.

The picture above was taken by dadda on 6th December 2010. I think this is the last picture of him with short pants. Sekarang xmau dah you pakai seluar pendek!! He will cry berjujuran air mata if we ask him to wear shorts. (unless dia dekat rumah babysitter. No choice). All he wants is to wear long jeans. Jeans hokeh! material lain xmo. Adoyaiiii. Fenin kepala momma. Alim sungguh. Taaaapi... his favourite song is Dirty Bit by BEP & We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool tau. Kemain lagi dia angguk-angguk kepala sambil dance. So we call him, Uztaz Rock. :D

Long jeans only okeh!! :)

Oman has several preferences on toys that he would like to play with. Current top 5 are The-family-of-Talking-Animal-Apps, bicycle, ball, Inflatable Horse and Drawing-Ima-&-bulat kecil.

Talking John, Talking Hippo, Taking Carl, Talking Larry, Talking Roby, Talking Tom, Vito Panda and Vito Blue, you named it, all have been downloaded in both me and hubby phones just for him to have fun. He would start to create his own language and laugh out loud when these animals repeat after him. There's one time momma was forced to be The-Talking-momma cause my phone was out of battery. Can you imagine how 'pleasure' it is when i have to make that chipmunk voice and repeat whatever he says to me? Hahahahaha.

Oman Chan, can we consider this as your 2nd Birthday Present in advance? :p

The only 'Ayoplen' he has. Alah kesian. Will buy more for you k. :)

Try to draw Ima and the bear.

There're only 2 things in this world he loves me to draw for him. First is, Ima (Aunty irma, you should be proud and giving him more kisses you know) and second is the bulat-kecil-bulat-besar-bear. Wanna see how they look like? :p

Okey.. Okey... gelakla .. gelakla.. at least someone appreciates it okeh! hahaha. The left object is Ima. While drawing it, i will sing "hujan rintik2 song". The original version shouldn't have the pony tail but Oman insisted me to draw it because Aunty Irma always ties her hair. Wah lau. The right object, i think this is more familiar to all right but my version, i don't repeat "tiga kali tiga" twice, instead, i replace it with, "Gedek-gedek, gedek-gedek, anak Beruang". You know, Oman dah hafal dua-dua lagu ni. Adelah silap sikit-sikit such anak beruang jadi "anak baduang". =D

Besides being so adorable to us, Oman is sometimes naughty too (still adorable :P). hihi. The more we say NO, the more he does whatever we ask him to stop such picking his nose and then run for me or his dadda to wipe his finger on our clothes. Aiya.. manyak gross ho! :)
Even though he keep failing to pick any in his nose.. hahahaha.. but that habit is not really nice, huh. Young man, u better stop it before you enter any school. Otherwise, no girls will mind to chase you or share their pencils with you in the class. Ahaks.

This is what happened after i told him to stop nose-picking with one finger. *picit dahi*

Oh dear, nothing can describe how dadda and momma love you too much in this world. You are our everything. By having you, makes us realize that we have so much to improve fi Dunya wa Akhirah and ensure that you are getting the best of it. Be a good Muslim, a good Son, a good Oman okeh. Muahs!!

spot him? :)

Momma: Oman, Kalau Oman Noti Momma ape?
Oman: Momma babab
Momma: Kalau momma babab?
Oman: Oman Nangish..
Momma: Nak kene babab?
Oman: Tanoookkkkk... (lari!!!)



Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello dear Ladies,

It's sunny Saturday afternoon. It's my first time using this BlogPress apps on my phone.

Oman sedang enak dibuai mimpi. His Dadda's having sons' day out with his siblings and abah.

Well, i just received a new Viscose-Cotton modern kurong, a gift from my mil and sewn by my mom. (I know, we're completing each other. :D. Thanks mamas!!! :D)

Just the perfect time to do some entertaining-mind-game. Shawls' mix, match and parade.

The deal is, only to pick those shawls available in the collection. Jangan nak ngade2 start engine keta and drive to nearest hijab store, or shop new online. Hihi. Actually this activity xdela susah mana. But trust me, when you really love something such colors and art, even a simple creation with the correct angle, will make you satisfied and happier. Hihi.

I found the matching two shawls :)

(Picture is taken by using Best Camera Apps. Zero edit)

A Hearty Red. A fire type person. Happening, bright and brave.


(Picture is taken by using Best Camera Apps. Zero edit)

A combination of soft pink and greyish blue. Decent and down to earth.

I showed both to my mil and she picked the second one as I predicted. Bersesusaianlah dengan kelembutan hati ibu mertuaku itu. Hmmm.. I'll mms to my mom too and see what she likes... i guess, she will choose red since she is so into Red. Kan, mama? :) Oh wait, that was few years ago, she's now into any colors. Versatile la mama i. hihi. Okayla, Okayla, She may pick the second one too, sebab anak dia ni kan lembut...... kononnya. hahahahaa.

Wau!! i'm glad that i am into this fun brain working activity. It's keeping me awake from lazy Weekend afternoon. Kind of theraphy!!!

I should do this more often. Ok, blogging too. I will!! :D

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Monday, January 3, 2011


Since i join my current workplace in June 2009, i have became a "poor" girl. I pay RM7 only for a parking space almost "everyday". Let's do some rough calculation here, RM7 x 20 working days/month equals to RM140. Ish Ish Ish, with that RM hundred and forty i could have gotten a pair of Charles and Kieth every month tahu? Let's prolong the imagination "if" i was keeping that amount for a year and a half, RM140 x 18 months which is equals to RM2520, gosh!! i could have spent it during YES by grabbing maybe an ANYA or a GUCCI handbag.

akan tetapi... itu semua if perkataan "if", kan? =D

Makanya, saya sangat sekali bersemangat, by hook or by crook, to pursue my dream this year 2011, reaching the office by 7.30am. Parking spaces that are complimentary to the employees are limited. To get a parking I must be arriving the building before 7.40am. But if i reach here later than that, i would write (or maybe copy and paste) again this same entry for next year resolution. It will add more stress to me cause the multiplication numbers will be larger. A Hermes maybe (yang 70% discount la kot). Haha.

My abah once told me, "Yung, kalau kamu jaga waktu solat kamu, Sembahyang pada masuk waktunya, jangan suka tunggu nak dekat habis waktu baru kelam kelibut (bukan salah eja tau, mmg abah i cakap macam tu), Insya Allah, otomatik kita akan jadi orang yang punctual dalam hal-hal seharian".

Sangat betul ok kata-kata menikam kalbu abah i tersayang itu. As an example, Subh prayer. If as soon as 6.oo am I have waken up and ready to perform my solah, 10 minutes after that, bersiap-siap, by 6.45 am, i should be on road already. Of course malam sebelum tu dah siap prepare everything baju mana nak pakai, baju hubby, iron everything, and pack barang Oman for his Day Care. Ini kalau pukul 6.30am baru terjaga, then baru nak buat semua, memang by 9am lah baru sampai pejabat K.yung oi!!. (inilah yang selalu terjadi)

Therefore, starting tomorrow, (i don't wanna say today because i reached this morning at 8.15 am. Haih). I'll try my best to be an IN TIME person. (In my case, office hour starts at 8.30am, but... it's better for me to set 7.45am in my mind) .

Not really because of that Anya, Gucci, Hermes or whatsoever (tapi kalau dah rezeki, memanglah suka) :P. At a part, i can save more ringgit per month, but the main priority is to really improve my level of discipline towards Yang Maha Esa and then to my commitment in life and career. They are all mutual in parallel.

Insya Allah. Nuurill Mesti boleh!


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