Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Oman is still Jaundice.
Dadda & Momma teman Oman dekat hospital.
Cepat baik yer sayang.

Owh! Nampaknyer i'm still not having a chance to post the story-mory during the first few days with Oman. Nanti lah yer... :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Loads to update, so much to share. Will find my best time to reactivate MOMMAHOLICSERIES. Insya Allah.

I would like to kiss and hug my hubby, for presented me Celcom Broadband yesterday. Yahooo!! I'm connected back to the world :)

Owh, hubby is going back to KL at 5pm today...huwaa... me and little man have to wait for next saturday to meet Dadda again.

To Dadda, drive cafefully ok. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


Me, my hubby & my in-laws were invited by Aunty Bee's family for a dinner gath in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. We reached there around 8.30 pm. Owh, we could smell the aroma of the dishes, the moment we entered the main gate. Perut pun telah elok dikosongkan awal-awal lagi. Hehe.

Owh, the dinner was super great. We had Sup tulang, chicken blackpaper, fish curry, oyster souce broccoli (owh i suker gilerr lauk ni!!), prawn sambal, deepfried crab and bubur kacang + durian for the dessert. Ditambah pulak dengan Orange Juice yang lazat, wah wah wah! everyone's extremely enjoying the food.

After dinner, sewaktu semua orang tersandar kekenyangan, muncullah seorang Amoi yang cun dari tingkat atas. hehehe. Didukung oleh ayahnyer. Actually, Aunty Bee's daughter Lidya, delivered a baby girl 2 months ago (6th December 08). The parents named her, Mya Zahra. Such a beautiful name for a lovely little girl kan? Tersangatlah amoinyer Mya ni tau. X caya, look at her below;


Gosh!! Mya is so friendly and she's able to make so many kind of faces responded to everything i talk to her. Macam paham jek. Hahahaha. Let me introduce her parents a bit. Mommy's name is Lidya and her daddy is Ijai. (Nama penuh x sure..hehe). This lovely couple, both are beautiful. Mya got her chinese-looked from her mommy, fair skin from both, and daddy's nose. Argh geram!!

Mya, Daddy and Mommy

Mya and her Aunty. That's me. Hihi. She's sleeping soundly in my hands. LULUS!! :)

I guess little man in my belly syok kot when i hugged Mya. Dia pun dok tendang kuat-kuat. Amboi, lom keluar lagi dah nak ngorats ek??..Hihi :) Naughty my boy. Cam daddy dia. Hahahah

While i was so excitedly holding Mya, Tiba-tiba;
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To Nuurill, Happy Birthday to you!!!", sang everyone in the house.
Owh! rupa-rupanya they all planned for a post-celebration of my belated Birthday. Abah and mama bought a cake from Secret Recipe and hiding it in the car. Patutla x perasan. Terharu & sangat bermakna. There was no celebration on the actual day (02 Feb) due to few kejadian yg x dapat dielakkan which i dun mind at all. Ucapan2 birthday which i received on that day dah cukup buat i happy :) Thank you to Abah & Mama for the cake. Really appreciate it.

So, we enjoyed the delicious cake, and went back home happily and fully. Hehe.
Again, thank you very very much :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Good Sunday everyone,

We had very special guests last night. Good friends of Armi & mine. Fatasya, his wife May, his son Dazeman, Shahrul & his wife Ayu. We've been closed since IIUM. It was so fun that we could gather back as so many stories and gossip to share.. Hihi. Plus, i mmg so eager to meet handsome boy, Dazeman. The last time we met him was 8 months ago, masa tu Dazeman baru je lahir.

Shahrul and Ayu reached first at 10 am. Diorang ni duduk dekat aje ngan Shah Alam. About an hour after that, yg ditunggu-tunggu tiba :) Sya, May and Dazeman from Maran. Seronok sungguh tgk diorang ni. Sya works in Ampang, May pulak is a doctor at Pusat Kesihantan Maran. Dazeman stays with his mama and Sya kenela jadi weekend husband. They deal with it so good. Every Friday after work, Sya gerak to Maran to meet his lovely May and Dazeman. Spend his weekend with them and come back to KL on Sunday.

Pastu i terbayang, cemanala nanti masa my confinement period, i'll be in Sitiawan with little man, while Armi kat Shah Alam sorang-sorang. Yerla, takkan Armi nak cuti 2 bulan gak kot kan?? X Harus langsung. Aduh, bolehker ni?? As per plan, he will come back to be with us every weekend. Sure at the earliest, it's gonna be bit toughla kan. Hopefully kami semua dapat deal with it very well. Aamin. To kawan-kawan Armi kat sini, please help to tgk-tgk kan my hubby yer. Hihi.

Okeh.. sambung citer balik.. we chit-chatted sampaila 1.30 am. X sedar sungguh. Armi, Sharul & Sya borak2 pasal masa depan..hahaha, while me and ayu, enjoyed to listen every story & joke from May. Dr May ni memang kelakar, from pregnancy to after pregnancy chapter, asyik gelak-gelak jer. Si Dazeman pulak, masa sampai dia tido, pastu agaknyer makcik-makcik dia ni gelak kuat sangat, terus terbangun but he's so good boy. X banyak ragam, rengek sikit-sikit jer. Ish Ish, dahla handsome. Moga-moga my little man pun good boy macam Dazeman. :)

Shahrul and Ayu x jadi tido umah kitorang as their cousin tingal seongsorang kat rumah. So, Sya, May and Dazeman jerla.

This morning we went to breakfast at 'Restoran Gembira'. Sya , May and Dazeman x leh lama-lama. They have sequence event in Kuantan. Alerrr, rasa sekejap sangat jumpa diorang. Dah la worst i ni. When i took bath pagi tadi, i dah plan baik punyerrr dlm kepala nak amik gambar with them. Yerla bukan senang kan nak juma-jumpa selalu ni. Camera pun dah ready jer dalam handbag. Tetapi.... after kissing2 Dazeman, babai-babai them..baru i teringat pasal tu..Chet!!!!! Frustnyer.

So, i decided to kidnap their pics from Friendster. X minta izin lagi ni..Hehe. I'm going to sms them after this.

To Sya, May, handsome Dazeman, Sharul and Ayu, than you for visiting us. We had so much fun!! and to my dearest hubby, thank you so much for the Nescafe you made and served them last nite. (he was volunteered to do them, terharu ok).

From left: Fatasya, Sharul, Ayu, May (Picture was taken during Sharul & Ayu Wedding)

and This is MOHD FARREL DAZEMAN. Owh, Handsome sungguh :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's started 3 years ago, when i was given a chance from Flextronics, to work in Mexico, for a month. It's such priceless experiences that i got to know the people, Mexican cultures, foods, historical places and many many many more. I had visited few gorgeous towns such as Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco and Poerto Vallarta. During my each visit, i was thinking, what's the best thing for me to buy and keep, that would remind me back, how wonderful those places are, as to come back here again at some other time, almost far possible.

And that was the minute, when i fall in love to the object called, FRIDGE MAGNET :D
Masa tu lom kahwin lagi dgn Kidd. But even after dah kahwin, i'm so lucky that he loves to share this so called 'hobby' with me. Hihi

Since then, everytime we visit new places, local or abroad, together or apart, collecting fridge magnet ni macam dah jadi kemestian. It becomes more exciting when people that close to us, know that we love this so much, when they travelled, they bought FM as gift. Best tol!! Terima kasih!!. Really apreciate it :)

Today, my colleague whom his workstation beside mine in the lab, who just came back from bussiness trip, telah menghadiahkan bukan satu, tetapi empat FM which he bought during his visit to Amsterdam, Paris, Scotland and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Here they are;

His name is Chrishanton. Very gentleman and polite friend. It's so nice of you, Chris. Thank you very much!!!! :) (I dun have his pic, if i have i would include it also) :)

Balik je dari keje, i showed them to Kidd and Irma helped me arrange them kat fridge bersama kawan-kawan yang dah sedia ada di situ. Taraaaa...



Morning all.

I reached office at 8.00am today :)
For some people, "ala biaserla tu, ape nak heran".. but for me, masa tahun pertama kerja je semangat datang awal cengginih. Hihi. Yerla, dulukan freshie. Work hour starts at 8.30am, 7.45am muka ni dah ade dalam lab. Sungguh berdedikasi.

Yesterday msn's conversation with him (waktu kejadian: 3.00 pm);
Kidd: Bi o Bi, starting tomorrow, i'll send and fetch you, to and fro flex ok?
Bi : Ha..why? susah-susah jer kidd ni
Kidd: U're going to due anytime from now. Driving alone is no more suitable
Bi : Eh, i'm okla. Kesian Kidd, nanti lambat sket pegi keje. (dalam hati...alerrrrr, mesti kene gerak awal, sebab kidd nyer opis jauh)
Kidd: Xper. Kidd tengok Bi pun dah x larat. Jadi ape-ape nanti.
Bi : Errrmmm (Suddenly i terbayang what was happened pagi tadi masa nak pegi kerja. Without turning the engine ON, i entered reverse gear, and released hand break. He's watching from outside with round eyes (O-O). So i was like..apesal keta ni senyap, break x makan ker?..then i looked back at my hubby and read his lips; "E N G I N E X O N, B I!!". MasyaAllah, patutlerrrrrrrr...clumsy pot-pot sungguhla aku nih!)
Kidd : So, agree?
Bi : Yeah. Agreed (Dalam hati x cakap ape-ape dah :))

Yeah..And that's why starting from today til my loooong holiday starts, i'll be here in in the test lab, be the first to open the doors, switch-on lights and aircon, and BLOGGING...hehehehe :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Article from: (my most fav baby web :))

There's no way to predict when labor is going to start. Your body actually starts "preparing" for labor up to a month before you give birth. You may be blissfully unaware of what's going on or you may begin to notice new symptoms as your due date draws near.

Here are some things that may happen in the weeks or days before labor starts:
(Ok.. Let's check together)

• Your baby drops. If this is your first pregnancy, you may feel what's known as "lightening" a few weeks before labor starts as your baby descends lower into your pelvis. You might detect a heaviness in your pelvis as this happens and notice less pressure just below your ribcage, making it easier to catch your breath.
GREEN : (my last doc visit, she told me that little man is now 'down' there)

• You note an uptick in Braxton Hicks contractions. More frequent and intense Braxton Hicks contractions can signal pre-labor, during which your cervix ripens and the stage is set for true labor. Some women experience a crampy, menstrual-like feeling during this time.
NOT SURE : (erm.. I think I was having false labor contraction. It attacked me once yesterday. Meloncat ok!! Takut x hengat. So, now i'm patiently waiting for the true one)

• You pass your mucus plug. The mucus plug is the small amount of thickened mucus that blocks the cervical canal leading to your uterus. The plug may come out all at once in a lump, or as increased vaginal discharge over the course of several days. The mucus may be tinged with blood (which may be brown, pink, or red), in which case it may be referred to as "bloody show."
RED : (Ok, this is not yet happen)

• Your water breaks. Most women start having regular contractions sometime before their water breaks, but in some cases, the water breaks first. When this happens, labor usually follows soon. (If contractions don't start promptly on their own, you'll be induced.) Whether the amniotic fluid comes out in a large gush or a small trickle, call your doctor or midwife.
RED : (Ya Allah. lemme feel the true contractions first before my water bag breaks. Permudahkanla segalanya. Aamin)

Here are Little bit about FALSE LABOUR CONTRACTION
Sometimes it's very hard to tell false labor from the early stages of true labor. Here are some things that might help you sort it out:
• False labor contractions are unpredictable. They come at irregular intervals and vary in length and intensity. Although true labor contractions may be irregular at first, over time they start coming at regular and shorter intervals, become increasingly more intense, and last longer.
• With false labor, the pain from the contractions is more likely to be centered in your lower abdomen. With true labor, you may feel the pain start in your lower back and wrap around to your abdomen.
• False labor contractions may subside on their own, or when you start or stop an activity or change position. True labor contractions will persist and progress regardless of what you do.

Monday, February 2, 2009


THREE of us really couldn't sleep til this morning.

Actually, that's not alien for me as little man love impelling me to visit the toilet for every hour..since 8 months ago. hehe..So, both of us get used to it already. Naughty boy, huh?? :)

But poor little man's dad, cause he got terrible flu, hardly breathing. Though he slept early last nite (11 pm), he kept moving here and there for his uncomfortably nose-running and all. Still, at 12 am sharp, he woke up with his eyes closed and said, "Happy Birthday, Bi"..aaaaaarghhh...terharu saya.

Towards Subuh, he's been attacked by stomach-ache. I told him to not working today. Selalunya dia degil. But this time, he nodded and i could feel that he is very sick. So, i decided to just tunjuk muka kat opis kejap..and balik umah, be with him. I told him to wait for me to come back and bring him to clinic.

So, i went upstairs to bersiap.. sebelum keluar rumah, i checked him on bed and saw him laying there, pale and weak. He told me that dia baru je puked. Ala shiannyer my hubby nih. Confirm! i have to take at least half day leave la.

Sampai opis..bla..bla..bla..tetiba banyak kije pulak..ayoyo.. so i called hubby checked him again. He said dia dah pegi clinic pun. Doc gave him MC for 2 days. Pitynyer daddy, little man. He can only eat soft food as his stomach dah cramped. X kira, cemana pun, i have to go back i approached my leader and told him what's going on. Dia kata 'No problem" :).

Yeyeye! Boleh balik teman hubby. I dunno if i can boil bubur untuk jadi sesedap my mom, or his mom, or his nenek buat.. But i'll try my best!! Little man pun baik jer sekarang, x kicking2 momma pun :)

So here i am and little man, counting minutes to reach 1 pm chow from this office and be home with daddy. Yey!!


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