Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi everyone, just call me Harry Potter :D

Though the scar is not at the exact place & shape as Harry's, but, there is still scar on my forehead that I scratched it myself. I was bleeding a little at the beginning and momma nearly fainted when she saw me that time. Owh it was sore and i cried. Momma hugged me softly and blew at my scar. Then she cleaned the blood, wiped with Antiseptic Lotion and applied Angel Baby Balm. She took her phone and snapped my face. I smiled at her and momma pinched my cheeks. "Budak betuah!", she smiled back to me. Then i saw she took something from my grooming set. Oh No! I hate this. She's going to cut my fingernails. Though she won but i satisfied that i gave her a great fight and scream :p

After that she said, "I'm going to send your pic to Dadda ok. Ayok! xtau". Eleh, again i smiled. "Dadda, i scratched my face just now. It's bleeding. I was crying. Momma immediately cut my nails eventhough she had a great fight with me", she read what she typed. Just few minutes after that, i heard momma's phone's ringing and it was dadda who called. Hihi. They talked about me. Again i smiled at momma and she pinched my cheeks again.


Oman, Oman. Belum sempat momma nak trim his fingernails, dia telah pun buat lukisan at his face. His nails regrow so fast! Rasa bersalah pulak x cut them awal-awal pagi tadi. Kalau x xdela muka dia luka. :( Mmg sekarang hobby dia menonyoh-nonyoh muka semenjak dia dah x pakai mittens. Huhu. Bila momma tanya dia sakit x, dia senyum jek. ISh..Oman..Oman..


  1. cutenya oman..... dgn scar sebegitu, sangat terserlah kemachoanmu....

  2. Fidza,
    Macho habislah tu dia rasa kot..asyik sengih-sengih je..Betuah! :P

  3. Laaa knp oman lukis kt muka..?;p

    aii seriau tgk darah tu. dia xnanges ke nuurill pas mcakar tu?

  4. Nangis kejap jek..Pastu sengih. Konon nak being creative la tu.x kena tempat..:p

  5. ciannya oman...bagusla dia nangis kejap je. boys kena tough, kn oman? :)

  6. Hehe tul! Janganla Oman buat lagi.. dia x nangis..momma dia yang nangis nanti..hahaha

  7. my bf ade scar kt kepala pulak... i sbg gf die turut sadis gtuh! :( hihihi! :D taking caring ye oman...

  8. Jangan risau gf Oman, i sebagai mak mertua you akan tidak benarkan ia berlaku lagi.. kakaka

  9. MIL??? haha!!! :p ni oman dah besar bace ni mesti gelak! :p baik mak... :p

  10. I LOVE Harry Potter, and also have the Lego set!! :D I recently made a review on Harry Potter as well! :)



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