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SOMETIMES, i just go blank on what to wear for work or meeting. Especially when i found only one or two pieces hanging in the wardrobe. (kes malas nak gosok) .

There you go a perfect and sweet blouse but then the matching pants is hiding somewhere out of place. Demm!! (kes xsempat susun baju di tempat yang sepatutnya)

When these scenarios keep happen, i always make myself think of the easiest way out which is buying a new one. HAHA (Amboih amboih.. banyak chantek!!!)

Ok fine, buy a new one but then it will happen again and again, right? (Padan muka).

Don't be that girl above. Lazy bump!! (which was me).

2 months ago, I faced exactly the same case. I was to have a meeting in Kuala Lumpur and proceeded to be the host for the grand dinner that night. I didn't have much time to get ready(Like always. But hey It was 2010 :p). There was only a wearable blouse left in my wardrobe. At least! But then i was searching around, digging here and there, i just couldn't see any commercial pants to match it. Sigh.

The blouse was there the but not the pants.

Oh i lied. I actually found them. All of them were resting peacefully in the laundry basket. *picit dahi*.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
To take back any of the pants in the basket (eeeeeuuu!!) and sprayed a bottle of perfume to it, or
to not wear any. (hoi!) hihiihi.. I tried not to look at all my jeans because they were really not supposed to be any of the options.

The clock was ticking. I just gave myself another trial and hey i found something else that might works with the blouse. Why on earth i never think of skirt/dress!! (I actually totally forget that i have it)

Pic from Google

Well it wasn't actually a skirt. It's a long inner which to be wore with Jubah or long dress. Of all, i think that was the last good choice to comply with the meeting attire requirement.

Some people said, the last SOMETIMES the best.

Really? I wasn't sure if it's the best or not but that all day long, i kept receiving the same compliment from other delegates that i dressed pleasantly, like a Persian girl. :P

Persian..... la sangat!! :)
(pssst: Since ade yang bertanya through e-mail about my inner, i was actually wearing neck inner from Al-HumairaContemporary) :)

Moral of the story is;

* Jangan malas basuh baju dan seluar especially bila ianya limited. haha

* Jangan asyik nak beli baru je. Berjimat cermat amalan mulia

In style and fashion, you have to be creative ladies, SOMETIMES you really have to look and think more than 5 times and.. (petik jari) you will turn out to be better than you expected. (STILL SOMETIMES..)




  1. oh yes u do look like a persian...


    Fesyen tahun ni nak pakai long skirt & boot. Amacam?? cantek tak?

  3. As:
    Oh Thank you dear. Thank you for dropping by too! =D

    Totally agree. In fact i'm now eying a few too from a few boutique. Weweet! Eying jelah baru. Hahahaha

  4. mmg kita akan menjadi lebih kreatif dan konpiden terlebih bila keadaan mendesak... hehehehe....

  5. hehehe cantik!
    suka la bju Nuurill tu..;)
    TQ for sharing the tips..heheheh.

  6. oh saya mempunyai masalah yg sama pagi td. tak jumpa baju yg dicari! huhu.

    anyway, u really look like a persian. creative sungguh. tak terpikir pula cd. hehe.

  7. Hah! I agree with you nuuril. I have problems too on picking up clothes to wear for any function, especially meetings with big boss. Lagi2 time pregnant nieh. Huaarrgghh!

    Your last result sangat sesuai.. sangat cantik, as usual :-) Tak sabar rasanya nak kembali ke figure lama, so that dapat pakai balik office attire. :)

  8. even u have a limited (u claim) wardrobe, but those blouses are very nice... seriously.. mana beli eh? if u don't mind sharing.. hehehe

  9. yang penting, it turn out perfectly :)

  10. kalau kita pakai baju belang² horizontal, akan nampak slim sket kan?.. :)

    btw, nuuril pakai ape pun cantik ajer..

  11. cantik that blouse! sometimes, mix and match apa yg ada pun boleh turn out perfect kan? but still, as u said..SOMETIMES..hehe.

    again, blouse tu syantik! :D

  12. Org yg ade limited wardrobe mcm I ni (almaklumla bilik kitaorg kat rumah in-laws ni kecik je..hihi) mmg suka bab2 mix and match. Have to be creative sbb nak beli baju baru mesti kena let go some. x muat almari..*sob*

    I pun ade one of those long inner which sgt2 berguna bila I tgh mengandung nie. Kdg2 baju muat skirt or pants tak muat, inner tu la jadi mangsa. You punye tebal tak eh? I punye a bit jarang, kalau buat as skirt mmg kena pakai kain dlm..

  13. Fidza:
    Yes Fidza! Tapi tulah, kadang-kadang it turn out not to be good at all. Haha. (For my caselah)

    TQ Izu. Nuurill suka jugak blouse tu. tapi ianya saaaangat jarang so, pakai pun sangat jarang sebab malas nak pakai inner. hihihi

  14. Che' Dee:
    TQ Dear. Bila dah last minute mmg selalula Nuurill macam ni. Ahahaha.
    Alhamdulillah kalau it turn out well. Tapi selalunya mmg Encik Armi akan bagi approval dulula. Dia tu boleh tahan opinion dia. :)


    Ala Haja, suka puji2 hokeh! :)
    Go Haja GO!! Nanti lepas dah deliver, pantang betul-betul.. and wah lau. You mesti gorgeous babe!! :)

    Hihihi. Masa time pregnant mmg kdg2 xtau nak pakai apa. Lagi2 kalau macam i dulu, mmg xsuka beli baju maternity. kekekeke. :)

  15. aku.mamalia.wanita:

    Dear, should i call u Zah? hihi. I try search nama you tapi x jumpa. But i found satu entry where u cakap u cuba melakukan watak makcik Zah. Suka hati i jer kan? ahahaha

    Dear, i suka blouses from ZARA. Yang i pakai tu pun i got it from there. I even love its Boyfriend shirt!! =D

  16. Inda:
    Ya Betol!! itu yang paling penting. Cuba dah la last minute kan, lepas tu turn ouot pulak jadi haru biru.. aiyak!!! :)

    Owh TQ Ibu Hana for your compliment. :) x selalula dear. Kadang-kadang sebaliknya tapi i xtunjuklah kan. ahaha.
    Tektik pakai baju belang vertical mmg boleh bagi nampak kurus. Tapi i xnampak kuros pon!! erk. hihi.

  17. TQ Alena. Yes dear, kalau nak mix and match mmg kene ada tempatnya. Kalau tetiba kaler x match ker kan. Haru!! :)

    Dear, mine quite tebal but i still wears kain dalam dear. sebab i xyakin. Yerla it's supposed to be an inner kan. I yang memandai jadikan skirt. ahahaha.
    But memang dear, sometimes mix and match aktiviti yg menyeronokkan!! :)

  18. cantek!!
    seriously babe,I mmg salute the way u dress up..
    simple n yet sgt nice..
    I dont have much in wardrobe..end up nak mix n match pun tak reti..

    u go girl..share more with us..;)

  19. gorgeous as always. black and white memang selalu menjadik pujaan i :) and i love your top! very sweet! it's Thara-Approve! :P

  20. Nadia: I believe you are beautiful the way you're too, babe!! nak nak tengah pregnant. I rasa semua pregnant mom sexy tau! =D
    TQ very much dear.

    Black and white mmg boleh naik kalau kene gayanya, kan? hihi. You ni sebijik mcm Armi!!!!!! :)

  21. ermmm,what is "commercial pants"?..maaf lah saya buta fashion..


  22. Hi Aliza:
    Owh! i pun x hebat mana dear. Biase-biase jer. Sorry about that words i used, they're just my own definitions that Commercial pants is the pants that is wearable for business casual events. :)

  23. salam perkenalan dari mamanoein....mmmm biasalah...selalu jer ada sifat malas nak menggosok....tue bila dah penat sangat....Oman's hair is nice....

  24. Salam mamanoein:

    TQ dear. TQ for dropping by, dear :)
    Betul!!!! i mmg selalu ade sifat malas tu!! :)



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