Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello dear Ladies,

It's sunny Saturday afternoon. It's my first time using this BlogPress apps on my phone.

Oman sedang enak dibuai mimpi. His Dadda's having sons' day out with his siblings and abah.

Well, i just received a new Viscose-Cotton modern kurong, a gift from my mil and sewn by my mom. (I know, we're completing each other. :D. Thanks mamas!!! :D)

Just the perfect time to do some entertaining-mind-game. Shawls' mix, match and parade.

The deal is, only to pick those shawls available in the collection. Jangan nak ngade2 start engine keta and drive to nearest hijab store, or shop new online. Hihi. Actually this activity xdela susah mana. But trust me, when you really love something such colors and art, even a simple creation with the correct angle, will make you satisfied and happier. Hihi.

I found the matching two shawls :)

(Picture is taken by using Best Camera Apps. Zero edit)

A Hearty Red. A fire type person. Happening, bright and brave.


(Picture is taken by using Best Camera Apps. Zero edit)

A combination of soft pink and greyish blue. Decent and down to earth.

I showed both to my mil and she picked the second one as I predicted. Bersesusaianlah dengan kelembutan hati ibu mertuaku itu. Hmmm.. I'll mms to my mom too and see what she likes... i guess, she will choose red since she is so into Red. Kan, mama? :) Oh wait, that was few years ago, she's now into any colors. Versatile la mama i. hihi. Okayla, Okayla, She may pick the second one too, sebab anak dia ni kan lembut...... kononnya. hahahahaa.

Wau!! i'm glad that i am into this fun brain working activity. It's keeping me awake from lazy Weekend afternoon. Kind of theraphy!!!

I should do this more often. Ok, blogging too. I will!! :D

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  1. HA..boleh ler selalu selalu updates blog..i like~~~~

  2. 2-2 nice combination..may be yg hearty red tu bley pki time nite event..yg down to earth tu pki on day event. ahaks pandai2 jek izu ni!

    Wah guna blogpress! bley tiap2 hari update ni..;)

  3. Zura:
    Amin!! Alamak ni kalau x selalu cemana? hihi. :)

    Like your opinion Izu! :) Dengan Syarat, kalau jumpa shawl nya! hahahaha. Tau tau jelah kan, kadang2 tu, bila kita nak sangat pakaila dia hilang. Kalau x tu depan mata jer. hihihi.
    Uish.. tiap2 hari ek? hihihi.. mari kita lihat kay. Ahahaha

  4. hahahahah... memang best buat projek begitu....

    nuutill, fidza pon pilih no. 2 !!!! no 2 sesuai ngan nuurill...

  5. I pon berjiwa lembut (Eekeke) I pilih yang 2nd tu.

  6. Ya Betul..bole slalu menunggu sampai air liuq terkeluar..hehe..

  7. Nuril, found ur link on Izu's blog, hahah I was shocked to find we have the same template except the color is dfferent.. hehe.. shuld I change my template? since u were on blogger waaaayyy before me..? ;)

  8. Fidza, sesuai dgn Nuurill ke? i ganazzz u kat dalam. haha :)

    i mmg berjiwa hindustan. eh! lembut! haha

  9. Nurill....personal opinion, kak leen opt for the 1st one, Nurill nampak lagi mama :)

  10. Little BlueBird:
    Ayoyoyyo..sampai macam tu sekali? hahaha. Ok Ok.. i CUBA!! ahaks :)

    Hi!!!! Hihihihi.. eh eh no needla k.Nana. Lagipun template tu kan mmg free template by Lela so anybody is free to use kalau suka. Nuurill suka sebab Bird tu comel! hahaha. Oh btw, dah baca sikit2 blog k.nana. Nak link kat blog Nuurill, boleh? =D

  11. K.Leen:
    TQ K.Leen. Nuurill suka jugak the 2nd one too. Lebih daring. Sekali sekala kan. Ahahahaha :)

  12. merah la nuril... hot momma as always! ;)

  13. cantiknyer ur bilikkkk!!!

  14. Nuril dear, of course bole, akak pun dah follow blog nuril tau haha! syok la baca, kiut miut, nice work! and macam ade lots in common la, coz akak pun suke sophie kinsella hehehe..

  15. by the way, i think red shawl memang matching giller ngan baju nih!

  16. K.Nana, masa mula-mula create this blog, mmg semangat habis!! hahahaha. Nasib baikla mcm tu sebab kan sekarang nak tukar template ke layout ke, dah sangat x rajin. kekekeke. By the way, your blog is nice too la akak. Mmg ade lots in common!! Op corse, Sophie Kinsella menjadi pujaan hati kan, kalau ade layout blog mcm website dia dah lama Nuurill kidnap. Kekekekee. Eh eh, though dulu masa kat UIA saya panggil akak K.Nana kan, are you ok if Nuurill still calling u that? sebabkan, akak nampak sangat muda hokeh!! xmacam akak-akak pun. Sumpah! :)

    p/s: cemana leh maintain body after 3 kids nih? jelous!! hahahaha

  17. Youuuuu, cantiknya baju kurung you. I berkenan sgt corak n color dia! Dulu masa zaman uni mak I pun jahit all my kurungs tp dh stop skang. I pun office attire mostly shirt n pants je. Skang dia ambil upah jahit baju cucu saje :)

    BTW, for me both combination are nice..but from my two cents, u should pick the one matching ur skin tone. If I were you, I takleh pilih the latter since pale pink will make my skin look darker..kalau ur skin match both, untungla you! leh tukar2 pakai ;)

  18. uisssshhh, jgn puji2 u nnt trkembang ahaks.. just fully breastfeeding la nuril, tiga2 camtu so dgn sndiri nye body back to original.. tp ade jugak akak gi jogging once in a wyle, tp time winter stop la kejap. by the way, ok je, panggil la dgn ape2 panggilan pun x pe hehe..

  19. Zura:
    Hot ler sangat ni ha. Hahaha. Fyi, Armi pun pick red tau. ahaks :)

    TQ dear. This is our room in my in law house. She's really good in susun menysun and kemas mengemas ni. :)

  20. NAdine:
    TQ Nadine. I love the color combination too!! :) Oh wow.. untungla Faaz, masa raya jer dah x payah beli baju raya kan. And the coming 2 new siblings. ihik ihik :)
    On the kaler, i main belasah jer you dua-dua kaler tu.. but i noticed that i'll look more dull if i wear black la dear. kekekeke. So, i have only 1 piece on black scarf. :P

    Wow! That's great!! Fully bf ek. Okeh.. anak kedua nanti Insya Allah Nuurill akan cuba :)

  21. yeay another new iPhone clan! :D BlogPress memang sangat best utk berblog kan? very user friendly :)

    and for the baju, i have to admit, at first my eyes got attracted to the red shawl. tapi bila tengok yang pink, nampak mcm, sweet-sweet jugak. sbb agak2 nak jadik sexy in a sopan way, go for red. agak2 nak jadik sweet in a sopan way, go for pink kan! either way, u'll still look good because u are naturally good looking urself! :)

    ps : i know sume org dah ckp ni, tapi i nak ckp jugak, BILIK YOU CANTIKKKKK! :D

  22. Oh Thara, Armi cakap i mmg the right person to use iPhone. Habih i fully utilize all the apps. :p salah satunya the blogpressla.. hihi

    Ala you ni.. mana aci mana2 pun ok kat i. Hihi.

    TQ dear. Itu bilik kitorang kat rumah my mother in law. Kebetulan the feature wall we painted it red, bertambah-tambahla effectnya. =D



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