Monday, February 9, 2009


Me, my hubby & my in-laws were invited by Aunty Bee's family for a dinner gath in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. We reached there around 8.30 pm. Owh, we could smell the aroma of the dishes, the moment we entered the main gate. Perut pun telah elok dikosongkan awal-awal lagi. Hehe.

Owh, the dinner was super great. We had Sup tulang, chicken blackpaper, fish curry, oyster souce broccoli (owh i suker gilerr lauk ni!!), prawn sambal, deepfried crab and bubur kacang + durian for the dessert. Ditambah pulak dengan Orange Juice yang lazat, wah wah wah! everyone's extremely enjoying the food.

After dinner, sewaktu semua orang tersandar kekenyangan, muncullah seorang Amoi yang cun dari tingkat atas. hehehe. Didukung oleh ayahnyer. Actually, Aunty Bee's daughter Lidya, delivered a baby girl 2 months ago (6th December 08). The parents named her, Mya Zahra. Such a beautiful name for a lovely little girl kan? Tersangatlah amoinyer Mya ni tau. X caya, look at her below;


Gosh!! Mya is so friendly and she's able to make so many kind of faces responded to everything i talk to her. Macam paham jek. Hahahaha. Let me introduce her parents a bit. Mommy's name is Lidya and her daddy is Ijai. (Nama penuh x sure..hehe). This lovely couple, both are beautiful. Mya got her chinese-looked from her mommy, fair skin from both, and daddy's nose. Argh geram!!

Mya, Daddy and Mommy

Mya and her Aunty. That's me. Hihi. She's sleeping soundly in my hands. LULUS!! :)

I guess little man in my belly syok kot when i hugged Mya. Dia pun dok tendang kuat-kuat. Amboi, lom keluar lagi dah nak ngorats ek??..Hihi :) Naughty my boy. Cam daddy dia. Hahahah

While i was so excitedly holding Mya, Tiba-tiba;
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To Nuurill, Happy Birthday to you!!!", sang everyone in the house.
Owh! rupa-rupanya they all planned for a post-celebration of my belated Birthday. Abah and mama bought a cake from Secret Recipe and hiding it in the car. Patutla x perasan. Terharu & sangat bermakna. There was no celebration on the actual day (02 Feb) due to few kejadian yg x dapat dielakkan which i dun mind at all. Ucapan2 birthday which i received on that day dah cukup buat i happy :) Thank you to Abah & Mama for the cake. Really appreciate it.

So, we enjoyed the delicious cake, and went back home happily and fully. Hehe.
Again, thank you very very much :)


  1. amboi...nakal sungguh little man ni..takpe, dua bulan je beza umur..hehehe

  2. Hehehe..tuler Azi..
    Kemain lagi little man ni. Hehe
    Tu seb baik dalam perut tu. Haha.
    Besok dah kuar, bukan stakat babies, dgn aunty-aunty Total pun dia usha agaknyer.

  3. Wahh what a surprised! bestnyer mkn2. selagi bley ni mkn, kn.

    Nway, mmg cun bby amoi tu..hihi..nama pon sedap!:)

  4. Ok ok.

    Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah.
    Yang ditunggu2 sudah pun kunjung tiba...

  5. hot momma! congrats!!! :D cpt2 upload pix k... cant wait! :D take care dear... ^_^

  6. Salam nuurill, congrats!!
    xsangka nuurill dulu yg bsalin..itula kn..kuasa-Nya..:)
    Nway, cpt2 update n upload gambo Little Man ye!
    Can't even wait!!
    Tk care...

  7. nanti sticker i pass kat armi.

  8. mia!! congrates to you n armi! all d best!



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