Monday, March 7, 2011


Ahem Ahem *Cough*

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Omaigod! Only God knows how am i missing this blog so much!!

I am very very sorry to keep everyone's wondering for what has happened to me.

I know i sounded like so in great depression. Deep inside me, yes i was struggling at the beginning, sad and worry. But if you saw me, i wasn't look like one. I was still throwing my smiles to others. Dalaman jer gitew.

After a while, my feeling was back on track and keeping good. It's so true that the more you're put on test by Yang Maha Esa, the more you become a stronger person. Thank you, Allah.

I would not be able to do all that alone. I kept receiving comfy comments, smses, and messages, from all of you. They really made my days. I really want to thank each and everyone of you for being so supportive. You know who you are, dearies!! *HUGS!!*

I am so grateful, i feel so great that throughout my hard days, you guys were always there for me. I would love to let everyone knows that i am now doing good. Thanks to the positivity!! Yeah, bebeh!

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
-Mother Teresa-

Stay tune for more updates from me.
Banyak giler nak share weh!!! =D



I just notice that my followers are now 100!!! Oh Em Ge!! Thank you guys. Walaupun x ribu-ribu, for me, 100 is damn a lot man!! Ala happynyer. Muax Muax. Dear readers,

Thank you so much for following me. Insya Allah, i akan selalu selalu update blog ni k. :)


  1. ur welkom akak chumell...ngeee :)

  2. Welcome back Nuurill!Alhamdulillah, sumenya OK. keep us updated fr now on k..:)

  3. dear happy u're back..tak sabar nak tunggu2 citer u..muahhh

  4. nice to know that u're back, stronger, happier, livelier etc etc... :)

  5. wow... selamat kembali nuurill... selamat kembali omannnnnn...... :-)

  6. kak nuuril;

    welcome2!!!! suka kak nuuril dah balik :) tiap2 hari check blog kak nuuril tau.rasa nk nangis tgk hari ni akak dah balik.rindu kamu!!! :) mmmuah!!!

  7. Pooommm..pommmm...poooommm...Ahhhhh..!!

    GUMBIRA nya!

    Babe..Ai tido tak lena...makan tak kenyang..Mandi tak basah bila tetiba U kata hilang.

    Ha..camne..drama sgt tak?

  8. yeayy!! hawt momma's back ;)
    wonder sgt takut u dah tak nak blogging lagi tau...risau!!
    neway..hopefully everything goes well..

    cepat2 update tau!!miz Oman Chan too ;)

  9. Wahhh dah makin berjaya awak nih dlm blogging world.. sy pun tak sampai 100 fans at all.. good job! And welcome back :)

  10. u r back my darling !

    i miss my nuril the blogger ~
    kalau nuril the officemate/roomate/carmate/midvalleymate i dah bosan sgt dah. haha

    i will say. it always ok to be depressed or in ur case, hiatus. because you will make a comeback with much more energy and smiles ~

    keep it up~
    welcome 'home' darling

  11. al-hamdulillah...yeayy..nuril dh balik!!!


  12. cik kumbang:
    Hi Hi Horey! :)

    ishamizu said:
    Alhamdulillah! Insya Allah dear :)

    I'm happy too. Insya Allah Nuurill akan update blog from time to time k. :)

  13. K.Nana:
    yey! K.nana, TQ for being concerned about me. Muahs!! :)

    TQ Fidza!! Rindula kat semua. hihi. Oman pun rindu jugak. :)

  14. neena_kechik:

    Ala... Neena ni, so sweet. Sebak tau! Akak pun happy i'm here now. Rindu Neena jugak! :)


    Hahahahhaa. U ni kan!! Sorryla terbuat you x basah, lapar bagai semua. hihhi. Lepas ni makan kenyang-kenyang tau! Miss you, babe! :)

  15. dyana: TQ Che' Dee :)

    Nadia: Miss u too babe! Insya Allah x stop terus nyer i. Sungguh i rindu giler nak berblog. hihi. Hope you're fine too, babe. Dah dekat dah kan? :)

  16. Awakku:
    You're my inspiration you know!! :) Your writing is way better that mine. Maybe sebab blog saya ni banyak gambar kot. Haha. TQ wak. Eh, kalau awak update blog awak hari-hari laaagi saya suka! :)


    Yes i am!! At blog la. Kalau kat opis tu, 1 km you dah leh dengar suara merdu i kan? hahaha.

    TQ dear for always be there for me. Dengan your face expression, pergaduhan you dengan mr H hari-hari kat opis, serious buat i happy always tau! haha.


  17. Fairoze:

    Yey!! Rajin-rajin singgah ek :)

  18. pergi maneee diammm je.. rindu tawww!

    nway, welcome back... *hugs!*

  19. welcome back Nuuril !! :) ramai kan tertunggu² Nuurilnye post..update cecepat yer.. :)

  20. Zura:
    Xpegi mana-mana ade jerr.. :) Senyap kejap je. Ni dah balik dah. Hihi. Rindu Zura jugak!! :)

    TQ dear. Awwww.. terharunya. Nuurill pun dah rindu bangat dengan readers semua. Rasa x lengkap pulak kalau x berblog :) TQ again, dear.

    TQ dear!! :)

  21. suker rill dh berblog semula :) slama ni saya silent reader jer:)..-faie-..

  22. yeayyy welcome back babeee! naseb baik sebelum ni u hiatus, jadik takdela byk sgt yg i termiss. kalau tak mau jenuh i kene khatam balik satu-satu :P looking forward for more updates from u next!

  23. Owh Paie. x sangka awak silent reader saya jugak :) tq wak.

    Thara: ha!! seb baik kan?? :) insya Allah i'll update this blog more frequent.

  24. hi kak nuril.i'm one of yr fans..hehe. suka baca blog k.nuril n am waiting for more updates. hope u're doing good always...TC.=)

  25. Hi Shikin. Thank you so much for loving this blog. InsyaAllah akan selalu update k :) Muahs!!

  26. Sorry, I just aware that mommaholics is ready to strike back.

    Now, I can lean back and watch this space again and again and again.

    Just Do It...ok?

  27. Dude, Beware of the emergency break! haha.

    TQ Dude for being a good friend of mine. :)



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