Monday, February 2, 2009


THREE of us really couldn't sleep til this morning.

Actually, that's not alien for me as little man love impelling me to visit the toilet for every hour..since 8 months ago. hehe..So, both of us get used to it already. Naughty boy, huh?? :)

But poor little man's dad, cause he got terrible flu, hardly breathing. Though he slept early last nite (11 pm), he kept moving here and there for his uncomfortably nose-running and all. Still, at 12 am sharp, he woke up with his eyes closed and said, "Happy Birthday, Bi"..aaaaaarghhh...terharu saya.

Towards Subuh, he's been attacked by stomach-ache. I told him to not working today. Selalunya dia degil. But this time, he nodded and i could feel that he is very sick. So, i decided to just tunjuk muka kat opis kejap..and balik umah, be with him. I told him to wait for me to come back and bring him to clinic.

So, i went upstairs to bersiap.. sebelum keluar rumah, i checked him on bed and saw him laying there, pale and weak. He told me that dia baru je puked. Ala shiannyer my hubby nih. Confirm! i have to take at least half day leave la.

Sampai opis..bla..bla..bla..tetiba banyak kije pulak..ayoyo.. so i called hubby checked him again. He said dia dah pegi clinic pun. Doc gave him MC for 2 days. Pitynyer daddy, little man. He can only eat soft food as his stomach dah cramped. X kira, cemana pun, i have to go back i approached my leader and told him what's going on. Dia kata 'No problem" :).

Yeyeye! Boleh balik teman hubby. I dunno if i can boil bubur untuk jadi sesedap my mom, or his mom, or his nenek buat.. But i'll try my best!! Little man pun baik jer sekarang, x kicking2 momma pun :)

So here i am and little man, counting minutes to reach 1 pm chow from this office and be home with daddy. Yey!!


  1. hi nuurill, welcome to the blog world!
    izu link kn blog nuurill yeh? :D
    get well soon to little man's daddy..he he.

  2. Hi Izzue!!
    Hehehe... Baru baru menjinakkan diri jer ni
    Boleh je nak link kan :)
    little man's daddy dah getting better..
    Tapi sian dia..leh makan bubur jek..
    Seb baik buat tadi jadik..

  3. darling... when is ur bday actually? 2day/2morrow? anyway, Happy Birthday!!! :D

  4. haih, army demam jugak.. join the club.

  5. Hi Am!
    It's today actually. TQ very much :) Hik

    Hi Xul,
    Dia x demam poisoning.
    EH u pun x sihat ek?
    Get well soon ek..:)

  6. ting tong.. cakap kt daddy, get well soon.
    and u've been linked ;P

  7. 020209??? nice date! i got to know about it late so no pressie! *evil grin* but def. will fling a pressie for ur lil man! :D msg me ur address at facebook pls..... :D eeeee tinggal few days je lg.....!!! :D how do u feel?

  8. ting tong .. daddy dah getting better, minggu depan dah leh fight satow!! :)

  9. Hihi..No worries about the pressie to me am!

    Owh!..little man is so fortunate, ade aunty gojas nak bagi pressie kat dia :)
    I'll will drop lines of my address to your inbox kay :)

    Owh, it's gonna happen within coming 15 days..anytime..and i feel anxious...wehoo!



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