Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Oman is now weighing 6.4kg. At this 3 months 2 weeks old, he is 65cm tall. His feet and fingers are much stronger now. So does his head. He Loves to bath, fingers-sucking, ABC song, T&J Cartoon and Up, up & away game so much still. Never fail to smile widely when he woke up every morning. Owh! Very early in the morning ok. He is momma & dadda's so called alarm.. hihi. That is the time he will be in a super duper good mood. He tells stories and no compromise, either momma or dadda must listen to him. We can't even cheat him with looking at him but with our eyes closed, he knows the trick and he will get angry. Oman Oman :)

I received a call this morning. I got the job. I have to report myself this coming Monday. I am happy. Though i really enjoy being a housewife but sincerely, i would like to help my hubby raising the family by our own.


Yes, i am happy getting that job. On the other hand, deep inside my heart, i am diely sad thinking that i'm going to left my Little Man during working time. So i cried.

Owh all career mothers outside there, how can i gain the strength to face this??

Alhamdulillah, school holidays start next week, so, my mama will help us to take care of Oman. But after that, we need to figure out who's the best for Oman. Thinking of this made me feel scared. Oman's lately refuses to drink my milk from bottle. When he wanna sleep, he needs me to feed him directly first. I only have 4 days to train him to drink from bottle, sleep without me. Can i????? Can he???

Little Man at 3 months 2 weeks old


  1. I understand ur feeling dear...alangkan I yg 2 bulan je ngan my baby dh nangis on my 1st day back to work after maternity leave, inikan pulak u yg dh dkt 4months ber2 je ngan dia kn...kuatkn semangat k, fikir satu je.."if others can, why not me!" :)
    mula2 mmg sgt time goes by, both u and Oman will be fine, insyaAllah..human adapts :)

  2. TQ Nadine.
    Will take ur words to motivate my self :) Nuurill boleh!! Oman boleh!! Aamin.

  3. gewd luck, nurill... mula mula mmg akn hilang fokus kt tmpt krja... asyik igt bb... tgh wat apa? dh minum susu ke? lampin dia bs dh tukar ke?... dan rasa rindu sgt sgt akn menerpa tiba-tiba.. bila mlm, tengok muka bb tido puas puas... krn setiap masa yg ada sgt brharga... dan akn terasa cam nk masukkan semula bb dlm perut... senang nk bawak ke sana sini ngan kita..(ha, kan dah nk nangis dh ni...)

    dah 2 bln fidza masuk kerja... masih lg mengalami perasaan perasaan di atas.... dan juga selalu rasa nk benti kerja...(minta maaf, ini bukan menasihat, tp punah sihat..:-p)

  4. Hihi xpe Fiza, i'm sure all mothers who work out there feel the same too, kalau diberi peluang duduk rumah jaga baby, tapi duit gaji bulan-bulan masuk mcm biasa. Nilah ujian terbesar buat ibu. Chewah! ye ye je Nuurill :)

  5. nuril congrats dpt keje baru ;) but feeling nak meninggalkan baby kt org lain tu mmg feeling yg paling tak best.. serba slh dibuatnye... memang gelisah 1st day work tu, asik nak call je check ok ke tak... *padahal baby ok je. ibu2 dia je yg tak keruan.. ;P

    dont worry baby sgt pandai berdikari and accept new environment.. happy back to work ;)

  6. Awakkk, CONGRATS!!!
    Kan saya kata awak akan dpt punya.. huuhuu.. sorry la lambat wish.. internet kat rumah kena potong..3 bln lupa nak bayar.. kuikuikui..
    Anyways wak, what other mommies ckp kat atas tu betul..rasa attached to the baby takkan hilang.. but you will get used to it and able to balance between work and personal life.. with the time left,increase pumping session and train bagi susu pada oman guna botol during the day, mlm br direct feed..
    Doa kat Tuhan, mintak permudahkan transition period ni, Insya Allah.. things will be alright.. igt wak, you're doing this for Omans's future security too :)

  7. hi nuril..i had this situation when i started to work after maternity leave. my heydi had some trouble to take her day nap bcoz i was not beside her to directly feed her. luckily, my mom and my maid were there to help ease her and pujuk heydi to drink my ebm from her bottle. she took some time to accept the bottle. and, after some time she's ok. cuma, she'll demand for frequent direct feeding during the night. kalau i pi outstation, mmg my mom and my maid suffer la until now coz my heydi will meragam tak mau tido mlm. basically she wants me to feed her when she wants to sleep at nite.. poor my mama and my maid.., i tried not to be away from heydi for a long time kecuali kalau mendesak sgt.. i guess it's true that bfeeding creates a special bonding between mother and child :) good luck!


  8. Tahniah Nuurill, dpt keje kt mana?:)xpe, Oman bley tu insya Allah..u be strong k..skrg bkn sng nk dpt keje so.. ur so lucky..skrg ni nk hidup sume nk pki duit kn..:)

    okla tu opah oman jg dulu, mst lbh krg sama kot cm momma dia jg dia..hihi..



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