Thursday, May 28, 2009


I feel much better today (though MU naib juara Champions League :p).
After reading comments from all of you from my previous post of "MIX OF FEELINGS", i gain a lot more confidents that as time goes by, me and Oman will be fine and get used to it. I am very sure that on the earliest week, ntah-ntah months, I'm going to work bringing along my tears. But, lama-lama pasti boleh menyesuaikan keadaan kan???

Thank you very very very much to Nadine, Fiza, Bai, Anne, Syiqah and Izu (Izu, will start my new career at TM Global) for the kata-kata semangat. Really appreciate all of u!! I will take them as panduan dan motivation. Now, tengah semangat nak increase pumping session. :)

Of course, my momma and my mil, if they are not working now, mesti berebut nak jaga Oman after this. So, I pray hard that within next two weeks, me and hubby will meet the best way who is going to take care of Oman. Maid? Nursery? Baby-sitter? Ya Tuhan, permudahkanlah segalanya. Aamin

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Oman is now weighing 6.4kg. At this 3 months 2 weeks old, he is 65cm tall. His feet and fingers are much stronger now. So does his head. He Loves to bath, fingers-sucking, ABC song, T&J Cartoon and Up, up & away game so much still. Never fail to smile widely when he woke up every morning. Owh! Very early in the morning ok. He is momma & dadda's so called alarm.. hihi. That is the time he will be in a super duper good mood. He tells stories and no compromise, either momma or dadda must listen to him. We can't even cheat him with looking at him but with our eyes closed, he knows the trick and he will get angry. Oman Oman :)

I received a call this morning. I got the job. I have to report myself this coming Monday. I am happy. Though i really enjoy being a housewife but sincerely, i would like to help my hubby raising the family by our own.


Yes, i am happy getting that job. On the other hand, deep inside my heart, i am diely sad thinking that i'm going to left my Little Man during working time. So i cried.

Owh all career mothers outside there, how can i gain the strength to face this??

Alhamdulillah, school holidays start next week, so, my mama will help us to take care of Oman. But after that, we need to figure out who's the best for Oman. Thinking of this made me feel scared. Oman's lately refuses to drink my milk from bottle. When he wanna sleep, he needs me to feed him directly first. I only have 4 days to train him to drink from bottle, sleep without me. Can i????? Can he???

Little Man at 3 months 2 weeks old

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We just got back from SMC. Oman's having fever. Pity Little Man. He is now sleeping but i could feel that he is not comfortable at all, kejap-kejap dia terjaga. I look at his face wishing that he will get better soon.

(Tengah termenung ni)*************************************************************


Only momma and Oman at home. Dadda's working, my sis pulak, dah balik kampung malam tadi. My routine is back to normal now.

This morning (xla morning sangat, dalam kui 11.00 am), i left Oman on his mat inside the house, "Oman duk kejap yer, momma nak sidai kain". In less than 3 minutes, i heard him crying. When i came to him, acah-acah sikit, ok pulak..siap gelak-gelak lagi. Then again, i went outside to proceed the work but belom sempat sehelain baju pun, he made his hek-hek again. Banyak kali jugakla process itu berulang :p. Macam ni xbleh jadi nih..alamatnyer x sidai kainler nanti. So, i offered him to join me, sukelah sangat Little Man tuh.


Pot! Pooot! Masya Allah. Kuatnyer si kecil ni kentot. :) Berlarutan pulak tu. I laughed. Him too. Funnyla Oman ni. Then i saw him meneran-neran. Confirm! So, i waited until he finished his bussiness, and cleaned him. After that he cried. What's wrong honey?? Momma dah changed your diaper. Milk Milk time pun dah. He's still crying. I checked him again. Laaaaaa, pooped lagi ropenyer.

-An hour later-

Oman terjaga. Ler, baru 15 minutes tido. He seemed uneasy. Mestila uneasy, he pooped for the third time. Kali ni poo-poo Oman cair (sorry if ade yang tengah makan while reading this). Dah bersih Oman terus tido straight 4 hours. Uish xpernah mcm ni. He is a very day light sleeper baby.


Dadda reached home at 6.30pm. Oman sambut Dadda dengan penuh kewangian sebab dah mandi. Aunty Ayong & Aunty Adik dropped by our house. Oman wasn't smiling at all masa mula-mula. Dah nak dekat aunty-aunty nak balik, baru senyum. We noticed that Oman still macam teran-teran lagi. After Ayong and adik balik, i checked him and yes, another watery pooped.


I cook simple dishes for dinner while Dadda's trying to put Oman to sleep. Normally, Oman would have straight 4 hours sleep at night and after next feeding, he sleeps back. But tonite, Oman agak sukar tidur. Yes he slept for a while, then woke up again. After dinner, Dadda prepared himself for Wira Tangkis. We took oman to his bed. Before Dadda gerak ke tempat WIra Tangkis, he held Oman up and surprised that Oman's body's hot. Of course I was surprised too. After i bathed him petang tadi, i already checked his temp and it was normal. Oman's looking straight into Dadda's eyes and bermulalah episode guys talk. Oman's really wanted to tell something to his dadda;

Afterthat we quickly check Oman's temp. Oh No! 38.5 Degrees. Oman's having fever! Dada cancelled his WT and we decided to bring Oman to SMC. Before we brought Oman to SMC, i did dosed him with PCM. Poor my Little Man.

Reached SMC, Oman's temp being checked again. Oman seperti biasa takot doctor, menangis kuat-kuat when the nurse measured his temp through his ear. Lepas doc dah x pegang dia, senyap pulak tu. Oman..Oman..:) It was 37.6 degrees. Hmm.. dah turun. Huge released. But still we have to closely monitor him at home. Doc gave another PCM.


"Tanak tido ke Bi???", merdu sungguh suara itu bertanya. Tanpa sempat daku menjawab, dia sudah pon pengsan. Hihi. Both of my bfs dah tido. I should sleep too by now.

Dalam hati;
"Patutla Oman siang tadi xleh xnampak momma dia, mesti hek-hek. Patutla dia tido lama sungguh siang tadi. Patutla Oman pooped banyak kali. Patutla Oman susah tido malam. kejap tadi. Tanda-tanda Oman x sehat rupanya..... huhu.. Mudah-mudahan bila Oman bangun for next feeding, demam dia dah surut. Aamin"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oman dah ada Track Top & Track Suit.
Thanks Dadda.
Size sedikit bigger. Xpe boleh tunggu. Hehe.
Turut serta, sebiji bola yang berbunyi kecing-kecing.

Perfect for him :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi everyone, just call me Harry Potter :D

Though the scar is not at the exact place & shape as Harry's, but, there is still scar on my forehead that I scratched it myself. I was bleeding a little at the beginning and momma nearly fainted when she saw me that time. Owh it was sore and i cried. Momma hugged me softly and blew at my scar. Then she cleaned the blood, wiped with Antiseptic Lotion and applied Angel Baby Balm. She took her phone and snapped my face. I smiled at her and momma pinched my cheeks. "Budak betuah!", she smiled back to me. Then i saw she took something from my grooming set. Oh No! I hate this. She's going to cut my fingernails. Though she won but i satisfied that i gave her a great fight and scream :p

After that she said, "I'm going to send your pic to Dadda ok. Ayok! xtau". Eleh, again i smiled. "Dadda, i scratched my face just now. It's bleeding. I was crying. Momma immediately cut my nails eventhough she had a great fight with me", she read what she typed. Just few minutes after that, i heard momma's phone's ringing and it was dadda who called. Hihi. They talked about me. Again i smiled at momma and she pinched my cheeks again.


Oman, Oman. Belum sempat momma nak trim his fingernails, dia telah pun buat lukisan at his face. His nails regrow so fast! Rasa bersalah pulak x cut them awal-awal pagi tadi. Kalau x xdela muka dia luka. :( Mmg sekarang hobby dia menonyoh-nonyoh muka semenjak dia dah x pakai mittens. Huhu. Bila momma tanya dia sakit x, dia senyum jek. ISh..Oman..Oman..

Friday, May 15, 2009


There's a lake in front of our housing phase. Since we never know if a name given to it or not, so we named it "Tasik Depan Umah'. Frankly, we have been staying here for 2 years and a half but we never explore the lake. Bukan antisosial tapi homely. Bluek!! Actually, tasik ni sunyi. Adala 2,3 kerat je manusia yang petang-petang rajin jogging kat sini.

Petang tadi we were boring tahap maxima. So, me and my sis decided to bring Oman to the lake. Oman was not really cooperating. Kekeke. He was sleepy so he made his hek-hek x sampai 15 minit we all jalan-jalan kat tepi tasik tu. After bergambar sikit-sikit (poyo jer kan) we all pun balik umah.

Armi tidak melibatkan diri as he is now berada di negara jiran. Antara penyebab keboringan tahap maxima melanda. :p

Oh ya, tomorrow is Teacher's Day. To cikgu Rusna@my mama and cikgu Mahani@my mama in-law, Happy Teacher's day!!!!! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Oman's wearing legging? momma diala punya keje la nih!
I remember during the last month of my pregnancy, me and hubby went to The Gardens searching for Little Man's pants. We entered this shop and my eyes caught at this dark blue color legging, of course at baby girl section la kan. Disebabkan keinginan melampau, i grabbed 2 for Little Man yang masa tu mmg sah-sah boy setelah 3 kali scanned. :p
Actually , they were pinky legging too but melampaula kan for baby boy.

Yesterday, we went to One Utama for Dinner and some groceries shopping. YES, momma pakaikan Oman that legging. :D

Ok kot?? :)

Owh, little update on Oman's favourite activity. He is now really enjoy playing up, up and away. Sengih je. Gelak besar kadang-kadang. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We (Momma, dadda, Oman and mamalang) had our family dinner last nite at La Risata, Damansara. It was so-called post Birthday dinner for my FIL and Oman. Oman turned 3 months while my FIL turned 624 months. ;p Both were on 10th May this year.

Reached there at 8.30pm, Grandpa, Nanny, Aunty Irma and Uncle Adik who reached there earlier dah x sabar-sabar nak entertain Oman. Oman was sleeping, so instead of mula-mula everyone duk "Oman! Oman!"..turned jadi "shhhh, shhhh". hahaha.

Tapi as usual, si Oman yang light sleeper itu terjaga. Dapat napping 15 minutes pun dah cukup for him. So, seronokla diorang dapat main-main ngan Oman.

The foods there were SUPERB! From the appetizer to the dessert, they're yummylicious!!! :)

We started with ANTIPASTI MISTI. It is Antipasti platter – grilled mushroom, deep fried
calamari rings, beef carpaccio and garlic crostini with chicken liver pâté. Sorry i dun have the pic here cause the appetizer finished before i had the chance to take out the camera from my handbag. Haha.

For main dishes, we had;

Mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce and baked in foil. Sangat sedap!!!

Beef bacon, mushroom, mozzarella and parmesan - Fantastic taste for a change!!

Spaghetti with beef bacon in a garlic, chili - My all time favorite...but i prefer shrimp :)

Spaghetti with beef bacon in a cream sauce - Crazy, yummy, cheesy!! Kidd & Irma love it loads!!

We enjoyed eating them sampai Oman jelous. hehe. He made his hek-hek louder so momma made his 'Pizza' pulak. I bottle-fed him sampai Oman tetido.

Nahh.. it's time for dessert. Layan x hengat :)

(Pick-Me-Up!) Layers of Savoiardi.
Biscuits Soaked in Espresso and Filled with Italian Mascarpone Cream Cheese

Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding with Butterscotch and Vanilla Ice Cream

Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake with a Melting Chocolate Centre addedwith Vanilla Ice creams

CREMA CATALANA - baked egg flan with a caramelized sugar topping
(again failed to catch the image) :)

We're the last family leaving the restaurant. Hihi. TQ abah for such delicious and cozy dining treat. Birthday abah, abah pulak yang belanja..:p

Monday, May 11, 2009

10th MAY 2009


To both of my MAMAs, Puan Rusna Ismail and Puan Mahani Idris, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Both of you are such wonderful ladies. I am so grateful having both of you in my life. Thank you very much for everything.

To you, all mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ya.

Received the wish from hubby and son sebaik sahaja membuka mata di awal pagi hari. Perasaaan? seronok sangat!!!! :)

Happy Birthday to my Abah in-Law


My brother, Bangah is now officially a fiance to Cik adik from Terenganu named Ima (nama penuh x ingat..hehe). He's a BIG boy now. Rasa macam kejap sungguh masa berlalu. I am happy for him. Teringat masa kecik-kecik dulu, diala yang selalu teman i wherever i go. Owh syahdula pulak! Hihi
So, we spent our weekend over there. Cantik sungguh air laut kat sana ok. So blueish!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was determined to settle the 'menyampah' thing that happened by myself. Nak tak nak, Oman perlu di bawa sekali. So, this morning, before dadda pegi keje, he installed Oman's car seat in my car.

Both of us were actually worried would i be ok to drive alone with Oman? First timela katakan. Would Oman bertahan not to cry pegi dan balik? Could i concentrate on my driving if suddenly he meragam? Hmmm.. but, x cuba x tau kan??? Lagipun, it's good to practice so that in future, if any emergence, berdikari sikit.

I waited for Oman to wake up from his sleep sambil msn with Kidd;

5/7/2009 9:47:58 AM nuurill mea: Oman ni xmo bangunla pulak....
5/7/2009 9:51:40 AM hahaha....
5/7/2009 9:52:02 AM nuurill mea: ok dah buka mata dah...
5/7/2009 9:52:08 AM nuurill mea: bagi susu..mandikan..
5/7/2009 9:52:12 AM nuurill mea: terus shoot pegi bank..
5/7/2009 9:52:16 AM nuurill mea: doakan kitorang k :)
5/7/2009 9:56:39 AM 1. bawak keta elok2...
5/7/2009 9:56:50 AM 2.focus diatas jlnraya
5/7/2009 9:57:02 AM 3.stop bila perlu
5/7/2009 9:57:30 AM 4.jaga handbag..skrg kes ragut menjd-jd...
5/7/2009 9:57:46 AM 5.ada prob call
5/7/2009 9:58:02 AM 6.dh selesai call...
5/7/2009 9:58:17 AM now...gtg...
5/7/2009 9:58:22 AM ada meeting dgn PDRM
5/7/2009 9:58:32 AM take agood care to both of u...

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly pegi dan balik. Oman chilled with Mr Monkey. Traffic was good, parking x susah, the officer helped me to fill in the report form from A to Z. They promised 3 days that my money would be there in the record. On the way back, Oman adela hek hek sikit sebab ngantuk. Tapi masa tu pun dah dekat sampai rumah.

Alhamdulillah, BIG released..... sampai je umah, terus called hubby takot dia risau.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was depositing RM600 to my car loan account, through One Utama Cash Deposit Machine.
Setelah kesemua duit ku ditelan, tiba-tiba keluar kat screen tu;


I checked back mmg sah duit-duit tu dah ditelan. Pehal pulak failed ni. Huhu.
So, i called CIMB Customer Center, meminta simpati. That guy told me that the payment that i made that day was not recorded pun. Damn!!

I was told to go to the nearest CIMB branch to open a report. Chait! Kalau nearest to rumah xpe..ini have to go to the branch which is nearest to One Utama. If i'm not mistaken, there's a branch in TTDI depan tapak lama Rasta, another 1 at The Curve.

Masalahnya...Bila pulak nak pegi ni. Huhu. I am alone at home with Oman. Bolehje nak bawa Oman tapi kang buatnyer kene isi form ke hape ke, takkanla nak minta tolong officer back tu tolong pegang Oman kot. Aiseh...

Lenkali tanakla guna machine tu lagi..MENYAMPAHLA!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oman is currently enjoying his new habit, thumb-sucking very much. :)
Occasionally, he will try to suck on his whole hand.

His fingernails regrow super fast. Momma and dadda kene check them always. Kalau x luka-lukala nanti his lips. Not only his lips, his face pun. Now dia suka sangat tenyeh-tenyeh nose and cheeks dia. Hehehe..


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