Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I still remember last year, 12 April 2010, it way my 1st meeting day in Guilin, China when i received a shocking news that Oman was admitted to DSH due to a very high fever. I felt so hopeless that i needed to wait the next day first flight, transited in Beijing for few hours before i finally reached my son. But the moment i saw him in front of my eyes, i gained back all my strength and dedicated my full 5 days and nights with him in the hospital.

Somewhere in the middle of February this year, Oman was again attacked by viral high fever. I was so thankful that i was not going anywhere this time. At 12.30 am, his temperature rose up to 40 degrees Celsius so we immediately brought him to SMC, the nearest hospital from our house. As expected, he was needed to be put under close monitoring in the ward.

Oman had enough of cries on the first day when every 4 hours he needed to be nebulized. He was so angry and disappointed everytime he had to wear that mask and breath in the gas. Without seeking much help from the nurses, i managed to assist (read: force) him to undergo every session without failed. Thank God after the second day, Oman was dealing very good with it.

Day 1 - Momma pegangkan.
Day 2- Pegang sama-sama.
Day 3 - Momma dah xyah pegangkan.

Oman blood test showed that he was free from H1N1 and dengue. I felt so relief that it was only viral infections. However, i was still needed to ensure that Oman took every of his medicines which was Homaigod very challenging since this time doc decided not to gave the medicines through jab. Bersilat hokeh!

The third day at hospital, Oman showed very significant improvement.

We spent 4 days and 4 nights in SMC before Dr Hoe said YES for Oman to go back home. He was totally cheerful after discharged. Macam baru nampak dunia. hihi.

2 days after, Oman had suddenly increased his bobok (in Oman case, poo poo) frequency like once every 2 to 3 hours. Its watery and yellowish. As the result, Oman became less active, more quite, and pale. Until the next day when he and his dadda fetched me at a workshop in Sunway (Puan Nabira buat hal lagi), Oman was really sick. Beside having quite high temperature, he was very weak. He fell asleep while standing in the car. That was never happened before.

That night, i made a call to Eirsa's mom, Ahsuez, asking for some info about Rotavirus. Almost all the symptoms experienced by Eirsa were similar to Oman. Being positive, I was hoping that Oman would get better that night and back to normal the next morning (I was actually xmo dia kene admit lagi)

At 12.30 am (again), Oman reached the point where he couldn't take it any longer. He was all shivering. He couldn't sleep. His body was so hot and he vomited. We quickly packed his necessities and brought him to SMC.


While waiting for his room to be ready, Oman was tepid sponged by the nurse in the emergency room as his temperature was too high. The doc also took the sample of his poop for further examination.

"The result shows +ve in rota test". Yeap! he is confirmed infected by that virus. Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children which could be transmitted via food, drinks and touch. As it could be contagious, me and my hubby had to wash our hands properly after handling Oman especially after we changed his diaper and washed his poop.

It took few days for this virus to fully flush out from the body. During that period, Oman was doing good except for his frequent vowel movement and losing his appetite. He lost 2 kg within a week. I lost 1.2 kg (nak jugak! :p).

The room sweet room.

His favorite 'toys' during the stay. Ape ape je lah Oman.

Xlupa memanjat doa ke hadrat Ilahi.

Oman was discharged after 3 days admission. Just a day before our planned trip to Penang. Phew! That trip was a treat from my hubby to my family in Sitiawan for us to have a great time together and also Oman's post birthday celebration. (I'm gonna create an entry for this).

Well, it didn't stop there, my dear. While we're having fun in Penang, I noticed that Oman's body were fulled of red thick rashes. Something like Measles. Owh How pity Omas was as one by one he was attacked by viruses. We're lucky that in Penang, ayaq nyoq (air kelapa) was easy to be found and that's the only remedy for it besides calamine lotion. The rashes were fully disappeared after 3 days. Syukur.

On our last day in Penang, hubby did mention to me that he felt a lil bit uncomfortable with his body. His joins were in pain and he got a slight headache. I made a joke that he might have been over eating and that's the price he had to pay.

Ala.. rasa bersalahnya...
That was because when we got back to Shah Alam, his condition became worse.

That whole night he kept visiting the washroom without failed. He started with diarrhea and then vomiting. At about 1.30 am in the morning, I noticed Armi's temperature rose up and his was shivering a lot. Being him, the person who is anti-clinic, when he requested himself to be sent to the hospital, i knew that he must be feeling very very sick.

Oman was just about to recover and Dadda took a turn. We were reluctant to bring him to the hospital at the same time to leave him at home with the new maid. What if he woke up and found that we were not at home? All i could do was just to pray that Oman would be fine sleeping until we got back home.

He was too dehydrated. Sampai SMC terus kene drip.

Doc told me that my hubby had to be admitted. I wasn't ready but the previous 2 admissions of Oman made me become a stronger woman. I waited there until my hubby had been assigned with a room.

I knew he was worried of Oman too. He told me to go back home that he would be fine with the close monitoring of the nurses and doctor. Again all i could do was just to pray that hubby could take care of himself without me assisting him. Sigh.

To drove back home alone at 3.00 am in the morning was really an eerily experience for me. My heart was beating very fast along the way. Everytime there were other vehicles passed by, i prayed hard that my car would not be hijacked by them. Seterusnya diri ini x diapa-apakan. Nauzubillah. (Serious takut!!! Even bukan semua yang keluar pukul 3 pagi tu jahat :p)

Alhamdulillah, i managed to reach home safely. What a huge relief.

As i open the door, i could hear clearly that Oman was crying and looking for me. Ala kesiannya. I quickly ran to get him and put him back to sleep. Then i called my hubby to inform him that i was already at home.

Armi's condition after that was much better. When i reached him the next morning, he could already bring himself to the toilet. (Kalau x kene tolak dengan wheelchair). What a good news when his blood test showed nothing serious. Armi was just having viral infection.

All I would say, February was a tough month for us this year. We've been given few tests one after another. But we didn't feel ungrateful. We lived with it. We've became much closer to each other and I have becoming a good 'nurse' by the way. hihi.

Thank you very very much to our parents and families who put all the efforts to support us all this time. Thank you to those who prayed for us. We love you.

To date, Oman has gained back his weight. Main kuat makan. Hihi. Armi pun dah sihat sejahtera. Makin banyak extra job. Alhamdulillah di atas rezekiNya.

May all of us stay stronger and healthier. Amin.


Monday, March 21, 2011



June 2009.
I know many of you had actively doing it way earlier than that.

I was having quite a lot of doubt. Banyak betul "what if" dalam kepala.

The rule is, I 'd to make the payment first before got to see the shawl.
What if the owner of the online shop cheated my money? (ini yang paling takot).

Moreover, I could only view the color and pattern from the image they uploaded in the web.
What if the color became totally different when i received it?
What if the material is very low in quality?
What if they send me wrong items?

So, what i did was, i filtered every online shop i bumped on net, I checked their all the reviews and testimonials from the customers. Paling bestkan, bila i found friends or relatives who had experienced dealing with the boutique, they fully satisfied with the services and item received.

Kenapa pilih beli online.? Pemalaskah?
Eh, Butan Butan (the way Oman pronounces "bukan").

The main reasons are time and flexibility.

Kalau dulu, rasa nak beli shawl baru, terus roger Encik Armi. Dia ON aje.
I pergi cari shawl, dia pergi kedai camera. :P
Nak belek sampai tengah malam pun x pe. hihi.

When i become a mom, part of my flexibility to go for quality shopping has gone. Oman was a little baby and of course he needed a lot of attention from me. Pulak tu Oman bukan jenis baby yang dok diam je tau dalam stroller. Bersilat la i dengan Armi kalau outing tu kang.

I found it bit uneasy.

Makanya sejak itulah, i berjinak-jinak dalam bidang membeli shawl online. Now, bila dah biasa, Oman pun dah easier to handle than before, i still sometimes opt for buying it online. Rambang mata! :P

I was so fortunate that my first trial was really really great and the services was super tip-top. The owner owh she's kind-hearted yet pretty girl. I still remember when i received the nice packaging, inside it there my shawls smelled sangat-sangat wangi. You letak perfume apa, Hani? hihi.

The first 2 pcs of shawls from online boutique. TQ AHC. Puas hati tau! =D

Nowadays, online boutique for Muslimah has tremendously grown up in parallel with people trust to this business field. With a click, you can easily get different styles, pattern, colors and material of shawls. Macam pisang panas!

If 7 years ago, i was among the alien of being the minority group that wear shawl for my daily outfit, now, i could see gorgeous hijabis all around me! Xsalah berfesyen tudung asalkan menepati nilai tuntutan agama kita. Insya Allah. Bring it up, dearies! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011



When i turned THREE ZERO (Type huruf besar menunjukkan bangga. hihi) on last 2nd February 2011, i had put some plans to make it difference on how i treated myself for that thirty years achievement. Oh i forget to tell you that i was having bad migrain that day too. Yes, just to be different kan? :P

Hubby and I left Oman with my parents at home and headed to Ikea for some adela-benda-nak-cari hunting. Oh ya, our 'date' was featuring a good friend of my hubby, En. Zano. When we reached Ikea, both of them just couldn't resist the yummy aroma of the Swedish meatballs (oh sedapnya!!!) so we decided to have our lunch there.

When you're having migraine, you would loose your appetite to anything. Eh yeke? I was ended up just ordered a mineral water while they were having super lunch.! Dah ada meatballs, tambah pulak lagi whole springs chicken. Zano.. Eh.. korang memang terbaek! :p. Eh, do you know that Daim Cake at Ikea's so superbly delicious?? Sumpah x tipu. Dalam migraine2 pun i boleh makan licin cake ni. Kira my birthday cake la kan. Haha! tadi kata xde appetite.

Almondy Daim Cake by Ikea
Pic by Google

After that we went to few stores at Ikea & Ikano, and we were so happy that our mission accomplished. Hubby got what he wants which were 2 BBQ sets and tools for the next day BBQ event at home. I was then damn satisfied that i found all items that were needed for my Birthday project. I know i sounded ambitious. :P

What? no Birthday dinner that night? Yes, NO. Me personally telling everyone that i was not fit to have any celebration. Manyak Migraine maa.. :(

The next day, we were just at home ( i was still pening-pening lalat). Since we did nothing, it's the perfect time for me to implement my project.

Here i presenting the Birthday Present for my self.... tedeng...

Hiasan Bunga untuk toilet.

Tepuk Tangan!!! :)

I do not know what you guys are currently thinking but i feel that myself was too sweet. *Puke*. Gigih hokeh i buat mende alah diatas untuk dihadiakan kepada diri sendiri. Hihi.

Lemme share this project with you;


Those above were the stuffs that i used for my Bunga Hiasan Toilet. Socker Plant Pot from Ikea (RM3.90x5), Sponge (RM1.50x3), 5 pcs Artificial Lavender (RM10.00 x5) from I Do Flower Boutique, handmade ribbons (not in the picture), and a cutter. You've seen so many x5, right? It's because i planned to make 5 pots. 3 for my home, One for my mom, and another one for my mother in law.
Tolak campur, the cost for each pot is RM15.00.

Note: I pcs of lavender consists of 7 to 8 tangkai bunga. There are white lavender, purple lavender, and ribena lavender. I just mixed and matched them.

The first is to cut and fit the sponge in the pot like i did in the picture above.

Then use the cutter to cut the lavender into setangkai-setangkai seperti di atas. Then you can immediately arrange the flower ikut suka hati. Hehe. (psst: nampak x sapa yang tengah kesat hidung tu? hihi. Like last year both Oman and Armi kene flu. Alahai)

On the way.
Alamak kantoi!! Please dun follow me. I use KITCHEN SCISSOR instead of proper cutter. (Ampunkan isterimu, Kidd)

Dah siap!! :)

Tu dia!!

One of the fact is, i love to deco flowers since i was a small girl. My mom pun pening tau. Bulan ni bunga ni susun kat sini, bulan depan susun sana. Haha. Kadang-kadang memang x cantik pon. :p Tapi sebab dah suka kan. Kah Kah. X kesahla bunga hidup ke bunga tipu, I was even dreaming to become a florist when i grew up. :P

Salah satu mangsa keadaan.

They were at first placed in the unused room at my parents' house. Dengan sesuka hati, during my bro's wedding, i took them, washed and rearranged to become a deco for my bro's dais on his wedding day. Ranting-ranting tu siap amik dr pokok mana ntah. Budget creative la :p
*cough*. I think my mom loves it. She's now placing these bouquet at one corner of the hall.

(Twit!! Bakul besar tu kan. My abah buat sendiri taww! :) )

Itu kat rumah my parents. Kat rumah sendiri lagila sesuka hatikan?

At the Living Halls

At the Kitchen

In the Bedroom.

Eh Eh.. I was initially writing about my Blossom Thirty. Dah jauh menyimpang ni. Sorry. :)

After all, I was a happy Birtday Girl then. Rasa puas tau!!

Notes: Though i love to deco flowers, i never asked Armi to dedicate flowers as my Birthday gift. Armi pun sungguh bersyukur sebab dia x kuase. Ahaks! :P


Thursday, March 10, 2011

HE MISS US SO MUCH!... so do us, baby.


I just received a call from my mother in law....

mama: Nuurill boleh tidur x malam tadi kat sana?

me: x boleh sangatlah ma. Tempat baru kot. Dah nak Subuh baru boleh nak terlelap betui.

mama: oh patutla.. Oman pun kat sini macam tu. Kesian sangat mama tengok dia.

Me: What happened Ma? (dup dap dup dap)

mama: Oman tido dgn mama and abah. At 2 am, he woke up. As usual nak susu lah kan. But after susu dia mula nangis teruk.

Me: yeke ma? Ala... (cool Nuurill, cool!)

Mama: Dia rayu-rayu kat mama tau. Dia cakap "Oman nak tido bilik momma. Bolehla Nanny".

Me: .....

Mama: Then mama bawakla dia tidur bilik you all. Bentangkan tilam dia. But he didn't stop crying, Nuurill. Mengalir-ngalir air mata.

Me: dia still nangis? (mata dah bergenang)

Because this is the saddest part.....

Mama: Nuurill, Oman nangis sambil cakap macam ni; "Momma, pelukla Oman".. "Momma, tiomla (ciumla) Oman". Mama comfortkan dia pun, dia xmau, Nuurill. Dia nak momma dia jugak.

Nuurill: Kesiannya Oman.. (tarik nafas dalam-dalam) Ni kan first time both of us xde. He must be feeling miserable. Selalu tu kalau Nuurill xde kan, dadda ada teman dia.

Mama: Itulah. Lama lepas tu, Oman tertidur. But it wasn't stop there. At 4am he woke up again, and again cari Nuurill. Suruh peluk and cium dia.

Me: sedihnya.. patutla Nuurill pun x leh tido. Cemana la ni. Ada satu malam lagi.. ( lemah longlai rasa)

Mama: Xpe. Hopefully tonight he's okay. Dia missing u all too much. But daytime, he's very good.

Me: ok Ma. Will get back home the soonest possible after habis program esok kay.

Mama: Ok, don't worry too much kay. First time dadda pun xde, tu yang dia macam tu. Nuurill just take.

Me: I will, Ma. Will call Oman during my lunch break nanti.

Mama: Ok Nuurill. babai.

I didn't cry after that call. I just approached a few of my good friends here to share the sadness.

But the moment Armi nudge me in ym asking how are we doing here... that was the time i cried. Sebak weh. Sambil tulis about Oman, air mata jatuh. Terus cepat-cepat lari dari dewan masuk toilet. Xmo kantoi.

Cepat-cepatla esok!!!!

Oman oh Oman... nasib baikla momma dekat Tanah Tinggi Genting. Kalau dekat Tanah Tinggi Babylon???

Nanti Momma sampai on Friday. Momma hug and kiss you banyakkk-banyakkkk kay!!!

Be strong, Oman. Be strong, momma. Be strong, Dadda.


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What you will see from the videos.. are classified.
Recorded in the dark, under the blanket.
What you will hear, is pure.

My advice, Listen... but don't watch...

Hik Hik Hik.. Jangan marah aaaa.
I have warned you that it was all dark. memang xnampak satu hapah pun. :)

Singing is one of the activity that Oman would do every night before he sleeps. Among his favorite songs are Air Pasang Dalam, Anak Nabi Kita ada 7 orang, Dadda Car (Bapaku Pulang Dari Kota), Can Mali Can and nenek-Nenek si Bongkok Tiga. Layan jerlah kan! =D

Armi is currently in Beijing for a training. Normally we'll take turn to sing along with Oman but since last Sunday, only momma left to karaoke with him. Kidd, Xbest wo tido Kidd xde. Rasa katil luas sangat walaupun anak bujang kita lasak giler habis satu katil dia conquer. hihi.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be going to Awana Genting Highland for a three days program. Alaaaaaaaaa, how pity Oman is. Both his Dadda and momma are not around. It's gonna be the first time for him sleeping without us, at least one of us. I hope Oman would be alright under my in laws companion. Amin. Maybe Nanny, Gpapa, adik, uncke Afie or Aunty Ima boleh teman Oman nyanyi :)

Kalau suruh buat buka comel.. inilah mukanya :)


Monday, March 7, 2011


Ahem Ahem *Cough*

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Omaigod! Only God knows how am i missing this blog so much!!

I am very very sorry to keep everyone's wondering for what has happened to me.

I know i sounded like so in great depression. Deep inside me, yes i was struggling at the beginning, sad and worry. But if you saw me, i wasn't look like one. I was still throwing my smiles to others. Dalaman jer gitew.

After a while, my feeling was back on track and keeping good. It's so true that the more you're put on test by Yang Maha Esa, the more you become a stronger person. Thank you, Allah.

I would not be able to do all that alone. I kept receiving comfy comments, smses, and messages, from all of you. They really made my days. I really want to thank each and everyone of you for being so supportive. You know who you are, dearies!! *HUGS!!*

I am so grateful, i feel so great that throughout my hard days, you guys were always there for me. I would love to let everyone knows that i am now doing good. Thanks to the positivity!! Yeah, bebeh!

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
-Mother Teresa-

Stay tune for more updates from me.
Banyak giler nak share weh!!! =D



I just notice that my followers are now 100!!! Oh Em Ge!! Thank you guys. Walaupun x ribu-ribu, for me, 100 is damn a lot man!! Ala happynyer. Muax Muax. Dear readers,

Thank you so much for following me. Insya Allah, i akan selalu selalu update blog ni k. :)


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