Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Melinda: "U, u bawakla Oman pergi casting GAP tu"
Irma: "Kak Nuurill, xnak ke cuba bawak Oman pergi casting GAP tu"

Oman pergi Casting? hihi. I never had anything like that in my mind before.
Oman casting kat studio Dadda dia sudahhh =D

Last Friday afternoon, me and my mil did a little shopping in One Utama Baby GAP/Kids. Upon payment was made, i was friendly approached by a GAP lady staff asking me to whom i bought all the outfits. I told her that they're for my son and his future cousin. (Dadda masa ni tengah layan Oman naik 'ayoplen' (aeroplane) kat tepi butik tu). She then asked me to bring Oman to the casting that would be held in front of the boutique the next days, Saturday and Sunday since we 're entitled for it (you must be a member of GAP and spent rm170 in that boutique. If you're not a member, you have to spend RM700 to be so, but no need to add that RM170).

At that time, i was having this in my mind; A loooooooong and tiring qeue!! (someone told me that the previous casting in the Gardens, they had such 8-years-waiting. hihi) oh oh.. such a big NO for us. Oman tu mana nak duduk diam sekarang. Manala dia nak tunggu lama-lama ni. (parents dia pun x kuase sebenonyer. hihi). So i replied her with a smile, "we'll see how, kay".

We were fully occupied on Saturday that we were almost saying bye bye to the casting. On Sunday afternoon, we managed to drop by One Utama but not for the casting. My hubby and I had a few things to eye and Oman's Nanny decided to follow too. Tell you, One Utama cars parking were so damn full that we had to park at the desert outside. hihi. Was it because of everyone came to join the contest? =D

My mil was actually quite interested with this click-click-his-grandson-picture-thingy. She put a little hope that Oman would still have the chance to join it. Saja suka-suka kata nanny. (Terbayang lagi queue yang panjang!!). So then we decided to have a look at it first.

Yes, there were a lot of kids and babies with parents.. seriously hensem2, cantik2, comel2 belaka. Ada yang blond, ada yang curly hair, ada yang with make-up... oh my!! they were so gorgeous!! :)

There was no queue at the registration table so my hubby grabbed that chance to register for Oman. Then, We were asked to come back after 2 hours.

After 3 hours (yes, we were late due to some reason. Apelah Oman ni, kalau nak jadi model kenela punctual. :p), Oman finally really join the casting. Serious macam tak percaya jer tau. My son tu memang buat hal dia jer. Dia siap hampir nak nangis lagi because he thought the cameraman stole his dada's camera. Boley? hahaha.

And now, presenting,

Roman Anaqhi bin Mohd Armi;

He wore a white shirt on top of his t-shirt at first, habis comot masa lunch, seb baik GAP sediakan this jacket, muat-muat size dia. hihi.

The winners will be featured in BabyGaps and GapKids in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The winners will be selected based on 60%public vote and 40% GAP/FJB vote.

To Win or not, it doesn't matter . Kalau menang, kira rezeki Oman lah kan. Kalau x menang, kira rezeki Oman jugak, sebab Oman dapat 1 gambar free yang sekarang kitorang dah frame kan lagi. hihi. Apa-apa pun, Oman dah memang model tetap Dadda. Ahaks! :)

Peeps, If you feel like want to vote for my Little Kidd, you can follow these steps;

1. "Like" GAP Malaysia facebook page
2. Click on Casting Call and Click Start Now
3. Click Allow (if you're already a fan of this page before, this will be skipped)
4. Choose Malaysia
5. Click on Alphabet "R"
6. Turn to Page 2
7. Find Roman Anaqhi and click on it
8. Click Vote if you like him


For those who has voted, thank you very very much. Muahs!! =D

For those who has not, you may still do that if you like. The close date for this 'pilihanraya' will be on 7th January 2011. Again, thank you very very much. =D



  1. Oman memang macho sgt gmbr tu... Ensem! Nanti ade time Aunty vote Oman ye... Aunty ni nk bukak fb pun bercinta... hehehe..

  2. owh...i still tak percaya u dah hantar oman g casting.

    n owh..

    how could he not win hah?
    like you said..

    he's already a model to aunty diva-gorjes-gebus melin ;)

  3. Liyana:
    TQ very much dear!! :)

    ehehehehe toce toce. Xper Aunty, kalau Aunty rajin nak vote, senelum 7 January tau. ihik! :)

  4. Darling Mel,

    I can't believe it too!!! hahahaha.
    Maybe because it's not like ANTM that my son needs to give different posts at times. Yang ini suka hati dia je nak buat cemana. ahaks :)
    But most of all, we're lucky sebab line masa tu x panjang sangat. horey! :)

    Hehehehe.. ramai model you la.. bukanOman je.. i, abang Mi.. eh upps! :)

  5. Oh awakku, apology lah yea if sy tak sempat nak vote.. dah cuba semlm.. tp bende tuh cam hang.. ramai kot org vote for oman ni.. hehehe
    Anyway, nice picture tau.. ada can oman ni dpt.. if dpt.. wahhh anak jadi model la youu.. huu huu.. yg best tuh dpt banyak discount!.. heheh
    Mana tau die buat GAP family addition.. boleh la momma and dadda oman join skali.. heheh.. famous kawan i nnt..

  6. Awakku, Issokay wak =D doa awak pun dah cukup. hihihi..
    Kalau awak tengok kids yang lain.. ada yang dah beratus-ratus.. hebat diorang nih. Mana taknya, semua comel2 bangat. Kira kalau Oman dapat tu, memang tergezutlah kami. ahaha.

    Ape? momma and dadda Oman wak? oh xlah kot wak. Takut x muat camera nanti. hahahahah

    Thanks wak :)

  7. i dah vote, i dah vote! :D macam i ckp, kalau boleh i vote 10x, dah i vote 10x sebab oman really deserve it! :D

    seriously? personally and sincerely? i think oman boleh menang. sebab pada i, oman has the package. he has that model-ly look to him yang selalu kita tengok dkt kedai2 baju budak tu. hehe. so with this, auntie wishes u ALL the best of LUCK, oman! kalau menang, auntie tumpang happy sekaki! :D

  8. TQ Thara for supporting Oman!! =D

    Owh sungguh tinggi pujian you dekat anak bujang i tu. Momma dia pulak yang diawang-awangan. hihi. Tq dear. Really, kalau you tengok that day punya contestant semuanya hebat-hebat belaka. And because of voting, ada yang dah tinggi-tinggi pun vote them all. Tapi xape, Rezki masing-masingkan. I berdoa mulut you masin! Amin! ahahahaha. :)

  9. Dah vote !!

    Good Luck Oman...saya doakan awak menang.

    Nak vote sekali lagi...

  10. abahwafi,
    Eh.. ermmm.. u dah ada..
    Eh .. errmmm.. adakah?

    Apa-apa pun... Thank you for your vote. Really appreciate it!! =D

  11. hehehe.

    I pun masuk gak..kite pun tau susah nak menang..tapi suke-suka for experience...I gi kat OU..mak dia tak semangat ..nenek dia yang terlebih suke....hihihi...luckily it's just 30 mins waiting..cus kul 11am da register....

    BTW i will vote Oman....jangan lupa vote Harris Irfan..hahaha...

  12. da vote!!!i orang ke 101..

    Good Luck!!!

  13. I rasa nak masuk meminang Oman sekarang.

  14. Encem boy oman, nanti aunty vote for oman ok. Will do that after ofis. Go Oman go :)

  15. Little Blue Bird:
    owh thank you!! I will vote for Harris lepas kerja nanti kay. Sekarang dekat Station, x nak boleh nak access fb sangat :P.. hihi. I promise. Good Luck to Harris k =D

    Haha. Untuk Eirsa yang kiut miut tu. Padang golf i tadahkan! Tapi, you dah tanya empunya badan? Eirsa ler.. bukan you okwh! hahaha :)

  16. Yes..ada dua lagi !!Satu Ina, satu lagi Wafi...

    Mine? Just forget about it.

  17. yey! voted for Harris Irfan! =D

    abahwafi: thank you so much for the support. You guys rock!!! =D

  18. hensem nye Oman..;)
    ala..kalau ptg ni vote sempat lagik tak u??
    actually kan..last weekend, I opened the fb and drop at GAP Casting page tu,mmg I tercari2 takut ada anak2 kawan2 yg masuk kan..nk vote lah niatnye!
    tapi betul u..mmg cute2 bdak kat ctu..

    tp aunty strongly believed Oman mesti boleh menang..hencem ;)

    goodluck babe!!

  19. Hello Nadia, hik hik. I pun x sangka Oman boleh pulak join casting ni ha. :) You can still vote if you like dear. It's opened until 7th January 2011

  20. Nuuril, huspa nak vote tp asyik hang je page GAP tu. geram geram! will try again nanti...Oman is so cute tau, pandai betoi dia bergaya depan camera. mentang 2 la dadda dia photographer eh...

    Good luck Oman!

  21. hehe handsome Oman..n what a confident boy he is! i'm glad u brought him to the cast, dear..hope he will win. aunty dh vote tau, yg ke 85 rasa..hihi..

    All the best, Oman!;)

  22. Oh xpe Huspa. Bila-bola Huspa senang kay :) Oman actually xdela pandai sangat bergaya. Ikut mood jugak. Tapi rasanya photographer tu tgk yg the best yg gambar tu kot. ahahaha.

    Hi Izu, tq very much for your vote =D. Oman mmg confident jer yakni, dia buat dek jer. Memang all the way masa casting tu dia pandang tepi. Seb baik ade gambar ang jadi. hihi

  23. cik irra pn dh vote.....

    ader gaya la oman posing.....comeyyyyy

  24. yeay, dah vote juga. memang oman chan antar yg plg handsome n bergaya la kat situ. harap2 ada rezeki oman menang ye.

  25. Aunt Irra and Aunt Dyana, TQ very much for your votes. TQ for the doa'. hik hik =D

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