Monday, December 20, 2010


A soccer momma, is a mom who shows great interest in the hobby of her child. She always drives her child to and from practice and games, and watches every match the team plays.

I wish i could be her, one day (minus the little bit annoying, yell a lot part. Haha)
Amin!! =D

It's so damn cool to imagine that i'm in the old school Volkswagen-Kombi-Van, wearing this big sunglasses, driving my son and his team to the Final Footbal match. No to forget, i wear my son's team jersey siap tampal nama lagi. "You're rock, Aunty!" shout one of my son's friend. Kah! Kah! Oh drama!

Ok enough! Back to reality :)

Oman's latest interest is to get his parents exhausted. Hahah. He doesn't care if we come back home with the pillow picture on our forehead. There's one time at 3 am in the morning, he woke up, crying for me, and then asked me to entertained him with this "bulat kecil, bulat kecil, bulatlah besar" singing and drawing. I was asked to repeat that 10 times. Isn't that great? hahaha.

The first thing when he opened his eyes in the morning, after crying my name (wajib), is to look for Dadda's "Tom cat", "Hipo" and "Panda Bu". There are actually the iPhone applications which these animals can repeat whatever he says to them. So, this 2 and 3 weeks if Armi was late to work, you have the answer already. His son needs to meet his friends first until he believed that those animals need some rest too. Most of the time he doesn't. :P

Last week, I was outstation to Pengkalan Balak Melaka, for 2 days and 1 night. When i arrived at home (read: Sungai Long), i saw this little Kidd like this;

which means, "momma, I need you right now". Seriously, i wasn't allowed to go to the toilet. 2 jam kot menahan. Sorry son, i really love you but i really need to pee too. Maka, habisla pintu toilet tu gedebak gedebuk hammered by Oman. Sabo jekla. :P

Without the need to change my uniform, we had a great time playing soccer after that. If Dato' Zam (TM's CEO) saw me masa tu, he must have been so proud at me,

See!!! Siap pakai lanyard TM lagi tau layan anak main!!! hihihi. Betapa x sempatnyer i. But who cares. Who could resist this Little Kidd, especially when I haven't see him for a night. Mesti Qadha' balik semua masa tu. :)

We played football almost 45 minutes. Most of the time he kicked the ball and then "momma amik". Ciss. Xpe xpe.. at least ada can nak kurus sikit kan? hahaha. Pancit weh!!

It really means a lot all the way, when we love to share the excitement of our loved ones' interest. In my case, as once a while as i have to leave them for my career, i have to do this so called wifey-mommy-sharing-is-caring-activities more. It's like the compensations to them too.

We love, we sacrifice. So, let's celebrate Love!! =D

Muka happy lepas main bola. Wee!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Melinda: "U, u bawakla Oman pergi casting GAP tu"
Irma: "Kak Nuurill, xnak ke cuba bawak Oman pergi casting GAP tu"

Oman pergi Casting? hihi. I never had anything like that in my mind before.
Oman casting kat studio Dadda dia sudahhh =D

Last Friday afternoon, me and my mil did a little shopping in One Utama Baby GAP/Kids. Upon payment was made, i was friendly approached by a GAP lady staff asking me to whom i bought all the outfits. I told her that they're for my son and his future cousin. (Dadda masa ni tengah layan Oman naik 'ayoplen' (aeroplane) kat tepi butik tu). She then asked me to bring Oman to the casting that would be held in front of the boutique the next days, Saturday and Sunday since we 're entitled for it (you must be a member of GAP and spent rm170 in that boutique. If you're not a member, you have to spend RM700 to be so, but no need to add that RM170).

At that time, i was having this in my mind; A loooooooong and tiring qeue!! (someone told me that the previous casting in the Gardens, they had such 8-years-waiting. hihi) oh oh.. such a big NO for us. Oman tu mana nak duduk diam sekarang. Manala dia nak tunggu lama-lama ni. (parents dia pun x kuase sebenonyer. hihi). So i replied her with a smile, "we'll see how, kay".

We were fully occupied on Saturday that we were almost saying bye bye to the casting. On Sunday afternoon, we managed to drop by One Utama but not for the casting. My hubby and I had a few things to eye and Oman's Nanny decided to follow too. Tell you, One Utama cars parking were so damn full that we had to park at the desert outside. hihi. Was it because of everyone came to join the contest? =D

My mil was actually quite interested with this click-click-his-grandson-picture-thingy. She put a little hope that Oman would still have the chance to join it. Saja suka-suka kata nanny. (Terbayang lagi queue yang panjang!!). So then we decided to have a look at it first.

Yes, there were a lot of kids and babies with parents.. seriously hensem2, cantik2, comel2 belaka. Ada yang blond, ada yang curly hair, ada yang with make-up... oh my!! they were so gorgeous!! :)

There was no queue at the registration table so my hubby grabbed that chance to register for Oman. Then, We were asked to come back after 2 hours.

After 3 hours (yes, we were late due to some reason. Apelah Oman ni, kalau nak jadi model kenela punctual. :p), Oman finally really join the casting. Serious macam tak percaya jer tau. My son tu memang buat hal dia jer. Dia siap hampir nak nangis lagi because he thought the cameraman stole his dada's camera. Boley? hahaha.

And now, presenting,

Roman Anaqhi bin Mohd Armi;

He wore a white shirt on top of his t-shirt at first, habis comot masa lunch, seb baik GAP sediakan this jacket, muat-muat size dia. hihi.

The winners will be featured in BabyGaps and GapKids in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The winners will be selected based on 60%public vote and 40% GAP/FJB vote.

To Win or not, it doesn't matter . Kalau menang, kira rezeki Oman lah kan. Kalau x menang, kira rezeki Oman jugak, sebab Oman dapat 1 gambar free yang sekarang kitorang dah frame kan lagi. hihi. Apa-apa pun, Oman dah memang model tetap Dadda. Ahaks! :)

Peeps, If you feel like want to vote for my Little Kidd, you can follow these steps;

1. "Like" GAP Malaysia facebook page
2. Click on Casting Call and Click Start Now
3. Click Allow (if you're already a fan of this page before, this will be skipped)
4. Choose Malaysia
5. Click on Alphabet "R"
6. Turn to Page 2
7. Find Roman Anaqhi and click on it
8. Click Vote if you like him


For those who has voted, thank you very very much. Muahs!! =D

For those who has not, you may still do that if you like. The close date for this 'pilihanraya' will be on 7th January 2011. Again, thank you very very much. =D


Thursday, December 9, 2010


I just came back from a few days meeting which was held in Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore. Armi and Oman were there with me. It was two trips travel.

I was in the meeting on 2nd December before we received the sad news on the afternoon. We rushed back that evening to Malaysia to meet arwah nenek for the last time, managed to attend her funeral and tahlil. Alhamdulillah.

On the night after arwah nenek's funeral and tahlil had completed, i was really in dilemma to let them know that i needed to go back to my work. I felt like i was being cruel and in-tolerate. You see, that was the hardest part. I kept asking myself, would i do the right thing? I know i have done the sufficiency for arwah. But, would others understand? especially my in-laws ..

And what about Oman? everyone's really sad. I didn't want to add the burden to my in laws at that point of time. My son needed me, my hubby was more. My parents were far..... sigh

Allah itu Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang. He made things became easier for me. Hubby was really understood with my condition. He told me, i have contributed sufficiently to his family, I have attended arwah nenek very well, mandikan jenazah, kafankan jenazah and sent her to her funeral, so it should be alright for his parents to let me go. He then decided that he and Oman would still accompany me to Singapore so that Oman would still be with his dadda and momma at that hard time.

He even talked to his parents for me.
Terharu sangat. Kidd and Little Kidd, if you read this, i love you so much!!

Alhamdulillah, my Parents in law were deeply understood too. Especially abah, he said i was fortunate enough that the consortium allowed me to excuse that important meeting for attending a grandmother's funeral. Some company (would not consider it since it's only a husband's grandmother who passed away (they don't really care how closest your relationship was)). As an experienced boss, he said that it's clear cut that i'm required to come back to my work after the funeral so i shouldn't feel wrong about it.

I am thankful and blessed. Syukur.

We were then flied back to Singapore on 4th December.
Unlike previous pattern, I'm having no stories/pictures to share about the room, the place, the food, the people, the shopping in Singapore. Though we had some plans to visit those exciting place such Universal Studio, Underwater World, Sentosa Island and many more, tapi, perancangan Allah itu lebih baik kan?

Do you know that Oman was really really excited for his trip to Singapore? hihi. Even he was just staying in the hotel room with dadda and sometimes dadda brought him to check nearest mall while i was working, he was really enjoy running everywhere. Makin kuruslah Encik Dadda. Wow!. :)

Oman pronounced Singapore as TITAPO. how cute! :
Everytime when asked him where he wanna go, he would answer, "titapo naik 'otoplan' (aeroplane)".

Here's a video that we managed to record before we departed to Singapore on 1st December 2010.

6.30 am. Siap bagi ucapan lagi. Hihi

These photos below show how Oman really falling in love with the airport. Hahah..


And when he got tired, he chose to be dadda's passenger,

Insya Allah, if panjang umur and murah rezeki, we'll come back in future to pursue our plans. Okay, Oman?


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Tanggal 2 December 2010, nenek telah pergi meninggalkan kami.
Berita yang kami terima amat mengejutkan. Sangat-sangat x diduga.
Lebih hiba apabila kami (me, Armi and Oman) sedang berada di Singapura pada ketika itu.

Dalam perjalanan ke Airport, x terkira airmata kami gugur. Inilah kali ke dua aku melihat suami menangis. (Kali pertama masa Oman few days old). Aku tahu, berita ini sangat sukar diterima, sebab Armi bukan orang yang mudah menangis. Itulah nenek yang menjaga suamiku dari umurnya 1 hari sehingga dewasa. Itulah nenek yang membasuh kasut sekolahNya pada hujung minggu, itulah nenek yang akan membancuhkan Milo untuknya tiap kali dia pulang ke rumah dari Universiti, itulah nenek yang akan mengurut kakinya apabila terseliuh selepas bersukan, itulah nenek yang akan masakkan makanan kegemarannya, sambal ikan bilis tanpa diminta, itulah nenek.... yang sangat sayang akan cucunya itu.

Dan diri ini, kali pertama diperkenalkan kepada nenek, kami terus begitu mesra. Nenek selalu meminta daku datang ke rumah itu untuk berbual. Nenek sangat suka bercerita hal-hal agama dan kehidupan. Kadang-kadang nenek meluahkan perasaannya kepadaku. Perasaan risau seorang nenek dan berharap agar aku dapat menjaga dan menemani cucunya itu dalam susah atau senang. Nenek juga suka aku menemaninya tidur pada hujung minggu sambil nenek bercerita tetang kenangan-kenangan lamanya. Teringat sewaktu aku masih di universiti, aku jatuh sakit dijangkiti kuman, nenek terus meminta aku di bawa ke rumah itu dengan izin abah dan mamaku. Nenek kata biarlah nenek yang jaga, sebab mereka jauh. Nenek yang masakkan bubur, nenek bawa ke bilik atas, nenek suapkan. Kata Armi, nenek sayang sangat denganku. Macam cucu-cucunya yang lain.

Tatkala kami sampai ke halaman rumah, makin hiba perasaan ini. Irma terus meluru kepadaku, kami menangis teresak-esak. Nenek sudah seperti kawan baiknya. Neneklah tempat Irma bergurau dan bermanja. Irma pasti sedih. Tambahan pada ketika ini Irma sedang mengandung dan nenek tidak sempat untuk melihat bakal cicit keduanya itu.

Kemudian, aku peluk mama. Oh! mamalah orang yang pasti paling sedih, paling meratapi pemergian ibu kesayangannya itu. Nenek telah bersama-sama mama pada waktu susah dan senang. Nenek yang menjaga anak-anak mama ketika mama dan abah mencari rezeki. Nenek yang menjadi tempat mama mengadu semua keluh kesah.

Ketika Armi memeluk mamanya, aku melihat suamiku menangis teresak-esak seperti anak kecil. Hanya tuhan yang tahu, betapa pemergian nenek sangat-sangat dirasai oleh keluarga ini.

Nenek membesarkan 4 orang anak tanpa suami. Nenek bersawah padi menyara keluarga. Selepas mama berkahwin dengan abah, nenek tinggal dengan mama sehinggalah ke akhir hayat nenek. Abah, mama, Armi, Irma dan Adik memang sangat-sangat rapat dengan nenek. Kemudian hadir diriku dan Afie dalam keluarga ini. Kasih sayang nenek memang tiada tolok bandingannya.

Pada malam itu, anak-anak dan cucu-cucu nenek bergilir-gilir membacakan Surah Yasin di sisi jasad nenek sehinggalah Subuh keesokan harinya. Tiap kali kenangan menjelma, gugurlah air mata kami. Neneklah orang yang paling banyak berdoa untuk semua anak-anak dan cucu-cucunya. Pengorbanan dan jasa nenek akan kami kenang ke akhir hayat kami.

Apabila ditanya samada aku mahu memandikan jasad nenek. Aku terus mengangguk walaupun aku tak pasti yang aku akan kuat untuk melakukannya. Seumur hidup tidak pernah lagi aku memandikan mayat. Dan pada ketika waktunya tiba, aku bersama empat orang lagi cucu perempuan nenek memangku jasad nenek untuk dimandikan. Aku memangku kaki nenek. Tubuh nenek sangat sejuk.

Tatkala kain putih jarang menutupi muka nenek dibuka, aku sempat bertanya Ustazah. "ustazah, kalau mandikan mayat boleh menangis x, saya tak tahan" Ustazah pun berkata, "boleh nak. Untungnya nenek kamu. Ramai cucu-cucu yang meriba nenek dan mandikan nenek"... maka berderailah air mata kami sepanjang kami memandikan nenek dengan panduan dari ustazah. Sayu... teramat sayu. Melihat raut wajah nenek yang tenang. Kami bersihkan tubuh badan nenek. Tatkala aku menggosok lebut jari-jari kaki nenek, terngiang-ngiang suara nenek ketika kali terakhir kami bertemu nenek "Nuurill, jaga anak baik-baik na"...

Aku pasti, ketika itu, cucu-cucu nenek yang lain, masih-masing terkenangkan kenangan mereka bersama nenek.

Kami mandikan nenek bersih-bersih. Kami pusingkan badan nenek untuk mengosok bahagian belakang dengan lembut. Anak-anak perempuan serta menantu nenek menyiramkan air ke tubuh nya. Kami semua merasa memandikan nenek. Alhamdulillah.

Kemudian anak-anak dan cucu-cucu nenek mengkafankan nenek. Apabila selesai, tibalah saat kami ingin memberi kucupan terakhir buat nenek...
Ketika ini, anak-anak nenek, menantu-menantu nenek, cucu-cucu nenek, semuanya tak tertahan untuk mengalirkan air mata.

Nenek telah selamat dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Sungai Kantan, Kajang pada hari Jumaat, 3hb Disember 2010. Kami bersyukur nenek pergi dengan tenang dan segalanya persiapan untuk majlis pengkebumian nenek berjalan lancar. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih buat semua yang menolong, melawat, serta menyedekahkan Surah Yasin serta Al-Fatihah to arwah.

Dan hari ini, aku kembali bertugas di Singapura ditemani suami dan anak yang mana kami sangat saling memerlukan pada ketika ini, membawa seribu kenangan dan doa untuk arwah nenek di sana.

Moga jasad nenek dicucuri rahmat, ditempatkan bersama-sama mereka yang beriman. Kami akan ingat segala pesanan nenek dan jadi yang lebih baik seperti yang nenek harapkan.

Oman kalau ditanya, "Oman, Nyang mana?"... Oman akan jawab "Nyang, tido"....
satu hari nanti, Oman akan faham, sayang.

Kenangan bersama arwah (2007).

Buat nenek, Puan Sabaniah Ahmad, kami sangat-sangat rindukan nenek...



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