Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's started 3 years ago, when i was given a chance from Flextronics, to work in Mexico, for a month. It's such priceless experiences that i got to know the people, Mexican cultures, foods, historical places and many many many more. I had visited few gorgeous towns such as Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco and Poerto Vallarta. During my each visit, i was thinking, what's the best thing for me to buy and keep, that would remind me back, how wonderful those places are, as to come back here again at some other time, almost far possible.

And that was the minute, when i fall in love to the object called, FRIDGE MAGNET :D
Masa tu lom kahwin lagi dgn Kidd. But even after dah kahwin, i'm so lucky that he loves to share this so called 'hobby' with me. Hihi

Since then, everytime we visit new places, local or abroad, together or apart, collecting fridge magnet ni macam dah jadi kemestian. It becomes more exciting when people that close to us, know that we love this so much, when they travelled, they bought FM as gift. Best tol!! Terima kasih!!. Really apreciate it :)

Today, my colleague whom his workstation beside mine in the lab, who just came back from bussiness trip, telah menghadiahkan bukan satu, tetapi empat FM which he bought during his visit to Amsterdam, Paris, Scotland and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Here they are;

His name is Chrishanton. Very gentleman and polite friend. It's so nice of you, Chris. Thank you very much!!!! :) (I dun have his pic, if i have i would include it also) :)

Balik je dari keje, i showed them to Kidd and Irma helped me arrange them kat fridge bersama kawan-kawan yang dah sedia ada di situ. Taraaaa...



  1. Wahh cantiknyer FM tu..penuh dh fridge nuurill. hehe..

    untungkn keje smbl bley melawat negara org nih!

  2. :)
    Thanks Izzue.
    Nuurill mmg enjoy sgt dgn FM.
    They bloom my day.

    Sekarang dah jarang melawat negara orang. Kumpul negara sendiri punyerla pulak. Hihi

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